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here now :: ici maintenant :: aquí y ahora — Carolina Echeverria | Montreal  Artist | Canadian Sculptor
Carloina Eckaverria

Thoughts from night-school: What is thinking? It is a death. Yes, we must 1st let old habitual thoughts die, & transform into new elements of supersensible perception. Thoughts can then be reborn as a seed. This we can plant in our dark dome, to light up as little stars – islands of knowing in the vast unknown – unlocking the path to the heart. The thought knows itself in the seed & longs to live. The seed tastes & discovers all that it is not, all that is new to it. At first groping – but the mother of it touches the thought-seed from within to afar. The mother has a wisdom which she activates in the seed. The seed gains imagination, inspiration & intuition.  As the thought eats the darkness around it & becomes illumined & shines in the soul, it is born into the feeling will.


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‘I Think Speech’ podcast

Critical thinking Painting by Ricardo Colugnatti
Ricardo Kulonatti

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I stand before myself
A thought that curls into a mothers song
Like the aroma of bread – a prayer anchoring the world
A porous layer of skin, a drop of water, a reality…



9 April 2021 – “Speaking with the stars”: The Greek-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy, and others, considered these stars as the tuft at the end of Leo’s tail. Coma Berenices remained part of Leo until a few hundred years ago, when it was first listed as a separate constellation with its own distinct legend in the lore of the sky.

The story goes that an ancient Egyptian queen, Berenice, feared for her husband’s life as he went into battle. She prayed to Aphrodite, promising to cut off her long, luxurious curls if the king returned safely. He did, and Berenice kept her promise and cut off her hair, placing it as a sacrifice on Aphrodite’s altar. But the next day the hair was gone!

The king was enraged that the temple priests had not protected the precious hair of the queen. A quick-thinking astronomer saved the day, by pointing to the cascading stars at the end of Leo’s tail. It’s said that he told the king that these were the queen’s tresses, placed in the sky by Aphrodite – goddess of love – to honor the queen’s sacrifice.

The king and queen were appeased, and no priests were beheaded. And, today, Coma Berenices – or Berenice’s Hair – is one of the 88 official constellations.

Friday: Right Memory Exercises for the Days of the Week by Rudolf Steiner |  Well Wishers Group
Friday: Colour of the Day and Other Energies by Rudolf Steiner | Rudolf  steiner, Color of the day, Rudolf

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Jacques Callot | Ste. Marie Cléophée (St. Mary Cleophas), April 9th, from  Les Images De Tous Les Saincts et Saintes de L'Année (Images of All of the  Saints and Religious Events of

Feast Day of of Mary Cleophas, who was at the crucifixion with Mary Magdalen & Mary-Sophia the Mother of Jesus

Battle of Mohi - Wikipedia

1241 –The Templars were called in to help defeat the Mongol Invasions. The Templars worked hard to preserve the integrity of Europe. 73 years later – a little over the span of a human life – they were exterminated by the same forces that worked in the Mongols Ghengis Kahn & Kublai Kahn.

Francis Bacon - Philosophy, Facts & Accomplishments - Biography

1626 – The death day of Francis Bacon. In Karmic Relationships Steiner indicates that in a former life he was, Harun al Rashid.

I have already spoken, here at Dornach too, of Lord Bacon of Verulam as the reincarnated Haroun al Raschid. We know how intense and determining an influence Bacon’s conceptions had on the whole succeeding evolution of the spiritual life, notably in its finer impulses and movements. Now the remarkable thing is this, that in Lord Bacon himself something took place which we may describe as a morbid elimination of old spirituality. For such spirituality he had after all possessed when he was Haroun al Raschid.

And thus we see, proceeding from the impulse of Lord Bacon, a whole world of daemonic beings. The world was literally filled supersensibly and sensibly with daemonic beings. (When I say “sensibly” I meant not, of course, visibly, but within the world of sense.)

Now it chiefly fell to the individuality of Alexander to wage war against these daemonic idols of Lord Bacon, Francis Bacon of Verulam. And similar activities, exceedingly important ones, were taking place on earth below. For otherwise the materialism of the 19th century would have broken in upon the world in a far more devastating way even than it did. Similar activities, taking place in the spiritual and in the physical world together, were allotted to the stream of Michael, until at length at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century there took place in super-sensible regions what I have already described as the enactment of a great and sublime super-sensible ritual and ceremony”.

Anthroposophische Seelenkalender als Wanddruck | Glomer.com

Living into the spheres of cosmic Life and cosmic Light: Easter, Ascension, Whitsun in the Calendar of the Soul with Luigi Morelli, Hazel Archer & Geoff Norris

13 May 2021 Ascension Thursday 5- 6:30pm PT / 6-7:30 pm MT / 7 pm – 8:30 pm CT / 8-9:30 pm ET / 1 am – 2:30 am GMT / 2 am – 3:30 am CET

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/7052931041?pwd=TStPVnpFRzlwZ0NpRURBZDNyYnpBQT09 Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: Ascension

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/a961qZZhF

Verses & Group Speech – Geoff Norris

Ascension: The secret teachings, the Elementals, & The Etheric Christ, Hazel Archer

Calendar of the Soul – Luigi Morelli : For those who are familiar with the Calendar of the Soul we could say that during spring and summer we follow the ascent of cosmic life, cosmic light, cosmic warmth and cosmic Word as gifts bestowed upon the human being by the cosmos. By being receptive to them we strengthen our connection to cosmos and Self.

We will briefly explore the dynamics of the year, then look at what qualities of soul we need to develop as we move into spring and summer, most particularly from Easter to Ascension and Whitsun. We will look at the verses of the calendar in conjunction with the artistic renditions of Anne Stockton and Karl König, drawn for each of the verses.

We will ask ourselves: How can we live into and grow from this time of the year? How can we deepen our inner relationship to the event of Ascension? What can we receive and what can we give?

Luigi Morelli – Cultures have been a great part of my upbringing, since I’m American born, part Italian, part Peruvian, mostly grew up in Belgium, and have lived the longest in the US. I have long had a passion for social change from a cultural perspective. Professionally this has brought me to working with the developmentally disabled in the intentional, holistic, communities of Camphill International and L’Arche International, and also in the mainstream. Being a founding member of the Wavecrest L’Arche Community in Los Angeles was a memorable experience. I have lived in intentional cohousing for the last ten years; first in Ecovillage Ithaca, now at Headwaters Cohousing in Cabot, in both places actively involved in community building and process facilitation.

Since 1999 I have found a vocation in researching/writing both about American history and/or about cultural/spiritual change, which you can find at www.millenniumculmination.net. Only of late have I started writing on meditative material I have used for years, publishing an essay on the Foundation Stone Meditation (also onsite) and one upcoming on the Calendar of the Soul. I love outdoors in many forms, gardening, hiking, skiing, love singing and playing flute, and enjoy most kinds of social events.

Geoffrey Norris was born in Durban, South Africa on 07/09/1951. After extensive performing with the Rock Musical “Hair “in Southern Africa, Portugal and Spain in the early 70’s he continued his theatrical training at the London School of Speech Formation and Dramatic Art, graduating in 1978. He is an actor, storyteller and teacher of voice, movement and drama and has given courses and workshops worldwide integrating the approaches of Rudolf Steiner, Michael Chekhov, Viola Spolin (and others, his own included).and has performed extensively throughout Britain, Eire, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Southern Africa, The United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand. He is a master teacher of Steiner Speech Drama and Movement, with over 46 years of experience in the field www.speechanddramastudio.com

Norris’s “Noble Art of the Word” puts to shame our modern actors, who fear to bring colour to poetic, rhythmic language, making it monochromatic dull prose. May they learn from one of the best examples.
Theatre Critic – Olsztyn

3 thoughts on “ya think?

  1. Hi Hazel,

    Just think of all the places where Rudolf Steiner told of how the human head, which stands in a unique position, above the rest of the organism, is presently involved in a retrogressive process of experiencing death every day due to the pressure of the nervous system in waking life. Yet, it is because of this process that we are conscious in our thinking. We also experience the lighting up of our Ego [ I-Am] in this daily death experience in the Head. It was the inevitable outcome of sinking into the densified form of the physical body since the Christ Event two thousand years ago.

    Only the concepts of Spiritual Science exist in order to reverse this process of retrogression in the head. As such, we stand as the new educational imperative in our time. Yet, stubborn humanity is experiencing the results of this failure to see spiritual science over materialism. Alzheimer’s Disease is the result, which stands to be an epidemic of its own by 2050. The Intellectual Soul is very vulnerable in our day and age, and this is because it possesses a rich mineral source that has been spiritualized completely, ref. GA 254.

    Mary of Cleophas reminded me of how she stood between the Mother, and Mary Magdalene when the Christ looked down from the Cross, ref. John 19. RS had indicated a special placement by these three in his first John course in Basel, GA 100.

    Mother = Consciousness Soul
    Mary = Intellectual Soul
    Magdalene = Sentient Soul

    Please remember, Mary was the stepmother of Jesus, and listened to his heartfelt words of despair just before he went to the Jordan to meet his cousin, John.

    Maverick had written recently that Jesus appeared to the two on the Road to Emmaus, and how one of these two was Cleophas, ref. Luke 24. I thought about this on the death-day of Mary, who had taken into her Heart the feelings of her stepson.

    1. Thanks Hazel for posting my comment so early this day. Awesome. I do hope it helps in some way in saying something that might strike a nerve. I want us all to be a part of the current awakening. Your group is a forerunner in this effort. That is why I can write you so candidly. Oh, my.

      1. Yes, we have talked about these things in the past, & every year when the anniversaries come up again we have a chance to recapitulate these important concepts. Thank you.

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