Do you bee-lieve?

9 September 2016 – Astro-Weather:


First Quarter Moon arrives this morning at 8:49am CDT & shines over Mars at dusk. The Saturn-Mars-Antares triangle, the emblem of this summer’s evening sky, continues to morph. In the coming days & weeks Saturn & Antares will continue to move farther toward the lower right, while Mars hangs back and fades. By mid-autumn Saturn and Antares will be gone.




1828 – Birthday of Leo Tolstoy

1901 – Deathday of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French painter & illustrator

1945 – Plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki – the 2nd act of genocide ordered for testing purposes by President Harry Truman

1954 – The 6.7 M earthquake shakes northern Algeria. At least 6,243 people were killed

1965 – Hurricane Betsy makes its second landfall near New Orleans, leaving 76 dead 12 billion dollars in damages

1974 – Richard Nixon resigned as President following the Watergate scandal


sea-sape-luisa-barretoLuísa Barreto

My POD (Poem Of the Day)

~The flood makes moist

The fertile shore

Revealing Divine debris



bee-priestess-q-cassettiQ. Cassetti


The path of The Melissae draws inspiration from a unique, more ancient spring than most. (Perhaps extra-terrestrial, is a better word, for it is more cosmic than earthly) It is an arcane discipline, a vein – an underground working – difficult to trace but easy to bring into our time now, once encountered.

The Melissae utilize ancient methodologies made new, to move into liminal zones, in-between places of ‘neither-niether’ – using various zsound vibrations – Practicing the Apis-Codex: a guide to living in right relationship with the Path of Pollen. Here, specific meditations & ceremonial observations that revolve around the Lemniscatic Volatus, the Dance of Infinite Flight, are imparted & utilized to move between worlds – to step outside & beyond the circles of time. Within these Reverse Ritual practices & accompanying ceremonial workings, a path is laid, leading to physical & metaphysical health; & simultaneously a pilgrimage is made towards a vital & radiant life after death.

This work follows the traditional awareness of the bee as an intermediary, a messenger from those peripheral realms of human awareness where perceptions of the super-sensible world are revealed. The bee carries a signal or frequency that enables transformation; it empowers the sterile to become fertile & initiates the process of regeneration.

The bee, in this context, represents an interlocutor between our immediate mundane awareness & the ‘deep space’ of human cognizance.

Here is a link to Rudolf Steiner’s book “Bees” that has profoundly changed my life

Do you bee-lieve?

With Blessings & Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

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