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Thank you friends for your many responses. I had a few requests to write up a synopsis that could be more easily distributed. Feel free to edit as you see fit. Here is the ‘I Think SpeechPodcast for our egregore

Project Thought-Seed (Egregore 10:10 )

We must become spiritual warriors, and endeavor to take up the practice of building up positive imaginations on the inner planes as a counterforce to the adversarial forces working in the world. This is a “key-call” to the Spiritual Powers aligned with love and light, to enlist their aid.

This verse can be an anchor for a group Thought-Form created by our Willed Visualization– to be conceived each day at 10:10 AM, (&/or PM)wherever you are, so it moves like a wave across the globe:

“When I think light, my soul shines,
When my soul shines, the earth is a star,
When the earth is a star, then I am, a true human being”.
~Herbert Hahn

Our Good Will becomes a cosmic energy field for healing – “Seed ideas in the group mind of humanity”, to co-create our highest intentions for the evolution of humanity – that the Earth may become a Sacred Planet – a Sun – and every Human Being a Star. “What is sown in our highest thought will grow and bear seed.” It only takes the square root of any number of people to create change.

See you, dear friends, in the ethers every day 10:10 AM, (&/or PM) (10 is the number of completion, but please don’t worry if you can’t tune in at 10:10, just do it whenever you think of it, which may be many times a day, or perhaps only occasionally, don’t stress it, just do what you can with a loving heart-mind)

PLEASE SHARE THE GOOD WORD (& Let me know if you are taking on the project)

“When 2 or more are gathered…”



Interpreting Global Issues Through Picasso's Guernica | Pulitzer Center
7th grader  Michelle O.

SATURDAY 7 November 2020,

3 pm – 5 pm CT

(1-3pm PT, 2-4pm MT, 4-6pm ET)

“Connections Revealed”

online Meeting ID: 705 293 1041

Friends – We are going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ – a karmic necessity as part of world evolution, so what are we to learn from it? How do we maintain our ability to think independently and clearly through the growing miasma of fear? This Corona-Crisis is a battle for the ′′Crown of Creation” ie. the human being.  We are not only experiencing a political, social, economic or global health crisis; it is the essence of humanity that is being fought for. How do we accept our karma in the face of world events and yet maintain our ability to create our destiny in freedom?

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg based on Spiritual Scientific research & indications from Rudolf Steiner

Inspirations by Lelan Harris – the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative (  Lelan is a healer, teacher, and leader with over 40 years of experience in vocational roles such as pastor, professor, and Waldorf school administrator.  He offers developmental mentoring, spiritual training, and energy healing in order to raise up new generations of leaders in service at all levels to humanity, Earth, and cosmos.

Group Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

Speech Artistry by Geoffrey Norris

Break out Sessions

Zoom Meeting hosted by Anne Nicholson Meeting ID: 705 293 1041

15 thoughts on “Project Thought-Seed

    1. awesome! Yes, together we create the destiny of love & light for humanity & for the evolution of the Universe…Thanks for adding your spirit spark to the mix…xox

    1. Wonder full, the light is growing. We will join our spirit sparks working on the inner planes together.
      See you in the glow! Bless you! 10:10 am…

  1. Hi Hazel,

    We talked about Earthshine in earlier posts, and I was able to give picture examples of what this means from the USNO website. The ‘old moon in the arms of the new moon’ is how this is conveyed, and it is truly a very telling example of what Herbert Hahn had in his heart, I think.

    Rudolf Steiner often spoke during the second phase of anthroposophical christology, from 1907 to 1914, about how when the Mystery of Golgotha occurred that a light aura first began to exude from the earth. The earth and its humanity was on its way to darkness and its depths when Christ entered earth evolution two thousand years ago.

    So, we have today something called earthshine, which is an actual testimonial to the fact that since the Mystery of Golgotha a light has been shining from earth to the cosmos. According to Dr. Steiner, it signifies that the earth is on its way to becoming a new star, which would be the future Jupiter.

    Now, today, of course we see all manner of opposition to this. And, it is largely coming from those factions of modern-day natural science which see other portents looming in the predictions of both global warming, as well as the next ice age leading to extinction.

    Thus, our little anthroposophical ship is steering toward the disaster that Steiner predicted in GA 254, between Scylla and Charybdis. Yet, when we can have these thoughts out of a new seed-form in 2020, then all becomes pure potential. And thanks to Hazel for that. I love the thought of sitting down for morning tea with Chuck, and he talks about Occult Science. It must have been awesome!

    1. Hi Steve, I’m missed you, thanks for chiming in. for me The ‘old moon in the arms of the new moon’ is an Easter image – a grail imagination.

      Yes, I have often contemplated, how the hierarchies received the deed on Golgotha, & Steiner’s clairvoyant description of how the aura of the Earth changed. This was truly the being of the Earth becoming a Sun. But unless that deed shines out of human hearts we not not achieve our highest evolution which is that on Vulcan human beings as well as the earth will be complete. That is the picture given in John’s Revelation.

      The earth ship almost sank before the Mystery of Golgotha, but then Christ’s deed accrued, which gives the true meaning to the Earth – to become a Sun. And now as we sail between the rock & a hard place we have to be the ones to call forth the spiritual aid from our own willed Freedom. & that is what the 20:10 Thought-Seed can do.

      Come sit at our table & drink tea as we light up the world together!

  2. Dear Hazel – thanks so much for your posts and associated initiatives. In the last couple of posts you have spoken about egregores. If you haven’t done so already I think it would be worth you having a look at what the anonymous author of “Meditations on the Tarot” has to say about them in Letter XV, particularly page 419 et seq. f you don’t have it and are interested to see, I can send it to you if you give me an email address. (I can’t copy a photo of it onto this comment section). I’m sure that what you are initiating is a form of sacred magic, and IMHO for it to be sacred, it needs to be clearly aligned with the work of Christ and the spiritual hierarchies that support him which I’m sure is your underlying intention ! Warmly……….

    1. Greetings Rick, I am familiar with this book, but I don’t seem to have it in my library. Please do share it
      It is a form of sacred magic, & in my various posts I have spoken about this important alignment: Michael-Christ-Sophia.& yes the hierarchies are always willing to work with us too when we rise to meet them & bring in their impulses. I will make sure to emphasize this more, thank you for this reminder!

    2. Hi Rick,

      Thanks for acknowledging this site. I think Ton also said he was looking in here. It is very worthy as a place where Hazel builds the fire of spirit every day. I also like our British domain with its rather placid appearance over these last few months with a few clouds. The contrast is very interesting. Your own posts under another name have proven to be very impressive and well-considered. Of course, we know who was the anonymous writer of the Meditations on the Tarot. He also wrote a book concerning the raising of Lazarus. Alas, a certain catholic influence disturbed what could have been a much greater work. I think ‘Meditations’ was on this same level of experience. Yet, the man behind the words was rejected by the Anthroposophical Society when it needed him most. 1938.

      So, one has to move on and make their way. This was ‘you know who’. And they did it in very good fashion, Rick. The man has many important followers, and yet did not arise until after the death of Rudolf Steiner. He is a bridge that has to be recognized and is on some level, as you seem to indicate. Yet, Rudolf Steiner himself made it much more specific than the anonymous one could ever do.
      And so it goes. Make your own legacy. That is why we were born to be individuals with all the governing rights thereto.

      It is what makes history. What history is there without names?

  3. Hi Hazel,

    YES – participating in the project!

    (Was planning to attend the “Connections” zoom tomorrow, but something else has come up; look forward to future sessions.)

    Thank you ever so much.

    1. Great thank you dear Roberta, for being a spiritual warrior!

      I plan to post the recording of “Connections”


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