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Blessings dear friends on this eve of the eve of Adam & Eve’s day –
For many years I have offered readings for each of the Holy Nights, but this year I will be at the ‘Fire in the Temple’ conference at Beaver Run in Penn. – fasting from all things cyber.

I will also work with the indications given by Astrosopher Jonathan Hilton in a reverent Speaking with the Stars during this Holy Time out of Time, as well as the Midnight star pictures given by Alan Thewless.

It came to me this afternoon that along with reading Steiner’s 5th Gospel, I will also work with the Gospel of John, as given in the New Testament & from the lectures by Steiner, while exploring how I can link my heart to the 1st Goetheanum inscribed into the ethers after the burning 100 years ago, to work towards a Cosmic New Year, & prepare for the renewal of the Christmas Conference in 2023.

When Jesus of Nazareth died on the Cross, at that moment there was born for the earth something that was previously to be found only in the Cosmos.

The death of Jesus of Nazareth was the birth of the Cosmic Love within the sphere of the earth.

This is, so to speak, the first knowledge we are able to read from the Fifth Gospel.” ~Rudolf Steiner , THE FIFTH GOSPEL, GA 148, Lecture II

Here is the link to the recording of Adriana’s presentation  The ‘Envy of the Gods’ – The ‘Envy of Human Beings’.

And here is her Power Point Presentation

In this time of reflecting back & looking forward, in my imagination I see the future as a line arcing out in front of us. The past is a line extending behind. But space is curved. So at that mysteries midpoint in the leminscate, the future meets the past – & the eternal circle is joined in wholeness. And guess what? – we call that, The Present – The Now – A sacred space, the place, in time & space, where we can meet ourselves wherever we go. We even meet ourselves when we greet each other. And so we can share this present together, this gift of now, unwrapping it together in the spirit of Peace, Love & Wisdom…

Open to the dark
of the vast universe between stars…
The mystery of the tomb
& the waiting womb

Wrap this darkness gently about you like a comfortable blanket…Float gently now in its depths…Grow here, nourished by an invisible cord that connects you to the Source of all life…Floating gently in the dark…Softly rocking in the dark…And although it is dark, we realize that what surrounds us is not empty, but – like the womb – full of life. Take a moment now to sense the swirling, nurturing energy of the dark.

And now, as the energy increases, there is a spark…& the dark gives birth – See that spark of new life now as it glows, watch that spark now, watch it as it grows. Glowing brighter & brighter, it grows into a flame. And as you look at this flame, its light fills you with warmth…the light fills you with love. And as you feel the increased love & warmth within you, the visible intensity of the flame slowly diminishes, & as it does, in its place, slowly coming to light, is the outline of a present. A gift…Becoming more tangible, until you can see its form clearly. Look how it is wrapped in a glistening filament of light.
This gift has your name on it, inscribed with glimmering fire. Is your name written in a special color? Is the inscription special in any other way? Approach your wrapped present now more closely. What shape is it? How big is it? What color is the wrapping? Pick it up: Is it light? heavy?
And now go ahead, unwrap your gift…How easy or difficult is it to unwrap? Does it take time to reveal itself? Do you need a tool to loosen the binding? Or does the veil just drop away…?

When you finish opening your present….Receive your gift. What is it? Look at it carefully. Experience it fully. Accept it. Accept your gift with joy. Feel your heart warm with the love of this present moment, the continuous universal love with which this gift is given to you again & again.
And now, if it is your will, from your heart, send out gratitude for this gift, send out thanks for this gift, send it out – like light – like a bright beacon back to the Great Mother, back to the Father Ground, out to the Universe – Send out your eternal thanks for this gift of now…

Now, it’s important to find a place for this gift. A safe space where you can access this gift, a place to put this gift to work, so that when you use it, what you share may bless the world, as well as give you the strength you need during the whole of the New Year. What is your gift to the world?

Lighting a candle:
Deep in the ground of the human soul
Of victory assured
The Spirit-Sun is living
All through the winter of the inner life
The faithful heart divines it.
~Rudolf Steiner

See you in the dark
Find you in the light
On Epiphany…

Amy Giacomelli.

~Follow the Star~

Epiphany Friday 6 January 2023

Option to Join us 1st for ‘The Word on Fire’- Eurythmy with Jan Ranck 4:30 pm ($25 suggested contribution)

Potluck: 6 pm – Festival: 7 pm – 8:30 pm

To cap the Holy Nights, we gather to co-create an Epiphany on the Birthday of Joan of Arc, recalling the gifts of the Magi, & the Baptism, for an art-full community envisioning of the New Year 2023

Eurythmy with Jan Ranck

Song Circle with Velsum Voices

Leading Thoughts with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

Please Bring Food & Drink to Share

$10 more or less Love Donation Encouraged

For more info contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

Rudolf Steiner Branch of The Anthroposophical Society
4249 North Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, IL 60618 (

10 thoughts on “The Present

  1. I am impressed by this chart of the current planetary locations within the constellations, and yet why not also insert where we are, i.e., the Earth? Did we not come between Uranus and the Sun on November 9th? And, did we not come between Mars and the Sun on December 8th? We are now ahead of Mars in Taurus, and that should be depicted. It makes me wonder if Tycho Brahe had the truly objective nature to represent the Earth in his Position Astronomy. Our uniqueness is that we observe from the Center of the Zodiac, while also sitting as a sphere on the ecliptic.

    1. Of course, the Sun in Sagittarius with the very thin waxing crescent Moon, along with Mercury and Venus, is not depicted either. Thus, both Earth and Sun are left out of this picture, as if they don’t count for some reason. Why is that? Maybe Jonathan Hilton could explain. My astronomer, Geoff Chester, has proven to be invaluable in questions like these, and I will report what he says. He knows that Earth has overtaken Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars in the last two months. This puts Earth in the lead position along the Ecliptic, which could be a good omen for the New Year. I like to look at it that way as a positive indicator of what 2023 will yield in the centennial of 1923.

      1. “My dear friends, it is not the Osiris, but the Isis legend that has to be fulfilled in our time. We cannot lose the Christ and what He gives in a higher form than Osiris; but we can lose, and we have lost, that which we see portrayed by the side of Osiris — Isis, the Mother of the Saviour, the Divine Wisdom, Sophia. If we wish to renew the Isis legend, we cannot take it in the form in which it has been transmitted to us — Osiris who is killed by Typhon-Ahriman and carried away by the waters of the Nile, who must be found again by Isis, in order that his body, cut into pieces by Typhon-Ahriman, may be sunk into the earth — no, my dear friends, we must somehow find the Isis legend again, the content of the Isis Mystery, but we must form it out of Imagination, suited to our own times. An understanding will come again for the eternal cosmic truths, when we learn to create in the world of Imagination, as the Egyptians did. We must find the true Isis legend”. GA 202, 24 December 1920

          1. Hi Hazel, thanks for this presentation, which I have watched earlier.

            I am reading the New Isis-Divine Sophia lectures right now, as we speak! And so, I am very motivated by that chart you presented of the Ecliptic, and it caused a stir when I read this from lecture one, 23 December 1920. Steiner speaks of the “quadrature”, which has been reversed since the Mystery of Golgotha:

            “There is an ancient way of presenting the spheres of heaven, which was already known to the Persian Magi. They looked up towards the heavens and saw with their physical eyes the constellation of the Zodiac which is called the Virgin (Virgo), and by means of spiritual vision they projected into the constellation of the Virgin that which physically is only perceptible in the constellation of the Twins (Gemini). This wisdom has been preserved. It is by this wisdom that man can perceive, can experience, the consonance between the constellation of the Virgin and the constellation standing at right angles to it, in quadrature, the Twins. This was represented in such a way that in place of the constellation of Virgo, the Virgin was depicted not only with the ear of corn, but also with the child. But this child in fact represents the Twins. It is the representative of the two Jesus children. This was an astrological conception especially at the time of the ancient Persians.

            Then came a different time, the time of the Egypto-Chaldean development. Then it was the constellation of the Lion that was looked up to in the same way that the Persians regarded the constellation of the Virgin. But now, in quadrature to the Lion stood the Bull, and there arose the Mithras religion, the worship of the Bull, because into the constellation of the Lion was projected that of the Bull.

            Then came the time when Cancer, the Crab, played the same role in the Greco-Latin period as the Virgin among the Persians, and the constellation of the Ram was seen in quadrature standing, as it were, within the constellation of the Crab. After that came the reversal After that matters took a different path. Up to the Greco-Latin time, until the Mystery of Golgotha, astronomy was something that could be attained as external science, and human understanding was of such a nature that in gazing out into space and the mysteries of the star-world, the secrets of space and time were discovered; also in experiencing the human inner life through the piety of the heart, a vision of the inner mysteries was possible. In the Greco-Latin time these relations were reversed. That which formerly could be experienced inwardly had ever more and more to be experienced by beholding outer nature”.


            Now, since the sacrifice of Christ on Golgotha, this has all been reversed. Thus, Aries speaks to Cancer, Taurus speaks to Leo, Gemini speaks to Virgo, Libra speaks to Capricorn, etc., all the way around for a total comprise of what it means to be the Universal Human. Christ forever has made this possible. Merry Christmas.

        1. Yes, Steve!
          Isis is an ole’ cracked pot!
          ‘An this ole’ pantheon needs space, the size of a Meadow’ ull doo’

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