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See it – Like it is

Thought Forms - Mediumistic Art

Here is the link to the ‘I think Speech‘ podcast #5. The 10:10 How to.

The 10:10 is the spiritual antidote to our current world crisis, which we are called to be awake to. For mighty forces of opposition are acting as catalysts, intended to bring us to attention. They pull the strings & continue to unroll the global ‘reset’ plan in stages – accompanied by the death of true democracy & the rise of a tyrannical world technocracy – ever shrouded in noble sounding slogans like: public health, & the common good. We can trace the plan back for years, to experiments conducted in corporate labs, backed by our tax dollars, & carried out in third world countries among the poorest of the poor. – And soon the watch-words will include happy jingles like ‘The New Green Deal’ – or the ‘Promise of Progress’.

Meat Puppet Master. Dance, my pretty… | by Mike Essig | Other Voices |  Medium
Mike Essing

But dear friends, the dark wizard behind the curtain has been playing the well-intentioned, but gullible guppies like a fiddle. Our leaders keep us cozy with responsible, well-censored speech, the latest social austerity (because ‘We’re all in this together’), keeping us jonesing for the promised new untested, non-liable, government approved corporate RNA hot shot – a soon to be mandatory? dictatorial – take it or go hungry imperative, folks are lining up for. The digital contact tracing id-travel pass on every cell, or even better a chip inserted under the skin has begun. And of course, the cashless currency, so much easier than gold or dollar bills -that filthy lucre, riddled with cooties. The banks will keep us all clean & safe.

Acrylic Painting: Puppet Master on Behance
Donny Crazzel

This foreshadowing overture will soon come to a head, dear friends, drowned out by war drums & the march of jack boots – the buzz of domestic drones, the social ostracism & the betrayal of neighbor against neighbor.  The camps, to quarantine the ‘sick’, or for those that refuse, & as always- the illegal refugees are already operating, behind the wall, of the Brave New World Order, for our own good.

Had to get this one out of my system !!!!! Title " YOU AND ME CAN SAVE THE  WORLD". Acrylic and oil on canvas ;)#painting #s… | Portrait art, Oil on  canvas, Face art
Susanna Lavega

phew, Ok, I got that out of my system!

Double Vision: Paintings by Alex Garant | Daily design inspiration for  creatives | Inspiration Grid in 2020 | Alex garant, Gcse art sketchbook,  Surreal art
Alex Grant

Now I can continue to emphasize that everything, yes every thing, that is happening in 2020 has come to heighten our 2020 vision.

Does it need to become hindsight before we take action?

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For original oil | Etsy
Emily Kell

I know you have heard it before, but hear it again with fresh open hearts: We are the ones we have been waiting for. We signed up for this – remember?!? We are the change we want to see in the world. Let us unite in love & light for the healing of all life, & of the world – manifesting our highest universal destiny.

~See you Sun illumined Realm of Truth


Art for Peace Contest: May Peace Prevail On Earth

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Julian Takes the Throne: Marking One of Those Great What If Moments in  History | James Ford

361 –Julian the Apostate enters Constantinople as sole Emperor of the Roman Empire.


Celestial Fire Night Skyscape Original Art by MarinaPetroFineArt |  Producción artística, Ave fenix, Pintura de arte
Marina Petro


~Celestial fire descend
Burnish bright as copper our diamond mind
Carry the ideals of Archangels into our body
So we may uplift the sky, rend the veil & reveal the temple true…