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Lift the Veil

Penny Leggner

On this All Hallows Eve, do you have the courage to look beyond the mask of the material world, into the spirit realm, the place of our beginning, the time of our unborness, the abode of our ending, when we shuffle off this mortal coil, only to begin again & yet again, as we strive toward the eternal…?

Take Heart - Gallery - TJM | The Art Sherpa
Mat Bouten

Take heart my friends, for every ending is a new beginning. At All Hallows–tide we stand at the Cross Quarter between Autumn Equinox & Winter Solstice, a time when great transformations are possible. Since with the veils between the worlds so thin, the power of all the worlds are available to us.

Initiation Acrylic Painting By Ulrich Osterloh |
Ulrich Osterloh

What is it like to bring awareness to this most important human initiation, this true rite-of-passage? Can we work to consciously “Cross the Threshold”, as we do in meditation, in sleep & ultimately in our life between death & rebirth..?

Katlyn Breene

As far back as ancient Persia, Mesopotamia & Sumeria, we find many initiation myths like the Epic of Gilgamesh, & the Descent of Inanna, that describe communicating with the dead & a journey to the underworld.

Egyptian Book of the Dead (Plus Facts) - Give Me History

In Ancient Egypt we find: The Book of the Dead = ‘Book of Coming Forth by Day’ also called the ‘Book of Emerging Forth into the Light’; an ancient Egyptian funeral text illustrated with vignettes depicting the deceased & their journey in the afterlife. It was placed in the coffin or burial chamber. The Book consists of a number of magic spells intended to assist a dead person’s journey through the Duat, or underworld, & into the afterlife. It was written by many priests over a period of over a 1000 years.

Perhaps since in our time now we are recapitulating this epoch we might gain insight by looking into this text with modern eyes.

From ancient Greece we have the story of Demeter & Persephone, as Queen of the Underworld, connected to the secret festival of Thesmophoria, celebrated exclusively by the women. They dressed in white robes & observed strict chastity before & after the ceremony. According to Greek mythology, Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, was gathering flowers one autumn day when she was taken by Pluto, god of the underworld, to his subterranean kingdom. This was re-enacted as an initiation rite of death & resurrection. The 2nd night the women fasted & lowered wild boar, sacred to the goddess Circe & Hecate, into chasms in the earth as a sacrifice.

Francis Davis Millet

On the 3rd night the bones from former festivals were placed on altars & mixed with seed corn, which was then sown in the fields as a kind of magical fertilizer to ensure a good crop. Then they had a big feast. They would also cast herbs on their beds & sit on the ground to promote the fertility of the corn.

Although this festival was sacred & solemn, there was a lot of rather bawdy jokes in the style of the wild Crone Baubo, the sexually liberated Goddess of Mirth, who jested with Demeter to try & cheer her up after the loss of her daughter, & get her to bring fertility back to the earth again.

Paul Sérusier

The Romans had a similar festival in honor of Ceres. Also with the Eleusinian mysteries, we see initiation rites enacted to gain inspiration from the gods & the ancestors.

October Full Hunter's Moon Painting by Robin Samiljan
Robin Samiljan

The full moon of October is known as the Hunter’s or Blood Moon. And this year it’s a Blue Moon, the 2nd in the month. Traditionally, the hunters would be out in force. After the end of the breeding season, & before the severe weather comes to kill off many of these creatures anyway, they were taken for the cooking-pot, to supplement what might otherwise be a rather meager winter diet.

With all this death around, it is not surprising that people’s thoughts turned to human death.

A4 print 'Wheel of the Year' Wiccan version archival | Etsy | Wiccan,  Original watercolor painting, Original watercolors

The Celtics call All Hallows Eve or Samhain their New Year. Autumn is also the time of the Islamic New Year.  Likewise for the Jewish people, with their New Year Rosh Hashanah; & at the end of the High Holy days Sukkot is celebrated, where they build a hut & invite the ancestors & the elemental beings to come to the feast. When you think about it, it makes sense to let the old year die away like the plant life, during this transition into the dark.

It is also traditional to look toward the future, & to dress up as what you want to Become for the New Year. To ask questions, like: Who have I been? Who am I now? & where am I going…? Who do I want to become?

And these are the kind of questions we can ask our beloved dead.

Celtic Tale - Digital Remastered Edition Painting by Paul Serusier
Paul Serisr

In Wales the souls of the dead are known as ‘the Silent Company’, but when they are welcomed with bwyd cennad y meinv, “the food for the embassy of the dead.” They become our helpers.

We can think of our ancestral allies in 3 ways:

 1. Ancestors of the Blood – A common ancestral guide is a relative whom you knew & had some kind of positive connection with in this lifetime, quite often a loving grandparent or great-grandparent.

2. Ancestors of the Soul – This is an ancestral guide from a past life who may have been some kind of teacher or mentor to you.

3. Ancestors of Humanity – These were heroes whose lives were dedicated to the service of human evolution, like Casper Hauser or Jeanne d’Arc. They can be called upon in times of crisis, as Dion Fortune & her group called upon King Arthur & Merlin during the 2nd World War. (I will speak more about this as we near election day)

In]Visible: Irish Women Artists from the Archives by Catherine Sheridan at  the National Gallery of Ireland —
Terri Fenny

Dear friends, let’s take this opportunity to part the veil – letting go of our sense bound thinking, to consciously work with our spiritual helpers in this time of need. Let us set the table with our intention to join together in communion to celebrate the feast of life in all its aspects; as we build a picture of wholeness on the inner planes, which will ray out into all worlds.  


Blue Moon and red Mars in late October 2020

31 October 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: We have a Blue Moon today on Halloween, but that’s not all – bright red Mars – now just past its closest approach to Earth in two years – will appear in the sky near Bella Luna in her Full Harvest/Hunters costume. Blue Moon. Red Mars.

The Full Moon happens at the instant the moon is directly opposite the Sun (180 degrees from the sun in celestial longitude). This full moon moment comes on October 31, at , 9:49 a.m. CST.

When is the next full moon? What's a Blue Moon? |
And don’t forget to set your cloaks back tonight!



Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Daniel Maclise

All-an-tide (Cornwall)

The first day of All-hallows-tide, observed until November 7 (Western Christianity)

Halloween (Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States etc…)

Hop-tu-Naa is a Celtic festival celebrated in the Isle of Man on 31 October. Predating Halloween, it is the celebration of the original New Year’s Eve (Oie Houney). It is thought to be the oldest unbroken tradition in the Isle of Man

Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season & the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It is the cross quarter between the autumn equinox & the winter solstice.

Image result for The Mound of the Hostages

The Mound of the Hostages, a Neolithic passage tomb at the Hill of Tara, is aligned with the Samhain sunrise. It is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature & many important events in Irish mythology happen or begin on Samhain.

It was the time when cattle were brought back down from the summer pastures & when livestock were slaughtered for the winter. As at Beltane, special bonfires were lit.

Like Beltane, Samhain was seen as a liminal time, when the boundary between this world & the Otherworld could more easily be crossed. This meant the Aos Sí, the ‘spirits’ or ‘fairies’, could more easily come into our world. Offerings of food & drink were left outside for them.

The souls of the dead were also thought to revisit their homes seeking hospitality. Feasts were had, at which the souls of dead kin were beckoned to attend & a place set at the table for them.

Mumming & guising were part of the festival, & involved people going door-to-door in costume (or in disguise), often reciting verses in exchange for food.

Divination rituals & games were also a big part of the festival.

The first day of the Day of the Dead, celebrated until November 2 (Spanish: Día de Muertos) The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family to pray for & remember members who have died, & help support their spiritual journey.

Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, & the favorite foods & beverages of the departed, & visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

Scholars trace the origins of the modern Mexican holiday to indigenous observances dating back hundreds of years and to an Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl. The holiday has spread throughout the world, being absorbed within other deep traditions for honoring the dead.

On this day in 683 AD: The Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam, is burned to  the ground

683 – During the Siege of Mecca, the Kaaba, catches fire & burns down. The literal meaning of the Arabic word ka`bah (كَعْبَة) is “cube”, or “House of God”, considered the most sacred site in Islam, a similar role to the Tabernacle & Holy of Holies in Judaism.

502 years ago, on Oct. 31, 1517, the story goes, that the small-town monk, Martin Luther, marched up to the castle church in Wittenberg & nailed his ‘95 Theses’ to the door, lighting the flame of the Reformation — the split between the Catholic & Protestant churches. Luther’s act is one of the cornerstones of world history, & remains a lasting symbol of resistance.

Nearly all of American history bears the imprint of that act of protest. Luther’s challenge, the protection he obtained, & the reformers he inspired laid the foundation for the establishment of colonial America.

In 1934, an African American pastor from Georgia made the trip of a lifetime, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, through the gates of Gibraltar, and across the Mediterranean Sea to the Holy Land. After this pilgrimage, he traveled to Berlin, attending an international conference of Baptist pastors. While in Germany, this man — who was named Michael King — became so impressed with what he learned about the reformer Martin Luther that he decided to do something dramatic. He offered the ultimate tribute to the man’s memory by changing his own name to Martin Luther King. His 5-year-old son was also named Michael — and to the son’s dying day his closest relatives would still call him Mike — but not long after the boy’s father changed his own name, he decided to change his son’s name too, & Michael King Jr. became known to the world as Martin Luther King Jr.

Another dynamic measure of the influence of Martin Luther is the quintessentially modern idea of the individual — of our personal responsibility before ourselves & our God, rather than before any institution, whether church or stateThis was as unthinkable before Luther. The contemporary idea of “The People,” along with the democratic impulse that proceeds from it –  The more recent ideas of pluralism, religious liberty, & self-government all entered history through the door that Luther opened.

Luther’s second unyielding act of courage was at the ‘imperial diet’ held in the city of Worms in 1521, when he made it clear that he feared God’s judgment more than the judgment of church leaders in that room.

And suddenly the individual had the freedom & possibility of thinking for themselves.

Martin Luther was not inclined to tilt at papal windmills. In fact, until about 1520 he was a vigorous champion of the church. He desired desperately to help Rome elude the fate it ended up experiencing. In fact, in a case of Oedipusian irony he became the very man who brought about everything he had hoped to avoid. As his story illustrates, it was a sublime & ridiculous decoction of forces that created the perfect storm that burst over the European continent, creating what we now call the Reformation.

Today the Catholic & Lutheran churches are taking the memory of 1517 in hand. Pope Francis joined leaders of the Lutheran World Federation in Sweden to hold a joint service in a spirit of unity after 500 years of division.

Image result for Fra Bartolomeo,

1517 – Deathday of Fra Bartolomeo, Italian artist

Image result for Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated

1984 – Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by two Sikh security guards. Riots break out in New Delhi & other cities – 4,000 Sikhs are killed.


Joen Trimmster

POD (Poem Of the day)

~My soul duels with worms
Hidden in the clay of being
That would gnaw the scroll of mythos
Witch I carry in my heart whole
& speak thru the living word…
No worries
I will cut bait & continue singing…


Look for me there, in the dark…

Homework: Dress up as who you want to be in the coming year


 ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg


31 October, 1 pm – 3 pm CT ​​​​​​​

‘Soul to Soul’ on-line Festival

with the Central Regional Council

& Special Guests

Soul to Soul’ Festival with the Central Regional Council & Special Guests 1pm – 3pm CDT (2pm – 4pm EDT) All Hallows Eve, Saturday October 31st, 2020

Every culture has a festival celebrating their Beloved Dead. For deep in our bones we know that those who have passed through the gates of death want to work with us on the physical world, reminding us that everything physical is an outer expression of spirit.

During this time of year the veils between the worlds are thin, and the spiritual realm beckons. Having put the iron will of Michael to work in our thinking, we now have the courage to look beyond the veil of the material world into the spirit realm, the place of our beginning and our ending, only to begin again and yet again…for every ending is a new beginning.

We will open with some poetry and music played by Carol Kelly, followed by an enactment of an original script by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, based on indications from Spiritual Science.

We will go into small breakout groups to explore the theme: “Who do you want to be in the new year”.

Eurhythmy Halleluiah

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Meeting ID: 897 1570 3794

If you have questions, please contact Alberto Loya

The CRC – Marianne Fieber, Alberto Loya, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Lisa Dalton


All Souls Election Night Vigil

7 pm – 9 pm CT. Tuesday 3 November 2020

Interpreting Global Issues Through Picasso's Guernica | Pulitzer Center
Dusee Aeye

In-person at Elderberries Chicago & online

Through Social Sculpture, we will hold space with each other, connect with our Angel, the ‘so called dead’, the Being of America…etc…to bring healing on both sides of the Threshold, during Election Night 2020, & on into the future which we are committing to consciously co-create.

Welcome – Anne Nicholson

Verse – Deborah Rogers

Why an All Souls Election Night Vigil? – Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

Metamorphosis – Lucien Dante Lazar. Through a 5-point artistic metamorphosis that will weave throughout the evening we will rise in our thinking, & engage our will, to work with the beings of color, form & gesture from point to periphery.   

Intermingling: Initiatives for NOW – The 3-Fold Social Order & ALIANT Alliance – Elderberries  + ALL = The Art of Goethean Conversation

Break-Out Session – groups of 3 for 15 minutes

Michael-Star Movement – Lucien + Nancy Melvin + ALL

Verse – Elizabeth Kelly

In-person at Elderberries Chicago & online

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 705 293 1041


Saturday 7 November 2020,

In-person & On-line

3 pm – 5 pm CT

‘Connections Revealed’

with Lelan Harris, Mary Ruud & Hazel Archer

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg based on Spiritual Scientific research & indications from Rudolf Steiner

Inspirations by Lelan Harris – the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative (  Lelan is a healer, teacher, and leader with over 40 years of experience in vocational roles such as pastor, professor, and Waldorf school administrator.  He offers developmental mentoring, spiritual training, and energy healing in order to raise up new generations of leaders in service at all levels to humanity, Earth, and cosmos.

Group Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

Break out Sessions

In-person at Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3 fold Cultural Hub, in conjunction with the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, 4249-51 N. Lincoln Ave.

Online hosted by Anne Nicholson on Zoom Meeting ID: 705 293 1041


Photo Credit: Pexels

Effective Tools for Suicide Prevention by Jennifer McGregor*

Depression and suicidality are some of the most dangerous and underestimated health conditions affecting people today. The CDC notes suicide as one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and points out that suicide rates have gone up in nearly every state since 1999. People kill themselves for myriad reasons, ranging from tangible challenges in their day-to-day lives to invisible, internal struggles no one else ever sees.

Fortunately, this is preventable. When it comes to suicide, our actions matter. As a society and as individuals, we have the power to lower suicide rates and protect one another from this avoidable tragedy. Here are some tools you can use to prevent suicide in your community:

Access to Health Care

Suicidality is a medical problem. Proper health care is essential in preventing it:

Strong Social Support

Fight for a strong, supportive community:

  • Efforts to reduce homelessness can lower suicide rates.
  • Affordable, accessible treatment for substance use disorders can prevent intentional and accidental overdose.
  • Mental health services and education in schools can help children, teachers, and parents notice red flags early enough to intervene.
  • Create safe spaces for at-risk individuals, especially people of color, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities.

Suicide and the Self

If you struggle with suicidal thoughts or urges, you are not alone, and you can protect yourself.

  • If you are currently considering harming yourself, seek emergency medical care immediately.
  • Many people are what’s known as passively suicidal. Though this is marked by a lack of urgency, it is still dangerous, and you should speak to a doctor or therapist as soon as possible.
  • In addition to talk therapy and medication, coping skills such as exercise, eating a regular, healthy diet, and learning how to sit in unpleasant emotions can make a big difference.
  • Meditation and mindfulness can also help soothe your spirit and teach you to live in the moment, rather than dwell in the past or fear for the future.

Suicide affects us all on both a community and an interpersonal level. We have to learn how to join together and address the root causes of suicide. In doing so, we can ensure that fewer people – and perhaps, eventually, no one – is lost this way.

*Jennifer McGregor is a pre-med student, who enjoys writing about health and medical topics and providing reliable health and medical resources for Public Health Library users. She knows how difficult it can be to sift through the mountains of health-related information on the web and wants to make it easier for people to find high quality health info.


Facing Our Shadows
Sandra Cwendel

Dear friends –

Karl Jung tells it like it is: “Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.” So ok, we’ve got our work cut out for us! Brothers, sisters, don’t give up. Stay tuned, the plot twists will be intriguing. Stand upright, get aligned, ‘cause the actors will be unpredictable, even the archetypes erratic. Decay & blossoming will be happening simultaneously, & the line between wisdom & craziness will get blurry.

Isabelle M Gonzales

But you are not alone, & there’s no way to describe the epic sweep of spiritual forces working behind the scenes. And yet if we really listen, we can feel a pulsing, a harmonious throbbing, undulating in waves out from the unseen, working thru US to help form our reality.

SO: Are we willing to confront uncanny truths that some might regard as too unruly? Are we brave enough to penetrate to the depths, that perhaps in the past we were too timid to look at, let alone deal with? Our willingness to focus our intention for the good shall give us the power to ultimately emerge from this pandemonium with our integrity, intelligence & heart forces shining.

Broom Closet – Art Witch Academy
Trudy Gent

H.P. Lovecraft captures it: “Pleasure to me is wonder. It’s the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the  ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.”

Swimming in it with you


Cosmic Inspiration News - Kelley Hunter | Depth Astrology | Kelley Hunter |  Depth Astrology
kelly Hunter

17 October 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Bella Luna unlocking the mysteries of retrograde Mercury (occult Venus – think messenger of Love writing itself a letter!) – Our solar system’s smallest, speediest planet is heading toward inferior conjunction on the 25th. Tonight, it shines in the southwest next to the waxing crescent Moon just 10 minutes after sunset. The Moon sets shortly after, taking the retro love note into the dark to ponder.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

Stock Illustration - People walking on mobius strip
Ken Stockton

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I see the beginning
Begin again from this end
Coming forth well invoked
& flowing like a web on the wind…


31 October, 1 pm – 3 pm CT ​​​​​​​

‘Soul to Soul’ on-line Festival with the Central Regional Council

Join the CRC for an All Souls Pageant on All Hallows Eve, honoring our connection with our Beloved Dead, thru music, & poetry & Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts – ‘Break Out’ sessions & live music with special guest Rev. Carol Kelly

Halloween 31 October 2020, Saturday 11 am – 1 pm PT / 1 pm – 3 pm CT / 2pm – 4pm ET

Stay tuned for ZOOM details

All Souls Election Day Vigil Tuesday 3 November 2020 7 pm – 9 pm CT

We will hold space with each other & connect with the ‘so called dead’ to bring healing on both sides of the Threshold, during Electon Night 2020, through Soical Sculpture with Lucien Dante Lazar & special guest host Anne Nicholson

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Friday 6 November 2020, 7 pm – 9 pm CT Connections Revealed

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg based on Spiritual Scientific research & indications from Rudolf Steiner

With Group Eurythmy, Singing, Social Sculpture while reading the names of the dead, & Break out Sessions.

In-person at Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3 fold Cultural Hub, in conjunction with the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, 4249-51 N. Lincoln Ave.

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Promontory Point (Chicago) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with  Photos) - Tripadvisor

Working into October’s Virtue “Satisfaction Becomes Serenity” continued:

This morning at dawn, I could perceive a hint of white mist, spreading across the glassy lake; expanding over the fields of exposed seeds & brown stubble like a soft cloth. Nature is beginning her gestation, concealing in her womb the seeds of future growth. So rests also in our souls the seed of future life. What the future will bring us seems covered by these mists, & the darkening. But now the time has come when in the longer nights this spiritual seed wants to be cherished & nurtured.

Chía Ortegón

We can belong to ourselves again, igniting our inner light. If we foster this calm self-contemplation in our busy lives, even if only for a few minutes every day, we can live with a deep serenity, thru this dark season, & also into the future which is shrouded in the darkness of time.

Inner Light Painting by Tuco Amalfi
Tocho Amelki

We must remember that all human life must fluctuate like the scales between two poles, it cannot be fixed. Day & night, life & death, activity & quietness, the out-breath & the in-breath, are the swipes of the pendulum, the rhythms which bear us thru the cycle of the year, & enable us to mature into our true being, when we have found the inner observer at the fulcrum of the scales.

Inner Light Painting by CB Woodling
CB Woodling

From this mood is prepared the soil from which the future fruits of the soul will ripen.

Collecting colored leaves with you


16 October 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: New Moon occurs this afternoon at 2:31: pm CT. Our satellite is also at perigee, the closest point in its orbit around our planet.

The Orionid meteor shower is happening tomorrow morning and it has magical  potential | HelloGiggles
Lane Makkel

October 2020 has Two full moons (Blue Moon on Halloween!) with a meteor shower sandwiched in between – The annual Orionid meteor shower is already heating up. It generally lasts from early October through about Nov. 7. This year, it’s expected to reach its peak before dawn on Oct. 21. But don’t wait until then to start watching for meteors streaking across the sky. Earth passes through the trail of space debris (rocky dust and ice) left in the wake of Comet Halley. The Orionids, are considered to be one of the most beautiful showers of the year, known for their brightness & speed. Fast meteors can leave glowing ‘trains’ (incandescent bits of debris in the wake of the meteor) which last for several seconds to minutes. Fast meteors can also sometimes become fireballs: Look for prolonged explosions of light when viewing the Orionid meteor shower. You can typically see them anytime after dark, but after midnight is your best bet, & very early mornings are prime time to see these. So if you find yourself up early, like me, say from 4 am – 6 am – you’ve got a good shot at seeing them if you live in a place with dark skies. While the radiant for this meteor shower – the spot where the meteors seem to come from – is the constellation Orion, you can usually see these meteors from anywhere in the sky. So get outside early, look up & let your gaze wander.

Artist Daniel Taylor on his otherworldly personal illustration series -  Digital Arts
Daniel Taylor

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Marie Antoinette Let them eat cake Poster by Wendy Paula Patterson | Marie  antoinette, Cake illustration, Birthday cake illustration
Louie Galada

1793 – Marie Antoinette, widow of Louis XVI, is guillotined at the height of the French Revolution.

Arnold Böcklin - 123 artworks - painting

1827 – Birthday of Arnold Bocklin , a Swiss symbolist painter portraying mythological, fantastical figures along classical architecture constructions creating a strange, fantasy world. Böcklin is best known for his five versions of the Isle of the Dead, which partly evokes the Cemetery close to his studio where his baby daughter Maria had been buried.

Rudolf Steiner speaks of him as an Arthurian Knight: Thus even in the 9th century, in the paganism of Europe, there still lived much of the pre-Christian Christianity. That is the remarkable fact. Moreover even in that time the belated followers of European paganism understood the Cosmic Christ far more worthily and truly than those who received the Christ in the Christianity that was spread officially under that name. Strangely we can see the life around King Arthur radiate into the present time, continued even into our time, placed into the immediate present by the sudden power of destiny. Thus I beheld in seership a member of the Round Table of King Arthur, who lived the life of the Round Table in a very deep and intense way, though he stood a little aside from the others who were given more to the adventures of their knighthood. This was a knight who lived a rather contemplative life, though it was not like the Knighthood of the Grail, for this did not exist in Arthur’s circle. What the knights did in the fulfilment of their tasks, which in accordance with that age were for the most part warlike campaigns, was called by the name ‘Adventure’ (Aventure). But there was one who stood out from among the others as I saw him, revealing a life truly wonderful in its inspiration. For we must imagine the knights going out on to the spur of land, seeing the wonderful play of clouds above, the waves beneath, the surging interplay of the one and the other, which gives a mighty and majestic impression to this very day. In all this they saw the Spiritual and were inspired with it, and this gave them their strength. But there was one among them who penetrated most deeply into this surging and foaming of the waves, with the spiritual beings wildly rising in the foam with their figures grotesque to earthly sight. He had a wonderful perception of the way in which the marvellously pure sun-influence played into the rest of nature, living and weaving in the spiritual life and movement of the surface of the ocean. He saw what lived in the light nature of the sun, borne up as it were by the watery atmosphere as we can see to this day, the sunlight approaching the trees and the spaces between the trees quite differently than in other regions, glittering back from between the trees, and playing often as in rainbow colours. Such a knight there was among them, one who had a peculiarly penetrating vision of these things. I was much concerned to follow his life into later time to see the individuality again. For just in this case something would needs enter into a later incarnation of a Christian life that was almost primitive and pagan, that was Christian only to the extent that I have just described. And this in fact was what appeared, for that Knight of the Round Table of King Arthur was born again as Arnold Böcklin. This riddle which had followed me for an immensely long time, can only be solved in connection with the Round Table of King Arthur. Thus you see that we have a Christianity tangible with spiritual touch to this very day, a Christianity before the Mystery of Golgotha which shed its light even into the time that I have just outlined ~Karmic Relationships, Volume IV: Lecture III

16 | October | 2016 | Reverse Ritual

1922 – The founding of the Esoteric Youth Circle by Rudolf Steiner. Notes from the various preparatory discussions for the founding of the Group:

If I am to go into what I understand with the term “esoteric group” then let me say that if you want to take the esoteric earnestly, you must say to yourself that it is an action out of the impulses from the spiritual world. One can strive toward this. Anthroposophy is a path to this end. To build such a community would constitute a decision to set upon this path.

The spiritual is a living element & so such a group must not be something dead. The group must be a force-group. The health of each part is the health of the whole. It is the mutual taking on of karma that is created in such a community. There is then mutual suffering to live through, but also mutual joy. People must be treated like fellow human beings, with all their imperfections.

What you seek is to find a friend in the spiritual world. The important thing is to remain spiritually true to the friend once found. Therefore, the 1st requirement is that you learn quite precisely what spiritual loyalty is.

Your community will have in it something of the primordial mystery of all human community. This mystery is that, what we ourselves do within the community bears no fruit for us ourselves, but for others, & that the fruits for us come from others.

We must work for the progress of humanity – Just as the physical social life consists of deeds done together, so too we strive for common deeds in the spirit – thus actually, for a social working in the suprasensible.

We must endeavor to carry spirit into the furthest consequences of our actions. This alone – that we bring spirit & love into our will – can make it possible to stand firmly against being overrun by the cultural machine. Too few people today develop real initiative. There is a lot of willfulness, but little will.

The true meditation is a fulfilling of the spiritual will that the Time Spirit bears with itself. Where such meditation is practiced, a spiritual force is able to work into the earthly events. Spiritual worlds want to work in to earthly events today, but they can do this only when, through human meditation, space is created for it. Through meditation, something like an empty space comes about. Into this space, the spiritual beings can enter with their effects. And the power of meditating such a meditation in common increases by potentization.

When we do this community-meditation, it will bring about a deeper connection of the core of our being with our sheaths.

These meditations, when used correctly, could become something like windows into the spiritual world. The words & pictures given, form only half of what is to be entrusted to us. The other half we are to find ourselves through spiritual activity.

Each of you must feel joy for the success of the other. You must avoid every feeling of rivalry & have the awareness that what each of you accomplishes, you accomplish through the power of all of the others.

Uniting yourself through a mutual promise to strive toward a common spiritual goal – & leaving one another completely free in actions & judgements in life – such a community based on this is something completely new in the evolution of humanity. And it is what is most necessary today.

For someone who comes to specific results on the esoteric path, there is always the danger of delusions of grandeur. Such a community as yours can be a protection against this. For in it, you strive together to cross the threshold of the spiritual world. And there each of you has to say that you have the efforts of all the others to thank for what you have achieved personally.

Effects will arise in the destiny between human beings who are connected with us in the community physically & spiritually. The community will never die out. With the 1st community members who reincarnate, the community returns to Earth.

By persevering with the exercises we have a chance to stand up to Ahrimanic powers that no one person can withstand.

Through the reading of the oath given by Rudolf Steiner on 16 October 1922, in the presence of the others, the admittance into the community was effected.

And now consider your community as having been founded by the spiritual world itself…Now get to know each other well.

This gave us the idea to tell each other our biography at the mutual acceptance into membership.

What has taken place now is a 1st in the post-Christian era: human beings themselves chose, out of freedom before the spiritual world, to join together esoterically’.

The 12 founding members:

Daniel van Bemmelen, co-founder of the 1st Dutch Waldorf School

Georg Groot MD, 3-fold social order, co-worker in the Berlin Group of the College Association

Herbert Hahn, called by Steiner to teach at the Independent Waldorf School in Stuttgart

Ernst Lehrs, teacher at the Waldorf school in Stuttgart, served on the committee for the Independent Anthroposophical Society founded for the youth. Later taught in The Hague, London, & Aberdeen. Also taught with his wife Maria Roeschl in the Rudolf Steiner Seminar.

Rene Maikowski, business manager of the Association for Anthroposophical College Studies, also a Waldorf teacher.

Wilhelm Rath, bookseller, man of letters, farmer, was on the committee of the Independent Anthroposophical Society.

Wilhelm Selling, mechanical engineer, colonial officer in Africa, in charge of the Theosophical library, mentor of the youth work in Berlin

Karin Selling, part of the Scandinavian Theosophical Society, teacher at the Waldorf School in Stockholm

Emma Smit, teacher & organizer of the Independent school in The Hague

Maria Spira, came from the Zionist Youth Movement, married Wilhelm Rath

Albrecht Strohschein, business man, 1st co-worker in the Der Kommenden (The Coming Day) in Stuttgart, student of psychology in Jena, co-founder of the therapeutic pedagogical movement

Kurt Walther, postal officer, lecturer, & leader of many courses, the successor of Marie Steiner in the Executive Council of the Anthroposophical Socety,married Wilhelm Sellings sister Clara Selling, who was part of Steiner’s household

Others that came in after the founding, in the transition of the Association for the Three-fold Social Organism as it moved into the Association for Independent Spiritual Life, included: Ernst Uehli, Rector Moritz, Michael Bauer, Hermann Beck, Eugen & Lily Kolisko, Emil Leinhas, Emil Molt, Rudolf Meyer, Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz, Fredrich Rittelmeyer, Walter Johannes Stein, Carl Unger, Ludwig Webeck, H. Wohlbold

Nürnberg trials | Facts, Definition, & Prominent Defendants | Britannica

1946 – Nuremberg trials: Execution of the convicted Nazi leaders of the Main Trial

The day China entered the nuclear age | South China Morning Post

1964 – China detonates its first nuclear weapon

How the Black Power Protest at the 1968 Olympics Killed Careers - HISTORY

1968 – United States athletes Tommie Smith & John Carlos are kicked off the US team for participating in the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Desmond Tutu To Join Crystal Spring 2015 South  Africa Voyage

1984 – Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize


A sure sign of Spring....Migrating Canada Geese Flying North | Spring sign, Birds  flying, Painting photos

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~i am
a cackle of joy
in the throat of a wild goose
swallowing cloud stuff
in a dizzy triangle
above the lake…


31 October, 1 pm – 3 pm CT ​​​​​​​

‘Soul to Soul’ on-line Festival

with the Central Regional Council

Join the CRC for an All Souls Pageant on All Hallows Eve, honoring our connection with our Beloved Dead, thru music, & poetry & Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts – ‘Break Out’ sessions & live music with special guest Rev. Carol Kelly

Halloween 31 October 2020, Saturday 11 am – 1 pm PT / 1 pm – 3 pm CT / 2pm – 4pm ET

Stay tuned for ZOOM details


Election Day – Tuesday 3 November 2020

7 pm – 9 pm CT

Our Annual All Souls Festival

We will hold space with each other & connect with the ‘so called dead’ to bring healing on both sides of the Threshold, during Electon Night 2020, through Social Sculpture with Lucien Dante Lazar. 

In person at Elderberries Bio-dynamic Outpost in league with the Rudolf Steiner Branch 4249-51 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago

& online: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 943 1996 1767
Passcode: 494798

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Friday 6 November 2020, 7 pm – 9 pm CT

‘Connections Revealed’

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg based on Spiritual Scientific research & indications from Rudolf Steiner

With Group Eurythmy, Singing, Social Sculpture while reading the names of the dead, & Break out Sessions.

In-person at Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3 fold Cultural Hub, in conjunction with the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, 4249-51 N. Lincoln Ave.

& on-line: Join Zoom Meeting

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Dial by your location
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        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
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Rudolf Steiner s Calendar of the Soul. - PDF Free Download

Every morning the Sun rises a little later, & every evening our Sol sets ever earlier. Darkness takes the light, slowly into its somber realm. As we move from Virgo the Virgin, who helps us with our spiritual harvest, into the sign of the scales, Libra, we can think how it is the only constellation that is not a living creature; it owes its origin to the realm of created things, of mechanics. According to Rudolf Steiner it was only incorporated into the imagery of the Zodiac later in order to delineate the world of light in the upper signs more clearly from the 5 lower “nightly” signs. It is entirely dependent on the outer world, best expressed in its function of “deliberation”.

Benta Muuken

In ancient Greece the descent of the Sun into the Autumn region of the dark zodiac signs was seen in the image of the abduction of Persephone, stole away from her mother Demeter, by Pluto, lord of the underworld. The Greeks hid their faces in fear from the powers of darkness & waited longingly for the return of Persephone who would awaken to new life in the Spring.

Kristina West

But since the descent of Christ into the shadow realm of death, in order to reconquer it for the realm of light, human beings can look at the descent into the realm of darkness in a different way – thru the image of the mighty Archangel Michael standing next to the Virgin, with her staff of life, & in former times, bearing the balance of the world in his hands – carrying the resurrection into the dark in order to realize our true human potential in the confrontation with the forces of evil.

This individuation process can only be fulfilled in the realm of earth & death – Here the human being of the present time is threatened with the danger of giving in to the lower driving forces which powerfully press in from our unconscious sense perceptions.

Here the scales, must be stepped into, to become the sign of the ‘Representative of Humanity’, appearing before our soul, pointing the way forward, to balance us between levity & gravity.

Zodiac Seals - Drawn by Rudolf Steiner | Antroposofie

In the Zodiac it is between the grain-bearing Virgin & the death-dealing Scorpion. There is a separation of the “wheat from the chaff’ – the weighing, in the “Scales of Judgement.”

Will the being of Michael which we must enliven within ourselves, be able to maintain the balance of the world? That is the most earnest question which is spoken by his gaze. In the realm of the spirit his victory is assured, But on earth???

This question touches on our human contribution to the Michael Imagination – it has to do with the crisis of the “I”, which exists for everyone today. Is the average human being awake to this aspect? -Ready & able to work to overcome this crisis of humankind on earth?

Beau Stanton » RFK Mural Festival
Beau Stanton

If we take this into our soul-life we can take up this challenge, knowing that the outcome depends on our behavior, with even the smallest matters, as well as the great tests of our times. Thru this commitment we can rise to become a spiritual comrade, a co-shaper & co-creator of the divine earthly world. We are called in the Age of Michael to rise from being a ‘servant of God’ to being a ‘friend & brother/sister of Christ’ as promised in the Gospel of St. John 15:15.

Find your center Painting by Charlene Cowden
Charlene Cowden

In looking up to this world destiny of the human being in the dark time of the year which is now setting in, we must find the inner emphasis that is so easily lost today, because we lose our balance to the swings of the pendulum in our soul-life. The approaching winter can invoke (in some) the hum-bug that is possessed by greed, like an old man seeking to dispel the fear of death thru selfish pleasure or grabby possession. The balance of the soul swings back & forth between melancholy & self-satisfied control, until it can find its center in the true “I”.

St Michael with the scales of justice- painting medieval angels and devils,  judgement day eggtempera on canvas | Angelicon

The image of the scales can become for us the means to orient our soul & spirit at this turning point in the year.

October: “Satisfaction Becomes Serenity” or Contentment becomes Self-composure. This Virtue suggests a call to balance, not a settling in to mendacity, or a false sense of security. But a serenity in recognizing that we are just where we are meant to be in our striving.

More on this tomorrow

Until soon



Susan Seddon-Boulet

15 October 2020 Bella Luna is in the Underworld – Tomorrow New Moon in the Scales 4:31 pm CT

Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon - Painting by Ayudym on DeviantArt

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

Looking at the past to see the present, co-creating the future: ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY

70 BC – Birthday of Virgil, an ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period. He is known for three major works of Latin literature, the Eclogues (or Bucolics), the Georgics, & the epic Aeneid, considered the national epic of ancient Rome. Modeled after Homer’s Iliad & Odyssey, the Aeneid follows the Trojan refugee Aeneas as he struggles to fulfill his destiny & arrive on the shores of Italy—in Roman mythology the founding act of Rome. Virgil’s work has had wide & deep influence on Western literature, most notably Dante’s Divine Comedy, in which Virgil appears as Dante’s guide through hell & purgatory

St. Teresa of Avila Receives the Veil and Necklace from the Virgin and St.  Joseph | Carmel, Garden of God

Feast Day of Saint Teresa of Ávila, who lived in the 16th century, an age of exploration as well as political, social & religious upheaval. She was a woman; she was a contemplative; she was an active reformer.

As a woman, Teresa stood on her own two feet, even in the man’s world of her time. She was “her own woman,” entering the Carmelites despite strong opposition from her father. She is a person wrapped not so much in silence as in mystery. Beautiful, talented, outgoing, adaptable, affectionate, courageous, enthusiastic, she was totally human. Like Jesus, she was a mystery of paradoxes: wise, yet practical; intelligent, yet much in tune with her experience; a mystic, yet an energetic reformer. A holy woman, a womanly woman.

Teresa was a woman “for Christ,” a woman of prayer, discipline & compassion. Her heart belonged to God. Her ongoing conversion was an arduous lifelong struggle, involving ongoing purification & suffering. She was misunderstood, misjudged, opposed in her efforts at reform. Yet she struggled on, courageous & faithful; she struggled with her own mediocrity, her illness, her opposition. And in the midst of all this she clung to God in life & in prayer. Her writings on prayer & contemplation are drawn from her experience: powerful, practical & graceful. A woman of prayer; a woman for God.

Teresa was a woman “for others.” Though a contemplative, she spent much of her time & energy seeking to reform herself & the Carmelites, to lead them back to the full observance of the primitive Rule. She founded over a half-dozen new monasteries. She traveled, wrote, fought—always to renew, to reform. In her self, in her prayer, in her life, in her efforts to reform, in all the people she touched, she was a woman for others, a woman who inspired & gave life.

Her writings, especially the Way of Perfection & The Interior Castle, have helped generations of believers.

In 1970, the Church gave her the title she had long held in the popular mind: Doctor of the Church. She & St. Catherine of Siena were the first women so honored.

Ours is a time of turmoil, a time of reform & a time of liberation. Modern women have in Teresa a challenging example. Promoters of renewal, promoters of prayer, all have in Teresa a woman to reckon with, one whom they can admire & imitate. Friedrich Nietzsche - Edvard Munch hand-painted oil painting  reproduction,German philosopher,cultural critic, poet,philologist,great man  art: Handmade
Edvard Munch

1844 – Birthday of Friedrich Nietzsche, German composer, poet, & philosopher. Friedrich Nietzsche, Fighter for Freedom written by Rudolf Steiner. Nietzsche was seen by Steiner, but was lying in a coma near death. Rudolf Steiner brought out an edition of some of Nietzsche’s writings. In seeing that Nietzsche’s ideas received a public exposure, Steiner was not identifying himself as one of Nietzsche’s disciples, but rather assuring philosophical readers that this important link in the spiritual development of occidental thought should not be ignored.

WHEN I BECAME acquainted with the works of Friedrich Nietzsche six years ago, ideas had already formed within me which were similar to his. Independently, and from completely different directions, I came to concepts which were in harmony with those Nietzsche expressed in his writings: Zarathustra, Jenseits von Gut and Böse, Beyond Good and Evil, Genealogie der Moral, Genealogy of Morals, and Götzendämmerung, Twilight of Idols. In my little book which appeared in 1886, Erkenntnistheorie der Goetheschen Weltanschauung, The Theory of Knowledge in Goethe’s World Conception, this same way of implicit thinking is expressed as one finds in the works of Nietzsche mentioned above.

This is why I feel myself impelled to draw a picture of Nietzsche’s life of reflection and feeling. I believe that such a picture will be most like Nietzsche when it is created according to his last writings. This I have done. The earlier writings of Nietzsche show him as a searcher. He presents himself to us as a restless striver toward the heights. In his last writings we see him when he has reached the summit, and at a height commensurate with his very own spiritual quality. In most of the writings which have appeared about Nietzsche up to now, this development is represented as if in the various periods of his writing he had more or less contradictory opinions. I have tried to show that there is no question of a change of opinion in Nietzsche, but rather of a movement upward, of a development of a personality in a manner fitting to it, which had not yet found a form of expression in accord with his innate points of view in those first works.

The final goal of Nietzsche’s creativity is the description of the “superman.” I considered my chief task in this writing to be the characterization of this type. My characterization of the superman is exactly the opposite of the caricature developed in the currently popular book about Nietzsche by Frau Lou Andreas Salomé. One cannot put into the world anything more contrary to Nietzsche’s spirit than the mystical monster she has made out of the superman. My book shows that in Nietzsche’s ideas nowhere is the least trace of mysticism to be found. I did not allow myself to be drawn into the refutation of Frau Salomé’s opinion that Nietzsche’s thoughts in Menschliches, All-zumenschliches, Human, All Too Human, were influenced by the works of Paul Rée, the editor of Psychological Observations, and The Origin of Moral Feelings, etc. Such an average brain as that of Paul Rée could make no important impression on Nietzsche. Even now I would not touch upon these things at all if the book of Frau Salomé had not contributed so much toward the spreading of downright disagreeable judgments about Nietzsche. Fritz Koegel, the excellent publisher of Nietzsche’s works, bestowed upon this bungled piece of work its deserved treatment in the Magazine for Literature.

I cannot conclude this short preface without giving hearty thanks to Nietzsche’s sister, Frau Foerster-Nietzsche, for the many friendly deeds I experienced from her during the period in which this book developed. I owe to her the hours spent in the Nietzsche Archives, and the mood out of which the following thoughts were written. ~RUDOLF STEINER, Weimar, April 1895.


Striped Illusion Rock (I haven't checked the link - photo reference for  board) | Rock painting art, Stone art, Rock art

MY POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I have held the striped pebble of love
Lightly in my palm
Tightly in my heart-whole
I have smelled truth in the autumn rain
& I remember how to go
Beyond the horizon
Where light knows
Where no darkness grows –
Meet me there if you will…


Starlink satellites tracker – how to see Elon Musk's launch live
From Arthur Firstenberg 
Early on October 6, 2020 at 5:29 a.m. Mountain Time, SpaceX launched another 60 satellites, to join their fellows racing through the ionized layer of air that protects us and gives us life.

There are now 738 satellites operating in the Starlink constellation. Everyone pretends that they are not there, that we can continue to punch holes in the air with impunity, burn prodigious amounts of fossil fuels, fill up the stratosphere with black soot, litter the night sky with moving lights, and alter the invisible electric field that connects us with the sun and stars and circulates through our bodies from birth until death.

In recent weeks, on the coast of Australia, record numbers of whales committed suicide by beaching themselves. In Botswana, hundreds of elephants suddenly collapsed and died. Here in the southwest, from Nebraska, to Colorado, to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, to northern Mexico, millions of migrating birds have fallen dead out of the sky, emaciated, starved to death because there are no insects to eat.
Our earth is burning down and no firefighters will come. The source of the flames is unacknowledged, unseen. It is there, in the air, speeding from phone to phone, antenna to antenna, satellite to satellite, filling atmosphere, earth, and seas, penetrating bones and disrupting nerves of every animal, bird, insect, and tree.

If Neil Armstrong had brought a cell phone to the moon in 1969, it would have appeared from earth, at night, to be the brightest object in the universe in the microwave spectrum. In the daytime, the sun would have been brighter, but at night, the cell phone would have outshone every star.

There is a reason cell phones are outlawed in Green Bank, West Virginia, home of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: even a single cell phone, even from miles away, would blind the radio astronomers there and make it impossible for them to see the stars. Astronomers measure radio waves in units called janskys. A typical star shines at 10 to 100 janskys. The Sun shines at about 500,000 janskys. When you hold a cell phone against your head, you are pumping energy at the rate of about 100,000,000,000,000,000 janskys into your brain.[1]

If we are going to save this planet, we have to be able to think and reason. And we have known since 1975 that microwave radiation damages the brain. In that year, Allan Frey published his ground-breaking article, “Neural function and behavior: defining the relationship.”[2] In a study on rats, he found that low-level microwaves — one hundred times lower than what people’s brains are exposed to from their cell phones today — damage the blood-brain barrier. This is the anatomical barrier that keeps toxic chemicals, bacteria and viruses in your blood from entering your brain. It is also the barrier that maintains the inside of your head at a constant pressure and prevents you from having a stroke.

At least two hundred laboratories in many countries confirmed Frey’s work over the years. Finally, in 2003, neurosurgeon Leif Salford, at Lund University in Sweden, proved the obvious: that disrupting the blood-brain barrier causes brain damage. He exposed rats to a cell phone, once for two hours, at very low power, and sacrificed them fifty days later. Two percent of the exposed rats’ brain cells were damaged or destroyed.[3] He later exposed rats to a cell phone, again at very low power, for two hours once a week for a year, and found that they were cognitively impaired.[4]

And in 2020, a study has been published showing that the same thing happens in humans. A team of scientists at Heidelberg University in Germany used MRIs to examine the brains of 48 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. They found that the more hours per day their subjects habitually spent on their smartphones, the less gray matter they had in their brains and the less brain activity was detected.[5] 

On December 21, 2018, I organized and funded a lawsuit against the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico; the State of New Mexico; and the United States of America, to restore the constitutional rights of the people of the United States. We are challenging the constitutionality of a City ordinance, a State law, and Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

These laws, and laws like them all over the world, effectively mandate the placement of antennas on the streets and sidewalks in front of homes and businesses, while depriving injured people of any means of protest, or any remedy for their injuries.

These laws violate:  the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech; the First Amendment Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances; the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment Right not to be deprived of Life, Liberty or Property without Due Process of Law; the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment Right not to have property taken without Just Compensation. 

On May 6, 2020, the District Court dismissed our complaint, and we immediately filed an appeal in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. The case is Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety v. City of Santa Fe, Case No. 20-2066. Oral argument has not yet been scheduled.  You can read our briefs here: This is the only case of its kind in the United States. Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act prohibits States and local governments from regulating cell towers on the basis of their health or environmental effects. ~ Arthur Firstenberg

The last 10 newsletters, including this one, are available for downloading and sharing on the Newsletters page of the Cellular Phone Task Force. Some of the newsletters are also available there in German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

[1] 1 jansky = 10-26 W/m2/Hz. The values given are for cell phone frequencies.
[2] Frey AH et al. 1975. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 247:433-39.
[3] Salford L et al. 2003. “Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones.” Environmental Health Perspectives 111(7):881-83.
[4] Nittby H et al. 2008. “Cognitive impairment in rats after long-term exposure to GSM-900 mobile phone radiation. Bioelectromagnetics 29:219-32.
[5] Horvath J et al. 2020. Structural and functional correlates of smartphone addiction. Addictive Behaviors 105:106334.

We are Seeds

photo of fall paintings - Yahoo Search Results | Autumn painting, Autumn  leaves art, Autumn art
Bethel Blanning

You float…you feel a gentle breeze began to dance you through the air like a leaf in the fall. This is a very comforting feeling, like being carried in your mother’s arms. There is no fear. You spin through the sky, flying over fields & forests…

As the wind gently releases, you slowly begin to sink down toward a wilderness of trees. Gently, Gently…You reach the ground landing on a well-trodden path.

You begin, now, to walk the path heading in a familiar direction. As you walk, you notice the 1st hint of color changing the trees…& the silence, broken only by the gentle breeze…the song of birds & other animals. Ahead of you, the path opens up to a larger area. You arrive at this place, & know that it is a Sacred Place.

It may be a grove, or a shady spot under a large tree. It may be a clearing, or a meadow. It may be a stone-circle, or a temple. However it appears to you – know this is a Sacred Place, that feels safe & powerful.

Enter this Sacred Place…You may wish to remove your shoes because the ground is holy…You may wish to make an offering, or sing a blessing…As you enter, you see the bright figure of a woman ahead of you. She looks very familiar. She calls your name, & asks you to come forward. You are unable to make out her face, as she is engulfed in a brilliant glow. She leans forward; you close your eyes, & embrace. As you stand in the arms of this bright woman, she whispers a truth to you. It is a well-reasoned, logical truth. It may be something you already know, but are unaware of. It may be something which makes wonderful sense to you, & makes your mind open with wonder. It may be a mystical teaching which will require further thought. Whatever it may be, you know you are blessed by this amazing teaching…

Then the bright woman braids a chain of flowers into your hair…you touch your fingers to your head knowing your mind has been forever changed, opened, to all the possibilities of positive thinking that will transform your thoughts into things…

You spin with joy, noticing all at once, that the bright woman has vanished & now, standing before you, is a dark figure, looking strangely familiar. Again, you are unable to make out her face. But you notice she is carrying a bundle over her shoulder. She lays her burden down on the ground at your feet. The dark woman speaks to you, with a voice that resonates in a similar way as the first figure; yet deeper, more mellow & mysterious…She calls you by name, & asks you to come forward. You do so. You close your eyes, & embrace this dark woman…Your embrace is a full of compassion & warmth.

She gently whispers a truth in your ear. It is a truth which you feel is right. The truth touches your heart & frees your soul. You feel like a bird, soaring through the skies, singing a song of joy. When you open your eyes you become aware that the dark woman has vanished, & the bundle she was carrying which she left at your feet, has transformed into a large piece of rich honey-colored amber. You pick it up & hold it in your hand…the sun calls you to lift the amber up…bring it up into the light…let the sunshine merge with this solid symbol of your vitality…breathe in the pranic life-force emanating from your true purpose made manifest…

Put this treasure in your pocket, as you leave the Sacred Place…forever knowing that the sacred place goes where your intention flows…Knowing that union is possible between the many parts of our beings…walk in confidence… balanced in the light & dark of your most authentic self…walk the path toward the wilderness.

You pass the trees, & notice that the colors of their leaves are becoming more pronounced. You see the squirrels busy collecting nuts, & the birds beginning their southward journey. You pass the point where you began walking on this path.

You begin ascending a large hill. You walk upward…upward…up the hill, until you reach the top. There you find that you can see the surrounding countryside all around you. You have an amazing view of your Sacred Place. As you stand there in the waning Sun, you feel your mind & body change. Knowing in every cell of your being that our soul must sink into the earth like a seed in its season, released into the fertile earth. Feel the last wave of the Summer heat vanish, you are in a warm blanket of earth, waiting, listening, waiting…feeling the loving arms of Mother Earth awakening you to transformation…

Put on the colors of autumn, & feel the breezes washing you. A glad gust takes hold of you, & floating in the air, you dance away from the wilderness…away from the Sacred Place…Back to yourself. As the wind loosens its grip…you land, back into yourself, grounded, renewed & ready to walk the talk…Ready to Be…Ready to Begin, the labor of love, called your life…

See you there

xox ~hag



13 October 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The big night is finally here: Mars reaches opposition with our Day Star Sun at 6 pm CDT, just one week after its closest approach to Earth. It’s blazing amid the stars of Pisces in the East an hour after sunset. It will climb higher as the hours tick by; the best time to observe the Red Planet is late this evening in the hours leading up to midnight, when it is high above the horizon. It’s in a relatively dark part of the sky & in a faint constellation, so it will be easy to pick out, thanks to its brightness & its distinctive red color.

Mercury Retrograde – August 30, 2016 – Heart before Head | GrannyMoon's  Morning Feast

Mercury goes stationary at midnight, before heading into retrograde. It’s well below the horizon by then, but we can view it tomorrow at sunset.


Mercury Retrograde ☿ Winter 2020 – Zen☆Ren
Trent Blazer

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” ~H.G. Wells

What is Saturn Return? If You're in Your Late 20s, Read This in 2020 |  Saturn return, Space artwork, Surreal art
Dot Bankster

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Mary Ann Bernal: History Trivia - Emperor Claudius dies from poison

In 1307 October 13 was a Friday – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into a “confession” of heresy. Once freed of the Inquisitors’ torture, many Templars recanted their confessions. Some had sufficient legal experience to defend themselves in the trials, but in 1310 Philip blocked this attempt, using the previously forced confessions to have dozens of Templars burned at the stake in Paris. With Philip threatening military action unless the pope complied with his wishes, Pope Clement finally agreed to disband the Order, citing the public scandal that had been generated by the confessions. At the Council of Vienne in 1312, he issued a series of papal bulls, which officially dissolved the Order. As for the leaders of the Order, the elderly Grand Master Jacques de Molay, who had confessed under torture, retracted his confession & insisted on his innocence. But he was declared guilty of being a relapsed heretic & was sentenced to be burnt at the stake in Paris on 18 March 1314. De Molay reportedly remained defiant to the end, calling out from the flames that both Pope Clement & King Philip would soon meet their end. Pope Clement died only a month later, & King Philip died in a hunting accident before the end of the year

13th October 1792: Cornerstone laid for the White House | HistoryPod

1792 –The cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid

Our Lady of Fatima, Plus: Her Promise of Protection with Her Protective  Shield

1917 – The “Miracle of the Sun” is witnessed by an estimated 100,000 people in the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal. The people had gathered because the 3 shepherd children, who originally claimed to have seen Our Lady of Fátim, had predicted that at high noon the lady who had appeared to them several times would perform a great miracle. According to many witnesses, after a period of rain, the dark clouds broke & the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, & to cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the people, & the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the earth before zig-zagging back to its normal position. Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became “suddenly & completely dry, as well as the wet & muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling.” According to reports, a panorama of visions, including those of Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows, & of Saint Joseph blessed the people. The event lasted approximately ten minutes


The Snake and the Tree Painting by Hank Lukas
Hank Lukas

MY POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I travel the back of a snake
An unbroken seal on the book of myself
Giving my mind the pleasure of creation
My heart thinks
& love opens the way…


‘Soul to Soul’ on-line Festival with the Central Regional Council & Speical Guests

Halloween 31 October 2020, Saturday 11 am – 1 pm PT / 1 pm – 3 pm CT / 2pm – 4pm ET

Stay tuned for details


The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg. Group Eurythmy, Singing, Social Sculpture while reading the names of the dead, & Break out Sessions.

2 pm – 4 pm CDT 8 Nov. 2020 Our Annual All Souls Festival

In-person at Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3 fold Cultural Hub, in conjunction with the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, 4249-51 N. Lincoln Ave.

& On-line (details coming soon)

2 pm – 4 pm CDT Sunday 8 November 2020