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TODAY on this Indigenous People’s Day – which also happens to be 10.10 ; I thought to share a little 10:10 Testament from our Thought-Seed Project to bring light in around our continued intention to visualize the human being as a Star & the Earth as a Sun; co-creating an ‘Egregore’ – our collective ‘Thought-Form’ of Good Will – our “key-call” to the powers on the Inner Planes, to enlist their aid – Everyday at 10:10 am / pm, in your time zone, wherever you are.

Our positive egregore grows between the material & spiritual worlds, connected to both, like a rainbow bridge in the etherial realm bringing the pot of gold to those who would look for it.

Folks have been asking for more insights into how to actually do the 10:10 Thought-Seed Experiment. Well friends, there is no right or wrong. It can be as simple as picturing yourself as a being of light; radiating wholeness, sharing truth, activating Will, blending colors, with all the other human souls aligned with love & light, shining together, to permeate the atmosphere with good will – illuminating the whole Earth. Short & sweet, you can do this anywhere, anytime.

Deb Safferal

If you wish to elaborate, you may want to build an imagination to help you “Think Light”Sometimes I like to use these Steiner verses as a lead in:
In purest outpoured light
Shimmers the godhead of the World
In purest love toward all that lives
Outpours the godhood of my soul
I rest within the godhead of the world
There shall I find myself
Within the godhead of the world

(Repeat, knowing you are shimmering along with the godhead)

Iris Sullivan

Or this verse:
More radiant than the sun
Purer than the snow
Subtler than the ether
Is the Self
The spirit within my heart
I am that Self
That Self am I

Kelly Treely

And of course our go-to verse from Waldorf Teacher & Esoteric Circle member Herbert Hahn, is the anchor for the Thought-seed for me every day:

When I think light, my soul shines,
When my soul shines, the Earth is a Star,
When the Earth is a Star, then I Am, a true human being”.

in reverse:
I am a True Human Being
The Earth is a Star
My Soul Shines
I Think Light.

To extend this concept into the rest of our soul forces of Feeling & Willing, we wrote these verses to mirror Hahn’s idea.

For Feeling:
When I feel warmth, my heart sings
When my heart sings, the Earth resounds
When the Earth resounds, I am a true I AM.

I Am a True I Am
The Earth Resounds
My Heart Sings
I Feel Warmth

For Willing:
When I will life, my hands help
When my hands help, the Earth heals
When the Earth heals, I Am a free human being

I Am a Free Human Being
The Earth Heals
My Hands Help
I Will Life

Paul Carter

You might want to picture Mighty Spiritual Beings noticing our shining. Then we become a beacon which calls for a response. Powerful forces reply, by sending their protection & energy to us on Earth. Then we can work with them to collectively surround any disharmony, embracing with compassion all discord, bringing every dis-ease into the light of healing wholeness…

Every day is different; you may want to feel into the sense of what is needed, for yourself, & for the world in that moment.

Lately before saying the verse, I have been setting the stage by creating Thought-pictures using my guardian angel as an energy enhancer. I invoke the angelic presence into my thinking, inviting this being to work with me to purify my astral forces, so that I may be a fit vessel for the light. I say this Steiner verse:
Spirit Triumphant
Flame thru the weakness of my faint-hearted soul
Consume my self-seeking
Burn up my egoism
Enkindle compassion
That selflessness
That living stream in humanity
May flow as a well-spring of Spiritual Re-birth.

Mandy Parker

I also picture the guardian angels of the all of you out there shining with me.

I can continue to build circles within circles, expanding out from the human, to the angelic; & then I bring in the Archangelic forces, which I picture as Columbia, the Being of America; joining in harmony with all the other Folk Spirits of the various national cultures, going beyond borders, into the universality of our unique humanness.

Kristena West

This then opens the threshold to the Archai, The Time-Spirit who holds the zeitgeist of the Age – Michael, who beckons us to work with him & the Being of Wisdom, The Sophia, to redeem the Cosmic Intelligence.

William Blake

Of course we could keep going up the ladder of the 9 Angelic realms to build higher circles of light by rising in our thinking – all the way – to meet the godhead in the Trinity.

Daniel Holeman

And then gathering & contracting that energy back down into the Earth, & into ourselves, to empower us in our becoming – the 10th Hierarchy of Freedom & Love – And the Earth – a sacred planet, a Star – the Sun of the New Jerusalem.

How do you do 10:10?

D.P. Dyyard

~Together we create a circle of protection & light
In the Christic center
Which has its eternal point within our heart –
Ever reflecting out to the periphery of eternal becoming.



10.10.22 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Fomalhaut, somtimes called “The Autumn Star”, is by far the brightest star in its constellation Piscis Australis, and is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The dim constellations of Aquarius and Capricorn are close by. While known as the “Loneliest Star,” you can see that Fomalhaut has two relatively close and bright visitors this year: Jupiter and Saturn!

Zodiac designed by Rudolf Steiner, and painted in 1912, on the ceiling of the Anthroposophical Center in Stuttgart. In 1937 the building was destroyed.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~Autumnal vapours hover
over the magic world of sense…
Within the shining pageant of the light
mingles a softening veil of mist…
i see afar on fields of space
the wintry sleep of fall…
The Summer that is gone
has given Herself to my call…

2 thoughts on “10.10.22

  1. Dear Hazel, a question dear to me as a member of the Youth Circle and here we prepare our in person gathering to celebrate the centenary of its founding:
    Please advise, if I remember correctly when Roots & Renewal Regional Events was first advertised, the third session was to have been the biographies of the first 12 members of the Youth Circle. I have looked on the website and this offering seems to have disappeared. Will this still be offered. and if not do you have any information for me, that I may share it at our gathering here in Cape Town on the 30 October. With warmth and Light, Caroline Hurner

    1. Greetings dear Caroline – How wonderful to know you will gather with other Circle members in Cape Town…
      Yes, when I stepped down from the ASA they decided to cancel my initiative around the Circle as it was stirring up some controversy.
      I will go forward & post those short biographies on The actual 100 year anniversary – 16 October 2022…Please do share it with your cohorts…

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