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I realized yesterday after posting my thoughts on the connections between, Ascension, the Transfiguration, the Assumption of Mary & the Marian Apparitions etc. that 13 May was also the 104th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima which occurred between May 13 – October 13, 1917 (I love these affirmations!)

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Thank you friends for all the interest & dialogue sparked by these connections. It was heartening to hear from so many others who have also been feeling a stirring, & wanting to bring these associations to light.

AND on Friday the 13th of May in 1314 – Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, & 54 other Templars, were ordered burned at the stake by King Philip IV of France.

This Quote by Rudolf Steiner gives us a clue as to the connection of this sacrifice of the Templars with Ascension & the Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric:  “…With a mysticism such as was unfolded by the Knights Templar, something spiritual is added to the spiritual “effects” of the etheric world. And inasmuch as this took place, humanity was actually brought a stage further in its evolution. Through this experience of the Templars, the Mystery of Golgotha was understood, and also experienced, at a higher stage than before. Something is now present in the world, in regard to this Mystery of Golgotha, which was formerly not there

Blessed With Every Spiritual Blessing | Pictures of jesus christ, Jesus  art, Pictures of christ

The whole period before the Mystery of Golgotha was only a time of preparation in the evolution of the earth. The Mystery of Golgotha imparted to the earth its meaning and purpose…

When the Mystery of Golgotha took place the earthly body of Jesus of Nazareth was given over to the elements of the earth, and from that time onwards Christ has been united with the spiritual sphere of the earth and lives within it…

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The ‘seeds of earthly materialism’ which were increasingly carried into the spiritual world by the souls who went through the portal of death since the sixteenth century, and which caused more and more darkness, built a ‘black sphere of materialism.’ Christ took this black sphere into his being in the sense of the Manichean principle for the purpose of transforming it. For the angel being in which the Christ had manifested himself since the Mystery of Golgotha the black sphere caused a ‘death by suffocation.’ This sacrifice by Christ in the nineteenth century is comparable to the sacrifice on the physical plane through the Mystery of Golgotha and can be called the second crucifixion of Christ on the etheric plane. This spiritual death by suffocation, which brought about the extinction of the consciousness of the Angelic Being is a repetition of the Mystery of Golgotha in etheric realm. It took place to make possible a revival of the Christ consciousness which was earlier hidden in human souls on earth. The revival becomes the clairvoyant vision of humanity starting in the twentieth century.

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Thus the Christ-consciousness may be united with the earthly consciousness of humanity from our time on into the future; for the dying of the Christ-consciousness in the sphere of the Angels in the nineteenth century signifies the resurrection of the direct consciousness of Christ — that is to say, Christ’s life will be felt in the souls of human beings more and more as a direct personal experience from the twentieth century onwards.” ~Rudolf Steiner, GA 152 Occult Science and Occult Development 1913

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You are welcome to view last night’s RECORDING of Living into the Spheres of Cosmic Life and Cosmic Light:  Easter, Ascension, Whitsun in the Calendar of the Soul, with Luigi Morelli, Hazel Archer, Geoff Norris – & Zoom Host Frank Agrama

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Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (god bless the RSarchives)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Sourced from Steiner’s original COTS, RSarchives, Wikilinks, Sky&Telescope)

14 May 2021 “Speaking with the Stars”: Find Mercury and Venus low in the northwest in twilight this week. The crescent Moon hangs in between.

To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” Rudolf Steiner

St. Matthias

Feast Day of Matthias – According to the Acts of the Apostles, Matthias was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot following the betrayal of Jesus & his subsequent suicide. This calling as an apostle is unique, because his appointment was not made personally by Jesus, since it was after the Ascension, but made before the descent of the Holy Spirit at Whitsun.

The intelligence legacy of Lewis and Clark | by NGA | Medium

1804 – The Lewis and Clark Expedition departs from Camp Dubois & begins its historic journey by traveling up the Missouri River.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | 1948: The State of Israel is founded

1948 – Founding of the State of Israel

August Strindberg by Gösta Adrian-Nilsson
Gosta Adrian-Nilsson

1912 – Death-Day of Johan August Strindberg, something of a polymath, Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist & painter, Strindberg was also a telegrapher, theosophist, painter, photographer & alchemist. Rudolf Steiner speaks about him in Karmic Relationships, Volume IV: Lecture II:

“…Thus I made the acquaintance of this doctor, a man of our own day. When I met him I was in the company of another person whom I had known very well for a long time. This other person had always made, I will not say a deep, but a very thorough impression on me. He was exceedingly fond of the society of men who were interested in occultism in the widest possible range, though an occultism somewhat externally conceived. He was fond of relating the views of his many acquaintances on all kinds of occult matters, and especially on the occult connections of what the modern artist should strive for, as a lyric and epic poet, or as a dramatist. Around this person there was what I might call a kind of moral, ethical aura. I am applying the word ‘moral’ to all that is connected with the soul-qualities under the command of the will.

I was paying a visit to him, and in his company I found the other man first mentioned, whom I knew by reputation and respected very highly for his literary and medical career. Everything that took place during this visit made a deep impression on me and impelled me to receive the whole experience into the realm of spiritual research.

A Boat Against the Current: This Day in Theater History (August Strindberg,  Influential Swedish Playwright, Born)

Then a very remarkable thing happened. By witnessing the two persons in the company of one another, and by the impression which my new acquaintance made on me — (I had known him for a long time as an eminent literary and medical man and had a great regard for him, but this was the first time that I saw him in the flesh) — by these impressions I gained certain perceptions. To begin with however, it enabled me, not to investigate in any way the connections in life and destiny of my new acquaintance. On the contrary, my seeing them together shed light as it were upon the other one, whom I had long known. And the result was this. — He had lived in ancient Egypt, not in his last, but in one of his former lives on earth. And (this is the peculiar thing) he had been mummified, embalmed as a mummy. Soon afterwards I discovered that the mummy was still in existence. Indeed a long time afterwards I saw the actual mummy. This, then, was the starting-point. But once the line of research had been kindled in connection with the person whom I had long known, it shed its light still farther, and eventually I was enabled to investigate the karmic connections of the other man, my new acquaintance, the doctor. And the following was the result.

Sunset Painting by August Strindberg
sunset by  August Strindberg

As a general rule one is led from one earthly life of a human being to the preceding one. But in this case intuition led far back into ancient Egypt, to a kind of chieftain in ancient Egypt. It was a chieftain who in a certain sense, indeed in a very interesting way, possessed the ancient Egyptian Initiation, but had become somewhat decadent as an Initiate. In the further course of his life, he began to take his Initiation not very seriously, indeed he even treated it with a certain scorn. Now this man had a servant, who in his turn was extremely serious. This servant was of course not initiated; but both of them together were given the task of embalming mummies and procuring the substances for this purpose, which was no easy matter.

Now especially in the more ancient periods of Egypt, the process of embalming mummies was very complicated and demanded an intimate knowledge of the human being, of the human body. Nay more, of those who had to do the embalming — if they did it legitimately — deep knowledge of the human soul was required. The chieftain of whom I spoke had been initiated for this very work, but he gradually became, in a manner of speaking, frivolous in relation to this, his proper calling. So it came about that in the course of time he betrayed (so they would have put it in the language of the Mysteries) the knowledge he had received through his Initiation to his servant, and the latter gradually proved to be a man who understood the content of Initiation better than the Initiate himself. Thus the servant became the embalmer of mummies, and at length his master did not even trouble to supervise the work, though of course he still took advantage of the social position, etc., which this honourable task involved. But at length his character became such that he no longer enjoyed great respect, and he thus came into various conflicts of life. The servant, on the other hand, worked his way up by degrees to a very, very earnest conception of life, and was thus taken hold of, in a remarkably congenial way, by a kind of Initiation. It was no real Initiation, but it lived within him instinctively. Thus a large number of mummies were mummified under the supervision and co-operation of these two people.

August Strindberg | lex.dk – Den Store Danske

Time went on. The two men passed through the gate of death and underwent the experiences of which I shall speak next time — the experiences in the super-sensible which are connected with the development of karma or destiny. And in the Roman epoch they both of them came back to earthly life. They came back at the very time when the dominion of the Roman Emperors was founded, in the time of Augustus — not exactly, but approximately, in the time of Augustus himself.

The chieftain, who had gradually become a really frivolous Initiate, and who, when he had passed through the gate of death, had felt this as an extraordinarily bitter trial of earthly life, experiencing it in all the bitterness of its effects — we find him again as Julia, the daughter of Augustus. She married Tiberius, the step-son of Augustus, and led a life which to herself seemed justified but was considered, in the Roman society of that time, so immoral that at length both she and Tiberius were banished.

The other man — the servant who had worked his way from the bottom upwards nearly to the grade of an Initiate — was born again at the same time, as the Roman historian Titus Livius, or Livy.

280 August Strindberg ideas | august, theatre of the absurd, best pack and  play
August Strindberg

It is most interesting how Livy came to be an historian. In the ancient Egyptian times he had embalmed a large number of mummies. The souls who had lived in the bodies of these mummies — very many of them — were reincarnated as Romans. And certain ones among them were actually reincarnated as the seven Kings of Rome. For the Seven Kings were no mere legendary figures. Going back into the time when the chieftain and his servant had lived in Egypt, we come into a very old Egyptian epoch. Now through a certain law which applies especially to the reincarnation of souls whose bodies have been mummified, these souls were called back again to earth comparatively soon. And the karmic connection of the servant of the chieftain with the souls whose bodies he had embalmed was so intimate, that he had to write the history of the very same human being whom in a previous life he had embalmed, though naturally, he also included the history of many others whom he had not embalmed. Thus Titus Livius became an historian. Now I would like some, indeed as many of you as possible, to take Livy’s Roman History, and, with the knowledge that results from these karmic connections, to receive a real impression of his style. You will see that his peculiar penetration into the human being and his tendency at the same time towards the style of the myth, is akin to that intimate knowledge of man which an embalmer could attain.

August Strindberg - Home | Facebook

We do not perceive such connections until the corresponding researches have been made. But once this has been done, a great light is shed on many things. It is difficult to understand the origin of the peculiar style of Titus Livius, who as it were embalms the human beings whom he describes. For such is his style. Real light is thrown upon it when we point to these connections.

Thus we have the same two people again as Julia and Titus Livius. Then Julia and Livy passed once more through the gate of death. The one soul had had the experience of being an Initiate to a considerable degree, and having then distorted his Initiation by frivolous conduct. He had discovered all the bitterness of the after-effects of this in the life between death and a new birth. He had then undergone a peculiar destiny in his new life on earth as Julia, of which life you may read in history. The result was, that in his next life between death and a new birth (following on the life as Julia) he conceived a strong antipathy to this his incarnation as Julia. And in a curious way this antipathy of his was universalised. For spiritual intuition shows this individuality in his life between death and a new birth as though perpetually crying out: “Would that I had never become a woman! It was the evil that I did in yonder life in ancient Egypt which led me thus to become a woman.”

Frank Beacham's Journal: August Strindberg, the Swedish playwright,  novelist, poet, essayist and painter, was born 172 years ago today

We can now trace the life of these two individualities still farther. We come into the Middle Ages. We find Livy again as the glad poet and minstrel in the very centre of the Middle Ages. We are astonished to find him thus, for there is no connection between the external callings. But the greatest possible surprises that a human being can possibly have are those that result from a real study of successive lives on earth. The Roman historian, with his style that proceeded from a knowledge of man acquired in embalming mummies, with his style so wonderfully light — we find him again as the poet Walther von der Vogelweide. His style is carried upwards, as it were, upon the wings of lyric poetry.

Walther von der Vogelweide lived in the Tyrol. He had many patrons; and among his many patrons there was one very peculiar man, who was on familiar terms with alchemists of every kind, for there were scores of alchemists at that time, in the Tyrol. This man was himself the owner of a castle, but he frequented all manner of alchemists’ dens and hovels. In so doing he learned extraordinarily much, and (as happened in the case of Paracelsus too) by spending his time in the dens of alchemists he was impelled to study all occult matters very intensely, and gained an unusually intense feeling for occult things. He thus came into the position of rediscovering in the Tyrol what was then only known as a legend, namely, the Castle in the Mountain — the Castle in the Rocks — (which indeed no one would have recognised as such, for it consisted of rocks, it was hollowed out of the rocks) — I mean, the Castle of the Dwarf King Laurin. The daemonic nature in the district of the Castle of the Dwarf King Laurin made a profound impression on him. Thus there was a remarkable combination in this soul — Initiation which he had carried into frivolity, annoyance at having been a woman and having thus been drawn into the sphere of Roman immorality and, at the same time, Roman cant and hypocrisy about morals; and lastly, an intimate knowledge, though still only external, of all manner of alchemical matters, which knowledge he had extended to a clear feeling of the nature-daemons and of other spiritual agencies in nature.

File:Underlandet, (Kraina czarow), 1892.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
August Strindberg

These two men — though it is not recorded in the biography of Walther, nevertheless it is the case — Walther von der Vogelweide and this other man often came together, and Walther received many an influence and impulse from him.

Here we have an instance of what is really a kind of karmic law. We see the same people drawn together again and again, called to the earth again and again simultaneously, complementing one another, living in a kind of mutual contrast. It is interesting once more, to enter into the peculiar lyrical style of Walther. It is as though at last he had grown thoroughly sick of embalming dead mummies and had turned to an entirely different aspect of life. He will no longer have anything to do with dead things, but only with the fullness and joy of life. And yet again, there is a certain undercurrent of pessimism in his work. Feel the style of Walther von der Yogelweide, feel in his style the two preceding earthly lives: feel too, his restless life. It is extraordinarily reminiscent of that life which dawns upon one who spends much of his time with the dead, when many destinies are unburdened in the soul. For such indeed was the case with an embalmer of mummies.

August Strindberg and the Pricey Grey Tank Top: We Tend To Desire the  Desired — Jim Carroll's Blog

Now we go on. — My further researches into this karmic chain led me at length into the same room where I had visited my old acquaintance, whom I had recognised as an Egyptian mummy. And now I perceived that this very mummy had been embalmed by the other man whom I now met in his room. The whole line of research led me back to this same room. In effect, I found the soul who had passed through the servant of the old Egyptian embalmer, through Titus Livius, through Walther von der Vogelweide (the most celebrated of the Middle High German lyric poets) — I found him again in the doctor of our time, in Ludwig Schleich.(a German surgeon,writer philosopher, poet & painter)

Thus astonishingly do the connections in life appear. Who, with the ordinary consciousness alone, can understand an earthly life? It can only be understood when we know what is there in the foundations of a soul. Theoretically, many people know that deep in the foundations of the soul there are the layers of successive earthly lives. But it becomes real and concrete only when we behold it in a specific instance.

August Strindberg, celestograph, 1894. Courtesy Royal Library, Stockholm.

Then inner vision was directed out of this room once more. (For in the case of the other man, who had been mummified by this one, I was led to no more clues — at any rate to no important ones.) On the other hand I now perceived the further soul-pilgrimage of the old chieftain, of Julia, of the discoverer of Laurin’s Castle. For he came back to earth as August Strindberg.

Now I would like you to take the whole life and literary work of August Strindberg and set it against the background which I have just described. See the peculiar misogyny of Strindberg, which is no true misogyny, but proceeds from quite different foundations. Look, too, at all the strange daemonic elements that occur in his works. See his peculiar attraction to all manner of alchemistic and occult arts and artifices. And at length, look at the adventurous life of August Strindberg. You will find how well it stands out against the background which I have described.

Self-Portrait - August Strindberg as art print or hand painted oil.

Then read the Memoirs of Ludwig Schleich, his relations to August Strindberg, and you will see how all this arises once more against the background of their former earthly lives. Indeed, from the Memoirs of Ludwig Schleich a very remarkable light may suddenly arise, a light truly astonishing. For the man in whose company I first met Ludwig Schleich — the man of whom I said that in his ancient Egyptian life he was mummified by Schleich — it is he of whom Schleich himself tells in his Memoirs that he led him to Strindberg. In a past life, Strindberg and Schleich had worked together upon the corpse. And the soul who dwelt in that body, led them together again.

Absinthe.se - August Strindberg and absinthe, 1849-1912

Thus, all that we have to explain to begin with about repeated earthly lives and the karmic connections in general, becomes real and concrete. Only then do the facts that appear in earthly life become transparent. A single human life on earth is an entire mystery. What else can it be, until seen against the background of the former lives on earth? ~Rudolf Steiner http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA238/English/APC1957/19240907p01.html#sthash.phuf3nNA.dpuf

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Sangraal: A Pentecost Pilgrimage & Whitsun Festival with the Central Regional Council an experiential ‘Pageant’ written by Hazel Archer, taking us on a Quest from The Cauldron of Ceridwen, to The Holy Grail, & into The Sacred Vessel of the Sophia.

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Bio – Elizabeth Carlson – I was born and grew up in upstate [Woodstock] New York. I completed the eurythmy training at Eurythmy School Zuccoli in Dornach, age 24, and studied again later at Eurythmeum Stuttgart for two years. I have worked in Waldorf education since, in eurythmy, (in USA, SA and UK) for 16 yrs, in Early Years for five years, and intermittently in care for the elderly and learning disabled. I completed an MA in eurythmy (education) with Alanus University (Germany, but in the UK)  in 2016. I have lived in the UK, presently in Cardiff, Wales, since 1992. My son is 26.

Music by Ultra-Violet Archer – Here’s her solo stuff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdsh6zXYxE74LLlDiBE3uQ


The discography https://soundcloud.com/ultra-violet-archer

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Ayse Domeniconi

After working with Karma & Reincarnation for 3 years the CRC has chosen a new Theme: ‘The Mysteries of the Holy Grail, from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation’

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4 thoughts on “rising

  1. Hazel, you wrote:

    “I realized yesterday after posting my thoughts on the connections between, Ascension, the Transfiguration, the Assumption of Mary & the Marian Apparitions etc. that 13 May was also the 104th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima which occurred between May 13 – October 13, 1917 (I love these affirmations!)”

    I do too. Especially important are your nine Marian Apparitions since 1531, which give an affirmation of untold significance until now, through you. This is extremely important spiritual-scientific research, and I extend my gratitude to the entire Sophia Circle. The forming of the black sphere of materialism in the sixteenth century entailed that these appearances begin on earth as a sign of the critical developments needed for Christs’ own reappearance . From the vantage point of the Astral world, Christ is able to extend into the Etheric world, and become experienced in the human etheric body.

    Human souls play their part in this since the onset of the Fifth Cultural Epoch. Materialism is the new ingredient, so to speak, in the equation of what is, and is not, acceptable to the spiritual world in crossing the threshold. As such, the materialism found in the soul must be sloughed off to other agents in order to cross over and enter into Kamaloca. Over time, this led to the War in Heaven which Michael fought and won between 1841 and 1879. The Spirits of Darkness, cast out and down to earth in 1879, are the very one’s that received the materialism of the human soul in order that we could cross into the spiritual world. In effect, they bring the accumulation of materialism right back down to us, and now we must deal with it in its positive and destructive forms.

    Now, how paradoxical is that!?

    1. Boomerang…makes sense…nothing ever really goes ‘away’ it is either transformed or it infects others. This was the negative side of the Essenes.

      & yes, these adversarial beings live in us big time & we keep thinking we can just point the finger at each other without doing our part in healing the ‘evil’ within.
      It is an ‘as above so below’ thing, the outer & the inner reflect each other.

      This concept of the Christic presence working down from the astral after having had the 2nd crucifixion in the etheric was a new level (pardon the pun) of revelation for me this year. I t reminds me of how the Hierarchies can only really be active in the sphere below.

      And the connection with the slaying of Isis into the astral abyss gives the picture of the Christos-Sophia now working together from this realm & that our work is in purifying our individual & collective astral worlds…to call these forces of combined love & light in, is the medicine we need right now…

      1. “This concept of the Christic presence working down from the astral after having had the 2nd crucifixion in the etheric was a new level (pardon the pun) of revelation for me this year. I t reminds me of how the Hierarchies can only really be active in the sphere below.”

        Yes, and did we not have this conversation recently about the Angel who had to incarnate as a human being one time, just as the Nathan Jesus had never incarnated beforehand? We know that the Christ did not actually suffer the reenactment of the Etheric Golgotha, but an angel was the proxy for this kind of suffocation of consciousness on the level of the etheric world. But, beforehand, this angel had to experience a human incarnation.

        Please consider that the Physical Golgotha took place over a period of six hours, from 9 am to 3 pm, and then Christ expired. In the etheric world, this is expanded to six years, and specifically covers the years from 1866 to 1872. This is the period of the extinction of consciousness of the Angel proxy for Christ. Outwardly, it entailed the breaking up of Biela’s Comet, which disappeared completely in 1872. Inwardly, the way was now paved for Christ.

        People are surprised when they hear how detailed are the ramifications of spiritual evolution. That is why it is a keen technical science, and needs the support of listening ears and attentive minds.

        My understanding is that Isis was not so much slain, like the Osiris of old, into pieces by Ahriman-Typhon, but ensconced in Her entirety into the Astral World, which is symbolized by the sign of Aquarius. Her release is entirely subject to achieving the culture of the Consciousness Soul Age through Spiritual Science, ref. GA 180 and GA 202.

        1. I see the ‘slaying of Isis’ as another kind of willing sacrifice. But the 14 pieces aspect is still important as it was in Egyptian times with Osiris
          Wisdom of God:
          Lucifer has slain her,
          And on the wings of the world-wide Forces
          Carried her hence into Cosmic Space.
          Working in human beings:
          Shall wrest from Lucifer,
          And on the boats of Spirit-Knowledge
          Call to new life in the soul of humanity
          Wisdom of God.’
          ~Rudolf Steiner

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