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GF Watts

The after-image:

Dear friends a powerful seed of light was cultivated during our Election Night Vigil. It is already rooting itself out of the spiritual world, working thru the souls of our beloved dead & the powerful Spirit Beings that guide us in our human destiny.

I awoke the morning after, as I often do with the image of the Earth as a body of light – a Sacred Star – but this day I knew that the light must shine out from human hearts, like a sea of little Suns, radiating together with warmth & light.

I shared this with my beloved husband Chuck while we were having our morning tea: Another affirmation that this image of the ‘Corona’ which has settled like a collective shadow over humanity, is a global call to create a counter-image – the Crowning of creation – the human being as a Star. | The Artwork of Amanda Sage | Art, Visionary art, Fractal  art
Amanda Sage

Chuck shared that he has been working with Steiner’s Occult Science, & this powerful image of how the Thrones experienced bliss in the pouring forth of Will from themselves. This then allowed the Spirits of Wisdom to unite their Life-Body with this outpouring of Will. Next the Spirits of motion added their lowest body, their astral body. This combination allowed Old Saturn to become an ‘ensouled being’, which gained the ability to reflect life out into cosmic space. This allowed the Spirits of Form to become active, creating a differentiation in this ensouled being; Steiner gives the image of a blackberry (the beginnings of humankind). Then the Archai, from the periphery, who were having their human incarnation, were able to reflect their “I” to these ‘Saturn Beings’ & have their life reflected back to them, to see who they are.

Why does Steiner give us this cosmic picture of the beginnings of life? – To give us a role-model. – For WE are to become the creators of a new universe – the New Jerusalem. And this turning point which we are currently experiencing is our time to begin this work in earnest. We must awaken to the fact that everything we Will (our thoughts, words & deeds) pours out from us, & is reflected back to us from the physical world; & this shows us who we are. A lot of what pours forth from our will is unconscious, & so we are often blindsided or appalled by what is reflected back to us in the world. How can we awaken our Will to consciously create the world as a reflection of our Highest Self? And what can come of it when we join our collective Good Will together?

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This set off a lightbulb in my thinking. It became clear that what we are called to do is contemplate the Alpha & the Omega – to imitate the sublime offerings of the hierarchies, & with our conscious free will, pour out thru our heart-thinking an imaginative cognition of the ultimate human destiny – The Earth & all of humanity as a shining Star – the Sun of a new Christ-centered universe – This must become our collective Thought-Form.

File:Rosicrucian Academy of Alpha Omega.png - Wikimedia Commons

After breakfast when I checked my email I saw a response to my blog on Building the Watchtower, & Thought-Forms about Dion Fortune, from Steve Hale, who mentioned a few biographical insights about her, so I followed the link he sent & read to my surprise that she was initiated into the “Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega”! hmmm, perhaps she is sending us a message.

Still in the after-glow, I went off to our Wednesday Karma Study, & many friends who were at the vigil were there, so we talked about our experience: The importance of Goethean Conversation so gracefully brought to us by Angela Foster; the power of our personal metamorphosis thru Social Artistry offered thru Lucien Dante Lazar’s drawing exercise; The warmth & enthusiasm of the group…And Deborah Rogers shared how it only takes the square root of any number of people to create change. So out of a million people, you only need 1000, to turn the tide. Tom McGuire mentioned The ‘Tipping Point’, a book by Malcolm Gladwell as an example of this principle.

Goetheanum | General Anthroposophical Section

Yes, it’s true we Anthroposophers are relatively small in number, but with the help of Rudolf Steiner & all that Spiritual Science brings, we have great capacities to generate change from the inner world out, but only if we join our forces together. Then we can become a beacon for others; & this powerful Thought-Form of the Alpha & the Omega can grow & become the antidote we all seek.

Then Elisabeth Swisher shared a beloved verse by Herbert Hahn, which she wrote down for me on the back of one of her drawings from the vigil:

Erst wenn ich Lichtes denke leuchtet meine Seele,
Erst wenn meine Seele leuchtet ist die Erde ein Stern,
Erst wenn die Erde ein Stern ist bin ich wahrhaft Mensch!

~Herbert Hahn

Only when I think light my soul shines,
Only when my soul shines is the earth a star,
Only when the earth is a star am I truly a human being.

“The transformation of thought into living activity in meditation and prayer carries living light into the etheric world!…In meditative work that connects with a truth- thinks light- we create a quality of light for the etheric world….” (Matthias Gierke, MD in an article about “Earth as spiritual star” in Lilipoh magazine.

WOW, how perfect, thank you angels! I got shivers, such a powerful affirmation working thru our community. And we all agreed that perhaps this could be an anchor for our Thought-Form – to be conceived each day at noon.

Seeing 12:12 and the Merkaba Field - Forever Conscious

This morning the thought came to suggest we tune in at 12:12 pm every day with this verse as the seed for a short meditation (even 1 minute)whereever you are, so that the imagination can move like a wave covering the whole earth.

Dear Ones, if this idea resonates with you – Please pass it on to your friends -Talk about it with your family, discuss it with strangers at the park – spread the good word, that:

WE, as Anthroposophia, in service to Humankind, & to our Mother Earth, CAN initiate change, thru positive Thought-Forms, by consciously rising in our thinking, every day at 12:12 pm, meditating the Steiner verse:

Only when I think light my soul shines,
Only when my soul shines is the earth a star,
Only when the earth is a star am I truly a human being.

to collectively build a cogitative imagination of a healing, ‘protective egregore’, a ‘Guardian Watcher’ to work with our highest intentions for the evolution of humanity – & the ever present help of the Spiritual World – that the Earth may become a Star.

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And for those that want to take the imagination further & use the image of the Alpha & the Omega: We can think on the Power of The Word – the first & last letters of the Greek alphabet, (with all the vowels & consonants in-between & the mystery of Golgotha in the middle) to be The Word of God, The Christ, revealed in the Book of Revelation.

jesus christ enthroned icon mark dukes alpha omega sun moon stars  pantocrator - Crossroads Initiative

“This is Alpha: the Saturn human being, the warmth human being living in wonderment…If we proceed in this way through the whole alphabet, we proceed through the world. After gradually taking into himself everything that is world, and filling his whole being with it, when he arrives at Vulcan the Omega having united with himself the whole content of the world, of this great All to which he belongs, the human being will have become the one he was at the beginning of the Saturn condition plus the whole world. He will be Alpha and Omega, man who unites in himself everything that is world. By saying ‘I am Alpha and Omega’ in the way John’s Book of Revelation does, we have designated what the human being will be at the end of the Vulcan condition. At the end of the Vulcan condition the human being, too, will be permitted to say: I am Alpha and Omega…In the beginning was the Word—this means the same as when Christ says ‘I am the Word’, or ‘I am Alpha and Omega’. ~Rudolf Steiner, “I am Alpha and Omega”: The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest. Lecture 3, Dornach, 7 September 1924

I would love to create a dialogue with those that are willing to take on this Thought-Experiment in earnest. Using the above verse (or another of your choosing) as the foundation of our visualization can be enough; but it could be you will want to elaborate, or the spiritual world will send you imaginations & inspirations; please do share.

See you dear friends, in the ethers every day at 12:12 pm.  (Please don’t worry if you can’t be there at 12:12 pm, just do it whenever you think of it, which may be many times a day, or perhaps only occasionally, don’t stress it, just do what you can with a loving heart-mind)

Yours in full faith



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5 November 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: When night arrives, the Great Square of Pegasus is still balanced on its corner high in the southeast. But within two hours it turns around to lie level like a box high in the south.

Paul Klee and Rudolf Steiner - Sophia Institute
Paul Klee

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1872 – Imme von Eckardstein posed the question of the cycle of the year, which brought thru Rudolf Steiner the “Calendar of the Soul” in 1912/13

1910 – D.N. Dunlop opens the Blavatsky Institute


SATURDAY 7 November 2020,

3 pm – 5 pm CT

Connections Revealed

online Meeting ID: 705 293 1041

Friends – We are going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ – a karmic necessity as part of world evolution, so what are we to learn from it? How do we maintain our ability to think independently and clearly through the growing miasma of fear? This Corona-Crisis is a battle for the ′′Crown of Creation” ie. the human being.  We are not only experiencing a political, social, economic or global health crisis; it is the essence of humanity that is being fought for. How do we accept our karma in the face of world events and yet maintain our ability to create our destiny in freedom?

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg based on Spiritual Scientific research & indications from Rudolf Steiner

Inspirations by Lelan Harris – the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative (  Lelan is a healer, teacher, and leader with over 40 years of experience in vocational roles such as pastor, professor, and Waldorf school administrator.  He offers developmental mentoring, spiritual training, and energy healing in order to raise up new generations of leaders in service at all levels to humanity, Earth, and cosmos.

Group Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

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6 thoughts on “After-Image: Alpha & Omega

  1. At 12:12 today I was in the ethers reading and meditating on Emil Bock,
    He was a very dedicated and prolific leader and writer of works on Christianity for the Christian Community.

    This Alpha and Omega thought-form could be drawing an important influence from Glastonbury. Its theme is broadly eternal with many points of inclusion. Innumerable. This morning I woke up with one that suggested making an observation about the first occult seal picture from the Apocalypse, where Alpha and Omega is the great theme. In the right hand of the Son of Man are seven stars, which Anthroposophy depicts as: Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mar, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus.

    So, this already depicts at the very outset of the Apocalypse something unique about Earth evolution. It is divided into Mars and Mercury, rather than the single planet, ‘Earth’. Thus, circumstances have caused a revision to the original plan of earth evolution. Things have been made much more complicated than first thought out in the Mind of God. A second God appears in Genesis, chapter 2, “in the day the Lord God made earth and heaven”, 2:4.

    Could this be the sounding of the octave; possibly a kind of Eighth Day of Creation? Likeness seems much more of a complicated process than Image, and God had already done that by making Man in His Image in chapter 1.

    Mars-Mercury is also given a seminal depiction in the fourth occult seal picture. Strength and Wisdom reaching up to “Sunny Jim”.

    1. LOVE Emil, he gives us great insights.
      (I have had to change the meeting time to 10:10 am, since I do a 6 basic exercise practice group that doesn’t end until 12:30 pm.

      Glastonbury certainly still holds an ancient vortex of power.

      I think you right on to mention meditating on the Apocalyptic seals.

      and your example of the evolution from Mars to Mercury in our earth process is the perfect illustration that change can happen & that adjustments can be made. But now these adjustments must come for humanity, we must will it, we are meant to be co-creators & it now time to step out of our adolescence & stand in uprightness with our “I” fully engaged, & join together to form a new kind of group soul, uniting us in Christ.

  2. I am heartened by how you presented the morning conversation – When two or more gathered I am With you- I can relate to the transformative space of the Golden realm it can be a beginning or an end but for sure it will bring change. I love your posts they are a treasure. Thank you

    1. Yes, thanks Anthony. I have been lucky in love, my husband & I have many beautiful conversations sparking inspiration for each other.
      It’s funny though because he rarely reads my posts, maybe because we just talk about it.
      Thanks for your blessing!
      I’ll look for you in the ethers at 12:12 pm !

  3. Hi Hazel – Once again thanks for all your work on behalf of the Spiritual World. I was at the All Soul’s zoom meeting and you mentioned the word “Fall” for autumn and I remembered a saying of the texts in acupunture about the season of autumn being the season of tears…Here is an excerpt and the closest I could find to the quote I remember…”Allow yourself to weep for things you have lost. Weeping is the sound of this season, according to Chinese philosophy.” You might like this website too as it contains more about the autumn.
    All the best,

    1. O thank you Sue, it certainly makes sense that when we go inward to must confront ourselves & let go of many things that don’t serve which can be hard.
      Actually just yesterday i wept, & my eyes are still stinging. Thanks for the article, i will check it out.
      May the we do all we can to spiritualize ourselves & the world

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