Preparing the Preparers

Rita Cassia

10:10 TestamentIn this present age of Michael, we have a mighty opportunity to give birth to the being of Anthroposophia – to develop our higher ‘I’ on the earth. In the ‘Apocalypse of John: Lecture XII’ Rudolf Steiner said: “We are preparing for the preparers. The Anthroposophical spiritual movement is today but a very small flame; in the future it must develop into a mighty spiritual fire!” 

Terry Randel Cantrell

Our current world situation calls us to be alert to the formative forces that are seeking to be developed now into a New Etheric Heart, which must begin to be enlivened even if at 1st it is just thru our Cognitive-Imagination, so that in our next major incarnation in the Michael stream, it can take full effect.

etheric heart ~Rudolf Steiner

This New Etheric Body must be formed thru our individual efforts, which we then co-create into the larger Christic egregore – A New Etheric Body of the Michaelic Movement – as a seed for all of human evolution, in which we consciously participate in a Sun-becoming process. This is a systematic, spiritual-scientific practice. It is built up & formed, step by step, in a most disciplined, consistent way – a fully conscious & experiential application of the 4 stages of the Reverse-Cultus:

  1. Communion as pure thinking – “Spiritual Knowledge is a real communion, the beginning of a cosmic ritual that is suitable for human beings today”. We rise in our thinking to meet the spiritual world behind sense perception.
  2. Transubstantiation or Transformation, from matter to spirit
  3. Offering a meeting Ego to Ego “That good can become
  4. Revelation of destiny unfolding as “Christ in Me

These essential guidelines of the modern spiritual path, that were given to us a 100 years ago by Rudolf Steiner, are the ‘New Mysteries‘ which will prepare us for the Social-Heart-Thinking Art of a modern community of Anthroposophia.

etheric heart ~Rudolf Steiner

BTW: Please don’t get discouraged if you can’t always join into the 10:10 Thought Seed. Set your alarm to at least mark it. Even a split second moment of attention adds to the spark.


‘The Angel Standing in the Sun’, Joseph Mallord William Turner

Sun, thou bearer of rays,
Thy light’s power over matter
Magics life out of the earth’s
Limitless rich depths.

Heart, thou bearer of soul,
Thy light’s power over spirit
Magics life out of the human being’s
Limitless deep inwardness.

If I gaze upon the Sun
Her light speaks to me in radiance
Of the Spirit, filled with grace,
Wielding through the beings of worlds.

If I feel within my heart
The Spirit speaks its own true word
About the human being, loved by him
Through all time and eternity.

Looking upwards, I can see
In the Sun’s bright disc
The mighty heart of worlds.

Looking inwards, I can feel
In the heart’s warm beat
The human Sun ensouled.
~Rudolf Steiner

10 February 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Taurus the Bull resides near the constellation Orion. In particular, it contains two famous star clusters that are easy to spot: the Pleiades and the Hyades.

Antique etching of front half of a bull superimposed over a star chart.

According to Greek mythology, the constellation Taurus commemorates the god Zeus changing himself into a beautiful white Bull to win the affections of the Phoenician princess Europa. After Europa hopped onto the Bull’s back, the Bull swam across the Mediterranean Sea, taking Europa all the way to the island of Crete. Later, Zeus and Europa became the parents of Minos, the legendary king of Crete.

Europa carried by Zeus, after he was transformed into a bull. This is a terracotta figurine from Boeotia, ca. 470 BCE–450 BCE ~ Wikimedia Commons.

Meanwhile, the Zuni of New Mexico used the Pleiades cluster as an agricultural calendar. When the Pleiades – which the Zuni called the Seed Stars – disappeared into the western dusk in spring, they knew it was safe to plant their seeds, as the danger of frost had passed. However, the Zuni also knew the planting must be done before the Pleiades reappeared in the east before sunrise, or immature plants would succumb to autumn frosts.

The Zuni were hardly alone in their reverence for Taurus’ Pleiades star cluster. Indeed, probably no other star formation has enjoyed such worldwide renown for timekeeping, celebration and storytelling. ~earthsky

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY sourced from Commons

547 – Death day of St. Scholastica, foundress of the women’s branch of Benedictine Monasticism. The patron saint of nuns, & convulsive children. She is invoked against storms & rain. The most commonly told story about her is that she would go & visit her twin brother Benedict of Nursia near his abbey once a year, They would spend the day praying & discussing sacred texts. Sensing the time of her death was drawing near, Scholastica asked him to stay with her for the evening so they could continue their discussions. Not wishing to break his Rule, Benedict refused, insisting that he needed to return to his cell. At that point, Scholastica closed her hands in prayer, & after a moment, a wild storm started outside. Benedict asked, “What have you done?”, to which she replied, “I asked you & you would not listen; so I asked my God & he did listen. So now go off, if you can, leave me & return to your monastery.” Benedict was unable to return to his monastery, & they spent the night in discussion. Three days later, from his cell, her twin saw her soul leaving the earth & ascending to heaven in the form of a shining white dove

630 – Feast Day of St. Austrebertha. A popular legend states that one day, while looking for the donkey whose task it was to carry the laundry of the monks to the convent, she came across a wolf. The wolf admitted to killing the donkey & begged for forgiveness. Austrebertha forgave the wolf but commanded him to carry the laundry himself, a task that the wolf performed for the rest of its life

1909 – Deathday of Felix Koguzki – a herb collector, a simple man from the people who had deep insights into the spiritual world . Rudolf Steiner got to know him during his student days in 1880, when he regularly took the train from Inzersdorf to Vienna. He was the living model of Felix Balde from Steiner’s Mystery Dramas . Felix Koguzki is also regarded as the messenger of the secret master reported in GA 262 (pp. 30-31 ). There it says: “I did not meet M. ( Master), but first of all to a messenger from him who was fully initiated into the secrets of the effectiveness of all plants and their connection with the cosmos and with human nature. “( GA 262 , p. 16). It is sometimes assumed that Alois Mailänder is the secret M, but there is no clear evidence. Steiner writes about his encounter with Koguzki in “My Course of Life”:

as if he as a personality were only the organ of speech for a spiritual content that wanted to speak from hidden worlds. When you were with him you could look deep into the secrets of nature. He carried his bundle of medicinal herbs on his back; but in his heart he carried the results which he had gained from the spirituality of nature in his gathering. I have seen some people smile, who at times joined them as a third party when I walked through Wiener Alleegasse with this “initiated” person. It was no wonder. Because its expression was not understandable from the start. In a sense, you first had to learn your “intellectual dialect”. At first I couldn’t understand him either. But from the first time I met him, I had the deepest sympathy for him. And so it gradually became to me.

If one takes the usual concept of “learning”, one can say: “Learning” could not be done from this man. But if you yourself had the view of a spiritual world, you could gain deep insights into it through someone else, which was completely fixed in it.

And at the same time everything that was enthusiasm was far removed from this personality. When you came into your home, you found yourself in the midst of the most sober, simple country family. Above the door of his house were the words: “In God’s blessing everything lies.” One was entertained, as with other villagers. I always had to drink coffee, not from a cup, but from a “mug” that held almost a liter; in addition I had to eat a piece of bread that was huge. But the villagers didn’t look at the man for a fanatic either. The way he behaved in his hometown made every ridicule bounce off. He also had a healthy sense of humor and knew how to talk to young and old at every meeting in the village in such a way that people enjoyed his words.

This man remained close to my soul, even when life had led me away from him again. You can find him in my Mystery Dramas in the figure of Felix Balde. “( GA 28)

The Anthroposophical Society in America presents Sophia Rising: Unveiling the Wisdom of Being Human – Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ April 21-24, 2022 Hotel Santa Fe Hacienda and Spa 


***Early Bird Rate Until February 26 ~ Exclusively For Those Who Book With Hotel Santa Fe***

Join us in New Mexico, the ‘land of enchantment’, resonant with light ether and deep history, as we enliven Sophia. Join together in community as Sophia emerges and rises in her many facets and expressions- past, present, and future. 

You will be an active participant in this gathering that will engage storytelling and biography, art and color, eurythmy and movement, singing and speech, with offerings from speakers Carrie Schuchardt, Mary Stewart AdamsHazel Archer-GinsbergStephanie Georgieff, and more. 

Come and experience Sophia Rising as we honor the elements, the landscape, and each other. 


Our gathering will take place at the lovely Native American-owned Hotel Santa Fe. We recommend you book your stay with the hotel to create a connected communal atmosphere for our gathering. The hotel has a full restaurant, pool, hot tub, and spa, as well as kivas and cozy sitting areas. Please call or email to make reservations with our special room rate for suites at $179/night. Each suite includes a refrigerator, microwave and sitting area. So much of what Santa Fe has to offer is within walking distance from the hotel. 

HOW TO BOOK: Email or call reservations at  877-259-3409 

**Ask for ASA Gathering to book with our special rate of $179/night for a suite. **

Registrants will receive suggested activities from our local organizers to explore in Santa Fe before or after our gathering. Extending your stay? The special ASA hotel rate is available for 3 days prior to and 3 days after the ASA gathering. 

AIR TRAVEL: Fly to Albuquerque or Santa Fe (note that flights are more limited and subject to the weather as Santa Fe is a small airport.)

There is a shuttle from Albuquerque to Santa Fe or car rentals available. Uber or Lyft is available if you fly into Santa Fe.

1501 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: (877) 259-3409 

The ticket price includes access to all conference activities, snacks, coffee/tea and beverages, dessert reception Thursday, dinner Friday, lunch Saturday and brunch on Sunday.

No refunds after March 21, 2022

EARLY BIRD with ROOM BOOKING (until 2/26): $295*

STANDARD TICKET (After 2/26): $350


*Must book at Hotel Santa Fe to receive this special early bird rate! Email or call 877-259-3409 to book. Please specify your reservation is for the ASA Gathering. 

EXHIBITORS: If you are interested in being an exhibitor please fill out this form. 

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Limited assistance is available, please fill out this form. 


Early Bird Only with Room Booking – After 2/26 more tickets will be released!

(subject to minor changes) 

THURSDAY, April 21

7 pm               Gathering Together  – with a dessert reception 

7:30- 8:30 pm  ArtActs: Past – Present – Future Eurythmy, Singing, and Speech

FRIDAY, April 22

                        Explore Santa Fe on your own and continued arrivals 

1:00 – 2:30 pm   Welcome: Spirit of Place with organizers 

                          WEAVING EARTH Opening Ceremony with Angela Foster and friends

2:30pm-3:00pm  Break 

3:00-4:30 pm     Encountering the Celestial Goddess Anthroposophia with Mary Stewart Adams 4:30-4:45 pm     Break

4:45- 6:00 pm    WEAVING AIR ArtActs  Eurythmy, Singing, and Speech 

6:00-7:30 pm     Dinner Together*

8:00 pm             Fireside Chats – Story and Sharing.  Breakout circles lead by friends and organizers 

8:30 pm             Stargazing with Mary Stewart Adams 

 SATURDAY, April 23

                         Breakfast – On your own

8:30 – 9:30 am    WEAVING ETHER Eurythmy

9:30 – 10:00 am  Break  

10:00-11:15am   Presentation with Stephanie Georgieff 

11:30 – 12:30pm WEAVING STORIES Biography Work

12:30 – 2pm        Lunch Together*

2:00 – 3:30pm    Anthroposophia: Our Alchemical Wedding  with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg and Friends – At the heart of the gathering is a Grand Experiential Soul Journey to ‘Know    Thyself’’ – a movable feast, with various stations engaging us in group eurythmy, singing, speaking verses, color gestures in art, and a telling of the New Isis Myth with Hazel Archer- Ginsberg. This experience is built up and worked on during all the WEAVING sessions. 

3:30 – 4 pm        Break

4:00 – 5:00 pm   WEAVING COLOR Invoking Natura: Sensing the Cosmic  within the Earthly Pastels with Helen-Ann Ireland

5:00 – 5:30 pm   WEAVING STORIES Biography Conversation

5:30pm              Dinner – On your own

7:30-9:30pm      WEAVING COMUNITY Sophia Rising- Past, Present, and Future. Bring something to share! Poetry, Instruments, Story 

SUNDAY, April 24

8:00 – 9:00 am      WEAVING LIGHT Bathe in the Natural Warmth and Harmony of the Metal Gold with Helena Hurrell – A metal color light therapy experience inspired by the glass windows at the Goetheanum 

9:00-10:30 am      WEAVING FIRE with Carrie Schuchardt 

10:30 – 12:00pm  Brunch Together*

12:00-1:00 pm    WEAVING WATER Water Ritual with Joyce Reilly and Friends
                          WEAVING WHOLENESS Closing with Angela Foster and Friends 


*Meals marked with an asterisk are included in the price of the ticket 

Coffee, tea, and snacks will also be provided through the conference 

A quiet room will be provided for contemplation 


See you Santa Fe! 

PRESENTERS AND GUIDES (Not a full list-more to come!) 

Eyahnna DalBo (artist of the Sophia Rising painting) came to anthroposophy 30 years ago when her daughter attended a Waldorf school. Her studies have included an undergraduate degree in fine art and graduate work in psychology using the arts for healing.  In her private practice, she developed various energetic modalities. Her experience with subtle energy fields gave her the opportunity to teach and take part in designing a curriculum for a 2-year program focusing on energy healing. As a consultant, she initiated numerous therapeutic programs to assist in pioneering the field of art therapy. Through the gift of an apprenticeship with indigenous people she was able to bring their practices and ceremonies to what she offered deepening her ability to be of service.  As an artist, she continues to utilize the spoken word, movement, sound, and visual imagery to honor and create a field that fosters awareness, growth, and transformation.

Mary Stewart Adams is a Star Lore Historian, and host of the weekly public radio program and podcast “The Storyteller’s Night Sky”.  Through her research in spiritual science and her education in literary arts, Mary has developed a unique, humanities-based approach to understanding our relationship with the stars.  Her work is further augmented by an extensive knowledge of ancient mythologies and fairy tales, which she relates to the research and ideas of contemporary astronomy in order to understand the new star wisdom of astrosophy.

Carrie Schuchardt co-founded The House of Peace in 1990, a home that is a physical and spiritual refuge for victims of war in a community with adults with special needs. In the last 15 years over 400 refugees from approximately 30 countries have been received in the healing embrace of The House of Peace, giving supportive assistance in establishing themselves in the US. In addition to the daily work of The House Peace, Carrie participates in many activities for the conversion of consciousness and policies from war to peace. Carrie has begun a network of women who witness publicly, Women Weeping, where women dress in mourning carrying symbolic lifeless children in order to help people feel what is rarely expressed in the media: the grief of hundreds of thousands of mothers in war zones around the world who lose their children to the terrible violence of war.

Stephanie Georgieff After nearly thirty years as a practicing Naturopath and Acupuncturist, Stephanie Georgieff has chosen to transform her healing vocation into writing and lecturing on various aspects of Christian Spirituality and its relationship to emotional and physical health. She has lectured throughout Europe and North America on various subjects, but her passion is on the Middle Ages and the Divine Feminine. Georgieff hosts a podcast “The Black Madonna Speaks,” writes for numerous publications, and has her own Blog: The Heart of the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna, Mysterious Soul Companion is the first in a series of books examining how the Black Madonna as an art form offers healing insights to our collective past and present. These volumes also explore the invitation humanity has from the spiritual world to co-create a healthy and peaceful future.

Helena Hurrell is an art and metal color Light therapist trained in the UK/Germany and certified by the Medial Section at the Goetheanum 

Angela Foster has been an active student of anthroposophy since 2008. After growing up in Texas, Angela is now embracing life in Atlanta, Georgia as an artist, teacher, and mom of two daughters, shepherd to two mini sheep. As a conscious practitioner of “beginner’s mind”, Angela has completed programs in foundation studies in Anthroposophy numerous times and is currently enrolled in Foundation Studies in Goethean Science through the Nature Institute. She and her husband manage the Anthroposophical Resource Center (ARC) an initiative in Decatur, Georgia that offers space for community events and serves as a little house for Anthroposophia.

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual: Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year & theI Think Speech’ Podcast.

Trans-denominational Minister, Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Anthroposopher – working as the Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, & as the Central Regional Council representative on the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Past Video Recordings

Helen-Ann Ireland has been involved in anthroposophical studies for over 30 years as a Waldorf teacher, member of the School for Spiritual Science, Class holder, and now as chair of the Anthroposophical Society of America. A special interest has been in the area of the Divine Feminine and the Being of Sophia.

Michele Mariscal has 30 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She is a skilled facilitator in soft skills, speaker, coach and author. She is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist as well as a Trainer and Coach with the Institute of HeartMath. She facilitates greater heart-based living for individuals and organizations Michele is also a five-time author with her most recent publication of Growing Through Grief – The Alchemy of Healing from Loss. 

Joyce Reilly Joyce studied psychology in college and was fascinated by the idea of a therapeutic community. She has worked in Camphill for many years, and is trained as a Waldorf and Therapeutic teacher.  She founded Gheel House, a therapeutic community near Kimberton Pennsylvania, still thriving after 37 years. Joyce’s interests expanded to international conflict work and refugee resettlement. She works with organizations such as the Janusz Korczak Association, Karuna Peacebuilders, Kiwimbi International, Good Grief, the Worldwide Storytelling and Puppetry Association, and especially with the New York Anthroposophical Branch, and also works part-time at the local public library. Joyce is also trained in Psychosynthesis therapy and Anthroposophical psychology – currently practicing as a life coach and counselor.

For questions or inquiries please email or call the office at 734-662-9355 

11 thoughts on “Preparing the Preparers

  1. Hi Hazel,

    We could be living in an era in which a New Revelation has been given. Rudolf Steiner did declare this on December 20, 1918, when he announced that the Spirits of Form had passed the Regency on to the Spirits of Time. This effected the transition from 1918 to 1919, and the various “offspring” movements that recognize the workings of spiritual science in the physical world. So, it is distinctly possible that in going with this movement into the future, that certain key members reincarnate in order to even announce themselves in a future life in which they continue the cause of spiritual science. One of these is Edith Maryon, who you even honored as being born recently in 1872, and worked closely with Rudolf Steiner after her plea to him to find her way.

    So, your words here seem even more dogmatic as a disclosure of a merely personal intent to discredit rather than exclaim. You wrote:

    “To me it is dogmatic to want to label someone – this hampers the activity of the soul forces which we must use to fortify each other & those working with us to further the Divine Plan.”

    Yes, labeling someone is really a bad idea. But when someone has the courage to announce themself as one of those having quickly reincarnated in relation to the Steiner Initiative of 1924, then we should look at it with all sincerity. Edith Maryon is an especial candidate because she died in May 1924, having hardly even started her role as Section leader of the Plastic Arts. So, why not her as one of the first in the chain of quick reincarnations? This is how Stigmata works. Close proximity to a former life is expressed in this form. The prime example is Pontius Pilate, who would wash his hands over and over again after conceding to the Jewish demand for the crucifixion of Christ. He learned of the honesty of “The Man in whom he found no guilt”, the hard way. Stigmata is what Pilate experienced for the rest of his life. It is etched in the akashic record.

  2. Hi Hazel, you wrote:

    “BTW: Please don’t get discouraged if you can’t always join into the 10:10 Thought Seed. Set your alarm to at least mark it. Even a split second moment of attention adds to the spark.”

    I do mark it every day, and some days even wait patiently for the clock. Just recently, a friend said, “you will be disappointed that I don’t understand what you are getting at”. I asked him to please not judge what he does not understand. He observes this site, and writes to me especially about your honors of earlier members of Rudolf Steiner’s continuum. For example, Edith Maryon. Yet, was she actually made vice president on 21 January 1924? I thought it was Albert Steffen all the way because he was a Swiss citizen. Edith Maryon died as a sacrifice on the fire of purification in May 1924. She exhausted her life in the close companionship with RS. It was a worthy cause, and said to be the basis of her next close incarnation as Judith von Halle, born in 1972 in order to replicate and reprove the Steiner legacy. Supposedly, there have been many more quick reincarnations along these lines.

      1. Hi Hazel,

        Well, as you know, Rudolf Steiner did say in several places in the KR lectures involving the Anthroposophical Movement, that he had established an initiation of the membership which would encompass a quick reincarnation even before the end of the 20th century. Now, the foundation stone for the Christmas Conference of 1923 was conducted over nine days in which the four verses were recited in the morning hours among those members who saw what the destruction of the Goetheanum meant. They numbered some 800 participants who remained outside the enclave, where the interior ceremonies occurred. As such, they become the initiated into a quick reincarnation before the end of the twentieth century.

        Even Steiner himself predicted it in April 1922, when in returning to England after nine years, he tells WJ Steiner while traveling in a touring car down London streets, that in 80 years time he will be reincarnated in America. Well, if Edith Maryon can reincarnate as Judith von Halle in 1972, then Rudolf Steiner can also pick his spot. There is plenty of reason that he would not reincarnate in Germany. He said so himself. The opposition to his movement was huge in Germany at the time he spoke. He knew it needed a western air, and so he went to America, which has its own sort of afflictions. Yet, the ASA exists to astound and profound the masses within our domicile. Hopefully, they get it and keep it intact. It really all comes from a word spoken in one place. Santa Fe. My guru came from Santa Fe in 1989. He was a systems engineer at Los Alamos, where the bombs were developed. He told me about the better way.
        I agreed.

        So, isn’t it interesting?

        1. Yes this is the ‘Michael Prophesy’ –
          Karmic Relationships, Volume 3, Dornach, July 1–13, July 28- Aug. 8, 1924 – ‘The Karma of the Anthroposophical Movement’ – Vol 3 outlines the historic occult background, which creates the prelude to the spiritual/cultural battles of the present. Within this battle, the 2 Michaelic streams of humanity must work together at the side of Christ. One stream is referred to as: The School of Chartres; & the other as Scholasticism. These 2 streams took turns working on earth, while inspiring the other from the spiritual world. They shared a mutual participation in the supersensible Michael School, which culminated in the Cosmic Cultus at the turn of the 18th & 19th Centuries. This impulse continues today in what has been called:
          The ‘Michael Prophecy’ (Karmic Relationships Vol 3 – 28 July & 3 Aug. 1924) “I have indicated how those individuals who are fully engaged in the Anthroposophical Movement will return at the end of the 20th Century, & that others will then join them, because it will be decided at that time whether earth civilization will be redeemed, or lost.”
          Karmic Relationships, Volume 4, Dornach, September 10–18, 1924. The inner motives of world-history & life – Preparation of the Michael stream – The Anthroposophical Movement & the Anthroposophical Society. How the 8th Ecumenical Council disrupts the karma of the Michaelits. Ancient Cosmic Christianity = King Arthur’s Round Table – Arnold Böcklin. The School of Chartres = Brunetto Latini. The importance of the knowledge of karma for understanding the general evolution of spiritual life.
          Karmic Relationships, Vol 4 is the last cycle of lectures that Steiner ever gave. It includes The Last Address, given by Rudolf Steiner. This whole cycle helps us to understand Steiner’s life mission in relation to the incarnations of other highly evolved individuals & initiates in the time of the Consciousness Soul. These revelations throw light upon world karma, & follow on the premises of the karma of the Michael streams in Vol 3.
          Karmic Relationships, Volume 6 Arnhem, July 18–20, 1924, 3 lectures about the karma of the Michaelic Movement.
          Karmic Relationships, Volume 8 August 12–August 27, 1924, Torquay & London. The karma of the Michaelic Movement – The Arthur & the Grail streams – their mutual relationships. One of my favorites in the whole series, The 2 streams are laid out clearly
          ‘Twin Roads to the Millennium: The Christmas Conference and the Karma of the Anthroposophical Society’ ~Hans Peter von Manen.
          The 1922 “Hague Conversation” Rudolf Steiner with Walter Johannes Stein – entrusting him with important revelations about his own karma & world karma.
          Other relevant readings:
          For the ‘Renewal’: ‘Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts: Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge; The Michael Mystery’ 1924
          ‘Inner Aspect of the Social Question’ 1919
          ‘Spiritual Science as a Foundation for Social Forms’ 1920
          ‘Awakening to Community’ 1923
          ‘The Anthroposophic Movement’ 1923

          Steiner’s ‘Mystery Dramas’ portray how individuals affect the destinies of one another across various incarnations. Steiner repeatedly stated that if these plays had been taken more seriously, he would not have had to give as many lectures. (September 17, & October 31, 1910) The Mystery Dramas can be characterized as a “social path.”
          ‘The Battle for the Soul’. ~Bernard Lievegoed

          I am very careful not to name names so & so is now so & so…that is dangerous & unethical & really completely besides the point…

          1. “I am very careful not to name names so & so is now so & so…that is dangerous & unethical & really completely besides the point…”

            I tend to agree. Steiner once said, I believe it was the first lecture in the Kassel course on the Gospel of John, GA 112, that when the higher Ego breaks forth at age 40, that in 30 years time from that point, which would constitute a Saturn Revolution, an indication could be divulged of a past life. As well, we know that to practice “spirit recollection in depths of soul” is an active process. Thus, many gain a clue on the path within this Saturn revolution; what has brought me to spiritual science becomes a burning question.

            Now, when it comes to the quick reincarnations of those faithful disciples of Rudolf Steiner before the end of the 20th century, as Steiner predicted, and even for himself, I feel that the rules might need to be bent, and only for the sake of proving such a phenomenon as actually occurring. Thus, Judith von Halle, and those intimate with her, have chosen to declare this quick reincarnation of Edith Maryon.

            On some things it is very likely that a new paradigm on incarnational disclosure exists here in the new millennium. Steiner obviously encouraged it with his revelation in the latter days where he spoke of what reciting the FSM at the CC of 1923 really meant on those nine mornings before the faithful who never got inside to hear it all. Now, that is faith of a very high order.

            1. And because people had not sufficiently purified their astral bodies & actually done the work prescribed by Rudolf Steiner, when those disclosers which occurred on a personal level were disclosed publicly it created all kinds of ill will. I am sorry but from my own research & from the convincing writings of Serigi Prokofieff I will not banter on your misguided example.

              1. Misguided example? You mean Judith von Halle, who you don’t like for some reason. I only know that this has been told about her, while not accepting any of it on my own account. So, if we banter or not, it becomes a matter of attempting to come to grips with what Steiner said about the end of the age, and those who will appear quickly again, which I know you are very interested in. Why merely speculate when it is possible to get to the crux? You have often implied a Glastonbury influence, which obviously means something. If JvH has her notion, and maybe even Sergei Prokofieff, who felt the need to take on Steiner’s karma in the failure of the original GAS, it only proves the desire and will for progress. I am sure you will agree. So, please don’t be dogmatic, Hazel. It is Valentine’s Day 🙂

              2. Cheeky, Hazel; very cheeky. You do know of Steiner’s admiration for HPB’s cheekiness? I think he recounts it here:


                We’re all having fun as we challenge the revelations needed for the future, which is ‘Now’. Where do we set the limit on self-revelation? If Steiner told Stein in 1922 that in eighty years he would be an American, what does that mean? What evidence do we have on such a declaration? None.

              3. To me it is dogmatic to want to label someone – this hampers the activity of the soul forces which we must use to fortify each other & those working with us to further the Divine Plan.

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