at the fulcrum of the scales

Evil does not stand opposite to Good, but opposite another Evil. Where do we find Good? We find it as the Golden Mean, the balance between the extremes of the two Adversaries. That is why the Archangel Micha’el is often represented with the scales in his hand. The formula of the Golden Mean … is the key to the mysteries of morality. We must be ‘served’ by Lucifer (Devil) – without the luciferic power, we should have no artistic gifts and no art – and we must also be ‘served’ by Ahriman (Satan), for we need material science and technology. But Man must stand in the middle, holding by the bridle, so to speak, the Beasts from the abysss in both directions. The problem of Evil, too, requires for it’s understanding a “trinitarian” approach.

The divine secret of the Three in One, once grasped in its significance, will solve all the riddles of existence, including that of Evil. What is the power that stands in the middle, and shows us the way between the Devil and Satan, between Lucifer and Ahriman? The phrase of the “Golden” Mean is itself worth its weight in gold: in the Middle is the Sun of the Spirit, the Golden Heart of the world, Christ Himself. And Micha’el is the Archangel of the Sun, and of Christ, because, as servant of the Golden Balance, he helps to overcome the Beasts.” ~Emil Bock,   “The Apocalypse of St John” 

Greetings Friends – This morning on the eve of ‘Daylight Saving Time’ in the twilight of a grey dawn, as I stand at the Great Inland Sea, I am greeted by a fine white mist, which spreads across the brown stubble stalks of wild grasses like a undulating blanket. The goddess Natura is resting; rocking in her dark womb the seeds of future growth. She rests also in our souls where we hold the seed of our future self.

What the forthcoming will bring seems covered by the darkening, yet if we dare to look into the dark, we see evidenced in the swirling mists a purposeful pulsing. In these longer nights our spiritual seeds seek to be nurtured, unbound, & cherished. Banking our inner light, we belong to ourselves; & when we consciously gestate this seed of Self in our busy lives, even if only for a few minutes every day, we can live with a deep knowing, that thru this dark season, & on into the future, which is shrouded in the darkness of time, we are becoming.

Helen Chamberlain

Everything changes. All life must fluctuate, like the scales of Libra, it cannot be fixed. Day & night, life & death, activity & quietness, the out-breath & the in-breath, are the swings of the pendulum, the rhythms which bear us thru the cycle of the year, & enable us to mature into our true being, when we cultivate the inner observer at the fulcrum of the scales. From this Christic mood we prepare the soil for the future fruits of soul to ripen.


6 November 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The young Moon returns – bringing her secrets from the underworld. Look for Bella Luna as a waxing crescent in the west after sunset. There you will find her in conversation with dazzling Venus (occult Mercury).

November evenings bring Venus (occult Mercury) Jupiter & Saturn following the ecliptic – the Sun’s path – across our sky, into view. ~earthsky

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


According to the Original Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner Today in the 4th Century Columba founded the spiritual center of Irish monks on Iona.

1860 – Abraham Lincoln is elected the 16th President of the United States with only 40% of the popular vote, defeating John C. Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephen A. Douglas in a four-way race.

William Centrey

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~The heart ripens like fruit…
Falling from the tree
it breaks open
to share its seeds…
Mingling with the earth, it rests,
& dreams, of being
sweet meat for the mouth of god

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