Slow Silver

mercuryretroMabel Lockwood

Mercury retrograde (starts today April 28, 2016 & goes till May 27th 2016) This messenger of the gods usually goes retrograde 3 times a year, but in 2016 it is going retro 4 times. This one is also more significant because it give us a total of 5 planets in retrograde right now – along with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars & Pluto! This is very rare & is going to amplify the effects overall.

Mercury retrograde has such a negative reputation; yet it is just a normal pattern in the cycle of life. In fact, Mercury retrograde is very necessary for helping us awaken our consciousness, fulfilling the specific purpose of thinking differently. When we learn how to use this liberating energy it will work in our favor. The first step is to understand the role of Mercury, the planet of communication. It rules over how we express ourselves, how we think & how we communicate our ideas & feelings to the outside world.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it helps us to shift our focus away from expressing outwardly, giving us the opportunity to go within, to work out how we really feel & how we really want to express our ideas & thoughts with the world.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it gives us time to experience those deeper parts of our psyche in order to tune into our soul truth. It is a powerful time to get real with ourselves. It gives us the gift of holding truth close to the heart.

Mercury retrograde does come with a few annoyances, but underneath it is such a powerful time of regeneration & healing. In order to work with Mercury Retrograde it is important not to make any new decisions that are binding or require a contract. The reason for this is because we are in an “assessing truth” phase.

Mercury Retrograde however, is a really good time to revisit the past to assess whether our way of communicating with the world has benefited us or needs to be changed.

Learning how to work with others, being able to communicate truthfully is one of the themes during this time. Take things slow, to keep things simple, to get in touch with that inner voice.

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Wisdom!!! Jake BaddeleyReg Tiopy

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~TODAY I am everywhere 

I greet myself in the gentleman with the thought of his mother, Clinging to some far off corner of his mind…

Over there, I stand in she, Who is the only song of her dying grandfather…

And beyond, in them, That will soon come to be, Rising up, In the aroma, Of their great granddaughters bread, Which will feed them, In time…

TODAY I am the world…

& today – Who are You…?

~hag = ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg


One thought on “Slow Silver

  1. I have Mercury Retrograde in my 1st house, which i have always attributed to my ability to think outside the box. The problem for me is that it’s difficult for me to think inside the box 😉 But because of that i feel at home during these retrograde times, using them to go inward & be reflective.

    The painting was forwarded to me by my friend Patti, it’s from an Italian artist names Reg Tiopy, that’s all i know. I found it to be very evocative.

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