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Fay Denny

The Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid has a lot to say: SHE SPEAKS on the ‘I Think Speech‘ podcast

Love Equals Freedom Digital Art by Su Ferguson - Don Burkheimer

Dear friends – I am forever finding myself in the great Quest – a mind-set that asks questions – a mood of wondering. So when this quote came up in our CRC study of the Holy Grail I knew it was meant to be shared & hopefully received by those who are also on the Quest…

“…The overwhelming impression for us today certainly is that there are too few individuals who can be active representatives of our spiritual movement. It is generally still easier to be effective among human beings by means of force, control, and injustice than by means of freedom. The truth that is to be proclaimed through anthroposophical spiritual science is permitted to count only on human freedom. It must find people who ask questions. One certainly cannot say, Why doesn’t this truth possess in itself the strength to compel human souls by virtue of divine-spiritual power? It does not wish to do that; it cannot do that. The reason is that it will always consider inner freedom, the freedom of the human being in general, to be something absolutely inviolable. If the human being is to come to anthroposophy out of his own judgment, he must become one who asks questions; out of the innermost freedom of judgment he must convince himself. The word of spiritual truth will be spoken to him; convincing himself of it is something he must do on his own. If he wishes to cooperate and be active in society, he must do so out of the innermost impulse of his heart. Those who belong in the truest sense of the word to anthroposophical spiritual science must become people who ask questions.” ~Rudolf Steiner, Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 17 April 1921

Peter Olsen

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~may we walk the middle path
between fire & ice…
where the shadows of forever
& the light of now
pulse the world.
such is the way.
the empty filling & the full emptying…
so live with the certainty
that your yin loves your yang
over & over in to the out…
& dance the joy of movement ever changing…