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Mineral World; Plant World, by ARILD ROSENKRANTZ

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In the sense world we see the being of Nature sprouting, budding —from the powers of sleep the forces of vegetative growth, are given form. But in this sleeping Nature, the spiritual which animates & weaves thru everything in Nature is revealed. May we be awake to this spirit. As human beings we must not become blinded by the light, falling into a trance – drifting off into the rising warmth.

In summer humanity is bound up with Nature, but, if we have right feeling & perception for it, objective spirituality comes towards us from out of Nature’s interweaving life. And so, to find the essential human being during the St. John’s tide, we must turn to the essential spirituality within the outer world – present behind everything in Nature.

Marie Wilnsdorf

If we follow Natura in high summer with deepened spiritual insight & with perceptive eyes, we discover the Archangel of Summer Uriel, who directs our gaze into the depths of the Earth itself. We find that the minerals down there send their inner crystal-forming process towards us more vividly than at any other time of the year; shaping itself into lines, angles & surfaces. “If we are to have an impression of it as a whole, we must picture this crystallizing process as an interweaving activity, colored throughout with deep blue”.*

We can feel our human thinking, feeling & willing creating forms in the blue depths of the earth’s crust; permeated with force by the silver-gleaming crystal lines of the mineral world which holds the imprint of highest spiritual realms.

Using our imaginative thinking, we can ask: “How is it that these silver-sparkling crystal lines & waves are working within me? What is it that lives & works there, silver-gleaming in the blue of the Earth? — then one knows: That is cosmic Will. And one has the feeling of standing upon cosmic Will”.*


~hag, Robert Wallace

*THE ST. JOHN IMAGINATION, by Rudolf Steiner ~from the Four Seasons and the Archangels Lecture 4

Elihu Vedder

30 June 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars:” The planet Uranus stands about high two hours before sunrise. You’ll find it in the east, glowing a faint in a sparse region of Aries the Ram.

Consider swinging your gaze to nearby Taurus, where the Pleiades are rising.

Bella Luna passes south of Neptune before sunrise, in Aquarius, which sits above the southeastern horizon.

Sunrise: 5:35 A.M.
Sunset: 8:33 P.M.
Moonrise: 12:26 A.M.
Moonset: 11:54 A.M.
Moon Phase: Waning gibbous (62%)


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age,)

1924 – First World Power Conference founded by D.N. Dunlop

The World Power Conference was conceived by the Scotsman Daniel Nicol Dunlop, a entrepreneur & Theosophist who later joined Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical Society. He organized the first meeting which took place in London on 30 June 1924 & attracted 1,700 attendees from 40 nations. It was deemed so successful that the conference was established as a recurring event. In the beginning, the World Power Conference convened on a regular schedule every six years.

D.N. Dunlop was a pioneer of modern community building—in two areas in particular: industry & economics, & the sphere of the free spiritual life. In 1924 he founded the World Power Conferenceopened by the Prince of Wales in London that year. This was the first international conference to invite engineers & industrialists from all over the world (including Germany & Russia, two former World War adversaries), with the purpose of establishing a basis for co-operation & co-ordination in the production & technological use of energy resources within a modern world economy.

In 1929 a worldwide assessment of raw materials & energy resources was published in book-form with the title Power Resources of the World. The WPC gave birth to a permanent institution—the World Energy Council—that has its headquarters in London & has since held regular congresses in different capital cities throughout the world. The website of this private international organization records a short history of the institution which focuses on the profiles of five leading figures, beginning with Dunlop: ‘Shortly after World War I, Scotsman Daniel Dunlop, a visionary working in the British electricity industry, decided to bring together leading energy experts for a World Power Conference to discuss current and emerging energy issues. In 1923, he began working with countries around the globe to establish national committees that would stimulate attendance and prepare for technical participation at such a conference. The First World Power Conference was held the next year, 1924, in London and attracted 1,700 delegates from 40 countries. The meeting was so successful that those attending decided to establish a permanent organisation to continue the dialogue begun at the conference.

Within the spiritual-cultural sphere, Dunlop was a pioneer of the ‘summer school’—an idea which he actively pursued and brought to practical realization during his theosophical phase. Dunlop maintained that the ‘summer school’ was not in conflict with pure individual striving, but could potentize it— offer it fulfillment. For true individualism, if developed far enough, is exactly what socially conscious communities need if they are to progress.

The Present Age – Perseus Verlag

To a large extent these summer schools were gatherings of ‘communities of free spirits’. Following his encounter with Rudolf Steiner in 1922, Dunlop organized the great summer schools of Penmaenmawr &Torquay. According to Rudolf Steiner, these were ‘recorded in the Golden Book of the Anthroposophical Movement’. Steiner himself characterized Dunlop as a ‘far-seeing’ anthroposophist with visionary goals, endowed with clear and delicate perception, and remarkable human sensitivity & tact’. Despite Steiner’s very high public regard for him—Dunlop chose to remain in the background of events.

Daniel Nicol Dunlop met Rudolf Steiner in person in 1922. It was the Dutch manager Joseph van Leer who brought them together. They sat at the table together – Rudolf Steiner who spoke no English & Daniel N. Dunlop who spoke no German. Joseph van Leer stepped in as translator but what he didn’t see was that Rudolf Steiner took the hand of Daniel Dunlop & held it, under the table, during the whole of the conversationIn 1934, during one of his famous summer schools, Dunlop shared the memory of this with his friend Walter Johannes Stein. He made an even more interesting statement, that Rudolf Steiner on this occasion said to him, ‘We are brothers.’

Eleanor Merry, also an active member of the early British Anthroposophical Society, worked intensively with Dunlop for the last 14 years of his life during which time he told her that Rudolf Steiner gave him an insight into a former life of his where he, Dunlop, had been a member of the innermost circle of the Order of the Knights Templar ‘connected to all the ancient mysteries’ and had also worked within a secret society among the Templars’. Dunlop’s most deeply rooted intention was to serve the supra-personal goals of humanity, thereby sacrificing all personal & trivial motives & deeds.

Nature spirits by D.N. Dunlop

47 thoughts on “Thought Crystals

  1. Hi Maverick,

    I found your comment here very keenly insightful. Since I don’t know where the reply buttons are so I can nestle my comment right next to yours, I can only refer to it with its comment number:

    This is really an awesome take on fourth dimensional being, and referring to Melchisedek, who initiated Abraham, ref. Genesis, 14. Steiner covers this episode in lecture IV of his Gospel of Matthew discourse. I won’t spoil anything, but he makes it clear who this Melchisedek, King of Salem, actually is.

    As well, Mav, you seem to imply that Barnabas was the writer of the Book of Hebrews. Another candidate for authorship is the mysterious Apollos, who followed Paul to places like Ephesus and Corinth. He was an Egyptian from Alexandria.

    1. This is great Steve, and I hope to read the Lecture you gave tonight. Today, I came across a thought from Life Between Death and Rebirth that resonated with me. In Lecture 13, Munich, March 12, 1913, he says:

      “The more an initiate is able to widen his vision, the more souls are found who are strangers on the earth, and the more it is realized that wanderers are passing through the earth sphere. They are beings who are not connected with earthly life in the normal way.”

      Don’t know if that resonates, but I know it describes how I’ve felt ever since I experienced the spiritual re-birth process that Jesus spoke of. It also had me wondering if this is why you and Kyle and I keep bumping into one another – first in Anthropopper, and now here in Hazel’s blog. Another tidbit – I’m discovering that there are hidden, underlying messages in some (maybe all?) Steiner lectures that aren’t reflected in the title of the Lecture. This might be old news to you, I don’t know, but I’ll let you know once I’m more confident this is the case. If it is the case, it’d sure raise my appreciation for his teachings to another level. Oh, and Apollos does sound interesting, and I hope to remember to look into that lead more. Cheers.

      1. Of course it resonates. It resonates deeply, just like when we first talked on Anthropopper. You opened yourself up with so many kind words to the folks there. So, it seems we have an alliance, along with Kyle. Hazel sees these opportunities in her own quest. It’s a kind of opportunity, and never too late. So, bring it on Maverick. I see you as the wild steer who would have it be his own way. I like it very much. Be confident of your position. Cayce /Steiner is an important hurdle to overcome. Thanks.

  2. Maverick, we live in a time in which speaking spiritual truths has entered the public domain. Rudolf Steiner was given this charter early in his career as the one specifically chosen to begin to reveal the secretive Rosicrucian Wisdom to the public beginning at the outset of the twentieth century. He started small, giving lectures before a German theosophical audience in Berlin, but it grew exponentially into an ever-widening audience. It was really no different than Paul, who had some three missionary journey’s before going to Rome. So, he knew that if Christianity was going to expand, that he had to get the message out to the public.

    If you have new research on the Fourth Dimension, then it is an intellectual and moral imperative that you bring it forth. Casting pearls before the swine, and possibly being torn to pieces simply goes with the territory today. I have had many years of experience, and paradoxically, most of it comes from today’s ‘anthropop’ audience. The public is very much more accessible than you might think. The world knows it has to change in order to survive. And, of course, you know you have this eager audience right here.

  3. Hazel, you wrote:

    “Yes, music is a gate to the spiritual & in the last post Steiner talks about how sound touches light. The etheric body is especially connected to light, so it seems that these imprints begin to form a new light body filled with the habit life.”

    It was at the Mystery of Ephesus that the very last measure of the air-ensouling process traceable back to the Jahve Impulse was used; the sounding of the Cosmic Word, breathing the Etheric.

    “In the Mysteries of Ephesus in Asia Minor the pupil had to undergo experiences of quite a different character. Here he experienced in a particularly intense manner, with the whole of his being, that which later found such perfect expression in the opening words of the John-Gospel: ‘In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And a God was the Word.’ In Ephesus, the pupil was led, not before two statues, but before one, — the statue that is known as the Artemis (Diana) of Ephesus. Identifying himself — as I said yesterday — with this statue which was fullness of life, which abounded everywhere in life, the pupil lived his way into the Cosmic Ether. With the whole of his inner feeling and experience he raised himself out of mere earthly life, raised himself up into the experience of the Cosmic Ether. And now he was guided, to a new knowledge. First of all, the real nature of human speech was communicated to him. And then from human speech, from the human image, that is, of the Cosmic Logos, from the humanly-imaged Logos, it was shown to the pupil how the Cosmic Word works and weaves creatively throughout the Universe.” GA 233, lecture IV.

    Ephesus was the last of the ancient oriental mysteries. The Temple of Artemis was burned down on the very day that Alexander was born in 356 BC. The air-ensouling process was compelled to seek and find the Light. Aristotle made great strides in preparing the way. And Alexander would open the Hellenistic Corridor to the Promised Land for the Hebrews.

  4. Hi Maverick,

    It is a state and condition especially encouraged by Rudolf Steiner when he often spoke about the importance of receiving spiritual communications. You see, becoming clairvoyant isn’t the foremost concern. Receiving spiritual truths and revelations with an open-minded and unbiased perspective is what is most important. The Intellectual Soul needs the means to advance beyond its analytical nature, which is all about sense perceptibles and the logic that supports sense perception. Thus, the concepts provided by spiritual science enter the four-cornered domain of the Intellectual Soul, and then undergo a kind of alchemy which begins immediately but takes three days. It takes three days to round off the edges of these concepts in order to be received by the Etheric Body. This is how mere Knowledge advances into Understanding, and this is what we are looking for.

    Paul, in his Epistle to the Ephesians, expresses something that cannot be missed in realizing how much of an initiated disciple he became. Remember, by his own admission, he was born “out of due time”, which means he was a premature birth. He only came to realize this after being struck down by the Light on the road to Damascus in order to arrest Christians and put them into jail. His time had come.

    In Ephesians, Paul says something that is very much along the lines of what you have been communicating here about the fourth dimension, and what it is. It says here:

    “And ye being rooted and grounded in love shall come to know with all the saints, what is the breadth, length, depths, and heights”. 3:17, 18.

    So, I believe that the fourth dimension is being characterized here with Paul. Paul clearly wants to get to the supersensible dimension of his experience, which is Christ. Yet, what represents the fourth dimension? Is it the heights or the depths? Christ is known to have brought Time to earth, and many physicists, including Einstein, believe that Time is the Fourth Dimension. But, is it out of the heights or the depths? We know that the body had to go into the ground, even the sub-earthly, after the Mystery of Golgotha.

    1. This is a valuable thought concerning the three days required to “round off” the edges of a four-dimensional truth. I totally concur with you that Paul was speaking of the four dimensions in that verse from Ephesians, and find it personally inspiring as something I can apply in my prayers. I can pray as he did, that others would have the eyes of their understanding opened to see such truths as we’re discovering.

      Some may consider Time to be the fourth dimension. I like to think that the fourth dimension is better represented as the fourth element in which we live and move and have our being, the air. Air represents for me the realm of Spirit, and it was the wind, or movement of the air, that Jesus used as a representation of the Spirit’s rebirthing process in us.

      For those who are more of the physicist-type, who prefer the scientific analogies, I often think of the fourth dimension in terms of the plasma in metals, ever since seeing a virtual description of Dr. David Bohm’s research from the 1950’s. He discovered that the electrons in a metal substance never have the true ability to move in freedom until the fourth element of plasma is introduced (the other three being the solid, liquid, and gas forms of metal). In any of the other three forms, the electrons collided with one another, creating a chaotic situation. But when the plasma is introduced (it’s some kind of electrical charge, which I don’t understand, since I’m not the physicist-type), then the electrons become free to act in an orderly manner. This illustrates for me how we need to understand the gift of Spirit, and its force of love, if we’re to ever move out of the chaos we constantly produce. Then we’ll be fully free to become the highest we were meant to be.

  5. Hi Hazel,

    There is a certain consensus that these “thought crystals” come from out of the depths of the earth. And, as a result, the Apocalypse of St. John arose as a kind of fourth mystery epoch of our time. As such, the human ‘will’ becomes the focal point. We experience it in the form of gladness that the depths can achieve the heights, and also the middle ground. We tend to experience this most of all. The middle. It is good.

      1. Rudolf Steiner in his final lecture-course to the Priests of the Christian Community proposed that a Fourth Mystery Epoch could be developed out of the Book of Revelation. So, he proceeds here in 18 very concise lectures taken down by a priest, who likely was not a transcriptionist, to describe its possibility in being brought forth. This course was considered as private as were the 19 lectures that form the First Class of the School of Spiritual Science, and therefore, were kept from public disclosure for some 75 years, until publication in 1999.

        By the turn of the century into the new millennium, the entire thrust that this course was meant to take had been effectively nullified by the intervening years. Steiner intended for it to launch the era of Pneumatosophy, which is the Spiritual Science of the Future.

        What grabs me most, and it did last year when at this very same time you brought forth the Saint John Imagination for this four week period of time, is that when the most ancient of the mysteries existed it was about preparing a new faculty to replace the old imaginative-visionary clairvoyance. This was the faculty of Thinking. This was the aim of the most ancient mysteries, e.g., Hibernia, Ephesus. The Thoughts weren’t Crystals, they were aeriform formations coming from above; from the Hierarchies.

        Now, the earth has crystallized into its mineral nature, and even gone beyond that in terms of dying and crumbling under our feet. A fourth mystery epoch would have it be that revelations come from out of the depths of the earth itself. This is why the writer of the Gospel of John makes important references to the Mother of Jesus. In two specific places it is shown that this writer is aware of the presence of a someone who had previously died, and then returned to earth in order to experience Her son having received the Christ.

        Thus, at the Marriage in Cana, which begins chapter two of John, and then later in chapter 19, where the three women stand below the Cross on Golgotha, we have an extraordinary display of keenly perceptive awareness on the part of the writer of the Gospel of John. So, it is really important to assess just exactly what took place when Christ looking down from the Cross proceeds to introduce the Mother to the Son and the Son to the Mother. From that very hour She entered his household. He, of course, is the raised Lazarus, who would become “John”, and go on to write the Book of Revelation.

        But, what would be Her role in this endeavor. Deep crystal affinities; this is what I pick up on with Steiner’s remarkable lecture on Saint John’s Imagination. The realm of the Mothers.

    1. I had a dream last night where I was walking over piles of rose quartz, as though the whole ground was made up of these crystals. I’m sure this has to do with prompts from this blog, yet, the area I live in is said to have vast amounts of crystals underground. It is places like these, on the Earth, that tend to attract many ‘spiritually inclined’ folks. Take Sedona, for example.

      1. Beautiful…& rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra…
        True about these sacred vortex’s on the earth that call out to those seeking the spirit.
        What a blessing to have this engaement with the spirits of place in this way…

        1. Indeed! Well, I have to thank you Hazel for bringing up this subject. In regards to the heart chakra, I had a conversation with a fellow patron at a tea shop in town, and she had made a remark about Pai (the name of the town) in that this area seems to be connected to the Heart, particularly the Heart Chakra. You can actually see it manifest in some of the people here, in their general attitude, very heartfelt people. If you can imagine the geography, the town is situated in the mountains within a valley. It’s literally as though the area is embraced by the earth. It’s no wonder many locations have the prefix of ‘Mae’ which in Thai means ‘Mother’.

  6. “As human beings we must not become blinded by the light, falling into a trance – drifting off into the rising warmth.”

    This statement you made in your first paragraph caught my attention. Of course it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the “human being” living in a 3-dimensional world, a material world, is primarily concerned with material preservation. Any “blinding by the light” would only serve to hinder this concern, perhaps even become a stumbling-block on one’s path towards this fulfillment. So logic and reason would say.

    I’ve just embarked on a study of something Cayce called the 4th dimension, and I’m seeing many parallels with what Steiner refers to as “higher worlds”. It’s a dimension slightly above matter, so it’s beyond what we experience as time and space – a realm where spirit entities roam freely. As a realm of “ideas”, it’s actually the beginnings of our projection into flesh, and so according to spiritual law, it’s where we’re meant to return to. I say that because the law of matter is that dust will return to dust; so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the spiritual law is similar. We began as an idea, as a spiritual thought, and we will return to being that. In your second paragraph, you basically say this, just in different wording. You said:

    ” And so, to find the essential human being during the St. John’s tide, we must turn to the essential spirituality within the outer world – present behind everything in Nature.”

    But becoming comfortable moving in the 4th dimension isn’t easy, nor should it be rushed until one is ready. This is echoed in Steiner’s book KOHW, where he brings forth much more detail on the process, and exercises which the student can practice as they begin to experience this dimension.

    There’s a hurdle however, and as usual, the enemy lies within, especially when belonging to a group of spiritual seekers. Steiner experienced this, and so will we. The problem arises when the seeker attempts to reduce 4th-dimensional ideas down to the 3-dimensional world, for the convenience of all “human beings” eking out an existence in this material world. Fortunately, Jesus told us that we can consider ourselves blessed when they revile us – when something is said that causes those living ONLY 3-dimensionally to squirm. This is why your first statement caught my attention – I actually applaud those who have the courage to live in those 4th-dimensional thoughts and ideas; who allow themselves to be “blinded by the light”. And this is where the “summer schools” that Dunlop started can be most useful; if they allow the person who must return to making their living in the 3-dimensional world the freedom and opportunity to explore the 4th dimension. Or, for those like myself who have entered retirement, we can have a golden age of opportunity to explore this dimension. I say bring on the light; I’ll risk being blinded by it, if it becomes the means for greater spiritual vision.

    1. Ha, Yes, let the Light shine in.
      But we have to remember that the physical light is only the outer manifestation of the Spiritual Light.
      I once wrote a song that said, ‘Light does not reveal it conceals with its brilliance.’

      1. Beautiful thought Hazel. I think it was here on this blog you gave, months ago, the line from Emily Dickinson, that “The Truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind.”

    2. Hi Maverick,

      You reminded me of a part in Apocalypse of St. John, regarding this ‘trance-like’ disposition. This is in Lecture 10, GA104:

      “We know that the various parts of which man is now constituted, did not exist at that time, but only the very first beginnings of his physical body. Obviously these first rudiments could not develop such a consciousness as man has to-day. Other beings had a human consciousness, but at that time the present man had a consciousness such as the minerals now have on the physical plane. We call this a deep trance-consciousness. The first germ of man had this consciousness upon Saturn. This Saturn evolution was gone through in order that man night gradually rise to higher states of consciousness. That was the first stage of consciousness, the deep trance-consciousness. Of course it must not be imagined that the degree of consciousness remained the same throughout the whole of the Saturn period, but on the whole the consciousness of man upon Saturn may be characterised as a deep trance-consciousness. It is dimmer even than the consciousness which man has to-day in dreamless sleep, for that was then the consciousness he passed through at the second stage, during the Sun evolution. This is the consciousness now possessed by the plants around us in the physical world.”

      So, it brings us to the dilemma of our current psycho-spiritual disposition. Do we take the necessary difficult steps forward, or do we go backwards to Old ways of being? You can see a hint of this inclination to go backwards in the very effort of many to dissolve the Ego, rather than transcend it. We are intended to be free thinking, individuals, brought together by love – Philadelphia. It’s completely different than being brought together through self-renunciation, which is akin to a drop of water in the ocean – the absolution of Self or the “I”. Dissolving the Ego literally sets us back several cultural epochs. But this trance state, now that’s like taking us back to the Saturn phase! Not sure if that’s possible, but your first comment brought this to my attention.

      Another note on this theme of self-renunciation, look to Eric Hoffer’s book ‘The True Believer, thought on the nature of mass movements.’ He illustrates in great detail this theme, in pin pointing the various conditions in society where one is driven towards self-annihilation via joining a ’cause’ – ie, a drop in an ocean effect. This manifests in many ways such as religious fanaticism and mob mentality of sorts. The individual has completely forfeited their ability to think clearly as an independent “I”.

      1. Hi Kyle. You speak of entering a trance-like state, and of going backwards, as if one might wish to go back to a Saturn state of consciousness. That’s not at all what I was referring to. I was speaking of another word you used in your post – “transcend”. In the quote of Steiner’s you gave, he speaks about consciousness and how it has evolved. My thought was based on our need to transcend ordinary consciousness altogether, and to do that we must develop the spiritual organs Steiner speaks of in KOHW. And this is where I was talking about being blinded by ever-increasing Light, and Hazel’s reply that our “eyes” need to adjust gradually.

        No, it’s not a state of trance, although some will make use of that ability. The problem I have with consciousness, no matter how high it evolves, is that it can only take you to where you are, and not to where you desire to be. Consciousness has its limits. Our subconscious, however, is a realm worth transcending to. If we can make the subconscious mind the arena in which we operate, it can open a way into which we can explore the universal consciousness, or God. In order to do this, we must find a way to subjugate the consciousness. A trance is one way, but is not for everybody. Dreamwork, meditation, and the “continuity of consciousness” that Steiner speaks of are the preferred means. The “continuity of consciousness” that Steiner speaks of is actually the same thing I’m speaking of, where one’s subconscious mind becomes the arena in which we operate, or that’s my understanding of it at this time at least. It’s an ability that can only come through the earnest application of oneself, such as through following Steiner’s method in KOHW.

        Artists like yourself, and Hazel, understand this more easily than most others. You speak of having to get into a certain frame of mind, where creativity comes as a gift from you know not where. Your art is that gift from the subconscious mind. So it’s a sad thing to see people thinking that they (that is their consciousnesses), are the source of their gifts, since the best artistic gifts are actually from the subconscious, which in turn receives them from the universal consciousness. Getting back to that universal consciousness is what I was referring to, and I see it as more of a transcending, than a going backwards. Yes, there is a return, but it’s to a much higher state of being, a transformation if you like. It’s also why the Christ “descended” from heaven, gave us gifts, and then “ascended” into the clouds – as a Pattern for us to follow.

        1. Our subconscious can hold powerful personal & world experience. But for me the work is about bringing what is sub 1st into the light of consciousness & then into the meta-consciousness. Rising to meet what the spiritual wants & then manifesting it…

          1. And that’s great Hazel, if you can do what you describe without becoming analytical. What do I mean by that? I believe Steiner talks about this somewhere, although I can’t remember where. The thoughts from the “higher world” shouldn’t be analyzed as though they were conscious thoughts. This is why, I believe, Jesus said we must become like children before we can “see” the kingdom of heaven. The danger with reducing thoughts from the higher world to even our higher consciousness, comes from that consciousness being trained to analyze everything. This is not always possible with higher thoughts, at least not from the perspective of our human, mental consciousness, even from our higher consciousness. Our subconscious, however, is in touch with the spiritual part of our being. This, by the way, is why it can be extremely difficult to analyze our dreams – this can be best done by someone, perhaps even ourselves, who understands these concepts we’re talking about.

            You have a couple of advantages that we don’t all possess. You’re gifted artistically, and that’s an advantage. Plus, you also seem to have a natural child-like curiosity. That too gives you an advantage. You, then, don’t seem to be the type who will over-analyze the higher thoughts you’re given. An example of someone who didn’t over-analyze is Mary, mother of Jesus. Many things happened in her experience that would have “blown the mind” of other people, things we call miracles, supernatural things. But she didn’t try to analyze them, preferring instead to “ponder them in her heart”.

            1. That’s a perfect example of Mary pondering.
              Foe me it is also an experience of feeling called to put the inspiration into action somehow

              1. And that’s a high calling you have, Hazel – to put inspiration into action. This must be especially rewarding for you, when in carrying this out, you receive help from spiritual beings, and can give the spirits the attention they deserve. Sounds like the makings of another blog post in future.

        2. Hi Maverick,

          I like these comments very much. Indeed, getting to KoHW techniques is a goal for attainment. Envisioning Rosicrucian symbols and images is a means for a kind of “stop thought” activity wherein the state of dreamless sleep is invoked while remaining awake in the physical body. Yet, there is much to be said for another technique which is conducted in the course of the daily life. This is to do something that seemingly has no relevance for the life between waking up and going to bed. Do it with a kind of secret reverence because it will pay dividends after going to sleep. This also builds the organs for astral perception. We have talked before about the so-called “quiet zone” where spiritual-scientific concepts are entertained with sense-free thinking. This method directly takes one into the pure thought world itself, where these concepts meet their reality. Much verification occurs here with this technique because it touches the akasha chronicle as well.

          I believe in the continuity of consciousness by bringing the unconscious and the subconscious into ever-increasing degrees of awakening. Our present consciousness is, indeed, limited. But that is why spiritual science exists in the world as a cultural imperative. As Steiner indicates in the first chapter of Occult Science, the new foundation for the modern mysteries is to take in all the knowledge now available at the very outset of development, even if it is conceptual/theoretical. This is what the Intellect needs for its further progress into the Consciousness Soul. Otherwise, as also indicated and becoming more and more evident today, a kind of paralysis of thought can occur. The Intellectual Soul is very vulnerable to a sad fate if it does not embrace Spiritual Science. That is why this body of knowledge exists.

          That is why these conversations also exist. They also are imperative. Kind regards.

          1. Wow, what a fascinating concept Steve. Thanks for sharing this. What you describe sounds like a state, a condition, that we should all be aspiring to as a necessary part of becoming a Spiritual Man/Woman. Have to head out for a bit, but I’ll definitely be returning to re-read your post. Thanks again.

          2. Leading Thoughts – Michael Mystery
            47. Of all that is latent in the forming of one’s Destiny, only the very smallest part enters the everyday consciousness. Yet the unveiling of our Destiny teaches us most of all, how the Unconscious can indeed be brought to consciousness. They in effect are wrong, who speak of what is, for the time being, the Unconscious, as though it must remain absolutely in the realm of the unknown, thus constituting a barrier of knowledge. With every fragment of our Destiny that is unveiled to us, we lift ourselves into the realm of consciousness something that was hitherto unconscious.
            Rudolf Steiner

            1. Good point – I’m completely in agreement with Steiner on this transition. I’m not sure which evolutionary stage he’s referring to, but both Steiner and Cayce point to the fact that there will come a phase in our evolution where the Unconscious (or what we call the Subconscious) will become our regular Consciousness. Cayce adds (and perhaps Steiner does too), that when we get to that stage, the Superconscious (or universal consciousness) will become our new Subconscious. That will be a glorious day, when the spirits are given the recognition they deserve. It’ll be like the period described as the 1,000 year reign of Christ – a time of bliss, and finally no chaos.

        3. Thanks for the clarification, Maverick, this is really great stuff. I was reminded of this passage, in regards to “over-analysing.” Steiner is referring more to intellectual schemes, or diagrams, but I feel the message here is pertinent. He likens the intellectual concepts, which are of the brain, will die off with the physical body. I’ll include the full paragraph here for context (forgive me if it is long).

          Before that, I wanted to point out an interesting example of this in the working. Jazz guitarist, Pat Martino, at one point of his career, had a brain aneurysm. He literally forgot how to play guitar. However, he re-learned by listening to his old records. Isn’t that fascinating? All those years prior to having an aneurysm he must have imprinted all of that into his soul, subconscious, or astral body – I suppose(?). So you can imagine, he learned rather quickly, and I’ll bet he did not need to start from ‘zero’ like he did before. I actually attended his master class while still in college. He has rather a Pythagorean impulse, where he kind of ‘lost’ most people by spending more time talking about geometry rather than music. But that’s a whole other subject!

          So here’s the passage you reminded me of, which comes from Apocalypse of St. John, Lecture 10:
          “Thus you see how the number seven governs the whole of evolution. In the last few days we have given a skeleton outline of this, as it were, in the form of pictures, sometimes truly grotesque pictures, and in any case, such as deviate very much from what can be seen to-day in the physical world. If you conceive of it in this way it is approximately as if you were to erect the scaffolding for a house, the most external part that is intended to be used by the masons. That has, however, nothing to do with the subject; these are only thoughts about the subject, so to speak. We must rise from this purely intellectual scheme, which assists us indeed to understand, to the living structure, by using the pictures which are to be seen in the astral for the various conditions; then only have we what is called occult wisdom. As long as you build up a scaffolding you remain in the thought customary to you in the physical world. The whole scheme we have sketched is only physical thought. This is related to the full reality not at all like the inner framework of a house to the complete building, but only like the outer scaffolding upon which the builders stand. This has to be taken down again when the building is completed. In the same way the scaffolding of thought has to be taken down again if one wishes to have the truth before one as it really is. If one considers this abstraction as the reality, then one is not by any means speaking of true Spiritual Science but only of the concept which the man of the present day can form regarding the spiritual facts. The way in which spiritual facts are presented abstractly at the present time may be seen in such a diagram as I have made, but this in itself is unfruitful. I had to put it before you because we also need such a diagram, but fundamentally it is of no use to one who wishes to progress upon the truly spiritual path. If you describe the whole world, up to the highest spiritual facts, by means of such diagrams, this only has meaning for your present incarnation. In the next you must learn another diagram. This can only be thought by using the brain; it is only adapted for the brain. But as the brain disintegrates at death, the whole schematic presentation then falls to pieces. On the other hand, if you comprehend — at first in pictures of fantasy — that which really happens, what we have described as the consecutive pictures of the seals seen by spiritual vision, that is something which is not bound up with your physical brain, and which you retain because it does not originate from physical thinking, but from facts seen clairvoyantly. Therefore one must take care not to mistake for spiritual wisdom that which is striven for after the pattern of physical comprehension, which would also schematize the higher worlds. This is a description by means of the ordinary physical intellect. Of course, the physical intellect must play a part; on this account it is even useful to present such a diagram, and we may now carry it a step further.”

          This is quite a mind boggler right there, and hence how over analysing can only take one ‘so far’. Again, “That has, however, nothing to do with the subject; these are only thoughts about the subject, so to speak.” So these other realms, Higher states of consciousness, the subconscious… it’s so vital.

          1. I love this story of Jazz guitarist, Pat Martino. Spiritual Sciece speaks about the etheric body holding memory like an imprint, so maybe it’s less the un or sub consciousness but actually a finer conscience in the formative forces of the etheric body…

          2. Beautiful excerpt from The Apocalypse, Kyle. I wonder if Steiner sometimes had the feeling that by bringing down thoughts from higher worlds to humanity, it was sometimes necessary to, in a sense erect scaffolding. Scaffolding offers access, and safety, and convenience. But the problem was that some would marvel at the scaffolding, without seeing the structural truth behind it. Then, if I understand it correctly, when the scaffolding must come down, or the brain cease to function, the understanding of some would come down also.

            Notice how Paul puts it in 1 Corinthians 13, referring to knowledge: “For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect [or complete] has come, then that which is in part will be done away.” Steiner truly wanted his listeners to perceive the perfect truths he was receiving from the spiritual realm, but sometimes it was necessary to use this “scaffolding” he refers to. He knew that “knowledge”, the physical knowledge he mentions in this excerpt you’ve given, would pass away.

            This isn’t a reference to this group, or other groups I’m involved with, but to more of the general public. I was (spiritually) given a slight rebuke myself, because I wanted to present to some in the general public the results of my research into the fourth dimension. I was told that it’s not good to cast the pearls to the swine, nor does a pearl look good in a sow’s ear. There are some who just aren’t ready to hear these things – they’re busy wallowing in the mire – which is something Steiner probably also had to take into consideration at times. I imagine that he’d try to limit his audience to those who were ready to hear what he had to bring. I think that Jesus did the same, choosing to take his message to the true seekers.

          3. Hazel, this is a great mention about sound and light, and the etheric. Reminds me in Karmic Relationships vol 1, Steiner speaks of how souls will usually not incarnate into individuals of the same vocation. Since we shed our etheric body, for that matter, whatever we experienced beyond the particular medium stays with us, is that right?

            1. Our dear Steiner has also mentioned how individuals incarnate into a family that provides the hereditary traits that they need. He gives the example of Mozart, who came from a long line of musicians. He picked that family because they had the physical instruments – a good ear etc.

              But I know what you are saying. At the change of teeth we must shed our inherited traits so that we can individuate. That is the purpose of childhood illnesses. (& why we should not try & suppress them) Is that what you mean?

          4. Maverick, your comment reminded me of so many things.

            In regards to the scaffolding, I can’t help but be drawn back to the Temple Legend GA93 especially lectures 11-14. Then thinking about how much effort it was back in the old days, when people built architectural wonders – where the first builders would never see the work completed, and would take generations to complete. Then you have the first Goetheanum which was burned down – that is peculiar, yet it still was built, and not even to mention the mission of anthroposophy is still being ‘built’ as well. Have the scaffolds been taken down yet?

            In regards to the fourth dimension, I for one, am certainly interested to hear more about it. You mention ‘time’, and of course, can’t help but think of Saturn (Kronos). Isn’t it something that our first planetary phase of evolution is Saturn, which starts everything off? There’s also a fascinating lecture Steiner did regarding the moon. Last lecture of Metamorphosis of the Soul vol. 1


            He gives some attention to our own rhythmic cycles, in a few words: that in older phases of evolution we were completely dependant on the influence of the moon and sun, but as they split, we gradually become emancipated from their cycles, yet, we still maintain those cycles inwardly and independently – personalised. I believe he mentions this in the Agriculture Course, outlining how plants (and animals if I’m not mistaken) are more or less dependant on the Sun and Moon cycles. Not sure if this has anything to do with your research, but you sent me into a ‘ponder’ mode about it!

            So, regards to your research, that really is a heavy thought to consider with ‘casting pearls to swine.’ This might be the very reason why Steiner tried to convey what he knew to the public, because out of the ‘swine’ someone is bound to understand it – or at least appreciate it. He gave an example of a Francis Delaisi, at the very end of Fall of Spirits of Darkness, and of what he had to say was important – in a way. That ‘for one such individual will be enough for many thousands’. It’s a very optimistic thing to say. And perhaps, also, he is hoping there will be more Delaisi’s out there making keen observations.

            1. I love how these threads overlap. I have started working on the Pageant for the ASA AGM in Oct. with the Theme ‘Building the Temple of the Heart’ & i just typed in

              …On the Whitsun path, the heart is the inner sanctum within the crown as an organ of thinking. The human brain is the scaffolding – the transitional organ of perception and knowledge. The heart is the source and fount – the middle pillar of our Temple in human evolution…

              The word scaffolding was indeed inspired by the Temple legend & seems to be working in me. The name of the pageant is: The Royal Art: A Soical Pilgrimage.

              I certainly hope this will become a pearl & that it will be well recieved…


            2. Hi Kyle. Just read your comment on the scaffolding now – not sure how I missed it. I’ve also lost Steve’s reply where he mentioned about the moral imperative to share any research into the fourth dimension. So this is a reply to both you and Steve. As I said earlier, I was told by the inner voice not to share my findings – rather like being told to “seal up” what’s been revealed. But here’s what I can share – that we all have the ability within ourselves to learn more about this, if we’re interested enough. There are some interesting parallels here with the New Testament book of Hebrews. There, Barnabas wants to speak about Melchizedek, “of whom we have much to say, and hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing.” (4:11).

              Melchizedek, I believe, is an example to us of a person living in the fourth dimension. He is described as being “without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God.” (7:3). Combine this with the knowledge that he was the king of Salem (Jeru-Salem), and the one who brought the sacraments of bread and wine to Abraham, and you know that he was experiencing a human incarnation, and yet he has this interesting description.
              One more thing I can add which will help to understand more of Melchizedek for anyone interested – Cayce tells us that he is the author of the book of Job. This means especially that he had access to the throne room of Almighty God, where Satan came to present himself before the Lord, since we’re given a first-hand account of this in the early chapters of Job, but reading the whole book can give us some insights into this interesting author.

              There is a thought that Steiner gives in Lecture 13, as written in The Fifth Gospel, that may also help to understand this kind of fourth-dimensional thinking, and it’s appropriate to be included in a blog post titled “Thought Crystals”. Here’s just the beginning of it – it’s too lengthy to give in its entirety:

              “The Angels are able to think those impulses [the Christ impulses]; we human beings are able to think and characterize them if our attitude to our thoughts is one where we give them over to the Angels, letting them think in us. This is achieved by long training, as described in my book KOHW. A moment comes when the words ‘Your soul no longer thinks; it is a thought which the Angels are thinking’ become meaningful, something you can feel. When this becomes true individual human experience, you inwardly enter into the thoughts of the general Christ truths, let us say, OR OTHER THOUGHTS concerning the wise guidance of Earth evolution.” [emboldened letters my addition].

              This is what I’m able to share now, and it’s my hope that it’ll lead you to discover such thoughts within your self, the thoughts of the Angels.

          5. Hi Hazel, that is definitely pertinent, and I did not realise that about childhood illnesses. I think I was trying to say, more along the lines, is that whatever we were doing – for example, music – in one life… there must be ‘something’ from that which carries over. Forgive me for not having the right terms for this, but there must be something beyond the etheric even which carries through the Astral and even to the “I” that can carry into one lifetime and the next. I probably have it worded incorrectly, but that was essentially what I was going for with that.

            1. Ahh, yes the attributes that we create or cultivate thru our lifetimes enhance our eternal individuality; & also serve what is needed for world karma. My understanding from Steiner’s Karmic Relationships lectures is that in each life we are meant to develop forces which we haven’t quite mastered. In that way we co-create the conditions for our next incarnation with powerful spiritual beings in the life between death & a new birth – circumstances that will allow us to bring our imperfect deeds into completion. Steiner is clear that in most cases if in one life you were a master musician, in your next life you wouldn’t repeat that, you would be tasked with mastering a new attribute. And yet I believe we each hold latent talents which aren’t necessarily the focus of the current life…Does that make sense?

          6. Yes, this makes perfect sense, Hazel, thank you for the elaboration! It certainly explains how some individuals may come into the world with a sense of a mission, even if they can’t quite pin point what it is. Well, I guess we all do, but some are more aware of it than others.

        4. Here’s an afterthought, Maverick. I’m really glad you brought music – or ‘art’ more specifically. At Julliard school of music, they have a sign on one of the buildings that says something like “learn it and forget it.” It has great meaning. When the art is in the making, in it’s highest expression, you aren’t repeated theoretical concepts. As a musician, after years of practice and performing, I can easily tell when a musician is still in their ‘head’ and stuck on the theory. It really comes to life when you stop thinking about this stuff, but it’s necessary to put in the work and time into understanding it initially. I can only imagine that this analogy applies to these Spiritual Scientific concepts as well, where the ultimate aim is to create music so that the our Spirit can transcend beyond the limitations of the intellect. The interesting thing with music, is that the Spirit can already be shown in it without all the theoretical knowledge. The theoretical knowledge, however, only enriches the ‘playing field’ of the Spirit.. which in turn, needs to eventually be let go of, just like training wheels on a bicycle. I believe Steiner made a certain comparison of the same nature with Spiritual Science and Religion, that Spiritual Science can only enrich the already existing ‘feeling’ one has with their faith… it is, however, not a substitution… just like music theory and technique is not a substitution for musical experience and expression.

          1. Yes, music is a gate to the spiritual & in the last post Steiner talks about how sound touches light. The etheric body is especially connected to light, so it seems that these imprints begin to form a new light body filled with the habit life.

          2. I’m so glad you mentioned this little afterthought Kyle. I was getting shivers in my spine as I read it. In another group study I’m a part of, we have a retired high school music teacher who has said exactly what you’ve just said, although you’ve added a few extra thrilling truths about the Spirit that contributed to those shivers I was getting. I can see that you’re in complete understanding of what we’re discussing, just from these words.

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