Who is Like God?

Greetings on this the fixed date start of the Michaelmas Season. The arrival of autumn always signifies a test. Are we willing to breathe in, after the out-breath of Summer? Are we willing to consciously harvest all the sense perceptions we have gathered? Are we willing to preserve & begin to digest all these life forces which we have received, giving us the reserves we need to courageously go into the dark of the year?

Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis

Around the Fall Equinox, when the Sun enters the constellation of Virgo, our morality is tested – & in Libra; the sign of the scales, human beings are indeed weighed on that stern measure. Will our inner strength hold up, when the support of nature is withdrawn?

During the growing season nature supports our human consciousness, it’s a gift given to us from the cosmos; but for the harvest we must work to fashion our own self-consciousness, if we are to remain inwardly awake.

Spiritual Science tells us that human consciousness is ever evolving. Less than 150 years ago, 143 to be exact, humanity experienced a huge shift in consciousness.

And so it was, around the end of the 19th century, that the fixed date of September 29th came to be called: ‘The Feast Day of St. Michael & All the Heavenly Hosts’.

The old legends always preface the famous story of the battle against the dragon, with an enumeration of the 9 angelic realms, with Michael standing before us as the King & herald of all the hierarchies.

And so as we strive to create the Festival of the future – which we call Michaelmas, we are invited to stand in balance between the light & the dark, to look back to the fruits of the past, & to prepare by looking to what is coming toward us from the future.

To look where we have been, & to where we are going. To contemplate the angelic choirs – that we may look to our future selves – that we may think, here & now, that step by step, we can courageously build our own strong & steady rung on the ladder of evolution, teaching us to count the human being as the 10th hierarchy.  It is to this that the mighty Sun-Being Michael directs our gaze.

Vlad Apetrei & Irene Olid

But who is this powerful spiritual being? Rudolf Steiner has given us many indications. For day let’s start by looking at the name. Michael, is a question, for it means ‘Who is like god’? Questions are good, they help us think. But how can we possibly experience this earnest Sun-Being?

Well, we can sense his forces in the meteor showers that start in late August & go thru November. We can witness the power of Michael behind the shooting stars, strengthening our blood with cosmic iron, waging war there against anxiety, fear & hate, creating an inner process that penetrates our earthly thoughts with cosmic Thoughts – that our hearts may begin to have thoughts. And so it is that today I want to make a small attempt at understanding what spiritual science calls Imaginative cognition, or Heart-Thinking.

And we can start by asking a question. How can humanity, the Earth citizen, become once more a citizen of the Cosmos? – Well, it certainly won’t be by head-thinking alone. For in the intellect we are isolated from the world, isolated from the cosmos, because everyone has their own head; & in that head, their own thoughts. But In Heart-Thinking it’s not like that. Imaginative cognition takes us further in our evolutionary journey. The mysterious German word, Gemüt, which Steiner uses to describe Heart-Thinking- means something like: ‘the mind warmed by a loving heart & stimulated by the soul’s imaginative power’.

It is not dependent solely on the head, but on the rhythmic system, bringing us back to where we belong, as a being in the cosmos. For in the cosmos rhythm holds sway. You’ve heard of the ‘Music of the Spheres’ right? -Everything in sync, harmonious, in perfect balance. Until…

Gustave Doré

Once upon a time, another high spiritual being stood in his appointed place in the choir, looking up the ladder to the highest hierarchies with the thought, ‘hmm it sure would be nice to be god. It would be easy to enslave all these do-gooders. Maybe I’ll just cut the line’.

So with some other minions this being endeavored to storm the gates of heaven. Well needless to say, Michael, along with other Sun-Beings, felt the commotion coming from this agitated thinking. So Michael, as choir master, guardian of the Cosmic Intelligence=the power or intelligence that keeps the rhythms of the cosmos intact – had to hold the fort; & with the help of the other righteous angels, they cast the trouble makers out of heaven, in order to keep the Music of the Sphere’s harmonious.

And ironically because that high being wanted to rise higher, before its time, he actually fell back, becoming more hardened & densified, taking on what we would call, using the language of imagination, the super-sensible form of a serpent or dragon.

Elena Polenova

So there’s our famous story. But, you may ask, where is the dragon now?

Spiritual Science tells us that the dragon now lives within the human being.  The outer cosmic conflict of Michael & the Dragon was transferred to the inner human being, because only in human nature can the Dragon now find his sphere of action. But fear not my friends, because of that, Michael now works with us to fight the dragon within our human nature. Michael has given humanity the opportunity to take up the cosmic intelligence into our heart-thinking.

Remember that picture of the 9 Angelic Realms? Spiritual Science says we have a cosmic aim within world evolution linked with the further development of the elemental beings. These spirits behind nature, dwelling in the mineral, plant, & animal kingdoms, seek to rise to a higher existence in the evolutionary process, BUT this can only be accomplished by passing through human beings!

When we enter into a right relationship with them, (that’s what the true meaning of morality is: right relationship) when we use heart-thinking to awaken consciously to our experience of nature, enlivening our sense perceptions with wonder, awe & reverence, the elemental beings can attain to this higher stage of evolution.

Rudolf Steiner tells us that we can develop a Gemüt content to our thinking, which shows us how every blossom bears testimony to the existence of an enchanted elemental being within it; & that thru our Heart-Thinking we can learn to feel the longing in this elemental being hoping to be released by us, instead of being delivered up to the Dragon.

And so, my dear friends, this is what I wanted to bring to you today: The idea that Heart-Thinking, is the modern antidote to the dragon – Heart-Thinking which empowers our will to consciously receive sense impressions, to let in the Spiritual Sun; the source of the Resurrection-forces; which enable the human intelligence to unite again with the cosmic intelligence.

In the spirit-realms, Michael’s battle with the dragon has been concluded victoriously. It is here on earth that humanity still has to complete it, in alliance with Michael – Whose gesture is no longer only that of battle. He raises his hand beckoning. The hand that was stretched out aggressively, in a threatening manner against the adversarial forces, has changed in our time, & is now beckoning. We don’t kill the dragon folks, we tame it.

Our work today is to begin to feel this transformation reflected in Michael’s gesture. As Guardian of Cosmic Intelligence, Michael counts on us to become free human beings, that we may return this gesture in kind.

I leave you now with a question, Could this someday lead to a true healing of the adversarial forces? And finally: Who is like god?



Here is a short video from my free collection of many recordings: Michaelmas ‘The Festival of the Future’

Tomorrow I will continue with part 2 of ‘The Festival of Life Tour’.

29 September 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: As twilight fades, look southwest for the waxing crescent Moon — now with its horns fairly near vertical. Orange Antares is off to her left. Between them is white Delta Scorpii, second in brightness to Antares.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


The Feast Day of St. Michael All the Heavenly Hosts, also called MICHAELMAS

1227 – Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, is excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for his failure to participate in the Crusades. A man of extraordinary culture, energy, & ability Frederick II was called stupor mundi (the wonder of the world), by Nietzsche, also the first European, the first modern ruler – by many historians, Frederick established in Sicily & southern Italy a modern, centrally governed kingdom with an efficient bureaucracy.

He was a King of Germany, of Italy, & Burgundy. His other royal title was King of Jerusalem by virtue of marriage & his connection with the Sixth Crusade.

He was frequently at war with the Papacy, hemmed in between Frederick’s lands in northern Italy & his Kingdom of Sicily (the Regno) to the south. Pope Gregory IX went so far as to call him an Antichrist.

Speaking six languages (Latin, Sicilian, German, French, Greek & Arabic, Frederick was an avid patron of science & the arts. He played a major role in promoting literature through the Sicilian School of poetry. His Sicilian royal court in Palermo, saw the first use of a literary form of an Italo-Romance language, Sicilian. The poetry that emanated from the school had a significant influence on literature & on what was to become the modern Italian language.

He was also the first king who explicitly outlawed trials by ordeal as they were considered irrational.

Renaissance Master Caravaggio Didn't Die of Syphilis, but of Sepsis | Live  Science

1571 – Birthday of Caravaggio, Italian painter

1717 – An earthquake strikes Antigua Guatemala, destroying much of the city’s architecture & making authorities consider moving the capital to a different city

David Newbatt.

1812- Birthday of Caspar Hauser, grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell. Theories link  him with the grand ducal House of Baden.These claims, & his subsequent death by stabbing, sparked much debate & controversy.

“…It was the case of that human being, so enigmatic for many people, who was once placed into this city in a mysterious way, and who in just as mysterious a way met his death in Ansbach. An author, in order to indicate the mystery of his life, wrote that as he was carried out to burial the sun was setting on the one horizon and the moon was rising on the other. I speak, as you know, of Caspar Hauser. If you disregard all the pros and cons that have been asserted, if you look only at what has been fully verified, you will know that this foundling — who was one day simply there in the street, and who since he did not know whence he came, was called the Child of Europe — could neither read nor write when he was found. At an age of twenty years he possessed nothing of what is gained through the intellect but he had a remarkable memory. As they began to instruct him, as logic entered his soul, his memory disappeared. This transition in consciousness was accompanied by something else. He possessed at first an incredible, an entirely inborn truthfulness and it was precisely in this truthfulness that he went more and more astray. The more he nibbled, so to say, at intellectuality, the more it vanished. There would be many things to study were we to enter deeply into this human soul which had been artificially held back. It is not difficult for the student of Spiritual Science to credit the popular tradition, so unacceptable to the learned people of to-day, which relates that while Caspar Hauser still knew nothing, while he still had no idea that there were beings besides himself of different form, he exercised a remarkable effect upon quite savage creatures. Savage animals humbled themselves and became mild, something streamed from him that made such beasts gentle, although they savagely attacked anyone else. We could in fact penetrate deeply into the soul of this remarkable personality, so enigmatic to many, and you would see how things that cannot be explained from ordinary life are led back through Spiritual Science to spiritual facts. Such facts cannot be learnt by speculation but only by spiritual observation, though they are comprehensible to an unbiased and logical thinking.

All this has only been said in order to show you that the modern consciousness has evolved from another, an age-old-state when man was not in direct touch with outer objects in the modern sense, but on the other hand was in connection with facts and beings of the spiritual world.” ~Rudolf SteinerThe Apocalypse of St. John, Spiritual Science — The Gospel — The Future of Mankind

1902 – Deathday of Émile Zola a French novelist, playwright, journalist, the best-known practitioner of the literary school of naturalism, & an important contributor to the development of theatrical naturalism. He was a major figure in the political liberalization of France & in the exoneration of the falsely accused & convicted army officer Alfred Dreyfus, which is encapsulated in the renowned newspaper headline J’accuse. Zola was nominated for the first & second Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901 & 1902. His death from carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected to have been murder

1924 – Ludwig Polzer holds his 1st First Class Lesson

1954 – The convention establishing CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) is signed

1957 – Twenty MCi of radioactive material is released in an explosion at the Soviet Mayak nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk

1981 – Deathday of Adolf Arenson, German composer & Anthroposopher. Arenson editied many of Rudolf Steiner’s works, & composed the music for many of the plays & productions. Steiner mentions him at the end of Wonders of the World lecture 1

Biggest 1-day drops for the Dow Jones industrial average | The Seattle Times

2008 – Following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers & Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points, the largest single-day point loss in its history

Some of the Chicago folks from ‘Building the Temple of the Heart’ 2021

Greetings friends – This is a dynamic moment in time…let’s strengthen and enkindle connections within our community and beyond. Last year’s annual conference theme was ‘Building the Temple of the Heart’ – now we can imagine entering this temple to connect with other striving souls around the World.

Join us in-person for a Community Gathering to celebrate Michaelmas as we stream the tour of the model of the first Goetheanum live from Dornach, Switzerland, followed by leading thoughts from Rev. Daniel Hafner, with Velsum Voices as the capstone, & a potluck meal to end the afternoon.

at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago 4249 N. Lincoln Ave. 60613
on 29 September 2022
the Feast Day of Saint Michael and All the Heavenly Hosts
Doors open at 11:30 am
Noon CT – Live stream
1:15 pm CT – Velsum: singing: ‘Enkindling Connections-& The Heart Rose’
1:30 pm – 3 pm Potluck – Please Bring Food & Drink to Share

for more info. contact the Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator Hazel Archer
Rudolf Steiner Branch of The Anthroposophical Society
4249 North Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, IL 60618 (map)

Dear friends –
The Michaelmas Season is here. The oblique angle of the Sun cuts across the shadows like a sword. The days grow shorter & the harvest has begun

Biodynamic agriculture has a keen focus on tuning into the natural rhythms of the Earth, & the cosmos. The alteration between night & day can be seen as the Earth breathing in & out, so it is with each turn on the wheel of year – there is a seasonal cycle in tune with the Earth’s journey around the Sun. Once a year in the Autumn the planet takes a deep breath in, as everything comes to harvest & slowly goes into a Winter dormancy.

So it’s time to gather on the land for the Fall Prep Day at the Zinniker Farm.
October 1st, 2022.
Suggested donation: $20 per person in support of the Stewardship of Zinniker Farm
We’ll start at 1:30pm.
Dress for comfort with layers.
Please bring a dish to pass for the evening potluck & bonfire.

As always in the fall we will be filling horns for the BD 500 Horn Manure Preparation:
 It is a powerful means for structuring the soil
 It stimulates soil microbial activity of the soil and the production of humus
 It regulates the pH balance of the soil
 It stimulates seed germination and root development, in particular vertical growth, increasing depth of root systems
 It improves the development of leguminous plants (Fabaceae) and nodule formation
 It helps dissolve minerals even in deep layers (alios) and can helps counteract excessive salt levels.

We won’t need to make any of the compost preparations, so we will spend the remaining time with application of the preparations. We will learn how to add the preparations to the compost pile and stir and spray Horn Manure.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon. ~Petra & Mark Zinniker

Zinniker Farm
N7399 Bowers Rd
Elkhorn, WI 53121

26 thoughts on “Who is Like God?

  1. Hazel, since reading about this business of Michaelmas (new to me) and also having just attended a local anthroposophy group’s celebration gathering I was caused to investigate. Much meditation has brought me to the question – what is the relationship between Jung’s “subconscious” and Steiner’s ____? Is it the etherial? And if so, what does this mean? Some of my understanding comes from going back and rereading Robert L. Moore’s “Facing the Dragon” – Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity. I’m only a quarter of the way in to this book but Moore’s thinking seems right in sync with Rudolf’s . . . the dragon is very real, it is very much in me, and if not clearly, constantly acknowledged and dealt with it will, and does, infect my world and eventually it will be the death me. So, lots more to mediate on and thank-you for bringing more light to these important questions. Rod

    1. Hi Rod – Thanks for taking up your own research into this emerging modern Christian festival.
      I would say Steiner would agree with Jung that the dragon is often lurking in our sub or unconsciousness.
      It’s true that we must ‘Face the dragon’ bringing what is in the dark into the light of our awkened consciousness if we are to tame & redeem those powerful forces.
      This is our work

      1. Hazel, I am ever more intrigued by this phenomenon of Michaelmas. The timing, late summer, is such an interesting time; there is so much on the move! For instance, what does this mean spiritually, as we move into the dark. of winter? For spiritual light, I feel almost the reverse is true . . . in my limited spiritual experience this is a time of moving into a time of expanded light. I love the rich, depths of consciousness winter brings.

        1. Yes, your experience is right on…We are meant to take the light that was outside us in the Summer to ignite our inner soul force of thinking.

          For some perhaps more materialistic people there is a temptation to want to follow nature & stay asleep; so the Festival of Michaelmas gives us the courage to awaken & work to keep the fires of our inner light stoked thru our conscious striving to reclaim the cosmic intelligence. We do this by digesting all the sense perceptions we took in during the Spring & Summer, redeeming the spiritual beings behind nature, thru the Resurrection forces that we received at Easter-tide the opposite Festival on the wheel of the year…

    2. Hi Rod. Your questions remind me of something Steiner said – that the human being is the most complex organism in this universe. The question about the etherial is a prime example of that. The ether is usually thought of as being external to us – the heavens are considered etherical. And yet it seems to penetrate us in mysterious ways, for example, what Steiner called our etheric body, that mysterious energy that keeps our physical bodies alive, regardless of our state of consciousness. ENERGY being the key element.

      Have you come across the phrase “the fourth dimension”? The realm of consciousness this phrase entails includes the human being’s subconscious. It’s a realm of consciousness which all humans aren’t aware of, for various reasons. Some, due to the positive development of their souls in their sojourns between death and rebirth, are innately sensitive to this dimension – we usually say that they’re “psychic”. Sometimes we call them “old souls”, because they seem to have a deeper understanding of the human being; Carl Jung may have been such a person. Other people have no clue that this dimension exists; in fact, some decide they don’t want to go there, and they actually “submerge”, or bury that portion of their soul, usually because it’s too painful for them to confront. These are the ones you’ll find seeking therapy from psychologists like Jung, or, if they prefer, they’ll fill their lives with material pursuits in an attempt to drown out those inner voices.

      Sounds to me like you’re just becoming aware of this dimension. It’s a good one to explore, and Steiner is an excellent guide in this subject. Learning as much as possible about it now can only aid you in your next phase of life between death and rebirth – that is, if another incarnation is necessary. Some souls graduate from earth school and don’t need to return.

      I’d highly encourage you to listen to that inner voice. You mentioned you meditate. The inner voice is not so much an audible voice as we usually refer to, but is instead the communication taking place “inter-cellularly” within us, that is, cells in our bodies communicating with other cells. Our brain can pick up on this communication, hence why it’s called the inner voice. I firmly believe that the answer to any question we have can be solved within ourselves, especially when we become proficient meditators and are thus able to pick up signals in our bodies cells that originated in the ether. This is another exciting area for us to discover, and is an area that Steiner excelled in. Steiner, and others, were only following the example set by the Christ Consciousness – there is no greater example of this kind of communication ability we all possess than when the man Jesus was possessed by the Christ being. It led to him being able to say that the words and the works he did were not his own, but originated in the Father – that is, the Father of all Creation.

      1. Maverick, thank-you for your words. I am still in a quandary over the relationship of evil “incarnate” and the human/my experience but I appreciate what you’ve shared. I did just now look into descriptions of “the fourth dimension” . . . further food to digest. I feel solid in my understanding that Rudolf Steiner’s words are supreme in this business of spiritual science, in that he was/is a servant of the Christ consciousness. I experienced for many years something called “Attunement” and this is in part what I’m working with. A description of attunement (from Wikipedia), talks about pneumaplasm: “Lloyd Meeker taught that the human connection to universal life energy relies on pneumaplasm, which was his name for the aura of subtle energy, or etheric body surrounding the physical body.[60][61] Attunement practitioners believe that pneumaplasm is generated when the universal life energy flows through a person, and that the clarity of the pneumaplasmic body depends on the clarity of that energy flow.[62] Attunement practitioners focus on clarifying and enriching the pneumaplasm associated with the endocrine glands and the anatomical systems of the body.[63]” So . . . I’m trying to understand the connection between Rudolf’s etheric body and Lloyd’s “pneumaplasm”. And I see this relevant because I need to understand the presence of evil . . . perhaps it is simply the lack of a healthy etheric body?

        1. You add an interesting and helpful perspective to this discussion with your knowledge of Attunement and the pneumoplasm. I’m glad you explained what it is; it’s not a word I’ve heard before. The existence of the word pneumoplasm illustrates how we need a different language when speaking of the soul and spiritual part of our being from the language we’re familiar with using based on our external world. Steiner speaks of an inner language we need to learn as students of the higher worlds. Steiner does speak extensively about the etheric body. Are you familiar with the archive? rsarchive.org You can do a search of the whole site using Google’s search engine, so if you enter “etheric” many references will show up that you can peruse.

          My understanding so far is that evil has existed in the universe prior to our creation. The “dragon” that Michael and his angels cast to Earth seems to imply this (Revelation 12:7-9). Would human beings be able to perceive evil if we hadn’t partaken of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Since we’ve partaken though, it’s a subject we need to come to terms with, just as you say you’re dealing with now. Another question I have is, since the dragon was cast to earth, does that mean we won’t encounter evil on our sojourns on other planets, or in the zodiac. I certainly hope not, and I hope to have overcome (mastered) the force of evil, using the force of good, by then.

          No doubt life on earth would be more peaceful for us if we hadn’t partaken. Since we have though, our Creator does sympathize with our plight – I know this because He/She (wish we had a pronoun for an androgynous being) has provided, at great personal cost, a means for us to escape this dilemna through the Mystery of Golgotha (to use Steiner’s phrase). For me, part of Attunement is accepting that both Good and Evil are forces to contend with; also that they cannot be put together. This I learned from Isaiah, when he quotes the word of the Lord as saying “I cannot endure iniquity and the sacred meeting.” (1:13). But just because they can’t be put together doesn’t mean they’re not useful forces. For this I’m reminded of electricity – positive and negative can’t be joined, but there are means in which their opposition can become a tool to accomplish a desired end. Steiner uses this approach when he refers to evil – that it’s very existence has been used to bring us humans into a higher level of development. So while evil’s existence does present us with a quandary, we can master it by using it for our own development.

          I’ll look forward to your input on other subjects Hazel raises in her blog. As I mentioned, your understanding of Attunement gives a helpful perspective we wouldn’t otherwise have. Cheers.

        2. Back to your pondering about whether there’s a relationship between pneumaplasm and Steiner’s etheric body. Did a search on rsarchive.org and there’s no mention of pneumaplasm, so it wasn’t a term Steiner used. In that case, it’s hard to know if the two terms are related. I also did a search of the Cayce readings, and again, no mention of pneumaplasm. There’s a couple of mentions of the term in the late 1800’s – one by a chemist, who coined the term when speaking of the different plasms in our bodies; he used it in relation to the fluids in our lungs. Another from the same era used it in an article about Swedenborg’s theories/doctrines. So Meeker probably heard the term used previously when it came to his mind.

          There does seem to be a connection to the fourth dimension. I first looked into plasm on learning of Dr. David Bohm’s theory from the 1950’s about this substance called plasm – I think it’s referred to as “the plasm of metals”. He did some experiments that showed that the introduction of this ionized gas, plasm, created a stable, you could say peaceful, environment for the other 3 elements of matter – solid, liquid, and vapor. Without the plasm in the environ, he noticed that the electrons moved around erratically and even attacked each other, whereas with plasm introduced into the environ, the electrons that made up the matter moved purposefully and peacefully. This was my introduction to the fourth dimension, and I started doing more research into it – it seemed to be the element necessary for peaceful cohabitation of matter. This may be what Lloyd Meeker was latching on to in his Attunement practice.

          I find it interesting that your Wikipedia excerpt mentions the endocrine glands. I’m in a study group now, and we’re looking at the book of Revelation as it’s interpreted by Edgar Cayce, and he interpreted the 7 churches as the endocrine system. He saw this system as our God-given means of spiritual attunement; that the Creative Energy enters through our reproductive gland, then is either granted or denied access through a gland he called the lyden gland, which doctors at that time (1930’s) weren’t even aware of its existence. The other glands he saw as something he called the “pineal system”, which consisted of the endocrine glands between this lyden gland and the pineal gland in our brain. With these endocrine glands being the movers of both the lymph fluid and white blood cells (leukocyte), these fluids take on new significance – are they possibly associated with this term pneumoplasm? Steiner did say that Moon beings and Mars beings moved through our bodies in our lymph fluid – don’t know if that has any relevance to this discussion.

          Back to your original question about the relationship between pneumaplasm and our etheric bodies, I’m beginning to think that this pneumaplasm is a part of our etheric body, but not the whole. Just as our bodies consist of more than one plasmic system, I think our etheric bodies are also more than just pneumaplasm. That being said, it’d still be helpful for us to know more about this plasm. Also, there’s much more to the fourth dimension than just this one plasm, yet it seems to play a role.

        3. I’m wondering if you’ve seen this site? https://www.unariunwisdom.com/the-ether/
          It’s called Uranian Wisdom, and this section of their site on The Ether has some interesting quotes and points. Here’s a sample of the interesting thoughts it gives:

          “…the only true medium which exists in nature is the sympathetic flow emanating from the normal human brain.”

          What I like about this statement relates to what we were discussing about meditation, that meditation makes use of the positive/negative attraction to draw into ourselves, from the ether, spiritual communications, or thoughts. When we meditate, we put ourselves into the negative, receiving state, ready to receive the positive energetic thoughts from the Infinite Mind of our Creator. Of course, this can be difficult, what with distractions, and a “monkey-mind” that doesn’t want to dissociate itself from its environ.

          Some of these thoughts about the ether are interesting. I’m thinking that what we call the ether may be synonymous with the mind of God, and that our etheric bodies then are what are sometimes called “the spark of the Divine”, so that our etheric body is a small portion of that mind, likened to a spark from a great Light source. Then, our physical body is a vibratory manifestation (much lower vibration, of course) of that etheric body. Wondering what your thoughts might be on that? – I’m still working through some of these concepts.

          1. Maverick, I’m happy to continue this line of thought with you, I consider these topics of primary importance. The questions around “what is pneumaplasm?” or “what is an etheric body?” are more than just intellectual curiosity; I believe we know the answers but it takes some work to realize them. Your mention of “a medium for sympathetic flow “reminded me of a book I recently read: “Holistic Medicine and the Extracellular Matrix: The Science of Healing at the Cellular Level” by Matthew Wood. He describes this extracellular matrix in terms I think are agreeable to our mystery substance. Reading this book made me feel very comfortable with my decision not to be vaccinated, relying on a healthy extracellular matrix instead. And this ties in as well with my concern about facing evil in myself. Rod

            1. That sure looks like a book worth reading. For me, it’ll have to wait though, as I’ve got a few on the list to read still. From my perspective, it seems like it’ll be a scientific explanation of what’s been revealed to us already in the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John, where the Son of Man (his religious title) is said to walk among the lampstands, counselling them, and challenging them to hear what the Spirit (pneuma) is saying to them.

              I’m with you when you say that we already know all this, but it takes work to recall it. I too have relied on a healthy extra-cellular matrix to make it through these crazy times, and am thankful I didn’t follow the herd in getting vaccinated. I’m on a prayer team for another organization, so I’m seeing people who had no health issues all of a sudden dealing with some major health issues — pancreatic cancer is suddenly a thing. It also doesn’t surprise me to hear that the vaccinated have to keep getting boosters, since they’ve tampered with nature. Young children and infants are looking at a lifetime of dependency on these boosters. The thymus gland that produces our T-cells normally produces enough T-cells before puberty to last a lifetime of natural immunity; now this natural gift has been compromised.

        4. Hi Rod and Maverick. This dialogue got me thinking this week. Something that came to mind was a conversation I had with a Romanian woman a few years back. She told me of her grandmother living in former Soviet Union, and she was a kind of person who lived long, walked long distances in extremely cold weather, and drank a lot of vodka. What can seemingly be a recipe for health problems didn’t even phase this tough old lady. I can’t prove this scientifically, but I do believe this has to do with a strong etheric force. The physical body can take quite alot of abuse, and wear and tear. This does not mean an unhealthy lifestyle is OK, but I do think that some individual’s physical constitution make it able for them to endure harsh conditions (weather external or just by there own personal habits). This, coupled with a strong etheric force – again – I do believe this plays an important role in one’s longevity in a single incarnation.

          Another consideration is seeing the four part of the human organism (physical/etheric and astral/I) in their two sub divisions. We have physical and etheric together and then astral and the “I”. What I’m considering here, and it’s been alluded, that each of these four cross into the other. In the physical and etheric “cross over”, I see the connection right in the heart. We have evidence, for example, that when someone goes under cardiac arrest, they can be brought back to life through an electronic shock. Isnt that something? I just find that fascinating. But all the other times, when the heart works as it normally does, it sure is receiving directly some form of energy. Now, we see cases where people suffer severe trauma to the brain, and essentially become ‘brain dead’ but they are still alive. To me, this indicates that the brain is subservient to the heart. And in turn, the heart is that crucial bridge between physical and etheric. Now, that sure is appropriate considering Christ and Michael, and the spirit of love. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

          With the issue of vaccines, I find it alarming that the side effects have directly targeted the heart. That is what I’ve found alarming about them.

          1. Kyle, Yes! Your comments ring true for me. For instance, I’ve know first nations people who have been abused and continue to abuse their physical existence but yet continue on seemingly immune to such abuse at the physical level. As you say, there is something else going on there!
            In my experience with attunements, the overarching understanding is that the highest spirit (love) interpenetrates the six lower spirits; as do the representative physical ‘doors’ to these spirits entering our earth, interpenetrate the lower physical ‘doors’. So, the spirit of love (the pineal), interpenetrates the spirit of the womb (the pituitary), interpenetrates life (the thymus), and so on . . . purification (thyroid), blessing ( Islets of Langerhans), single eye (adrenals) and finally spirit of the new earth (ovaries/testes). So . . . . . . . the lowest of these spirits, the spirit of the new earth/the physical, is easily ‘controlled’, ‘washed’, in the power of each of these ‘higher’ spirits. (As Rudolf often alludes to, it is impossible to understand these ‘higher’ realms with the language we have.) But understand we must!

            1. Fascinating Rod. Is that the Lloyd Meeker understanding of how the Attunement process works – have never heard it before?

              1. The evolution of the attunement process as I understand it . . . Lloyd Meeker initially had to work with horses, he could not elicit ‘enough’ response from people. Eventually it was chiropractors who got on board with him (early days of chiropractic practice; doctors who trained at Palmer School of Chiropractic, early 1950’s), as they too were discovering ‘no touch adjustment’. They, those particular chiropractors, formed the “G P C” movement (God, Patient, Chiropractic), operating on a donation only basis (God does the work).

              2. Fascinating for sure. That fits in with what we’ve been discussing about the ether and our etheric bodies. The horses were picking up on something from the ether that humans hadn’t learned (yet) to access. That “no touch” adjustment is also fascinating. Where can I learn more about it? I’m just embarking on a project involving telepathic communication, and am wondering if there’s some lessons I can learn that will apply.

          2. Kyle, I tend to agree with you about the etheric body. You know that we have a higher self/better self that is in close contact with the Christ Consciousness – this must be another way to express our etheric body. So if our higher self is of a strong disposition, it can have a healthy effect on the physical body we’re in. I too have seen people who defy everything that we consider healthy, and yet they continue on strong. This would explain why.

            1. No touch adjustment is fascinating. It was with the advent of the Xray machine that the CPG practitioners were able to confirm their results. I have seen first hand ‘miracle-like’ results. And yes, I believe it does confirm what Rudolf says about the etheric body . . . that that is where the healing starts. Here is a link to more information on attunements: https://attunement.org/

  2. That’s a very good message you’re giving, in your Festival of Life Tour. You’re a great communicator, which is why your blog reaches so many, I guess. I suppose now that consciousness has moved within the human being, the inner seven senses become more crucial to heart thinking than the outer five do, although the outer five can certainly be helpful. But Caspar Hauser, and individuals like Helen Keller, show that the inner Sun can shine on/in us even without the benefits of the outer Sun being visible. Looking forward to Part 2 of the Tour. Cheers.

    1. The interesting thing about the 12 senses is that those 7 higher senses are really all about sensing into the other.
      Your mention of Kasper Hauser & Helen Keller are perfect examples.
      Happy Michaelmas!

      1. If that’s the case, we could call them the “Love” senses. Another of the great revelations proceeding from the Christ deed, our awareness of them, and how to use them in our relationships towards others. Thanks for pointing that out, Hazel.

  3. Is it really
    Who is like God?
    Or rather
    Who is like God!!!

    Rudolf Steiner talked of other „meanings“ „translations“:
    Michael who „sees“ God
    Gabriel who „announces“ God
    Raphael who „wants, wills“ God

    Michael who stands in front of God, is the face of God towards the creation etc.

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