Greetings – On Saturday 20 August 2022, a group of us met in the Upper Room of the Rudolf Steiner Branch, Chicago, to explore the idea of co-creating a New Festival called Vidarmas to acknowledge the Archangel Vidar, in connection to our need to experience ‘The Etheric Christ‘ which is our task in this age.

We opened with the recitation of a Poem by ~Mac Andrew called ‘Woden and the Grail‘:

And Odin hung for nine days
from the Earth’s One Tree,
his eye gouged for wisdom gained,
a loss so he could see.

He waited long upon this throne
as Godlike days passed.
For the future he’d wait to see;
how to make his time last.

The One-God was coming
for this was surely told
but how to manage tomorrow
for the long lost Gods of old.

His wolves, and horse, and crows
they stood and gathered near
looking long for his wisdom
against the lives they held so dear.

Then Odin smiled upon the ninth day
for the answer there did lie
within the Earthen Tree
he had helped himself to tie.

Lowered now to the ground,
sodden by his many tears,
he drew nigh his greatest friends
those who waited the many years.

Turning to the tree he drew
deep from within its heart
a living chalice made of wood
from which to make a start.

Come my friends gather round
and for the past do not wail
as we hold the future steady now
within this Earthen Holy Grail.

While Lucien wrote on the black board, I shared a few leading thoughts gleaned from my work with Prokofieff’s indications encapsulating the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner in his amazing book: “The Cycle of the year as a Path of Initiation Leading to an Experience of the Christ Being, An Esoteric Study of the Festivals” – the 12th & final chapter on: “The Modern Mysteries of the Etheric Christexpounding onThe Vidar Mystery”.

Druidic ‘gravestone’ of Vidar found in Niederdollendorf near Colonge

a few Highlights:
“This individuality of Wotan or Odin (who Steiner calls an Archangel) is the same as the one who later appeared with the same mission under the name Buddha”. (GA105 August 14 1908)

“When the Buddha appeared to the shepherds in the picture of the ‘heavenly host’, he was not in a physical body but in an astral body. He had assumed a body in which he could still send his influences to the Earth….This body is called a Nirmanakaya’. ” (GA 114, 17 September 1909)

Every human being has a guardian angel; before Siddhārtha became the Gautama-Buddha he had one too. When he achieved Buddhahood his angel was ‘freed’ & went on to work with the Christ thru the pre-earthly deeds & with the Nathan Soul who then incarnated as the Luke Jesus. You can read about this angel in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 & in Matthew 1:18–25.

Steiner speaks about the Nirmanakaya of the Buddha with all its “Youthful forces” becoming the astral body of the Nathan Jesus when he was 12.

It is the Buddha’s’ Angel, who we later learn is Vidar, who comes to the aid of the etheric body of Christ Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when the Ahrimanic death forces were threatening to kill the body before Christ’s deed on Golgotha was completed. “An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him”. (Luke 22-43)

According to Rudolf Steiner in 1879 the Angel of Gautama Buddha ascends into the sphere of the Archangels, taking the place vacated by Michael, who at this time completes his ascent to the rank of Archai. This angel being then went on to work with the Christ in the etheric.

Then we went around & read together Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture THE MISSION OF FOLK-SOULS, GA 121,, Lecture XI, 17 June 1910, Christiania – Here is a powerful quote from our study:

All these details which are set forth in the ‘Twilight of the Gods’, correspond with that which is to appear to humankind in a newer etheric vision, which in reality refers to the future. The Fenris Wolf will still remain. Oh, there is a deep, deep truth concealed in this account of the Fenris Wolf remaining behind in conflict with Odin. In the near future of humankind there will be no danger so great as the tendency to remain satisfied with the old clairvoyance, — instead of developing the new by means of new forces — the danger that humanity might be tempted to remain satisfied with what the old astral clairvoyance of primal ages could give, namely, soul-pictures such as that of the Fenris Wolf. It would also be a severe trial for that which has to grow up in the domain of Anthroposophy, if in that, the tendency towards all sorts of confused, chaotic clairvoyance should arise…

Something very different must come in. And what that is, is, however, known to Celtic-Germanic-Norse mythology — it is well aware of its existence. It knows, that there exists the etheric form in which will embody that which we shall once again see as the etheric form of Christ. And this alone will succeed in driving out the confused clairvoyant power which would bewilder humankind…
Vidar, who has kept silence all the time, will overcome the Fenris Wolf. That also is told us in the ‘Twilight of the Gods’.

Anyone who recognizes the importance of Vidar and feels him in their soul, will find that beginning in the twentieth century the capacity can again be given to humanity with which to see Christ.

Vidar, who belongs to us all, will again stand before the human being. Vidar was kept secret in the Mysteries and secret Schools as a god who would receive his mission only in the future.”

We had lively discussions throughout the evening. Then to get us up on our feet to vibrate from our lips & lungs, Lucien Dante Lazar & Ultra-Violet Archer of The Musical initiative: Velsum: Voices of Ancient Futurism brought us a song they wrote for the occasion.

Come upon us.
Give us your trust.

Let us meet you in the threshold.
Let us know you in the Light.
Let us carry forth your banner
In selfless might!

Come upon us.
Give us your trust.

In the flowing of the spirit
From the Northern sickle moon,
We will harvest your new impulse
In joyous truth!

Come upon us.
Give us your trust.

Lucien & Ultra invited us to co-write a 3rd verse; so folks pop-corned ideas, & we will work more with that for our next gathering…

Here are the links to the recordings of the song they taught us.

Lucien suggested we end by doing a group poem, each going around saying 1 word. Here is what came forth from our collective efforts for our closing verse: “Speak from the light wherein resolution leads to our hearts fulfillment of the Etheric Christ with courage.”

Vidar at the gates of Shambala by Daniel Ospina

Daniel Ospina the artist of this amazing painting held a meeting at the same time in Ireland where they also read the lecture. The invitation was taken up by other branches including one in Colombia as well. If you dear reader have also taken up this impulse to know Vidar, please share your insights. Let’s keep this knowing going.

Many Thanks to Are Thoresen for sparking our interest in this Being whose powerful mission is calling us to participate.

May the Spiritual Scientific Research that we began into the Festival we are calling Vidarmas, continue to thrive.

~Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator for the Rudolf Steiner Branch, Chicago

4 thoughts on “Vidarmas

  1. Hi Hazel,

    I’m surprised that Vidar’s own words (through Steiner) in lecture 11 were not mentioned as a clue to a festival date:

    Steiner: “And if higher spiritual forces are to be awakened in mankind, which we shall certainly see realized in the future, then to use the words of Vidar, the Aesir who has been silent until now, he will become the active friend of cooperative work, of cooperative endeavour.”

    Lammas, the wheat harvest, has always been a time of cooperative endeavor. There may be other dates which have the power to enhance cooperative endeavor, but I don’t know them offhand.

    Good luck in all your endeavors!

    With gratitude, M

  2. To enjoin Vidar green house growing Nathan Soul seeding Sacrifice Beatitudes en embody ing.
    Magdalena’s Love embodiment and Resurrection, your prayer for our time Buddha’s sacrifice Earthly Compassion preparing through Mar’s Crucifixion

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