Vidar Speaks

Thank you for your kind responses to this series around the Camphill Beaver Run Holy Nights experience. Many are thirsting to hear about such communities where a Christened Anthroposophia thrives in thought, word & deed. Here are the 2 essays so far Festival of Offering, Come Unity.

On New Year’s Eve day we began with ‘The Festival of Offering’, which set a powerful tone, & then we went into our intimate groups for Reflections from the Night. My group was graciously facilitated by Dr. Raphael Knauf, who began our sessions speaking: ‘Community above us. Christ in us’. I am always in awe of how deeply my fellows live into their thinking & are able to articulate these spiritual ideas so eloquently. We can learn so much from each other when we make a space to listen & share.

Susan Overhauser, who is one of the brilliant facility members for our AAP training brought alive for us ‘Vidar as a Guide in the Etheric’.

This young Archangel is the inspiring Being of Community life, connected with the pure ether forces:

Big thanks to Rob Treiste for this cool chart

The Four Ethers & the Four Elements overlap to create the seven layers of the Physical-Etheric World, & the 7-fold human being. To begin to understand this gives us insight into our task with Vidar.

I remember looking into Norse mythology thru the lens of Spiritual Science when my girl was in 4th grade at the Chicago Waldorf School. Rudolf Steiner tells us that Wotan or Odin was an Archangelic being, who later appeared as Siddhārtha carrying on the mission of Odin to become the Gautama-Buddha.

Javier Dominguez

Vidar, unseated by Loki, becomes the silent Aesir – the only one to survive Ragnarok, conquering the Fenrris Wolf who wants to devour the Sun.

Important to remember that every human being has a guardian angel; & that before Siddhārtha became the Buddha he had one too. When he achieved Buddhahood, his angel was ‘freed’. After much time as the silent Aesir, this angel went on to work with the Nathan Soul & with the Christ thru the pre-earthly deeds etc…(You can read about this Angel in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 & in Matthew 1:18–25)

Robert Paulson

Rudolf Steiner connects Buddha’s angel with Vidar. So we can see that Vidar is linked, not only to what we hear about him thru mythology, but also to Buddhism, & to the ‘Nathan Soul’ – that pure paradisiacal ‘Sister Soul of Adam’ that did not go thru the fall from paradise – but was held back in the Mother-lodge to be able assist the mission of Christ.

Steiner speaks about the Nirmanakaya of the Buddha with all its Youthful forces as an intermigling with the astral body of the Nathan Jesus when he was 12. These Youthful forces are a characteristic of Vidar & his work with the formative forces of the etheric.

Paulo Veronesse

Thru Spiritual Science we learn it is Vidar, who comes to the aid of the Christ Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, fortifing his etheric body when the Ahrimanic death forces were threatening to kill the physical body of Jesus before Christ’s deed on Golgotha was completed. “An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him”. (Luke 22-43)

To put things into perspective we can think how everything changes; growth/transformation embraces all beings – evolution is working not only in humanity but in the ‘gods’. When the Archangel Michael got promoted to Archai, the being known as Vidar, who used to be associated with the Northern Mysteries, stepped into Michael’s position as ruling Archangel of the Sun, becoming Universal in his service, cosmopolitan like Michael.

According to Rudolf Steiner Vidar, could have become an Archangel long before that, but he took the path of renunciation, of silence – listening & waiting – building up forces, until 1879; only then did Vidar take the place vacated by Michael, to work specifically with the Christ during the 2nd crucifixion in the etheric.

The silent Aesir now speaks. Vidar’s task is essential for our present age; he creates the etheric sheath for the Being of Christ, so that we can develop a new clairvoyance to perceive & receive this Etheric Christ.

Vidar wants to work with us to achieve the necessary formative forces needed to conquer the many Ahrimanic & Luciferic influences that plague us today – So that we can attain a level of super-sensible acuity to work with Christ in our own etheric bodies.

Vidar will guide us so that we too can become Christ bearers – creating CHRISTOPHOROS ( Χριστόφορος ) in us.

Vidar was with us in the Michael School & the super-sensibile Cultus, & he helps us now & into the future, to put these lessons into practice with discernment; making us ready to achieve access to all the ethers: warmth, light, sound, life. To consciously employ them – which will help us purify our astral body & transform our etheric body.

We will need these tools to meet the mystery of evil.

Elizabeth Wang

In our striving to harmonize our astral & etheric currents, we create new spiritual organs, described by Steiner in ‘How to Know Higher Worlds’ as an ‘etheric lattice’. This gives us a reflective apparatus for our pure thinking – allowing our thoughts to press or imprint directly into our ether body – creating an etheric bridge to the Christ – giving us access to cosmic memory & the gifts from the 5th sacrifice of Christ ie. the suffocation in the etheric attended by Vidar & the Nathan Soul – this sacrifice was the catalyst for our new clairvoyance!

Thruout this gathering I kept thinking: How can I bring these ideas back to my community. Right now in everyday practical terms my take away is that Vidar as Guardian of the etheric forces can brings us together in our various groups striving to live into the Spiritual Science of Christ-Sophia. We have to be aware that an elemental being will come & inhabit the etheric forms we create – consciously with Love & Light – or unconsciously thru what is adversarial in us…

Vidar as an Archangel for our time speaks with the language of Pentecost – the fires of purification & purpose. And thru the Holy Spirit connected to Anthroposophia we can work with Vidar in our search for the Holy Grail when we ask the Parzival question of each other, in a true mood of service & enthusiasm, so that when we are ripe we can become co-creators of a new Universe.   

To close Susan Overhauser, who has worked with this new Archangel for many years, gave us a powerful Vidar verse that she wrote. Come August I hope to host Susan here in Chicago for our newly created Vidar-mas Festival which we inaugurated last year on 20 August.

In my next essay I will get into the events of the afternoon & evening of NYE. Including insights into a magnificant performance of a new play by Glen Wiliamson & Laurie Portocarrero rightly entilted ‘Fire in the Temple’.

Thanks for tuning in…

Until soon ~hag

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler

At the Altar of the Heart
The soul’s creative power
from depths of heart aspires
to fire the forces of the gods
to right activity in human life
and form itself in human love
and human deeds.

and the mirror verse:
At the Altar of the Senses
The world’s light-glancing beauty
compels me from the depths of soul
to free the god-enwoven powers of my life
in cosmic flight, forsake myself
and trusting, seek myself
in worldwide cosmic light and warmth.

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Lucien Dante Lazar (b. Chicago, IL, 1994) is an interdisciplinary artist whose praxis is founded in the intersections of art, science, and spirituality. He received his BA from Bard College (2016), his MFA from California College of the Arts (2020), and is currently working on his PhD in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program at California Institute of Integral Studies. His dissertation will concern the pedagogy of spiritual development through the diversity of the arts.


The Mystery of Ascension with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

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When we tune into the Cycle of the Seasons, we experience that as the Earth breathes out in the Springtime, the beings of nature reach upwards towards the heights. The longing of the human soul also strives to meet this mood of ascension, which attunes all life to the cosmic expanses.

Together we will gain insights in how to rise up to our Higher Self by participating in this harmonizing spring-dialogue between the worlds.

This reconnection between heaven & earth was prefigured in the story of Jacob’s ladder from the Old Testament. Through his dream of the ‘stairway to heaven’, Jacob gave us a prophecy in the picture of a golden ladder on which choirs of Angels traverse between the ‘Above & Below’. The Mystery of the Ascension of Christ, 40 days after the Resurrection at Easter, fulfilled Jacob’s Prophecy. Christ as the Being of Love became the living bridge connecting us to the eternal.

Through this workshop we will learn how humanity will also be transfigured in the fullness of time. The company of the Angelic Hierarchies wait for us, their younger siblings, to ascend, first of all in our thinking, to meet them in fellowship, as they work all the while by our sides.

35 thoughts on “Vidar Speaks

  1. Rudolf Steiner’s own words, “it is not anthroposophical to accept a statement as dogma because this or that person made it, but it is anthroposophical to let oneself be stimulated by Spiritual Science, and to test what one receives by life itself”.

  2. Hi Hazel and Steve,

    This is a very interesting conversation going on. I hope I won’t confound the matter more by adding some thoughts into the mix.

    I don’t have any personal claim to have contact with Vidar, as some individuals say they do. Nor do I object to anyone’s findings on Vidar, for that matter. It is, as it seems, a mystery for us to discover, and find relevance in.

    There is something in this, however, that I feel is missing. Steiner never mentions it, but it is laid out in the Norse Myths. One thing that I’ve pondered on, is how the ancient people realized ‘time’. As such, Ragnarok is very ‘apocalyptic’ in nature. What might we learn from this in regards to our own time?

    Ragnarok was inevitable, and we also stand before a time that will come that is ‘also’ inevitable. If we speak about Vidar, then there is also his brother Vali, and then Thor’s two sons Magni and Modi. At least in Vidar and Vali’s case, they are both attributed to vengeance, and Vidar carried out vengeance on Fenris… who in one case has been likened to Ahriman – but I would take it further into liken it to mechanized, industrialized, modern society as we know it. If we really think about it, modern society can only survive a limited amount of ‘iterations’ before it implodes.

    My point is that there seems to be prophecy written in between the lines in the Myths. The four Aesir survive it, and lead a new age where killing ceases. That cannot possibly be something from past times – well, maybe the end of the Atlantean and beginning of the 5th post Atlantean Epoch – but also an indication of the completion of the Epoch in which we are in now.

    So why would Vidar be attributed to community? He is seen as the god of paternal dwelling, for one… but then Vengence. Why is this not talked about? Here is one indicator that many of us probably do not want to hear. As Steiner has alluded to in many places, that in the age of Oriphiel, followers of Michael will have to learn to serve under Oriphiel. Deemed, a ‘terrible’ age… and ‘terrible’ truths we have to face. In other words, Divine Wrath.

    I think we have to let go of the notion that modern society can be saved. It’s not to give up, but rather, make our actions based on the benefit for the future rather than the immediate ‘now’. I don’t want to come off as a pacifist, but the modern world as we know it is a bit out of control.

    However, to be hopeful, planting the seed for the ‘idea’ of a kind of community.. a different way of existing together, now this is something that can benefit future generations. I just think of this… that Philedelphia is only but a small band of people drawn from every race and tribe. Small band, not many… this is fringe, in other words. That as opposed to a great mass. So, Evil has its place, because it will draw out divine goodness when it is needed. A dark time can also be a time of miracles. But perhaps ‘how’ things will shake out in times to come is too horrific for us to see now.

    Well, I ‘personally’ didn’t mean to get dark there… but, yes, Oriphiel age… Divine Wrath… God of Vengeance and ‘community’? It does sound like to me, that Vidar has some role in the new race of Philadelphia. We are speaking of a ‘god’ that ripped open the jaws of Fenris.

    1. Hi Kyle – The question of how the ancient people (hey guess what that’s us, we were ‘them’;) realized ‘time’, is something I have also pondered.
      How Time itself is an entity, which is born, grows, changes, dies – & lives again…

      Born on Old Saturn, we learn from Spiritual Science that there was a shift from eternity to duration, to Time –
      & it has to do with the Archai – they are the Sprits of Time – The Time Spirits.

      And later we have the myths of Father Time & how he ate his young…
      Then We see the triple Goddess representing the Maiden, Mother, Crone which gives us the past, the present & the future…

      For us now it feels as if time really needs to be seen in relation to rhythms / patterns,
      & this is the essence of the Etheric, which is connected with the Sun.
      So that is why when the Cosmic Christ left the Sun, our whole earth evolution experienced a ‘Turning point of Time’.

      With the advent of this turning point, what was written by the ‘inevitable’ hands of fate is changed –
      Destiny is in our own hands now more & more – in the hands of people holding hands – forming communities where vengeance & killing must cease –
      Where the ‘paternal dwelling’ becomes instead, the arms of the Dove –

      What Vidar was, no longer applies, He serves the Christ in the etheric now
      & the etheric is a space we all inhabit – thus the community aspect must be fostered.

      As The Book of Revelation reveals: the Apocalypse is always now.

      When Oriphiel comes in we will adapt – bringing what we have gained thru the Michael ruler-ship as our communal task even in that future life.
      The wrath of god is harsh but it serves in its own way – another side of love – tough love. There is no need for Vengeance, just karmic atonement.

      To think materialistically about ripped open jaws & such, we miss the spiritual symbolism underneath – Remember the story of Samson & the jawbone of an ass? What does a jaw represent? How has the Wolf evolve…? Can we recognize the Wolf in sheep’s clothing…?

      Did you know that in the Christian Community service, after the communion of the bread & wine, the priest comes around & touches each person at the top of the jaw & says: “The Peace be with you”.

      Thank you for letting these pictures expand for us.

      You mention Philadelphia – I have been delighting in the fact that every time I go to the Camphills in Pennsylvania I fly into Philadelphia!


      1. I am really getting a lot from these two posts, Kyle and Hazel. It really is appreciated. Early in the new year, it could prove to be important in the “game-changer” that we need today. Building community seems to be the leitmotiv here, and it would have to be so in order for the possibility of a solution to the impending crisis. I have heard about the forming of “islets in the stream”, which would house those of the so-called ‘Order of the Good’, against the onslaught of the strife that is said to follow the 7th Cultural epoch. Would not Camphill Kimberton, and Beaver Run, be communities built already along these lines? Of course, they have practical value today, but is this something that already has a built-in future?

        I am reminded of the strife that Jesus experienced when he met the Essene colony in Palestine as a young man. They had built a community that was perfect in every detail, and lived the good and holy life every day, with piety and charity, and yet, Jesus found that they did one thing that he could not understand, nor approve of. They cast out Lucifer and Ahriman, which meant that they inflicted them on the outside world. Jesus saw this as an added burden to a world that was already in conflict at the time, and this was two thousand years ago. He felt that the world needs to embrace Lucifer and Ahriman for whatever they yield in the overall spiritual progression of humanity. Yet, these Essenes really bothered him. Such was one of the great struggles of Jesus in preparing for a mission that he was bewildered by at the time. So, I am wondering about Community Building today, with these thoughts in mind. Do we create these so-called ‘islets in the Sun’, or do we simply face the facts of today’s world, and try to add our light to the sum of light? Billy Kwan asked this question from the Bhagavad Gita at a time of extreme strife, c. 1965 Indonesia.

        I certainly hope for the community building that Hazel makes for her adventure in this life. She is an inspiration, and allows for one of the very last places for this kind of fair exchange to occur. Good luck and good fortune in California, Hazel.

        1. I don’t see building islands at all. I agree about the Essenes. CG & I have been working with the 5th Gospel since the Holy Nights, studying together every evening.
          To me it’s more about many consecrated vortexes consciously co-created where 2 or more are gathered, that connect ethericly.

          1. Consecrated vortexes, I like that characterization for it. I only mention the islets or island concept because I seem to remember Dr. Steiner indicating something along this line for the inevitability of the future. I would wholeheartedly agree with a more expanded availability of an active dynamic of salvation toward world conversion. The Spirits of Personality are now in possession of the Creator Powers ever since the Spirits of Form turned the Staff over to Them. This fact has created many challenges to face, and the formative, shape making, way of thinking is the only means to really effectively think this all through to the right achievement.

            1. You’ve really expressed this wonderfully: “…the formative, shape making, way of thinking is the only means to really effectively think this all through to the right achievement..”
              Thank you

      2. Hi Hazel,

        I am starting to get some strong vibrationals here from Kyle’s description from the Norse legend involving Vidar, and another story that comes much later. Ragnarok would indicate what we know to be the demise of the Lemurian epoch by fire and volcanic eruptions. This has the effect of setting the epoch. The figures that Kyle describes from the Myth involving Vidar are very reminiscent of a story that is cast much later and described in the Old Testament as the Book of Ruth. As such, Odin in the Norse legend is recast as Elimelech, who had the two sons, Chilion and Machlon, and whereby they left Bethlehem as a divine community, for the supposed security of Moab on the east side of the Jordan river. Now, Kyle also indicates the brothers, Vidar and Vali, and this could be related to Boaz and Jachin, which is made the main subject of the Book of Ruth. As such, Jachin (Vali) is the occult figure here who held the inheritance, but had a higher calling, and so gave Ruth into the hands of Boaz. There is even an occult seal picture that depicts this important event. I think it is the fourth.

        So, these are important indications. Later, we would see the daughter of Jairus raised after the woman with the blood hemorrhage touches the gown of Christ. This also comes from the Book of Ruth, in relation to the one who married Boaz, and the one who returned to Bethlehem in order to secure the deal. Steiner indicates in the Gospel of Luke lectures that this event of healing involved a deep karmic bond from the past. That is why He and His three and the mother and father were only allowed in.

        We have a later incarnation of these two in the era in which the Hundred Years War took place. Hazel knows of this, and it has come again into the center of thought.

        1. There’s also Magni and Modi, Thor’s sons, who inherited Mjollnir. Now, I’ve seen Michael attributed by some to Thor, saying they are one in the same. So where does this place Magni and Modi in the scheme of things… that is… if Michael and Thor are on in the same?

          I don’t mean to confound the matter, but it’s just something I’m wondering about here.

          1. James and John were called “Boanerges”, or Sons of Thunder, and inherited as two of the twelve disciples of Christ.

            13 And He went up on the mountain and summoned those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him. 14 And He appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach, 15 and to have authority to cast out the demons. 16 And He appointed the twelve: Simon (to whom He gave the name Peter), 17 and James, the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James (to them He gave the name Boanerges, which means, “Sons of Thunder”); 18 and Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon the Zealot; 19 and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him. Mark 3

            1. haha, I just read that yesterday. I have been reading the various Gospels & am back to Mark…

              Tonight will be my last chance to check this before I go away…I return 1 Feb. 2023

      3. Hi Hazel,

        Atonement is a great word for it, rather than Vengence. I see what you mean there. Well, I can’t agree with you enough that we will have to adapt in next incarnations.

        Now, even though there are many stresses one can endure today, we are in a relative time of peace. I’m only saying ‘relative’ because of what Steiner has urged us to realize about the importance of us developing ourselves to the fullest we can as Human, in our Earth incarnations… that seems to be a priority now.

        I can’t pull up the lecture at the moment, but every individual (and I’m speaking generally here), has to be honest with themselves about their virtues. Activism can go both ways, it can also lead to a kind of dystopia if it is carried too far.

        I guess what I’m trying to say, is that much of what anthroposophists would like to see manifest in the world today can only go so far. Not to say that everyone need to be a doomsayer, so to speak, but think way ahead in terms of multiple incarnations.

        I understand the ripping of jaws is not meant to be taken literally, or materialistially. But Vidar is known as a survivor. In my own naivety, I don’t understand what is meant by him being the guardian of the threshold of the Etheric, but I’m under the impression that any being working for Good is on the side of Christ anyway (ie, Kaspar Hauser, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, etc).

        In regards to Oriphiel, this kind of thought love, it’s is implied and even stated that now is the time to prepare oneself to be able to serve mankind in the proper way during that time.

        Vidar strikes me more of a god of Japan than Scandinavia. He resembles more of a zen Buddhist Samurai, who is still at peace even when in battle. We can only guess what the reality of things will be like in times to come, but I am under the impression that the ‘impulse’ is something akin to not running away from the frontline. That is, a community is only worth cultivating if it serves the greater good – as in, those in need who are still under the grips of adversarial forces – rather than an inside circle of people who get along with each other and share the same ideals. Anthroposophists may not be meant to be only associated with anthroposophists. That makes the karma that much more difficult.

        1. Just as Michael was once associated with the Persians as Marduk, & with Jehovah, now we don’t speak of him as a Persian god or as the countenance of Jehovah; & so it is that we can’t pigeon-hole Vidar with any one tribe or nation, now that he has risen to the rank of Archangel of the Sun – he is like Michael – Cosmopolitan – Universal – working with the Christ – His special task being to help reveal the etheric Christ.

          1. That’s a great point. Names are names and not meant to pigeonhole the Being itself, as in Vidar’s case.

            I guess what I am wondering about, and perhaps Steve was questioning this too, is how did Vidar get ascribed as the regent of the Sun? I’m not contending that necessarily, I’m just kind of surprised it has been an accepted belief. Now, I don’t mean to use the word ‘belief’ here as a blanket statement… but there is a difference concerning how such knowledge is ascertained. That’s my question about it. For it appears that this came from individuals who say they ‘speak’ directly to Vidar. Now, call me a sceptic, but unless there is any other way one can come to this same conclusion, then we are going off of an assumed ability by one or few individuals who have claimed authority based on a ‘gift’.

            I hope I’m clear on that, for I am wondering how one can personally ascertain this rather than going by – “because so and so said this” kind of thing. And again, it not to say I disagree, but I also don’t know what I would be ‘agreeing’ to in the first place unless there is some strong implication that this Being took Michale’s place.

            1. Thank you, Yes, I totally agree, we don’t want to take anyone’s word for things or make anything into a belief.
              I have always been wary of those who claim authority especially when it involves super-sensible abilities. I stick to Steiner.
              Even with Steiner who I know is a great initiate, I am always trying to put things to the test, run ideas thru my own thinking, ask questions.
              And yes, that bibliography I shared was my way of using the resources of Spiritual science to put the pieces together for myself.
              This kind of New Mystery wasn’t meant to be handed to us by Steiner so that it is simply something we quote.
              It’s about clues & innuendo & putting pieces together. And meditating on it – Asking, always asking for spiritual guidance.

              For me the clincher is the connection with Buddha’s angel. It feels right that this being would move into the Regency of the Sun. But I agree that we cannot compare this young Archangel with Michael – even though Michael was considered an Archangel his duties were much more vast – holding the Countenance of Christ & being the choir master of the Cosmic Intelligence.

              I am will continue to ponder & investigate. Our Vidar-mas Festival was an interesting experiment.

          2. I’m impressed with the idea that Vidar could be likened to the hero of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna, who was a fighting warrior that simply got fed up with shedding blood for blood and wanted to put the sword in the sheath forever, and be at peace. Krishna calls him up and teaches him that there will be no peace until certain divinely decreed objectives are met, like the one that he is fighting for, which is his duty to fulfill in life. Krishna also exhorts him to practice Yoga, and achieve the Satwa condition, which is the guna that represents equipoise, or harmonious balance. So, he learns Yoga and becomes a Man among men, living in the knowledge that he is doing his duty, while wielding the sword at the same time.

          3. Hi Hazel, I’m not sure my reply went through – kind of slow connection here on my part. But in short of what I wanted to ask, is how has the knowledge of the role of Vidar as Archangel of the Sun been ascertained? I am only asking this, not to disagree, but to see for myself.

            My understanding is that in some part, the mentioning of Vidar which became more or less spread amongst anthroposophical circles, began from someone actually ‘speaking’ with Vidar. I don’t have any issues with this, but, I do wonder how this has come about as a fact, due to one’s ability – and therefore, assumed authority perhaps? – rather than something that has been tried by others.

            Thanks for bearing with me on this!

            1. see my longer reply above…

              It’s true that recently with a certain strange cultish fervor something is working to bring this current attention to Vidar, & for me it is a big turn off. What perhaps you aren’t aware of, is that many of us have been quietly engaging with the clues that Buddha’s angel was promoted to Archangel for many years.

              1. Here is where this comes from concerning the Buddha’s angel being promoted, although it is very veiled, it seems.

                “And now I will remind you of something that I mentioned in the lectures I held here last time, the lectures where I spoke of the change in the function of the Buddha. And here too is the point where the next lecture will join on to to-day’s.

                To-day’s lecture may close with a question — a question that can arise in every soul and that will lead us from the important considerations which have occupied us to-day to considerations of still greater importance. When a promotion of Michael has been accomplished, when he has become the guiding Spirit of Western civilisation, who will take his place? The place must be filled. Everyone must say to himself: “Then some Angel must also have been promoted, and must enter the ranks of the Archangels. Who is it?”

                I will close with this question, a question, as I said, that leads to still more important considerations which must occupy us in the next lecture”.


                Note: The two lectures concerning the change of function of the Buddha are these:


              2. Thank you, Hazel. I’ll definitely refer to the bibliography you listed. Apologies for my slow internet connection from before.

                I have not explored This area concerning Buddha’s Angel. So this great stuff to work with. Thank you again

  3. Hi Hazel,

    I am intrigued by Susan Overhauser’s presentation on Vidar as a Guide in the Etheric.
    Rudolf Steiner spoke of Vidar here in the 11th lecture of his Mission of the Folk Souls:

    One item of importance is this, concerning the Buddha and the 12 year old Jesus. You had indicated, possibly from the presentation:

    “Steiner speaks about the Nirmanakaya of the Buddha with all its “Youthful forces” becoming the astral body of the Nathan Jesus when he was 12. These Youthful forces are a characteristic of Vidar & his work with the formative forces of the etheric”.

    It was actually the cosmic astral sheath that was stripped off when Jesus received his individual astral body that was sent up and incorporated by the Buddha’s Nirmanakaya. This is how the Buddha gained new “youthful forces” for his future mission on Mars. I will cite the passage from lecture 3, The Gospel of Luke:

    “Let us now consider what it is that is discarded at puberty. In Palestine and the neighbouring regions this point of time occurs normally at about the twelfth year — rather earlier than in lands farther to the West. In the ordinary way this protective astral sheath is cast off and given over to the outer astral world. In the case of the child who descended from the priestly line of the House of David, however, something different happened. At the age of twelve the astral sheath was cast off but did not dissolve in the universal astral world. Just as it was, as the protective astral sheath of the young boy, with all the vitalising forces that had streamed into it between the change of teeth and puberty, it now united with the Nirmanakaya of Buddha. The spiritual body that had once appeared to the shepherds as the radiant angelic host united with the astral sheath released from the twelve-year-old Jesus, united with all the forces through which the freshness of youth is maintained during the period between the second dentition and puberty. The Nirmanakaya which shone upon the Nathan Jesus-child from birth onwards united with the astral sheath detached from this child at puberty; it became one with this sheath and was thereby rejuvenated. Through this rejuvenation, what Buddha had formerly given to the world could be manifest again in the Jesus-child. Hence the boy was able to speak with all the simplicity of childhood about the lofty teachings of compassion and love to which we have referred to-day. When Jesus was found in the temple he was speaking in a way that astonished those around him, because he was enveloped by the Nirmanakaya of Buddha, refreshed as from a fountain of youth by the boy’s astral sheath”.

    1. I admit, I used the presentation as a springboard, much of what I wrote in ‘Vidar Speaks’ is from my own research.
      Thanks for the clarification on the amazing complexity involved in the incarnation of Jesus & Buddha.

      Here was the annoucment from August:
      Dear freinds – Anthroposophy gives us the opportunity to work with the Cycle of the Year as a modern path of Initiation into the New Mysteries. In our striving we not only renew, but we are being called from the future to co-create entirely new Festivals.

      Join us in doing Spiritual Scientific research into the Being called Vidar –
      Vidar-mas? – An exploration that may perhaps lead into a new Festival for this Archangel of our Time.

      Having received insights from Are Thoresen at the Rudolf Steiner Branch, Chicago last week, we are taking up our own research into the new Archangel Vidar, who stands as Guardian to the Threshold of the Etheric Realm, in protection of the Nathan Soul, opening the Northern Stream of Initiation to those who would approach the Etheric Christ . In a recent spiritual experience, Are Thoresen suggested that August 20th may be the Feast Day of Vidar..?

      All are invited to join us, where ever you are, in reading a lecture by Rudolf Steiner which brings to life this new Archangel Vidar.

      We welcome your feedback as to whether or not August 20th resonates as a new Feast Day that we might call Vidar-mas..?

      THE MISSION OF FOLK-SOULS, GA 121, Lecture XI, 17 June 1910, Christiania

      Meeting in-person at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago or wherever you are
      20 August 2022, at 5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm PT

      From Maverick a student of Astrosophy: “On the sheets given us by the Star House called “Sun Chronicle of the Christ Events”, Aug. 20th shows the Sun in sidereal longitude at 2 to 3 degrees in Leo – where the Sun is at home in the sign it rules. The Christ events occurring then are: Aug.20th – the conversation at Jacob’s well (so the 1st time Christ Jesus revealed to anyone other than the disciples that He was the Messiah), and Aug. 20/21st – the raising of Lazarus from the dead.

      ~Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator for the Rudolf Steiner Branch, Chicago

      Dear friends – As Anthroposophers we are called to do active Spiritual Scientific research, not take any persons word for anything. So being that the Festival Life can be a path of initiation into the New Mysteries, we thought to explore this Being Vidar further in connection to our task in this age of understanding the etheric Christ, which Rudolf Steiner speaks about in GA 121, the lecture we will study together today. By doing so we are in no way suggesting that we are to replace Michael as the Time Spirit holding the Zeitgeist of the age, or that this exploration would in any way eradicate Michaelmas as the true Christian Festival that it is.

      Druidic gravestone of Vidar found in Niederdollendorf near Colonge

      “…The communications given out from Rosicrucian sources must be tested rather than believed, tested not superficially by the superficial methods of modern science, but ever more conscientiously…The more you test them, the more you will find them confirmed from this source. You must accept nothing on authority. The best students of Spiritual Science are those who take what is said as a stimulus in the first place and test it by the facts of life itself. For in life too, at every stage of life, you can test what is given out from the sources of Rosicrucianism. It is far from my intention in these lectures to lay down dogmas and claim that the facts are such and such and must be believed. Verify them by an exchange of views with people of able and active mind and you will find confirmation of what has been said as a prophetic indication of the future manifestation of Christ. You need only open your eyes and verify it objectively; we make no appeal to belief in authority. This need to test everything received from Spiritual Science should become a kind of basic attitude permeating our whole approach.

      I should like to impress upon you, therefore, that it is not anthroposophical to accept a statement as dogma on the authority of this or that person; but it is truly anthroposophical to allow oneself to be stimulated by Spiritual Science and to verify what is communicated by life itself.” ~Rudolf Steiner, THE MISSION OF THE INDIVIDUAL FOLK SOULS, GA 121, 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda. Twilight of the Gods. Vidar and the new Revelation of Christ, 17 June 1910, Oslo

      1. I remember this from Maverick about the August 20th time frame:

        “From Maverick a student of Astrosophy: “On the sheets given us by the Star House called “Sun Chronicle of the Christ Events”, Aug. 20th shows the Sun in sidereal longitude at 2 to 3 degrees in Leo – where the Sun is at home in the sign it rules. The Christ events occurring then are: Aug.20th – the conversation at Jacob’s well (so the 1st time Christ Jesus revealed to anyone other than the disciples that He was the Messiah), and Aug. 20/21st – the raising of Lazarus from the dead”.

        Then, I had to take a leave of absence for awhile and didn’t even get to read the lecture from Mission of the Folk Souls. This seems to be the key in the Vidar focus. Yet, recent research revisited has also come up with another candidate for Michael’s replacement as Archangelic Regent of the Sun. I can’t remember how much of it was brought forth here, and I had no idea that this subject was going to go any further. It involves a deep dive into the real nature and significance of Kaspar Hauser, who is the icon of the Camphill movement. First, I’ll read the Vidar lecture. Steiner seems to have never referred to Vidar again until the opening of a Vidar branch in December 1913, ref. GA 150, lecture 8.



          Suggested Reading:

          The Four Sacrifices of Christ, Rudolf Steiner
          Pre Earthly Deeds of Christ, Rudolf Steiner
          The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation, Sergei O. Prokofieff
          The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric Rudolf Steiner
          The Mission of the Folk Souls Rudolf Steiner
          The Mission of The Earth, Wonder, Compassion and Conscience, The Christ Impulse Rudolf Steiner
          Foundations of Esotericism Rudolf Steiner
          The Gospel of Mathew Rudolf Steiner
          The Gospel of Luke Rudolf Steiner
          The spiritual nature of Maya. Krishna — the Light-Halo of Christ. The Risen One. Rudolf Steiner
          The Bhagavad-Gita
          The Ramayana
          Newborn Might and Strength Everlasting[1] Rudolf Steiner
          [1] Rudolf Steiner The spiritual nature of Maya. Krishna — the Light-Halo of Christ. The Risen One.
          [2] Rudolf Steiner Leading Thoughts page 52
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          [6] Edward Shure The Great Initiates page 43 & 79
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          [10] Rudolf Steiner Esoteric and Exoteric Christianity
          [11] As above
          [12] Rudolf Steiner Pre Earthly Deeds of Christ
          [13] Rudolf Steiner Newborn Might and Strength Everlasting
          [14] Edward Reaugh Smith The Burning Bush footnote page 51
          [15] Rudolf Steiner Foundations of Esotericism
          [16] Rudolf Steiner The Gospel of Mathew page 96
          [17] Rudolf Steiner Egyptian Myths and Mysteries
          [18] Rudolf Steiner The Mission of Folk Souls
          [19]A lecture has been brought to my attention (I am as yet to ascertain which lecture in particular) in which Rudolf Steiner stated that the book of Enoch contained all the names of Archangels involved in earthly evolution and that the archangel ‘Ramael’ either appears there as a fallen angel or does not appear at all. Taking this as at face value let us look at the former. In various translations of the book of Enoch and this includes the Slavonic and Ethiopic I have found no mention of Ramael. There are similar names such as Rameel, Ramlel, Rumael or Remiel in Aramaic Ramel. To illustrate some of the difficulties that can be encountered when looking at a fragment such as the book of Enoch let us look at Remiel. Remiel is said to be known by other names: Phanuel, Uriel Yerahmeel or Jeremiel. Remiel is depicted as one of the leaders of the fallen angels in one part of the fragment of Enoch (ch 6) and at another part he is one of the seven angels that stand before God alongside Michael (ch.20) (From the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament RH Charles Oxford). This has apparently caused much controversy in the Theosophical world. Also, Remiel is the angel that in the Apocalypse of Baruch battles the sons of darkness and destroys the hosts of Sennacherib – a feat also credited to Uriel, Michael Gabriel and others. In this Apocalypse he is also known as the angel who presides over true visions, he is the one whom ‘God raises up’ or the angel of hope. We may not confuse the above names with Ramael however, who is a ‘young archangel’ having attained to his rank only in 1879. On the later, that the name of Ramael does not appear at all, it is interesting to note that Spiritual Science has elucidated that in the sphere of providence there are 12 Bodhisattvas guided by twelve Archangelic beings – we might wonder why the book of Enoch makes mention of only seven, in some cases only six? It can be seen then that it becomes very important to know which translation of Enoch Rudolf Steiner was referring to and even then the only way to understand what is left to us of the fragment of Enoch and the confusion in the various translations, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, Ethiopian and Slavonic, is through a direct spiritual perception of the book of Enoch acquired by a rigorous application of the indications given to us by Rudolf Steiner. It is only then that we discover the truth of the matter.
          The argument may be raised that Rudolf Steiner never mentioned another name in connection with Buddha’s angel Vidar in any of his lectures, however it is also a fact that he omitted to mention the names of other important beings, and in this particular case it becomes increasingly clear that it points to an interesting mystery. Firstly the mystery lies in a trinity, there are three names that are purposefully omitted.
           The name of the Archai or the spirit of the Greek age who renounced his move up in rank as a spirit of Form to become the guiding being for Exoteric Christianity.
           The name of the Archangel who renounced his move up to the rank of Archai to become the guiding being of Esoteric Christianity.
           The name of the angel who renounced becoming Archangel so that he could become the guardian and guide of the Nathan soul.
          What could be the reason for this? There may be many reasons, two of which are; firstly Rudolf Steiner may have been leaving these things to the research of others. Secondly, the answer may lie in that he may not have been permitted to make mention of the names of these supremely important beings at that particular time – I am not as yet clear on this point.
          Having said this, we play into the hands of Ahriman if we allow semantics to get in the way of the message, for Rudolf Steiner states in ‘The Festivals and their meaning – Michael Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha “We call Beings by such names (referring to Michael Gabriel etc), for the nane is in no way the essential thing.” (Let us not forget that the Archangel Michael was known as Marduk by the Persians) going on to say that we must not become rigidly attached to ‘abstract name labels’ but that we must come to know the beings themselves and their tasks. On the other hand, he also said in his lectures titled The Mission of Folk Souls in page 141 that in the moment one recognises that a being must be called by a certain name (in this case he was referring to Buddha) “then that should be unreservedly done, quite regardless of whether this is sympathetic to one or not: it is not a question of sympathy or antipathy, but of the truth of the facts”. Lastly we must remember that nothing should be taken on authority as in Rudolf Steiner’s own words, “it is not anthroposophical to accept a statement as dogma because this or that person made it, but it is anthroposophical to let oneself be stimulated by Spiritual Science, and to test what one receives by life itself”. Taking this into account what I have postulated about Ramael should simply be food for thought.

          [20] Rudolf Steiner, The Mission of The Earth, Wonder, Compassion and Conscience, The Christ Impulse
          [21] F.W. Zeylmans Van Emmichoven The foundation Stone

          1. I remember losing a couple of months since August 20th, when Maverick’s astrosophy assessment was my last memory. Yet, do I really need to review all these lectures? I was only pointing out that Vidar has very few reference-points as compared to Michael’s Sun regency. Yet, we have been talking about a possibly more intimate relationship between Uriel, Archangel of Earth, and Vidar for the future. They could be talking to each other. The matter would be the concern of Etheric regeneration.

            1. I simply shared these resource materials to show that there are many more indications into Vidar and the progression of roles with other Spiritual Beings etc. than the 1 Folk Soul lecture that everyone rests on…

              1. Indeed, but I could have save you the trouble. It is when definition becomes more refined that we need to lay out the red carpet, so to speak. This has happened. None of the sources you cite are anywhere near it, and that is why it is still just a list.

              2. Ouch –
                Ah but how would you know – unless you yourself have endeavored to fly on that magic carpet –
                or have walked in my shoes…
                What only appears to be a ‘list’ – to an unrefined eye – may indeed be a treasure –
                Checking it off will never find the X that marks the spot.
                And of course what is treasured must be rooted up…
                For the surface does not define the prize.
                A resource must become a search, interpreted in the sublime.

                “Dresser des listes est l’une des plus anciennes activités du poète.” ~Jorge Luis Borges

              3. Hi Hazel,

                I realize that the subject matter needs to be gone into in depth. I have studied many of these courses over the last 35 years, and all with the developing trend of the 10//10 thought seed and formative thinking. This is no discouragement for identifying Vidar’s special place, and I am enthusiastic for finding it. I said that already. I was excited last August. I simply have some issues, and one of these I would like possibly to touch upon later.

                I can speak for a special study I did recently concerning Kaspar Hauser, and this is essentially separate from Vidar. With the ‘ouch’ remark, I feel that lists like this can be very discouraging, like finding a needle in a haystack. Many would simply give up the quest and never look back. Anthroposophy is for clarification in every respect. I want you to tell me everything you know, feel, and believe. That is how I write, and tell.

              4. I do tell everyhting. It is there. I share it.
                I just thought it would be interesting to also report the resources behind the work,
                not to lead a goosechase of bury the needle, but to reveal part of the process

              5. If these are your sources, it would be like Steiner going over the Nietzsche library in the very house in Naumberg where the catatonic man with the lively mind still lived, or the Goetheanum archive where Steiner’s original research is held in so many books used as inspiration for his lectures. I am a big fan of browsing libraries, and yours would be very interesting to look at, and possibly see your rough notes and underlined passages, etc. This obviously gives a whole new meaning to it, in terms of reading from the researcher.

                I wonder who has that first edition copy of Philosophy of Freedom that Steiner sent personally to Eduard von Hartmann, and got back fairly quickly with marginal notes from beginning to end. Steiner discusses this in his autobiography. He was so disappointed. Why? Because Hartmann simply “didn’t get it”.

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