Pierce thru the Veil

It has been said that we are the ones who forge the sword of Michael.  However, there is something more to it.  It has to do with the reality in the hidden world that, what needs to be prepared as the sword of Michael needs to be carried out on an altar, which cannot be seen externally.  This altar is located under the Earth, underground, really.  The understanding of nature powers leads to the understanding that the sword of Michael needs to be forged on an altar which is underground.  There it needs to be found by receptive souls.  The main thing is that you contribute by helping so that more and more souls find the sword of Michael.  And it is not enough that it is forged.  The task is only completed when the sword is found...”~Rudolf Steiner (GA 217A The Task of Enlightenment of Youth, Address in Koberwitz, June 17, 1924)

Altarpiece, Group X Painting by Hilma af Klint

Our modern Grail Quest demands that we develop heart-thinking to unlock the secrets of the elemental forces – allowing us to forge the Earth into an altar. Our spiritual work is to find our delicate organ of human conscience, ‘piercing through the veil’ like Parzival, to find & consecrate the sword of benediction – cutting thru the wastelands to heal the wounded Fischer King within.

Sir Edward Burne-Jones

The quest is always a question. Can we stand & remain steadfast on our journey – unfolding our higher ego-forces in the midst of a cynical one-sided intellectual culture that remains present in ourselves & in our companions on this spiritual journey—a continual giving & receiving of the sword which wounds as well as blesses?

David Klein

The path that Parzival opened for us will never be achieved by adhering to outer authorities. The Parzival in us blazes a unique path through trial & error, an ever questing for the development of our individual ego forces. The point of the quest is to tear down the old paradigms to discover our own inner authority & follow that path even into the darkness of the underworld, where will we take up the sword as Michaelic warriors, for Freedom & Love.


Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


680 – The 6th Ecumenical Council commences in Constantinople

1492 – The Ensisheim meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, strikes the Earth around noon in a wheat field outside the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France

1665 – The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published

1775 – Goethe arrives in Weimar

1775 – John Murray, the Royal Governor of the Colony of Virginia, starts the first mass emancipation of slaves in North America by issuing Lord Dunmore’s Offer of Emancipation, which offers freedom to slaves who abandoned their colonial masters to fight with Murray and the British

1837 – Death-day of Elijah Parish Lovejoy an American Presbyterian minister, journalist, newspaper editor & abolitionist. He was murdered by a pro-slavery mob in Alton, Illinois.

1867 – Birthday of Marie Curie, Polish chemist & physicist, Nobel Prize laureate winner

1870- Papal Infallibility is proclaimed by Pius IX

1879 – Birthday of Leon Trotsky, Russian theorist & politician, founded the Red Army. Trotsky joined the Bolsheviks just before the 1917 October Revolution, immediately becoming a leader within the Communist Party. He would go on to become one of the seven members of the first Politburo, founded in 1917 to manage the Bolshevik Revolution

1893 – Women in the U.S. state of Colorado are granted the right to vote, the second state to do so

1913 – Birthday of Albert Camus, a French philosopher, author, & journalist. His views contributed to the rise of the philosophy known as absurdism. He wrote in his essay The Rebel that his whole life was devoted to opposing the philosophy of nihilism while still delving deeply into individual freedom. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957

1922 – The Order of the Freemason’s official ‘condemnation’ of Rudolf Steiner

1944 – Franklin D. Roosevelt elected for a record fourth term as President of the United States of America

1962 – Death-day of Eleanor Roosevelt, American humanitarian 39th First Lady of the United States

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* Jan Ranck – Born in the USA, Jan Ranck studied music and comparative arts at Indiana University in Bloomington. She accompanied the London Stage Group on their 1976 USA tour and went on to study eurythmy at the Eurythmeum in Dornach with Lea van der Pals, where she subsequently taught. In 1984 she joined the faculty of The London School of Eurythmy. She left there to complete her eurythmy therapy training in Stuttgart in 1989, moving afterward to Israel, where she founded and directed the Jerusalem Eurythmy Ensemble (1990) and the Jerusalem Academy of Eurythmy (1992) and was an instructor in the Jerusalem Waldorf Teacher Bachelor Program in David Yellin Academic College from 1999. Jan has held Master Classes at various venues worldwide, including the Goetheanum and the MA Program in Eurythmy held at Emerson College and Spring Valley. She is the representative for Israel in the International Eurythmy Therapy Forum.

13 thoughts on “Pierce thru the Veil

  1. I encountered Albert Camus through attending Catholic University in Washington, D.C.
    The first play of the drama season was his, (named ?), and Thanks for digging all of this in it was a line, “God draws straight lines with a crooked stick.”
    It was a first crack for me into the rock of dogma upon which I had stood my religious ground. I have pondered that thought for years, only fairly recently piercing the underground reality of truth that has to be discovered moment to moment with patience. All of this review seems to weave together with today’s Reverse Ritual.
    Thanks so much, Hazel.

    1. O Caite, I can see you now as a young woman experiencing the world thru the eyes of Albert Camus – stark & deep & true…
      Thank you for having the patience to become your insightful self!
      “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
      ― Albert Camus

  2. Had to laugh at your 1870 notice of a Pope declaring that the Pope could never be wrong. Then I wondered – did he reincarnate to become the U.S. President in 2016? Just sounds like something he would say.

      1. Hubris, is that what it is? Papal infallibility invoked by Pope Pius IX in 1870 would come to a kind of fulfillment in 1950, when Pope Pius XII declared ‘ex cathedra’ that the bodily assumption of the Holy Mother occurred on November 1, 1950. Now, that is called a “bull manifesto” for all time. Even Carl Jung, who was a big fan of the archetype of the Divine Feminine, wondered what Pius XII had in mind. Was he attempting to assuage his own involvement as the “deputy” in the Hitler onslaught against the Jews in Germany?

        At least, he infers the several Marian Apparitions over the years, with particular emphasis at Fatima in 1917. These appearances were seen as bodily by the three children, and so the dogma arising in 1950.

              1. It was on May 13, 1917 that Eugenio Pacelli became the archbishop of the Holy See at Sardis. This is the very day of the first appearance at Fatima. Thus, he was invested from the very beginning. It eventually became an obsession. His four experiences in the Vatican rose garden, i.e., October 30, 31st; November 1st and 8th, in the year 1950 proved to him that the Assumption of the Divine Sophia into Heaven had to be made an official declaration of the Catholic church.

                Yet, what he had actually experienced on those four afternoons was the recapitulation of the fifth miracle of Fatima, and not the sixth, which Cardinal Tedeschino had declared the following year at Fatima, c. 10/13/51, before a million faithful at Fatima, Portugal.

                The fifth miracle at Fatima on September 13, 1917 was the diminishment of the Sun, which was able to be seen by all who were present. They were able to view the Sun in an opaque condition. This was enabled because the Powers of Darkness had taken control of the world situation with World War I. Thus, it was very symbolic for those viewing at Fatima on that day.

                33 years later, it becomes the experience of the Pope, who saw its signs. Yet, what does this truly reveal about the Catholic church? True light, or diminishment?

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