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One Body

Framed Body Of Christ Print
Danny Hahlbohm

When human beings stand in reverence & awe in their striving to take in the great revelations & truths coming from the spiritual world behind world events, we imbue ourselves with a feeling of wonder that can develop into a force of attraction for the Christ Impulse.

As the Logos is drawn in, the Christ Impulse unites with our individual human soul, to the extent that we are capable of standing in awe of cosmic mysteries.

The astral body of Christ, which The Sophia purifies in us, is derived from all the feelings of wonder that we have lived into thru our individual soul forces.

The second attribute that human souls must develop to attract the Christ Impulse is the feeling of compassion. Whenever a feeling of compassion or shared joy develops in a human soul, it serves as a force of attraction for the Christ Impulse. Through compassion & love, The Logos unites with our human soul. Compassion & love lived into by humanity are the forces from which the Christ will shape his own etheric body until the end of the Earth phase of evolution.

When we picture that the etheric body of The Christ develops out of human feelings of compassion & love, the biblical statement, ‘What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me,’ becomes very real.

A third higher attribute that enters the human soul is the awakening & heeding of conscience; placing greater value on this ‘still small voice’, than on our own individual instincts. Christ unites most intimately with conscience, (as he did with John the Baptist), deriving his physical body from impulses of conscience in individual human souls.

Body Of Christ Painting by Christopher Taylor
Aceneo Killiopze

Today will you stand in Reverence & Awe; in Compassion & Love; letting that ‘still small voice of Conscience ring out with truth – as we embody & manifest the Christ within & out in the world…?



The Resurrection of the Contemporary Christian Music Industry ...
Bert Stippel

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


331- Birthday of Julian the Apostate. In Rudolf Steiner’s Kama Lectures Vol. 4, lec. 6, he hear about him as Herzeloyde & Tycho Brahe.

1882 – More than 100,000 inhabitants of Bombay are killed when a cyclone in the Arabian Sea pushes huge waves into the harbor

1889 – The Great Seattle Fire destroys all of downtown Seattle

1892 – The Chicago “L” commuter rail system begins operation

1934 – New Deal: The U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Securities Act of 1933 into law, establishing the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

1944 – D-Day -155,000 Allied troops land on the beaches of Normandy in France, beginning the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control during World War II.

Carl Gustav Jung portrait Painting by Suzann Sines
Winston Ferrme

1961 – Deathday of Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist & psychotherapist

Robert F. Kennedy
Gardner Cox

1968 – Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, Democratic Party senator from New York, brother of 35th President John F. Kennedy, dies from gunshot wounds inflicted on June 5

1982 – The Lebanon War begins. Forces under Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon invade southern Lebanon

2002 –A near-Earth asteroid estimated at ten meters in diameter explodes over the Mediterranean Sea between Greece & Libya; estimated to have a force of 26 kilotons, more powerful than the Nagasaki atomic bomb

THOMAS MANN - watercolor portrait.3 Painting by Fabrizio Cassetta
Fabrizio Cassetta

1875 – Birthday of Thomas Mann, German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, & the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate. His highly symbolic & ironic epic novels are noted for their insight into the psychology of the artist & the intellectual. His analysis & critique of the German soul used modernized German & Biblical stories, as well as the ideas of Goethe, Nietzsche & Schopenhauer.



~The Hive hums
Wings grow out of the ether of my bones
In anticipation of the rite
Steeped in royal jelly
I contemplate the hexagramma mysticum
& prepare to dance the lemnisus infinitorum…


Friday 19 June 2020 – Front Range Anthroposophical Café presents:

Cosmic Rapture Grounded in Jubilant Hearts – From Summer Solstice to St. John’s-Tide – with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

To pass the test of Summer we will explore many questions:

  • What is the Spiritual Significance of a Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice?
  • How do we stand wakefully within the sublime mysteries of the Summer-Tide, to consciously embody ‘the spiritual wisdom of the gods’?
  • Who is the mysterious Archangel of Summer?
  • What is the secret to healing the ‘soul-fever’ so prevalent in society today?

Together we will work to strengthen our true “I”, enlivening our will forces.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 19 June 2020 shortly before 6 pm (Pacific), 7 PM (Mountain) 8 pm (Central), 9 pm (Eastern).

Here is the link to our Anthroposophical Café and all you need to do to join us is click on it: https://zoom.us/j/294724669.

Warmly, Karen vann Vuuren, Tom Altgelt, Jamie York, and our growing circle of Café Friends – It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.