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Dear friends – I awoke this morning with the thought to continue to explore with you the work we will begin in earnest tonight, of joining together to co-create a collective ‘Thought-Form’ of Good Will – a “key-call” to the powers on the Inner Planes, to enlist their aid, not only for this Election Night, but for the healing of the world, which must become a daily practice.

To further explain ‘the working’, we can do together, let’s look at what this positive group energy can be, from a spiritual scientific point of view:

An egregore (pronounced egg’ gree gore) is a group thought-form, & when intentionally created, becomes a kind of entity with the power to help & influence. A group with a common purpose, like a family, a club, a political party, a church, or even a country can create an egregore, for better or worse depending upon the type of thought that created it. Are we now caught up in a global egregore of fear?

Tibetan Dharma Wheel

Tulpa which means “emanation” or “manifestation”, is the Tibetan concept of a being which is created thru thought power, a type of willed supersensible helper. Theosophists first brought the idea of Thought-Form to the modern public mind. But the Rosicrucian’s have been using this powerful tool for centuries, as part of their training, building a cosmic energy field for healing.

Watercolor Illustration With Rose Cross And Mystic Symbols Isolated On  White Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

As a Rosicrucian we are taught that whenever we meditate, pray, study a sacred  image, or create an inspiring work of science, art, or literature, we radiate into space positive thoughts & emotions which benefit all other members & humanity in general. Thru concentration exercises we can build Thought-Forms in the astral where we can meet in spirit.

Sermons from Plymouth UCC
Samuel Berton

In Anthroposophy, (the modern renewal of Rosicrucianism), we call it ‘a Group-Soul’ (not sure what the German word is…?) We talk about the ‘Branch Angel’, or ‘Spirit of Place’. We are adding to this energy when we practice any of the exercises or meditations Rudolf Steiner gave us; or when we read his work; we feel like we are on a path laid out for us thru his guidance. Our goal is to co-create a new ‘Group-Soul United in Christ’.

Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society

The Angel of the Anthroposophical Society extends beyond the usual limits of space/time to include those across the Threshold, as well as the ancient Mystery Schools. In other words we are karmic connected, part of the Being Anthroposophia.

lexicon magazine - IMAGO MENTIS – the thought-form drawings of Annie Besant
Anne Besant

Other terms that have been used to describe an egregore are: archetypegroup consciousnesszeitgeist, or morphogenic fields.

This psychic, astral entity will continue as long as thought energy feeds it. Egregores can be kept alive when new generations add their thought energy to the entity. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Spirit of Christmas are all egregores, so is the Devil or the Grim Reaper. It brings to mind Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods.

Fads of the 60's & 70's | Midlife Crisis Hawai`i

A ‘fad’ in popular culture is a temporary & very potent egregore. These principles are powerfully used in advertising & in the media & often take the form of repeated messages that become propaganda, or mind control.

Will Barras - StolenSpace Gallery
Daniel Kendell

It influences others as well. In the case of a negative egregore, Adolf Hitler used the subconscious hatred & anger in the minds of the German people after their defeat in World War I to create a demonic entity that caused world destruction.

The “lynch mob mentality” is an excellent example here. A small group can create an egregore, & that psychic energy can spread to the crowd who mindlessly follow. The crowd egregore arises quickly. Its passion carries the crowd, but because the crowd is not an organized, stable group with intention, the demon is quickly dissipated.

Wall Street is another example of the crowd mentality, when a few manipulators sell strategically & the whole market plummets.

Helpful Thoughts | illustrated in Thought-Forms by Annie Besant & C.W.  Leadbeater | Theosophy, Tantra art, Abstract art painting
Anne Besant

As a psychic entity, the egregore exists between the material & spiritual worlds & is connected to both. It is a creation of the objectives or intentions of the members of a group, & exists as a connection to the divine. Anyone involved in a group, whatever kind of group it is, will be affected by the egregore of the group. For those that reach for a spiritual connection, the egregore assists & facilitates that connection. This process is intensified thru the initiation process, which is designed to open the mind to the spiritual thru the egregore.


The power of the egregore to help & sustain a group increases over time thru the repeated actions of its members. (daily affirmations, festivals, etc…) The egregore can raise its members from the material world & connect them to the divine, or in the case of a negative thought form, to the depths of human depravity. That is why it is so important to not get caught up in the current miasma of fear that seeks to block us from our true connection to the spirit.  

File:Annie Besant Thought Forms - Project Gutenberg etext 16269.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

As I wrote yesterday, in my Thought-Forms post During World War II, Dion Fortune, a prominent British occultist & author, gathered her followers in Britain together for a psychic war against Germany. Fortune invoked ancient spirits pledged to protect Britain, including King Arthur, Merlin, St. Michael & St. George, to create a protective egregore. Britain was never invaded despite the immense power of the Nazi war machine.

Dion Fortune, discussed the phenomenon of the group mind when it is in a frenzy typical of a Hitler speech: “But however potent the personality, however vast the resources, however popular the catch-phrases, if the movement is contrary to cosmic law it is only a matter of time till the whole group rushes madly down a steep slope into the sea. For in such a case it is the very momentum that is worked up which is the cause of its destruction. Give a false movement enough rope and it will always hang itself, falling by its own weight when that has grown sufficiently top-heavy to overbalance it

After Germany was defeated the Nazi egregore gradually faded away because there were no more masses feeding it. So, in time, when the emotions & feelings that were feeding an egregore disappear, the egregore slowly dissolves; & yet it can rise up again as we have seen with the neo Nazi’s.

Tulpa - Wikipedia

Egregores can also attach themselves to buildings or places. Ancient cathedrals are often known for their healing powers or supersensible connections to the unseen worlds & powerful guardian entities. Caves where ancients used to worship have become the object of pilgrimages. These locality-based egregores can be fed with emotion & intent for hundreds of years by local residents or pilgrims. Examples of negative energies can be found in battlefields & sites of massacres, which invoke dread.

An Introduction to Thought Forms, the Pioneering 1905 Theosophist Book That  Inspired Abstract Art: It Returns to Print on November 6th | Open Culture

Further clarifying definitions of an egregore:

  • “An energized astral form produced consciously or unconsciously by human agency. In particular, (a) a strongly characterized form, usually an archetypal image, produced by the imaginative and emotional energies of a group collectively, or (b) an astral shape of any kind, deliberately formulated to carry a specific force.”
  • “Any symbolic pattern that has served as a focus for human emotion and energy will build up an egregore of its own over time, and the more energy that is put into such a pattern, the more potent the egregore that will form around it. The gods and goddesses of every religion, past and present, are at the centers of vast egregores charged with specific kinds of power. This power is defined by, and contacted through, the traditional symbolism of the deity in question.”
  • “from a Greek word meaning “Watcher” – a thought-form created by will and visualization. A group egregore is the distinctive energy of a specific group who are working together, creating and building the same thought-form or energy-form.”
  • “An egregore is an angel, in Hebrew the word is Ir, sometimes called Watcher, and the concept appears in The Book of Enoch… the egregores, are angels on both sides of the camp – fallen angels as well as faithful ones.”
Coronavirus crisis on the Earth. COVID-19 by Olga Nikitina (2020) : Painting  Oil on Canvas - Singulart

It seems to me that the world is under the spell of an unconscious negative egregore right now that feeds on our fear, & anxiety.

Columbia' and 'Uncle Sam' surveying, The World's Columbia Exposition -  Chicago Worlds Fair… | World's columbian exposition, Columbian exposition  1893, World's fair

The Spirit of America has turned from the image of the Native American personification of the Dove of Peace- Columbia, into the grotesque visage of Uncle Sam.

Peace & Protection Thought Form

What do you say friends? Do you feel called to break that spell!?! – We have the choice to create positive thought forms together, to consciously rise in our thinking to collectively build a cogitative imagination of Michael, & Christ-Sophia, embracing us with their love & light. And for tonight – Election Night – to add Columbia the Spirit of America to the mix. – To co-create a healing, ‘protective egregore’, a ‘Watcher’ to work with our highest intentions for the evolution of humanity – that the Earth may become a Star…Where will you cast your vote?



Field Trip: Lightforms Art CenterHudson Area Library
Hilma af Klint


All Souls Election Night Vigil

7 pm – 9 pm CT. Tuesday 3 November 2020

In-person in the Upper Room of the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago 4249 N. Lincoln Ave.

& also online Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 705 293 1041

Through Social Sculpture, we will hold space with each other, connect with our Angel, the ‘so called dead’, the Being of America…etc…to bring healing on both sides of the Threshold, during Election Night 2020, & on into the future which we are committing to consciously co-create.

hag: Light Candle – Anne Nicholson: Welcome –– Invite folks to write in the chat where they are from & the names of their beloved ones that they want to honor tonight.

Deborah Rogers: Verse

Angela Foster: The Art of Goethean Conversation

Lucien Dante Lazar: Metamorphosis begins (& continues throughout the evening)

hag – Why an election night vigil?

Lucien: Metamorphosis: part 2

Frank, Dottie, + ALL: The 3-Fold Social Order & ALIANT Alliance –

Lucien: Metamorphosis: part 3

Anne: Break-Out Session – groups of 3 for 15 minutes– Question: What image do you want to share to our collective picture of a better world? then: Thoughts gleaned from the break-outs in a Large group sharing

Elizabeth Kelly + ALL: Singing (‘For Janet’ by RS)

Lucien: Metamorphosis: part 4

Eurythmy? (we will see what the moment wants)

Lucien: Metamorphosis: part 5

Elizabeth Kelly + ALL: Singing (Dona Nobis Pacem)

Hallelujah in Eurythmy – ALL

Elizabeth Kelly: Verse

hag: Release the dead from the internet

Anne + All: Final Thoughts & goodbyes


Moon in the Winter Hexagon November 2020

3 November 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Waning Bella Luna crosses the Winter Hexagon over a period of four nights

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Birthday of Malachi – Jewish Prophet

Helmuth von Moltke | German military commander [1848–1916] | Britannica

1914 – Helmuth Von Molke formally dismissed, he then writes his memoirs “Responsibility for the War”.


SATURDAY 7 November 2020,

3 pm – 5 pm CT

Connections Revealed

Friends – We are going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ – a karmic necessity as part of world evolution, so what are we to learn from it? How do we maintain our ability to think independently and clearly through the growing miasma of fear? This Corona-Crisis is a battle for the ′′Crown of Creation” ie. the human being.  We are not only experiencing a political, social, economic or global health crisis; it is the essence of humanity that is being fought for. How do we accept our karma in the face of world events and yet maintain our ability to create our destiny in freedom?

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World – Leading thoughts by Hazel Archer-Ginsberg based on Spiritual Scientific research & indications from Rudolf Steiner

Inspirations by Lelan Harris – the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative (  Lelan is a healer, teacher, and leader with over 40 years of experience in vocational roles such as pastor, professor, and Waldorf school administrator.  He offers developmental mentoring, spiritual training, and energy healing in order to raise up new generations of leaders in service at all levels to humanity, Earth, and cosmos.

Group Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

Break out Sessions

In-person at Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3 fold Cultural Hub, in conjunction with the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, 4249-51 N. Lincoln Ave.

Zoom Meeting hosted by Anne Nicholson Meeting ID: 705 293 1041

2 thoughts on “Building the Watchtower

  1. Hi Hazel,

    I think you will find that the real ‘egregore’ is the one that you see in your own mind. In reality, of course, it is an illusion, but we know how important illusion is in this day and age. Reality can only be discerned by spiritual science. You would have it be culled by Dion Fortune. While she is an admirable agent of the British heritage in the twentieth century, she is much more like the flowing streams of avalon of a bygone era. Yet that is very good, as she represents the future that you see in our midst.

    Please, just leave out the whole idea of the concept of the Egregore, Hazel. It is obviously a concept you have heard about and feel necessary to use over and over again in this post. Why are you using such an intellectual soul term; is it because of the election? So what. We humans can’t do anything about anything when it comes to a vote except to vote with what the heart says, or maybe even the head. So, what’s the difference?

    I say that the first thing is to lose the silly notion of something called the, ‘egregore’, which is nothing more than an intellectual soul parameter still infesting the consciousness soul age. Since you use it to great abundance, Hazel, it likely speaks volumes in your own current dilemma of who to vote for. Yet, real freedom doesn’t have an egregore, or at least recognizes it and banishes it.

    Inner Escapades had a message which allowed a free offering without any hint of the influence of a so-called “egregore”. Hazel, you should probably lose this term in order to maintain your integrity. You don’t have to use it at all. Just delve inwardly and it loses all meaning.

    1. Don’t get stuck on the term. I used it as i used the Dion Fortune story as a means of describing an activity that we can employ thru spiritual science, i am not saying we have to go back to what Dion Fortune did or get caught up in the intellect with this term, but i do find the concept fascinating & extremely important.
      It doesn’t matter who ‘wins’ in this so called election, its all illusion – puppet shadows that we can not allow to control us. Personally i always vote Green Party as i believe the 3rd way breaks us out of the polarity of blue & red. It is more relevant for Americans to do the hard work of investigating those running for the House & Senate & especially the Judges to weigh in there. But again ‘elections’ have been rigged for many many years & that is the reason i think we have to work on the inner planes to create a united counterforce for good.

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