Eclipse Report

Oksana Budnichenko

So friends, let’s check-in. How is the Full Lunar eclipse playing out for you? How was your night/early morning? – Anything to report? Together we can tally up our experiences for spiritual scientific research. Can you still feel the shadow which is indeed lingering in the etheric, or has the poison been transformed into medicine?

So far I have received a handful of accounts that mention troubled sleep, disturbing dreams or body discomfort; & another handful reporting encounters with their beloved dead across the threshold. A few friends did eurythmy, or sang. And a bunch of folks said they didn’t engage because it was cloudy…I admit it is compelling to actually witness these cosmic & earthly events, but even if we can’t see them physically in the sense world, the energies are there, working even more insidiously because we are not consciously taking them up.

I fell into the category of having nightmares, & actually one of the characters is across the threshold with the ‘so-called dead’. I tossed & turned & kept looking at the clock to see what time it was. Finally when I saw 3:33 am I knew that was my sign to rise up & get to work – I peeked outside my bedroom window, & yep, there she was – Bella Luna with the bite of the eclipse in progress. My cat was mewling, I thought she wanted breakfast, but no, she couldn’t wait to go out into the nocturnal scene.

The sky was completely clear. From my backyard garden I could see Orion’s Belt pointing down to scintillating Sirius with its rainbow colors, which set off the blazing orange of Mars high above.  Aldebaran & the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades were less distinct as they held witness.

At first I stood at the threshold of my kitchen doorway, where the event was unfolding in its frame, remembering how Ernst Katz, a teacher of Anthroposophy & professor of physics at the University of Michigan, used to say that he would never step out into the night during an eclipse. The energies were too overwhelming for him.

As I prayed the ‘Our Father’, taking each of the 7 lines as a universe unto itself, the bright light of Bella Luna was rapidly being diminished by the shadow of our Earth. I was surprised how fast the darkness moved. I worked a bit with the Prologue to John’s Gospel, but then felt called to alternate between the 5th panel of the Foundation Stone Meditation & the Lord’s Prayer.

As the eclipse was nearing totality, I kept feeling drawn – no compelled – to go outside & my speaking became more emphatic, which woke CG my beloved. When he saw what was happening he said let’s go out. Ok I thought – when 2 or more are gathered – so we grabbed coats & stepped into the highly charged atmosphere. It was after 5 am & the totality brought Andromeda into the mix. Whereas before, the darkness had moved so quickly, now as the luminary became rust red, time seemed to stop.

I kept up the prayers, adding this Steiner verse which I like to do along with the eurythmy gesture for ‘Love A’ over & over.

“In purest outpoured light shimmers the godhead of the world.
In purest love toward all the lives
Outpours the godhood of my soul
I rest within the godhead of the world
There shall I find myself within the godhead of the world”.

It was after 6 am & I actually started to feel a wave of panic – like the light was never going to return, so I prayed ever more earnestly & spoke the 5th panel centering on the ‘Cosmic Spirit-Light of the World’ – calling to Michael who stands with us – that humanity may hold the shield & sword of light.

Just then CG & I saw a shooting star! This was such a powerful affirmation, especially because I had several close encounters with shooting stars while I was at Kimberton Camphill, which is a story for another day.

Finally around 6:30 am, as the moon was sliding ever Westward, we could see the top of Bella Luna lighting up to look like a silver chalice that had been turned on its head. As the illumination pushed down, it appeared to us to resemble the blackboard drawing by Rudolf Steiner for Lesson 12 where he shows the human eye looking up into cosmic expanses. This impression was carried behind the tenement building as the Eastern sky lit up with the dawn.

Coming inside the warm house really felt like a homecoming – back to Earth & the human realm. I made some biodynamic Zinniker eggs & we talked over our impressions as the Sun came up.

What an extraordinary journey. All day I have felt heightened, lack of sleep can lift me out of myself a bit. The atmosphere still seems extra permeated with layers of unnamable forces. I wonder what effect it will have – on our midterm elections – & in the long run. How do we work to employ these kinds of cosmic & earthly opportunities to strengthen of our human evolution..?

With you in the Christ-Light


Daniel Bonnell

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8 thoughts on “Eclipse Report

  1. Wow what an epic eclipse experience! I’m really digging the reading of the verses to counter the lunar eclipse forces! And more shooting stars! It always is bittersweet to me to witness such epic manifestations of the cosmos – dawn, meteors, the night sky – as I am reminded of the seeming apathy of my fellow humans to not be present for such events! Turn off the TV, set the alarm, be present … thanks for sharing

    1. Beloved Earth Steward – Thank you for attending to the callings of these cosmic & earthly events!

      I saw an annoucement that your annual farm meeting is coming up. I remember being a fly on the wall last year. Blessings on this powerful community work


  2. Hello Hazel, my experience with the lunar eclipse was for me a feeling of a building up of energy about three days prior, also with restless sleep with nightmares. Some of the world, some of outer space and others of my recently passed sister and the dreams of here were not pleasant ones. The night of the eclipse I woke just after midnight and then again at 3:30 and knew it was time to look at the moon, I live in a forested area so it was not always clear, I fell back to sleep waking several times through the whole process, so I saw the beginning and at one point for me the moon was very orange and beautiful and then it was fading back into darkness the other way and during those intervalled naps these words kept resounding or coming to me “Sending earth Love” it was coming over and over again and again. (Just a note I observed this all from my bed as on of my bedroom walls is 12 x 14 ft all class). Now I feel like their has been a great release, a great exhale from the long inhale leading up to the eclipse, for me I feel a peacefulness, a tranquil.

    1. Hi Frances – Yes the lead up & now the after effects are important to track as well, thank you for mentioning this part of the task that you took on.

      Being able to take the experience in & out of sleep is very powerful – you joined in the earthly as well as the supersensible worlds in your intention to particapate.

      Your resounding is just what we all need: a ‘sending earth love’ – And you are so right on about the release, I felt that too. And of course Steiner tells us eclipses are like safety valves allowing built up energies to be dispersed.

      Thank you for engaging


  3. These are my impressions of night before, and early morning and resulting daylight of 11/8/22.
    Monday night I was wrestling with a personal issue, whether I should undertake a new project experience, or not. When I meditated on the aspect of whether engagement would further spiritual development or not, I received my answer that it would not; i resolved the question.
    So the interesting thing is that the right question was answered as earth approached eclipse position.
    Though it was late evening I turned on computer to read something spiritual from Applied Anthroposophy before sleep. Reverse Ritual was already in my inbox with
    theme perfect for my current mood! Sleepily I read and my awakened interest in aspects of the Eclipse that you expressed kept me going to the Michaelic verse.
    There I dwelt in meditation, fighting sleep as I am now.
    Dreams were about my lack of organization; I was managing but with a lot of strong support.
    I woke up 4:51 and stepped out on roofed porch to look West. There the bright Moon was! …..becoming engulffed in rusty red crescent. I didn’t stay long as it was too cold. I went inside for a warmer jacket and to check the time schedule that you had provided. Yep! Everything seemed on schedule.
    Back outside I watched as the Red Smear gained density over the light. It was ominous as it was alive and moving, consuming the reflection of Light.
    I felt a queasiness in the side of my abdomen, uneasy about being there.
    I went inside again, checked further into the conjunction drawingings to note what I had seen in the dazzling star arrangements and then read from “The Influence of
    Spiriual Beings Upon Man.” Another stellar influence to impress on my mind and heart before sleep. I could only read about half of the first lecture. Desire for sleep was rising. I shut the computer down, and went back outside to gaze further.
    The moon was darker now, almost imperceptible in the sky. I noticed that was caused by the earth’s shadow and accumulation of cloud cover, but it brought out my fright. It was as if a hand had plucked out the moon from above to hide it from me. Palipable queasiness continued, Sleep would settle everything. I went back inside to take cover again, but this time I expressed gratefulness for being in the world at this time and place.
    In morning I had energy to begin the day with straightforward step. A series of missteps created messes that had to be cleaned. One led to the other until I faced the biggest mess of all which had gone long overlooked. I ordered it immediately, all the while longing to get to morning meditation. Spills and dishes from the night before must be managed.
    Finally with a degree of order observable to my being, I began meditation.
    Meditation of this morning reached a level that was sustained throughout as, I have not been able to achieve before.
    The most noteable effect is that at conclusion I felt energized enough to manage practical tasks immediately after meditation. Post meditation, my practice is to sleep a nap’s length during which I feel a confirmation of thoughts gained in the spiritual activity.
    Today there was no such longing to lure me into a short sleep at all. First time!
    Hope this can last. We shall wait to see what the gods will grant.

    1. O Caite – Thank you for being on the front lines – taking on this Michaelic task for humanity & applying it to your own needs & life.

      I love how you attended to the energies working with Spiritual Science & your own intuition making your experience practical – Using this event as an opportunity to shift things for yourself – to change & create new habits.

      I stand with you in this striving…


  4. Felt significant GI discomfort and sleeplessness during this phase/time, which is now letting up. Felt the discomfort had a combination of sources, some of which could be addressed and some of which were beyond my control.

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