Part 1: A Reason Why? – The 1st in a 12 part series

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Encountering the Inner Layers of the Earth as a Rosicrucian/Christian Initiation, in relation to the Beatitudes and the 9-fold human being. (Part 1, an introduction)

My Anthroposophical research, which I use to deepen my inner development, strengthening my thinking, feeling & willing, & to which I work to apply in the creation of Festivals, has taken me into many territories touched on by Rudolf Steiner. In relation to the cycle of the year, this includes the realms of the ancient mysteries up through Rosicrucianism & deep onto the path of the “New Mysteries” where Spiritual Science lays the course for our Modern Initiation.  But up until 2 years ago I really hadn’t explored the theme of the ‘interior of the earth’; in part because it seemed so overwhelming.

Then when I started working with the Central Regional Council on our ‘Speaking with the Stars’ project, I began investigating cosmic/earthly events, such as the rare tetrad series of eclipses that occurred throughout 2014 & 2015. (the spiritual significance of an eclipse an overview)

This warranted my attention as festivals Coordinator, since the dates corresponded to Easter/Passover & Michaelmas/Sukkot (the Jewish harvest festival) for 2 years in a row!

In 2014 we experienced a Lunar Eclipse on April 15th – the 1st day of Passover; it was also Holy Tuesday. Those who follow the life of Christ during Holy Week know, that on Holy Tuesday the scene is the verbal sparring  with the high priests in the temple – Christ bends the Mars spirit to His purposes, & in the evening, an Apocalyptic future is revealed. (So much to ponder when you consider that on this day we also had the 1st of a series of 4 eclipses!)

Then in 2015, in light of the fact that the dates of Easter matched the dates of the original Mystery of Golgotha (April 5, 33AD); & specifically because we experienced a Full Lunar eclipse on April 4thagain the 1st day of Passover & also, Holy Saturday; described as Christ’s descent into the inner earth – well this seemed like a powerful indication that I should look into these realms in connection with what Steiner calls the ‘Christian Initiation.’ When I saw that the Solar Eclipse of the Harvest Moon, on the 1st day of Sukkot, Sept. 28, 2015, was on Michaelmas eve, I knew I would gather with other Michaelites to hold the light during these eclipses.

And so it is that I humbly present this essay as an overview, which is meant to tie together the seemingly diverse subjects of:

  1. The Interior of the Earth,
  2. A map of the Modern path of Initiation,
  3. The practical application of the occult meaning of The Sermon on the Mount,
  4. And a picture of the 7 & 9 fold Human Being.

To bring to light the trials & great rewards on this path. What is this modern path? How is it different from the ancient mystery schools?  Well for one thing, it holds the essence & mission of the Christ impulse at its core. Following the life of Christ, we can consciously work on each stage of our 7-fold nature, advancing the evolution of humanity to reveal & live into our 9-fold being.

Of the many things the disciple discovers on this path, we learn that the past, the present & the future- which is in a process of continuous change – are inscribed into the layers of the inner earth as a living chronicle, much like the akashic records. The Earth bears in her own special way, the soul-spiritual deposits from all epochs of world evolution – from Old Saturn on

As the disciple traverses the path of initiation, making the descent through its layers, they encounter these past eras. Meeting noble achievements, as well as confronting stunted spiritual beings that have chosen to remain behind rather than ascend.

Rudolf Steiner in his commentary on the Apocalypse of St. John describes the goal of these adversarial beings as the formation of an anti-Jupiter evolution, a division within humanity described in the gospels as the goats & the lambs – what Steiner calls a ‘cinder ball of reversed spiritualization’ – The initiate must work to counteract this division.

So even if you don’t see yourself as consciously being on the path of initiation, with every inner & outer action we are collaborating with great spiritual beings, with the so-called dead, & with each other, in creating the karma of the world; responsible with all of humanity for what occurs.

St. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, through his unique Christian initiation as Lazarus, was the 1st to enter these realms. He took Christ’s teaching to heart & put them into practice.

One of these great teachings is The ‘Sermon on the Mount’ – an occult instruction that reveals that The Beatitudes are a remedy to the inner layers of the earth; a healing medicine that can be applied by us today to counteract the adversarial powers working against the highest goals of evolution.

Of course the ‘Great Work’ of initiation is done every day, thru our every thought, word, & deed, but every year at Easter-Tide we can experience a Cosmic recapitulation of the Christian Initiation, providing impedance for our work.

It is important to remember that Easter is a movable feast, determined by a cosmic alignment. 1st the Sun must enter into the sign of Spring, then it waits for the Moon to come into its vernal fullness, then the Planetary Beings, whose names correspond with the days of the week, come into play. We are meant to connect to the Solar forces, so when the first Sun-day after the Full Moon of Spring arrives, then it is time to keep the Easter festival.  This is intended to remind us of an event whose significance lies, not merely within the course of earth-evolution, but within the whole world-order into which humankind has been placed.

Rudolf Steiner gives the Christian Initiation 7 stages (the 7-fold human being)  The 8th & 9th stages, which can be achieved in future times, are defined by Steiner in his lectures on the Rosicrucian stream as part of the 9-fold Human; & are described as advancements of the 1st and 2nd stages.  #10 is, of course, its own category.

Tomorrow we will explore the 1st 3 stages.

Until soon – Blessings & Peace

~hag = Hazel Archer Ginsberg





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