The Return

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Dear Friends – Our work on earth began with a push & a pull – an often painful, laborious, process of ‘Spirit becoming matter’. Since the ‘Turning Point of Time’ we are called to make the equally labor-some return – to consciously strive to spiritualize matter.

And since the advent of the current age of Michael as Time Spirit, our mission is to redeem the adversarial forces, in particular that side of ‘modern science’ that wants to keep us stuck in matter.

We are called, dear friends, to transform the laboratory bench into an altar.

The moment we work from a place of reverence, & wonder – a sacred space where interest is generated by the warmth of love, we are consecrating matter, recalling, sensing & beholding the spirit in Nature, to co-create a ‘Spiritual Science.’

With Heart-Thinking, the Christ Impulse will permeate the “I” of the scientist. And religion, science, & art will radiate out as a healing force in the world.

That’s what I am thinking about today, as I sit in this time between Ascension & Whitsun…

What are you thinking?

23 May 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: As soon as you can see Venus as the twilight moves in, start looking for Bella Luna, a very thin crescent Moon, hardly more than a day old, & then find Mercury, they make a triangle together as the Sun sets.

Catch a Falling Star Digital Art by Marilyn Wilson
Bilstrum Sennwel


I have fallen down upon the earth, to gain the powers of the stars…~hag

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Michelle Tripp

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


AUGNET : 4010 Savanarola

1498 –Girolamo Savonarola is burned at the stake in Florence, Italy. Savonarola was an Italian Dominican friar. He was known for his prophecies & his calls for Christian renewal. He denounced clerical corruption, despotic rule & the exploitation of the poor. The Florentines expelled the ruling Medici &, at the friar’s urging, established a “popular” republic. Declaring that Florence would be the New Jerusalem, the world center of Christianity & “richer, more powerful, more glorious than ever”, enlisting the active help of Florentine youth.

In 1495 when Florence refused to join Pope Alexander VI’s Holy League against the French, the Vatican summoned Savonarola to Rome. He disobeyed & defied the pope by preaching under a ban, highlighting his campaign for reform with processions, bonfires & pious theatricals. In retaliation, the Pope excommunicated him.

A trial by fire proposed by a rival Florentine preacher to test Savonarola’s divine mandate turned into a fiasco. On May 23, 1498, they condemned, hanged, & burned him in the main square of Florence.

The King's First Marriage is Declared Null and Void - The Tudor ...

1533 – The marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon is declared null & void.

Bonnie and Clyde - Wikipedia

1934 – The American bank robbers Bonnie & Clyde are ambushed by police & killed in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

Heinrich Himmler | Biography & Facts | Britannica

1945 –Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Schutzstaffel, commits suicide while in Allied custody.


~Vitae Sophia~ A Whitsun Festival of United Soul Endeavor with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

 Online Whitsunday, 31 May 2020 from 10 am–11:15 am EDT Zoom Call (9 am – 10:15 am CDT)

Through leading thoughts and conversation we are called to redeem the ether spheres to create an Ecclesia, a chalice for The Sophia. Then the spirit flame can spread out to become what Steiner called a “World Whitsun”, which began in earnest at the Christmas Conference. The Whitsun Festival highlights one of the greatest challenges of being human: placing our individual gifts, in right relationship within the social realm. This challenge is especially strong now during this ‘pandemic’. Our groups striving to know Spiritual Science must work together as a community, to have the possibility to create a new culture where a sacrament is possible in every encounter. Our individual strength is enhanced by weaving our gifts together, kindling our social world in conscious community.

*Join Zoom Meeting on computer 

Meeting ID: 859 2790 7854

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Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year. Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Trans-denominational Minister, ‘Anthroposopher’, working as the Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, The Traveling Speakers Program, & the Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society.

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4 thoughts on “The Return

  1. What are you Thinking?

    Dear Hazel,

    I am thinking today about Iron Necessity in relation to Corona Controversies. I just wrote this for another blog, but especially for you.

    “It’s all about Iron Necessity, and the will to endure and sustain in a crisis where certain elementary spirits have been turned over to humans for the agenda of “progressive destruction”. To know about it, and its reasons for being so, is the hallmark of the Consciousness Soul Age. In other words, to leaven evil with a measure of the Good in order to defeat it.”

  2. Dear Hazel

    Thank you for your question!

    I resolved this morning to speak more openly about ‘waking up to spirit’ with people who otherwise are not open to anything “unscientific”. I’ve been surprised at how well those I’ve spoken to have responded to sincerety in this regard…!

    My offer that humanity is ready to approach spirit in a scientific way, has been met with optimism and even disclosure of deeply held, even repressed, ideas about spirit…

    As it happens, I read an article yesterday that contains a paragraph about this dilemma, which I will share with you. This has also been received well by those I spoke to…!

    With warm blessings and much gratitude,

    “The British scientist Rupert Sheldrake told me about a talk he gave to a group of scientists who were working on animal behaviour at a prestigious British University. He was talking about his research on dogs that know when their owners are coming home, and other telepathic phenomena in domestic animals. The talk was received with a kind of polite silence. But in the following tea break all six of the senior scientists who were present at the seminar came to him one by one, and when they were sure that no one else was listening told him they had had experiences of this kind with their own animals, or that they were convinced that telepathy is a real phenomenon, but that they could not talk to their colleagues about this because they were all so straight. When Sheldrake realised that all six had told him much the same thing, he said to them, “Why don’t you guys come out? You’d all have so much more fun!” He says that when he gives a talk at a scientific institution there are nearly always scientists who approach him afterwards telling him they’ve had personal experiences that convince them of the reality of psychic or spiritual phenomena but that they can’t discuss them with their colleagues for fear of being thought weird.
    This is not a deliberate conspiracy to suppress psychic phenomena. Those six scientists didn’t convene beforehand and decide to suppress information they knew was real. They keep their opinions to themselves because of the norms of their subculture, the basic paradigms that delimit science, and the very real threat of damage to their careers. The persecution and calumny directed at Sheldrake himself demonstrates what happens to a scientist who is outspoken in his dissent from official scientific reality. So, we might still say that a conspiracy is afoot, but it’s perpetrator is a culture, a system, and a story.” 

    1. Yes, i do hope folks will be willing to speak openly about these mysteries here in plain sight!
      Thanks for doing your part to get the good word out!

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