Stirring in the Ethers

Rita De Cassia Perez.

Cloud Gazing Thoughts: Understanding the Ascension as we move toward Whitsun

When we attune ourselves to beings such as RaphaelArchangel of Spring, we can awaken to the way spiritual entities constantly interact with earth thru the elements.

The messengers of cosmic warmth in the rays of the sun activate the ascension of the element of water. Through its union with air, clouds are born. In the cloud, which is between the depths of earth & the heavenly heights, in the sphere of the etheric realm – a mobile balance manifests. – We see it in the blue sky, dancing with the ever changing clouds. It is the primal image of metamorphosis, of organic forming & transforming, the never-resting developing, blessed by the heights. For this reason, blossoms & fruits are in reality not just products of earth but heavenly forms filled with earthly substance, like us. 

Michael Torevell

And so for 40 days after the Resurrection, amidst this seasonal activity, the apostles received from The Risen Christ His esoteric teachings; essentially the contents of the 5th Gospel given to us by Rudolf Steiner.

Benvenuto Tisi

Then they witnessed The Christ, being received into the clouds, moving out of their sight – an expansion of His being – like the unfolding of a lotus flower into the universe. Rudolf Steiner tells us, that at the same time, the vivid spiritual reality of what would have happened to earth existence if the mystery of Golgotha had not occurred; came into their consciousness. It was revealed to them that human physical bodies would have so deteriorated that all of humanity would have perished.

Edvard Munch

Our physical bodies have earth-gravity, but our etheric bodies have sun levity, so if the Christ deed we call The Ascension had not taken place, our etheric bodies would have left the physical for good as well, & the existence of humankind would have come to an end, having no formative forces to give them life.

We know that until the Mystery of Golgotha, the Sun was the dwelling place of the Christ. The human etheric body, which was in danger of being drawn out towards the Sun, like clouds, & dispersed –is held together, contained thru this cosmic deed, so that we are not dispersed, but can remain as individuals.

Christ remains in union with the earth, which rescues for the earth the sunward-striving etheric body. –But to be able to take effect in a human being’s spirit & soul nature, the Christ impulse must also be consciously recognized. The spiritual effect can only proceed from a true recognition of its content.

The mystery here is that in the festival of Ascension opens us to the forces proceeding from the sphere of the Father. This is big folks, the gospel of Mark tells us: ‘Then the Lord, after He had spoken to them, was taken up into the heavenly spheres & sat down at the right hand of the World-Father as the fulfiller of His deeds’.

As a result of the conversations over the 40 days with The Risen Christ, the apostles were able to receive the primal sources of a new imaginative clairvoyance, removing the veil hiding the true image of death, which is really a facet of the Father-God in the aspect of Creator. – What is born must die, but thru Christ death becomes life. This revelation of the apostles’ higher imagination brings the true content of death with its connection to the kingdom of the Divine Father into perceptive.

At the moment of the Ascension the mystery of death was made manifest not only to the immortal spiritual beings who, being eternal have no experience of death, but also to the apostles, for they beheld it with their own eyes to be a process of union with the world of the Divine.

From that turning point of time onward, Rudolf Steiner tells us that, one of the 1st experiences of every human being after death is a contemplation of Christ’s Ascension; which can reveal to the person’s soul, the true picture of death & its connection with the highest sphere of the Father. 

As the Christ has ascended, so too, in the fullness of time will humanity be transfigured. The company of the hierarchies wait, for us, their younger siblings to ascend in our thinking to meet them in fellowship, as they work all the while at our sides.

And another thing to contemplate:

Just as the experience of the Ascension lies between Easter & Whitsun, so between Good Friday & Easter lies the event known as Christ’s Descent into Hell. Both hold the image of Christ disappearing from sight.

By His death Christ opened up the paths of the higher spheres for those exhausted souls trapped in Kamaloca, so they could ascend into the upper planetary realms & be renewed.

The Descent into Hell rescued the physical forces for humanity; the Ascension rescued the formative forces.

Kristena West

At the Baptism, The Christ Being united with the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth & was therefore united with earthly evolution as a whole.

David Taulbee Anderson

At the Transfiguration Christ permeates the etheric body of Jesus. In the scene of the transfiguration, Christ reveals his higher Sun nature, to the 3 chosen disciples, a visionary manifestation of the fully transformed etheric body, which radiates light like a Sun.

These events are mirrored, & transformed by the mystery of Golgotha, Ascension relates to the Transfiguration & Whitsun to the Baptism.

In the Ascension, Christ showed the connection to the spiritual Sun forces which became manifest in the Transfiguration, with the etheric bodies of all human beings.

When Christ entered into Jesus at the Baptism, His Sun-Being took over the ego of Jesus, the Zarathustra soul had to leave the body or be completely overpowered.

After the resurrection the Christ impulse can live within mankind without taking over the ego-consciousness. But in order for this to happen, Christ had to Ascend. 

Peter Brindle

Then after 10 days He sent the Holy Spirit- that divine Being of the Trinity that does not overpower, but enhances the individual ego of human beings“. ~Rudolf Steiner.

So now the Christ impulse can enter human souls thru the mediation of the Holy Spirit, so that we can retain our “I” in freedom.

Sören Emil Carlsen

My friends, The Christ-Revelation ‘coming in the clouds’ is here- Showing us the bridge that brings a harmonizing spring-dialogue between the worlds.

At the Ascension, Christ becomes “Lord of the heavenly forces upon earth

The fulfillment of the secret promise of the Ascension, is the Second Coming.

It was said to the apostles, “He will come again, in like manner, as you have seen Him go up into the clouds of heaven.” 

The Ascension is the seed of this Second Coming, & the Second Coming is the fulfillment of the Ascension.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?” Cicero, Orator (46 BCE)

240 BC – First recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet.

1085 – Death-day of Pope Gregory VII – One of the great reforming popes, best known for the ‘Investiture Controversy’, attacking the practice of simony (trafficking for money in “spiritual things”- named after Simon Magus, who is described in Acts 8:9–24 as offering Peter & John, payment in exchange for their empowering him to impart the Holy Spirit to anyone he laid hands on) & his dispute with Henry IV. In Rudolf Steiner’s Karma Lectures Vol. I/12 he was revealed as Haeckel in a previous life.

“…We will take another very well-known personality, Ernst Haeckel. Ernst Haeckel is famous as an enthusiastic adherent of a certain materialistic Monism — enthusiastic, one may say, to the point of fanaticism. He is well enough known to you; I need not give you any description of Haeckel. Now when we are led back from this personality to a former incarnation, we come to Pope Gregory VII, the monk Hildebrand, who afterwards became Pope Gregory VII.

I have chosen this instance so that you may see how differently the same individuality may express himself externally, in accordance with the cultural “climate” of the period. One would certainly not expect to look for the reincarnation of Pope Gregory VII in the 19th century representative of materialistic Monism.

The things that a man brings to manifestation on the physical plane, with the means afforded by external civilisation, are far less important to the spiritual world than one is inclined to suppose. Behind the personalities of the monk Hildebrand and Haeckel lies something wherein they are alike and this is of much greater account than the differences between them. One of them fights to the utmost to enhance the power of Roman Catholicism, and the other fights to the utmost against Roman Catholicism, but for the spiritual world it makes little difference. These things, fundamentally speaking, are important for the physical world only; they are quite different from the underlying elements in human nature which count in the spiritual world…”

1803 – Birthday of Ralph Waldo Emerson an American essayist, lecturer, & poet who led the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. He was seen as a champion of individualism.

1803- Birthday of  Edward Bulwer Lytton an English novelist, poet, playwright, & politician. Theosophists Annie Besant & especially Helena Blavatsky incorporated his thoughts & ideas, from: ‘The Last Days of Pompeii’, ‘Vril’, ‘The Power of the Coming Race’ & my fav. ‘Zanoni’, in her own books. He coined the phrases “the great unwashed”,”pursuit of the almighty dollar”, “the pen is mightier than the sword”, “dweller on the threshold”, as well as the well-known opening line “It was a dark and stormy night”.

1904 – Birthday of Wilhelm Jordan a German writer & politician, seen as “a precursor of Nietzsche and pioneer of Darwin in Germany”; Known for his books ‘Mysterium Demiurgos’ & his translation of the Edda.

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Patricia Ariel

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  1. “And so for 40 days after the Resurrection, amidst this seasonal activity, the apostles received from The Risen Christ His esoteric teachings; essentially the contents of the 5th Gospel given to us by Rudolf Steiner.”

    According to the Gospel of John, Christ appeared only three times to the disciples after the resurrection. The first time was the evening of the the first day, ref. 20:19, then eight days later, ref. 20:26, and then the last time on the Sea of Tiberius, ref. 21:14. Christ spent the 40 days in ministering to the souls in the underworld over the whole earth, and it is even remembered that he came to America by the descendants of the native tribes.

    1. “As a result of the conversations over the 40 days with The Risen Christ, the apostles were able to receive the primal sources of a new imaginative clairvoyance, removing the veil hiding the true image of death, which is really a facet of the Father-God in the aspect of Creator. – What is born must die, but thru Christ death becomes life. This revelation of the apostles’ higher imagination brings the true content of death with its connection to the kingdom of the Divine Father into perceptive.”

      It would be better to indicate that Christ took the disciples to a safe place over the last 40 days before the Passion, Death, and Resurrection. This is where a great teaching was given in this wilderness area. Steiner did document much of what was spoken in his Gospel of Mark lectures. A highlight was the importance of revealing to the disciples that they had been the 12 Maccabees in their former incarnation together.

      Conspiracy to Kill Jesus

      47 Therefore the chief priests and the Pharisees convened a council, and were saying, “What are we doing? For this man is performing many signs. 48 If we let Him go on like this, all men will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.” 49 But one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, said to them, “You know nothing at all, 50 nor do you take into account that it is expedient for you that one man die for the people, and that the whole nation not perish.” 51 Now he did not say this on his own initiative, but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus was going to die for the nation, 52 and not for the nation only, but in order that He might also gather together into one the children of God who are scattered abroad. 53 So from that day on they planned together to kill Him.

      54 *Therefore Jesus no longer continued to walk publicly among the Jews, but went away from there to the country near the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim; and there He stayed with the disciples*.

      55 Now the Passover of the Jews was near, and many went up to Jerusalem out of the country before the Passover to purify themselves. 56 So they were seeking for Jesus, and were saying to one another as they stood in the temple, “What do you think; that He will not come to the feast at all?” 57 Now the chief priests and the Pharisees had given orders that if anyone knew where He was, he was to report it, so that they might seize Him. John 11

  2. The Ascension

    9 And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And as they were gazing intently into the sky while He was going, behold, two men in white clothing stood beside them. 11 They also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven.” Acts 1

    The Return of Christ

    25 “There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, 26 men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21

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