Dear friends – Last night the clouds that have been hanging over the ‘City by the Lake’ for weeks ascended & hid in the upper ethers as the Full Moon of November, called by the Native People’s the ‘Beaver Moon’ or the ‘Mourning Moon’, began her journey across the sky. Bella Luna was so clear & bright that a rainbow aura graced the circle of her being as she rose from East to South.

Why Is November's Full Moon Called the Beaver Moon? - Farmers' Almanac

My daughter was born during the November Full Moon on 11/22/99 & so this Moon is always a special occasion – & this is her ‘Golden Birthday’ – she will be 22. I hadn’t heard of this before, She was the one who told me: A golden birthday is when you turn the age that matches the date of your birth. So to begin with this is a special time. But interesting to note that this time of year corresponds to verse 33 in Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul – the Ahrimanic Deception – & as many of you know we experienced a 6 hour lunar eclipse last night…

After attending the rising, & speaking prayers of gratitude & of protection & light, I picked up some research that I am doing in anticipation of the 100 year anniversary of the Re-Founding of the Anthroposophical Society. Eventually I fell asleep reading ‘The Christmas Foundation: Beginning of a New Cosmic Age’, by Rudolf Grosse. I awoke little before 2 am CT as the eclipse was happening right outside my bedroom window.

The Christmas Foundation: Beginning of a New Cosmic Age: Grosse, Rudolf:  9780919924239: Books

I sat witnessing this cosmic & earthly gesture unfolding, & let myself take stock of my inner life, & how the astral tides were knocking against the shores of my soul. I could feel the pulling at my thinking as my shadow-self rose up -showing itself in various inclinations & relational mis-interactions.

I soon found myself thinking of the inverted Lord’s Prayer – remembering what Steiner shared in the 5th Gospel – that Jesus visited a pagan site that had become corrupted by unclean spirits where the people still lingered in the hopes that the power would return. When they saw His radiance they hailed him as a High Priest come to revive their ancient place of worship. As they pulled Jesus nearer to the altar he was overcome by the demonic forces dwelling there & fell face down on the altar as if dead – the people scattered in fear. But at that time Jesus heard the ancient voice of the Bath Kol that no other human being was still able to receive, saying to him these powerful words which Steiner calls ‘the macrocosmic Lord’s Prayer’:
AUM, Amen!
The evil holds sway.
Witness of the ‘I’ severed.
Selfhood guilt through others incurred
Experienced in the daily bread
In which heaven’s will is not being done,
For man deserted your kingdom,
And forgot your names,
O You fathers in the heavens.

107 years since the laying of the 1st Foundation Stone | Reverse Ritual

In Grosse’s book he reports how Steiner spoke this at the laying of the Foundation Stone on the Dornach Hill on 20 September 1913. And it was during those Holy Nights that Steiner gave insights for the 1st time about the Epic of Gilgamesh, which we will explore come the Holy Nights…

As an offset I also spoke The Lord’s Prayer as Prayed by Rudolf Steiner:
“Father, you who are, were and will be in our inmost being
May Your Name be glorified and praised in us
May Your Kingdom grow in our deeds and inmost lives
May we perform Your Will as You, Father, lay it down in our inmost being
You give us spiritual nourishment, the Bread of Life, super abundantly
In all the changing conditions of our lives.
Let our mercy toward others make up for the sins done to our being.
You do not allow the tempter to work in us beyond the capacity of our strength,
For no temptation can live in Your Being, Father,
And the tempter is only appearance and delusion
From which you lead us, Father, through the light of knowledge.
May Your power and glory work in us through all periods and ages of time”.

& The Lord’s Prayer translated from Aramaic:

O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration.
Soften the ground of our being
and carve out a space within us where your Presence can abide.
Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered
to bear the fruit of your mission.
Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.
Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share
what each being needs to grow and flourish.
Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us,
as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.
Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.
For you are the ground and the fruitful vision,
the birth, power and fulfillment,
as all is gathered and made whole once again.

My impression during the eclipse was that Time went from Cronos to Kairos – it became eternal – just slipped by – like the earth shadow over the Moon. I experienced the safety valve doing its job of letting off steam while I did my best to hold the hygienic container so that the darkness could be transformed…

I went back to bed a little before 5 am CT & when I woke the Sun was shining & the coffee was made…my beloved CG & I were going to drive out to Ann Arbor to attend a meeting with the shareholders of the Community Farm‘ held by Farmer Dan Gannon, as part of our research into our ‘Family Farm Initiative‘ but my car GG (Granny Gray Ghost) had other plans. So Chuck & I will zoom in & take a trip out to be on the farm another time…

Thank you to all those who continue to hold the light – each in our own ways…


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  1. Quite the name you gave your car. Will pray that the golden atmosphere of Michael’s presence will illumine your daughter’s golden birthday. Cheers.

    1. Yes…we like fun names around here. Our cat is Lucy in the sky with Diamonds. My daughter is named Ultra-Violet Archer & I am ~hag…
      & Michael is definitely invited to the party…

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