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Remembering – Sergei O Prokofieff’s Death Day

Dear Friends –

Many in the Anthroposophical Society are planning to lift their thoughts up to Sergei Prokofieff tomorrow Sunday, July 26th, 2015, at 10am, wherever you are in the world.

This is the one year anniversary of his passing into the spiritual world.

Holding an imagination of a ‘soul chalice’, a ‘wave’ of love surrounding and uplifting and soaring with him from human beings everywhere on earth, sending love and appreciation for his gifts, to all Michael students and beyond.

Perhaps speaking the Foundation Stone Meditation, or whatever it is you might like to offer from your heart.

Many have been holding the commitment of accompanying our brother Michaelite, especially for this 1st year, as he revisits the last three years of this earthly life, the time of his illness.


May he not walk alone! Now is the time for our whole community to come together in a healing space. No matter where you are, we are together in spirit.
Sergei Olegovitch Prokofieff
16 January 1954 – † 26 July 2014

Upward to thee strive the love of my soul,
Upward to thee flow the stream of my love!
May they sustain thee,
May they enfold thee
In heights of Hope,
In spheres of Love.

~Rudolf Steiner

~   ~   ~



Remembering Rudolf Steiner’s Death Day – March 30th


Ninety years ago – today – Rudolf Steiner left the physical plane.

“None of us had expected that Rudolf Steiner would succumb to the illness. The mortal sheath, just abandoned by the spirit setting out on its far journey, was resting on the death-bed at the foot of the Christ statue which stood there almost completed. Those who looked at the face of the dead could see what the spirit can make of the body in the life of a truly great man on earth. The sublimity and purity of his features was equal to every test and unsurpassed. Perhaps the death mask, if it is ever reproduced as a picture, will be a means of convincing many.

Again and again one’s gaze turned from the forsaken earthly body to the great Christ figure which points with compelling gesture into the future. The disciple had fallen at the feet of the Master. It was as if Christ were taking the disciple to Himself with sheltering arms while He Himself went forward with unceasing step towards the future of the world. The disciple’s mission was fulfilled. The Master’s brow was radiant with the light of divine world-purposes. When, at the wish of Frau Dr. Steiner, and in the solemnly decorated hall where Dr. Steiner had given most of his great lectures, I was performing the burial service according to the ritual of The Christian Community, a drop of the sprinkled water fell in the centre of the forehead and shone there through the whole service like a sparkling diamond. The light of many candles was reflected in this glittering star – even as the revelations of light from higher worlds had been reflected in his spirit. Thus adorned, the body sank into the coffin. To me it was as if higher Spirits had indicated in an earthly picture what it had been our lot to experience. When the service was at an end, one impression lived mightily within my soul: “This work is now completed. Like a great question it stands there before mankind. If all who belong to that work dedicate their powers to it with single purpose, it will prevail!”

~ Friedrich Rittelmeyer