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Without discounting the pain of individual karma & illnesses, we can also see that the current world situation is a severe, acute illness of our social organism. The underlying chronic condition has been living in the various organ systems for a long time. We see this all over the world in constant wars, the refugee crisis, immigration, poverty, racism, sexism, class division…

Will we take this opportunity to transform the systems that have failed us?

Does this social illness offer the possibility for social healing, like an individual illness for individual healing?

What are we called to do?

The time has come for the ideals given to us by Rudolf Steiner, just over a 100 years ago, for a 3-fold ordering of the social organism, to manifest. It is the antidote to our social ills. Can we collectively envision: Freedom in the cultural sphere, Equality in the sphere of rights, & Kinship, in the realm of economics? These ideas must be lived into, that we might address the social questions that are arising.


The ANTIDOTE: Here is the 18 minute recording of “Crowning” with Hazel Archer Ginsberg, and Eurythmist Raven Garland 

Sponsored by Anthroposophy Atlanta Lunch & Learn Hosted by Angela Foster & Jordan Walker of Wisdom Working –

Is this ‘global pandemic’ entreating us to awaken to the etheric realm that we share in common with the earth? Perhaps the coronavirus is an admonition for us to reconnect to the sun-forces now imbued with the Etheric Christ, waiting to be recognized and employed in these current evolving conditions – an invitation for all of humanity to rise to a higher stage of initiation – a Crowning re-birth.

Questions? Comments…? Want to start a dialogue?

Join us on Ascension Thursday where we will have breakout groups around these leading thoughts:

Ivan Filichev

May 21st, 7 pm – 9 pm ‘Spirit Beholding’ Ascension Festival 2020 with the CRC

“…Like an evening vapor after the sunset…” ~Novalis –
A free online Ascension Festival with the Central Regional Council –
Ascension Thursday – May 21, 2020 – 7pm – 8:15pm CDT (8pm – 9:15pm EDT)

Join the Central Regional Council and special guests: Eurythmist Mary Ruud, & Speech artists Geoff Norris, & Nancy Melvin, for an artistic exploration of the Mystery of Ascension. We will offer leading thoughts, intermingled with poetry and Eurythmy, to be followed by open conversation.

The fulfillment of the secret promise of the Ascension is the Second Coming. Will we choose to participate?

FREE – ALL are Welcome 

This will be a “Zoom” conference call allowing us an opportunity to see one another while conversing (or audio only if you prefer). To connect to the audio/video-conference:

Option 1. Click link below if you wish to connect through your computer (a headset is recommended)…

The PASSWORD is: Ascension

Option 2. Call in using your telephone.
United States: +1 (346) 248 7799 or +1 (312) 626 6799
Access Code: 869-9874-8216
The PASSWORD is: Ascension

Option 3. You can use a combination of Options 1 and 2 (computer and phone). If you use the phone, please turn off the audio on your computer to prevent audio feedback.

For more info. contact Alberto Loya

May Hope Spring Eternal –

The CRC – Marianne FieberAlberto LoyaHazel Archer Ginsberg, David Howerton, Lisa Dalton


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