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YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE on the ‘I think Speech’ Podcast

Dear Friends – The Solstice is a heavenly window that stands open for 3 days – Giving us time & space to celebrate the Sun as giver of life – We can live into how in every second, our Day-Star-Sun transforms itself into light – giving itself over – transmitting cosmic energy, which we take in with every sense impression, every meal. All life, has been feasting on the Sun’s energy stored in the form of wheat or meat. And each day the Sun appears to rise, dies, & is reborn, as the vitality of Earth.

We can celebrate this simple truth: We embody the strength of the Sun! And it’s our responsibility to organize our bodies on Earth, to recognize & realize – that every face, from the stone to the Angel, is meant to shine with radiant de-light.

Can we as human beings learn that generosity is not only possible, but required?

We can Look to the center of the solar system for our role model, a magnificent stellar bounteousness, pouring forth free energy, every day, without the slightest hesitation – without complaint. This is the way of the universe. This is the way of life. And this is the way in which each of us can join the cosmic lineage, receiving the Sun’s gift of energy, & then transforming it into creative action that will enable society & all life on Earth to flourish.

Thruout time, the Solstices have been honored as power points. Twice each year we move into a window within space-time when Sun & Earth communicate in their extremes. A Tipping Point in consciousness, working in service of our highest evolution can be experienced. Unlike the Equinoxes which are all about perfect balance, the Solstices are a Tipping Point – toward, or away from The Light. The Summer & Winter Solstices are key reference points in our solar year, marking this exchange.

What would it be like to pay attention to where the light comes into your home everyday – So bright & early now, & then watching its changing position thru-out the year?

Where do the rays glance at Michaelmas time? At the Winter Solstice…? Now…?

The point on the horizon where the Sun appears to rise & set, stops & reverses direction after this day. Interesting that on the Solstice, the Sun does not rise exactly in the East, but comes up in the North of East, & sets to the North of West, making it visible in the sky for a longer period of time.

This is also the time when the midday Sun passes the closest to being straight overhead, so our shadow becomes the closest to us. A perfect opportunity to examine & embrace that shadow, now, at this time of the zenith, for the brightest light illuminates the shadow.

So dearly beloved – take a moment in the next few days to Stop…with the Sun…Close your eyes…& Look Up… consciously absorbing the photonic energy generously generated by the loving heart of our central star – Tiny rays of intelligence from the Mind of the Divine, translated thru the Sun Beings beaming all around us, especially during this Summer-Tide.

At our current point in the long cycles of Earth-time, the Summer Solstice aligns with THE GALACTIC EDGE…of our known world…it is a time when we can tune into inspiration ‘from a galaxy far, far away’… Could this Edge be the source of new ideas for changing life on Earth for the better…? Here we can pause, with the Sun, to open that Heavenly Window into this expanded consciousness…

Will you part the curtain with me…?


21 June 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: On this June solstice 2023, there’s a special treat waiting for you in the west after sunset. The 3 worlds closest to Earth – the moon, Venus and Mars – are gathered together in the evening twilight sky. Watch for them in the darkening twilight, soon after the sun goes down. The solstice arrives at 8:58 am CDT.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 

At Midsummer the earth’s soul becomes pious. The warmth that flames through the atmosphere is like a mighty sacrificial fire on the wings of which the soul soars upwards towards the sun…” ~Emil Bock

~Kindling Radiance~
A Community Festival Gathering Celebrating St. John’s-Tide
Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Zinniker Farm

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4 thoughts on “Open the Window

  1. Hopefully we’re able to so arrange our lives that we can give maximum time and attention to our higher self’s input into our being during these few days. I like how the Soul Calendar verse put it recently, that “the human “I” can lose itself in the cosmic “I” .”
    That’s really what leads to maximum soul development, when we lose in order to find – to find, or be reminded of, our divinity. Enjoy the ascending process, and be filled with awe for this journey we’re on. Cheers.

    1. Hi Maverik, Yes this powerfully expanded time of year gives us a special opportunity to align our human will with the divine will, & for this we must give up our little myopic self.

      Cultivating Awe & reverence is alway the key for me.

      I am a Summer-time soul so it’s easy for me to enjoy the glories so ever present now…


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