It’s interesting to me that what was referred to at 1st as the coronavirus, is now more commonly called Covid 19. Perhaps that sounds more scientific, perhaps the beer company complained..? But for me the name coronavirus has within it a spiritual scientific value: it points to the word “Crown”, which is in the form of the protein capsid of the virus itself, AND it is also a word of power. It is the name of the highest sphere in the Kabbalistic glyph of the Tree of Life: the Sephirah Kether – “ The “Supernal Crown” – the Divine Ego, at the center of the Zodiac. This “I” is the higher even than the “I” which resides in the sphere of the Sun, of which we as human beings strive to embody. This aspect of phenomenological observation of the very name of the virus can lead humanity to find our Crown – The “I AM” –  the vertical connection between the individual “I” in our incarnation, The “I” of The Christ-in-me, & the Supernal Crown of the Father –

Anthroposophy Atlanta Lunch & Learn In cooperation with ‘Wisdom Working presents: “Crowning” with Jordan Walker, Hazel Archer Ginsberg, and Eurythmist Raven Garland 

Is this ‘global pandemic’ entreating us to awaken to the etheric realm that we share in common with the earth? Perhaps the coronavirus is an admonition for us to reconnect to the sun-forces now imbued with the Etheric Christ, waiting to be recognized and employed in these current evolving conditions – an invitation for all of humanity to rise to a higher stage of initiation – a Crowning re-birth.

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  1. I just attended and feel so filled with enthusiasm and hope with these images to understand what this is all about for the whole world/earth. I am so grateful to all who brought this to us today!

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