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Preserve The Light

Micheal Blinkel

From The Anthroposophical Society in America – The Anthroposopher – Hazel Archer Ginsberg – Preserve The Light

Gemüt – Heart-Thinking = ‘The mind warmed by a loving heart & stimulated by the soul’s imaginative power’

Jermey Worl

From ‘The Symphony Of the Creative Word’ ~Rudolf Steiner

You dream your Self,
And shun awakening.

I maintain the life-force in the root,
It creates for me the body of form.

You think the deeds of Angels
And know it not.

I bestir the water’s power of growth,
It forms for me substance of life.

Creative might shines to you,
You divine it not;
You feel its strength
And live it not.

I quaff the airy force of life,
It fills me with the power of being.

Divine Will offers you strength,
You accept it not.
With its strength you can will,
Yet thrust it from you.

I consume the striving power of fire,
Into soul-spirit it releases me.

Chorus of gnomes: O human being – Strive to awaken!

Undines: O human being – Think in the Spirit!

Sylphs: O human being – Live creatively breathing existence!

Fire-beings: O human being – Receive in love the Will-Power of the Gods!

Philly bleen