Valve Released

partial eclipse of the sun
Photo taken by Rex Kramer using camera obscura like projection of the eclipse on a oil painting
 on October 25, 2022 -Munich, Germany

After receiving a pleasant and astute whisper from Mercury in sidereal Virgo, Luna moves on to trine Mars giving us grace to gently take right action, tidying up a bit to make the most of this grand alchemical opportunity we are getting TODAY Tuesday October 25 with this solar eclipse. Humans, as Sun, or Christ indwelt beings (hopefully) are tasked with stepping in with this Divine solar light to with care and gentleness tame the inner and outer dragon as he moves to devour the Sun.

An eclipse is like a release valve, and an opportunity for transformation. Some Karma is now ripe to be healed. May we be courageous and determined to see the potential for beauty in all we are called to heal. This eclipse occurs in conjunction with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty gifting us with creativity to wisely use as Children of God. ~Hermes Work

25 October 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun & the Earth, covering part of the solar disk. This happens when the New Moon – the conjunction of the Sun & Moon – occurs near one of the Moon Nodes.

Partial solar eclipse is when the Moon covers the disk of the Sun part way. The influence of the solar eclipse actively manifests itself two weeks before the eclipse, & two weeks after – a perfect opportunity to pour positive thought forms out to the Universe.

The eclipse is happening right now here in Chicago but it opens a corridor for 18.5 years ahead.

This partial solar eclipse is visible from Europe, the Middle East, parts of Asia & Africa. Almost all of Europe is in the eclipse zone with the deepest eclipse in the Scandinavian countries – Maximum eclipse occurs at 11:00 UT in northwest Russia where 86% of the solar disk is covered.

Louise Francke

In considering karma and disease, both of the individual and whole populations, we have seen that what has been prepared during earlier times spiritually asserts itself later in physical life. Therefore, if we ensure that humanity has good education and habits, we will promote health too! Not only is the moral element promoted by good habits, but also health, since bad habits create disease in the next incarnation. Nervousness, one of the most typical illnesses today, results from a particular state of mind in an earlier life. It would never have occurred if the materialistic worldview with its habits of thought had not become so prevalent. Should this mindset persist, it would devastate public health and drive humankind to madness. ~ Rudolf Steiner – GA 97 – Das christliche Mysterium – Stuttgart, March 14, 1906 (page 255)

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1180 – Deathday of John of Salisbury, an English author, philosopher, educationalist, diplomat and bishop of Chartres.

1400 – Detahday of Geoffrey Chaucer, English philosopher, poet, & author best known for The Canterbury Tales.

sketch by Friedrich Engels

1806 – Birthday of Max Stirner, a German post-Hegelian philosopher, dealing mainly the notion of social alienation & self-consciousness. Stirner is often seen as one of the forerunners of nihilism, existentialism, psychoanalytic theory, postmodernism & individualist anarchism. In his book ‘The Ego And Its Own’, Stirner launches a radical anti-authoritarian critique of contemporary western society.

In the time of spirits thoughts grew till they overtopped my head, whose offspring they yet were; they hovered about me and convulsed me like fever-phantasies – an awful power. The thoughts had become corporeal on their own account, were ghosts, e. g. God, Emperor, Pope, Fatherland, etc. If I destroy their corporeity, then I take them back into mine, and say: “I alone am corporeal.” And now I take the world as what it is to me, as mine, as my property; I refer all to myself.”

1881 – Birthday of Pablo Picasso, a Spanish expatriate painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer, one of the greatest and most-influential artists of the 20th century & one of the creators of Cubism.

~~~Lightening lives in the marrow of my bones
It pours out from my eyes
Throbbing like a disco ball my skull
A blue speckled egg cracks open
Allowing the flaming sun to roll out
In a fine dust
settling on the world…

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