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The ‘Unconquerable Grail Mood’

In light of the situation in Ukraine, I have been reading “The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe & the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail”, by Sergei O. Prokofieff. This is where I heard about: The legendary city of Kitezh – which gives us a look at the goal of the Slavic Folk Soul – to help unveil the Sophia as a future evolutionary impulse.

The Legend tells us that Georgy II, Grand Prince of Vladimir 1st built the town of Kitezh in 1235 – a sacred place where the largest Cathedral to The Sophia was at its center. The Mongol ruler Batu Khan after having conquered some other Russian lands heard of the splendor of Kitezh & ordered his army to advance towards it. One of the captured prisoners confessed under torture & told the Mongols about the secret paths to Lake Svetloyar. The Horde soon reached the town. To the surprise of the Mongols, the town had no fortifications. Its citizens didn’t even defend themselves, they were deeply engaged in fervent praying, asking the Mother of God for their salvation. On seeing this, the Mongols rushed to the attack, but then stopped, because suddenly, they witnessed huge fountains of water bursting up from under the ground all around them. The Mongol horde fell back & watched as the glorious town became submerged in the lake. The last thing they saw was the golden dome of the cathedral with a fiery chalice on top. Soon only waves remained.

This legend gave birth to numerous claims about the lost city. It is said that only those who are pure in heart & soul will ever find their way to Kitezh. Although sometimes folks report hearing the sound of chiming bells, or voices singing from under the waters of Lake Svetloyar when the weather is calm. Some stories claim that the most pious individuals may actually see the lights of spiritual processions & even the cathedral there at the bottom of the lake. For this reason, Lake Svetloyar is sometimes called the “Russian Atlantis”. It is thought that when Humankind has reached the stage of Spirit-Self – the purification of our astral body, that the invisible city of Kitezh will return as the New Jerusalem.  

It’s interesting to study what Rudolf Steiner gave us about the importance of the Slavic impulse. In 1916, during the First World War, in a powerful series of lectures, which I often referred to during our recent world crisis, called “The Karma of Untruthfulness” – Steiner confirms that The Slavic Impulse & the Russian state are not the same – that actually the Russian state as well as the corporate American interests are extremely hostile to the Slavic element, (which seeks to humble humanity) wanting instead to destroy it, or use it for its own economic domination.

The true Spiritual Slavic impulse that holds the New Mystery of the New Isis-Mary-Sophia, lives in the cultural & spiritual diversity of Eastern Europe, striving for freedom & peace.

The circumstances which could and should have been brought about — not because of the wishes of some ruler or other, but because of the purpose of world evolution – would truly have had a liberating effect on the Slavic folk element. But Russianism wants to confine the Slavic element within its own framework and use it as its tool.The speed with which such things come to realization depends, of course, on all kinds of side-currents and peripheral circumstances. But it is important to have an eye for what is gathering momentum in any particular direction. Obviously, therefore, only those who understand the Slavic element more deeply can understand what web is really being woven, and also that those who want to destroy the Slavic element through Russianism had to work against more healthy endeavours.” ~Rudolf Steiner, The Karma of Untruthfulness

Prokofieff gives us the picture of the ‘unconquerable Grail Mood’ which has lived from the earliest times in the souls of the Eastern Slavs. My prayer is that besides the obvious despotism of the Russian State, that this powerful Grail Mood won’t be high jacked by the rhetoric & materialism of Corporate America under the guise of protecting the people from another ‘strongman.’ Read between the lines dear friends, not everything is as it seems on the screen between commercials.  


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Guy Ottewell.

 4 May 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The Eta Aquariid meteor shower are starting to come in.

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Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY – Past/Present/Future:

250 AD – Feast day of St. Florian the patron of Upper Austria, chimney sweeps; soapmakers, & firefighters. The “Florian Principle” (known in German language areas as “Sankt-Florians-Prinzip”) is named after a somewhat ironic prayer to Saint Florian: “O heiliger Sankt Florian, verschon’ mein Haus, zünd’ and’re an”, equivalent to “O Holy St. Florian, please spare my house, set fire to another one”. This saying is used in German much like the English “not in my back yard. The name Florian is considered synonymous with fireman in the German speaking world. In some cases call for a fireman will actually be spoken as calls for Florian.

1493 – The Division of the world: The Spanish-born Pope Alexander VI decreed in a Papal Bull that all lands west & south of a pole-to-pole line one hundred leagues west & south should belong to Spain. Portugal objected because its status & rights had been omitted & overlooked. King John II of Portugal began negotiations directly with King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain to push the line west & allow him to lay claim to lands discovered east of it. The result was the Treaty of Tordesillas.

1875 – Birthday of Hermann Beckh a pioneering German Tibetologist & prominent promoter of anthroposophy.

Due to his unusual memory skills, & his many interests & talents, his peers encouraged him towards law. It became clear to him that he was not made out to be a judge when he had to impose a fine on a poor married couple for stealing wood. He paid the couple’s fine out of his own pocket & left his position.

He later took up the study of oriental languages, Indology, & Tibetology. In 1907, he received his doctorate with a thesis on Kalidasa’s poem Meghaduta.

In 1911, he met Rudolf Steiner & Friedrich Rittelmeyer, which led to his intensive study of Steiner’s work. On Christmas Day, 1912, he became a member of the Anthroposophical Society.

In 1916, Beckh was drafted into military service, shortly after he published two volumes about the Buddha & his teachings. Stationed in the Balkans, he was called to work in the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Due to his task, he learned the Scandinavian languages in addition to: English, French, Italian, Classical Greek & Latin, Hebrew, Egyptian, Sanskrit, Tibetan & Old Persian.

From 1920 onwards, he worked as a lecturer of anthroposophy. In March 1922, he joined the Circle of Priests of The Christian Community & worked until his death as a priest, seminary teacher, lecturer, independent researcher & writer. In 1928, “Mark’s Gospel: The Cosmic Rhythm” was published, in which he related the narration of the gospel of Mark to the path of the sun through the twelve zodiac signs. In Beckh’s exposition, Mark’s gospel could be understood more in connection with the “earthly” signs seen in the planets, & John’s gospel more in connection with the “stellar” zodiac  of the fixed stars. At the time of The Mystery of Golgotha the planets & the constellations were together, not separate as they are now, due to the progression of the equinoxes.  In the Introduction to the sequel, “The Cosmic Rhythm, the Secrets of the Stars & Earth in the Gospel of John” (1930), Beck favorably mentioned Wilhelm Kaiser’s “Die geometrischen Vorstellungen in der Astronomie” (1928), & referred to The Novices of Sais, of Novalis.  Beckh died in Stuttgart, in 1937.

‘Let Freedom Ring – Reclaiming the Wisdom of Columbia – Folk Soul of America’.

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