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Dear Friends – I am just now landing back from the AAP training with many insights that I hope to share soonly. But I want to send out this message tonight before the Lunar Eclipse begins at 2:02 am CT – so that we might make it our intention to tune in together – to hold the light in the dark. But even if you are reading this after the fact – the eclipse energy is written in the astral script – so, you can still add your enchristened enegries into the mix!

I have often commented on the extremely interesting fact that the ‘powers that be’ have deliberately chosen to hold elections on a Tuesday – the day associated with the planet Mars – bringing with it all the patriarchal associations of male control, war & aggression; but can also provide us with the will for action if we choose to direct our passions for justice & not martial power over, tuning in instead to the Buddha energies that seek to reach us now from the red planet.    

Another thing to ponder is that elections are always held during the season of All Soul-Tide, when the veils between the worlds are thin. Those of us who work with the “so-called dead” know how powerful & healing this interaction can be. The question is how are the ‘powers that be’ working with them?

Rudolf Steiner’s research tells us that: “Certain occult brotherhoods, however, make it their business to work in exactly the opposite sense; they want to retain the wisdom exclusively within their own narrow circles, in order to exploit it in connection with their lusts for power. We are living in the midst of this struggle.”

Ok, so that’s a lot to ponder with just a regular election day – but this year is especially fraught: Starting this evening – in the middle of the night – at 2:02 am Central Time – is the beginning of the Lunar eclipse of the Full ‘Mourning Moon’ – 8 November– Election Day  2022 –

2:02 am CT – Penumbral Eclipse begins – The Earth’s penumbra start touching the Moon’s face. 

3:09 am- Partial Eclipse begins – Partial moon eclipse starts – moon is getting red.

4:16 am – Total Eclipse begins – Total moon eclipse starts – completely red moon.

4:59 am – Maximum Eclipse – Moon is closest to the center of the shadow.

5:41 am – Total Eclipse ends – Total moon eclipse ends.
Moon close to horizon, so make sure you have free sight to West-northwest

6:40 am – Setting – Moonset

6:49 am –  Not directly visible – Partial Eclipse ends Below horizon

7:56 am – Not directly visible – Penumbral Eclipse ends Below horizon

To add to this eclipse energy we also hear Speaking: The Sun, Mercury and Venus which are all in the constellation of Libra, the Scales.

Mercury will be behind the Sun (in superior conjunction with the Sun). This all takes place in the descending Lunar Node, the tail of the dragon, and will stand opposite the Full Moon Total Eclipse – conjunct Uranus in the ascending Lunar Node, the head of the dragon, in the stars of the Aries the Ram!

PLUS: This potent configuration of planets will be in a T-square (at 90-degree angle) to Saturn in Capricorn – which creates a confrontational relationship with Mars.

Here are some curated inspights from astrosopher Jonathan Hilton: ‘In astrosophy, one can understand these lunar nodes as significant cosmic portals or gateways. They are, in a sense, open doors between the cosmic realm and the earthly realm where cosmic forces from the higher spiritual solar spheres may stream unobstructed by the envelope of the lunar sphere into the Earth sphere. Perhaps many of you are aware of the significance of the Moon Node returns in human biography, when the lunar nodes return after 18.6 years to their place at the human birth, thus, opening up the cosmic realm in human biography and bringing new developmental impulses into the human life. So, in a general sense when a planet is in a lunar node, one can say that its impulses are streaming more directly into the Earth sphere and are more accessible.

These nodes are also the source of eclipses, because when the Sun and Moon are along the same axis in these nodes at the same time, the Earth will stand directly between the Sun and Moon causing the Sun to be blocked from shining on the Moon while the Earth shadow passes across the Moon.

These eclipses can be seen as omens of evil and danger, for the Sun activity is blocked allowing the lower “shadow beings” of the Moon to be let loose upon the Earth, since they are not held in check by the sunlight on the Moon.

So here we have, setting up our Election Day, this potential for the subconscious, lower astral forces, or “evil thoughts” to influence or “possess” human souls.”

This eclipse is also occurring with the Moon conjunct Uranus in the Dragon’s Head ascending node, Uranus can be used by the opposing forces to arouse the lower astral forces or, as Steiner says, to attract the evil thoughts which are present in the cosmos to approach ‘those human beings who are desirous of being possessed by them’.

It is for this reason, that we who can be conscious, meet this event with the full presence of the Christic forces of the true I AM, the Spiritual Sun – awake to the working of subconscious forces.

Remember that also in this picture of the Lunar Eclipse Moon and Uranus, we also see standing opposite, the Sun conjunct Mercury and nearby Venus in the stars of the Scales. Mercury and Venus are more of the nature of the Sun and can become real tools of transformation for human beings to consciously work with.

So, with Mercury, Sun, and Venus in the Scales, the stars of Michael, the stars of the threshold, we can hear the cosmic beings speaking to us to address the challenge of this eclipse configuration with Uranus; to recognize the help of Michael in the battle in which we find ourselves on the threshold between the higher thinking and the lower dragon forces which want to drag humanity down into ever darker materialism and the old forms of the past. This configuration altogether can be taken up in contemplation on many levels as a picture of the need in humanity to raise our thinking, to stand on the threshold, and consciously employ the Christ ego force in our thinking and will to transform and heal in this time of transition.

But there’s more: This Eclipse configuration with Moon and Uranus in Aries opposite Sun, Mercury, Venus in Libra comes into a T-square with the planet Saturn in Capricorn. The meaning of this takes us again back to the events of 2020 and the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn at solstice/Christmas 2020 – setting the stage for the ‘Corona’/ covid experience.

The stars of Capricorn carry both a past and future vision of destruction, catharsis and initiation. They carry both the memory of the Great War in Heaven on Ancient Moon evolution as well as the vision of the 7th Cultural Age and the end of our Epoch which brings the War of All Against All.

Saturn in a square relationship to this eclipse configuration reveals the struggle, the confrontation and conflicts we carry within our humanity around our shared world karma. It wants to bring us back on track with the Divine Plan of evolution, through whatever karma must be taken up to do so. It also stands as a question, reminding us of who we are from our origins and asking us how we will meet this eclipse moment.

One of the most powerful lectures by Steiner is his lecture on the Mystic Lamb, from The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man, GA 102. In it he develops a picture of the zodiac and the human being in evolution in relation to the Christ. This picture of the mystic lamb can be a balm for us during the eclipse.

Libra – Sun, Mercury, Venus: Michael offering; Heart-thinking; Humanity on the Threshold between the dragon and the divine wisdom; standing between worlds holding the balance through the I AM.

Aries – Moon, Uranus: The new clair-thinking; Imaginative thinking and the Spirit Self; the true I AM; the Lamb of God who sacrificed for humanity

Capricorn – Saturn: the Father Will; World karma and the divine plan of evolution at work through catharsis; cosmic memory of our true nature and our evolutionary goals; the great division and War that will ultimately lead to reunion.

In this context of the significance of Saturn in this configuration, and the karmic call of the Father memory for the I Am to become active and awakened in humanity, I am reminded of Steiner’s re-phrasing of the Prologue to John’s Gospel in Lecture 7 of The Pre-Earthly Deeds of Christ, GA 152.

May we carry this thought into this eclipse configuration:

In the Primal Beginning is Memory,
And the Memory lives on further,
And Divine is the Memory.
And the Memory is Life.
And this Life is the Ego of Man
Which streams into Man himself,
Not he alone, the Christ in him.
When he remembers the Divine Life
In his Memory is the Christ.
And as the radiant Life of Memory
Christ will pour Light
Into every Darkness of the immediate present.
~Rudolf Steiner

~from Jonathan Hilton, read the whole article here: Astrosophy.com

Working with The Lord’s Prayer, & the 5th panel of the foundation Stone Meditation are also very powerful now.

Blessings my dear Michaelic Warriors as we carry the sheild & hold the sword of light during this time out of time


translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
The Ripening Of Creative Powers

The light from spirit depths
strives outwards like the sun,
becomes life’s strength of will
and shines in senses’ dullness
to birth the forces
that ripen creative powers
in human work the soul initiates.

This is the third verse of the Light Quartet, that begins with v5, when the light from spirit depths reveals the gods’ creative work, and culminates in v48 with the awakening of love in the human heart. Its mirror is the second one, v22, when summer’s light became the spirit light in us to raise the fruits whose ripening will lead us to our higher self.
Rudolf Steiner once spoke of how with every breath of air, we take not only air but also light into ourselves and that we transform this light within us and make it our own as we do any other substance: we digest it, that is, we make it an integral part of our self (qv. The Archangel Michael 11/30/1919).

The Ripening Of Self

The cosmic light lives on with inner power,
becomes the light of soul
and shines in depths of spirit
to birth the fruits
that in the couse of time will ripen
the human Self from Cosmic Self.

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  1. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/new-zealand/hamilton

    Thank you kindly for sharing this detailed information. There is a lot of activity going on in the heavens! Where I live in the Southern hemisphere (New Zealand) the eclipse peaked at midnight of Tuesday/Wednesday. I called to special attention Steiner’s 12 moods line for the moon in Aries. “Oh shine of light, abide!”

    On arising Wednesday morning and moving the Eurythmy sound gestures for the planet of the day ‘I’ (ee) plus a sound gesture for the zodiacal sign where the sun is residing Libra ‘cH’ (as in Hebrew ‘ruach’), they blended to become ‘ich’, the “I AM”. Brian Gray mentioned in his talk on “The Architecture of the First Goetheanum” that this was the only word shown on the beautifully painted ceiling.

    May the spirit-wind be balanced, aligned with Christ and reflected back out to humanity.


    1. O Thank you Alison, what an inspiration to work with the 12 moods, I love that idea.
      And the eurythmy is perfect – bringing the I AM to bear.
      Yes the 1st Goetheanum is in the etheric waiting for us to embody it!
      Thank you for sharing your process, experience & good wishes

  2. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/tacoma

    Wet and gray sky all night as expected. I can imagine it, though, having witnessed a couple of lunar eclipses in the past. What continues to interest me is modern astronomy’s explanation of how the Sun lights the Moon, which of course is the basis of Full Moon, which is the necessary condition for a lunar eclipse, along with the Earth in orbital conjunction with the Moon. The Moon passes through the shadow of Earth. Thus, we are asked to picture a kind of superior conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in which the Sun completely covers the face of the Moon, which is perpetually dark on its own. This condition occurs 12 times a year, along the various waxing and waning presentations of the “silver sickle”. Yet, what if it can be shown that the Moon bears its own inherent light source, which is Luminescent? What if the Ecliptic angle of the Sun and the orbital plane of the Moon has nothing to do with lighting the Moon?

    I draw reference to the Fourth Day of Creation as given in Genesis:

    14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; 15 and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so. 16 God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. 17 God placed them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, 18 and to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness; and God saw that it was good. 19 There was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.

    A fourth day for the Fourth Sphere.

    1. ah yes, we have discussed this before…

      It makes me want to write a poem about it…
      The lucent Moon holding the radiation of the Luminiferous ether…

      1. “The Sun is not usually considered as empty space but the greatest possible rarefaction is thought of and a [globe of]rarefied glowing gas is postulated. But what we must do is to go to a condition of emptiness and then go beyond this. It is in a condition of negative material intensity. In the spot where the sun is will be found a hole in space. There is less there than empty space. Therefore all the effects to be observed in the sun must be considered as attractive forces not as pressures of the like. The sun’s corona, for instance, must not be thought of as it is considered by the modern physicist. It must be considered in such a way that we have the consciousness not of forces radiating outward as appearances would indicate, but of attractive force from the hole in space, from the negation of matter. Here our logic fails us. Our thinking is not valid here, for the receptive organ or the sense organ through which we perceive it is our entire body. Our whole body corresponds in this sensation to the eye in the case of light. ”


        1. Yes, another great Steiner quote – such a powerful spiritual scientific perspective of the truth behind the appearance of our beloved day star Sun

          1. I would say that the greatest truth about our beloved Day Star being an apparition is given here in this middle lecture of the Bridge Course:


            “This force of light that is on the earth (Diagram VII) rays out into the universe. This is, to begin with, imperceptible to ordinary vision; we do not perceive how human moral impulses in man ray out from the earth into the universe. If a grievous age were to dawn over the earth, an age when millions and millions of men would perish through lack of spirituality — spirituality conceived of here as including the moral, which indeed it does — if there were only a dozen men filled with moral enthusiasm, the earth would still ray out a spiritual, sun-like force! This force rays out only to a certain distance. At this point it mirrors itself, as it were, in itself, so that here (Diagram VIII) there arises the reflection of what radiates from man. And in every epoch the initiates regarded this reflection as the sun. For as I have so often said, there is nothing physical here. Where ordinary astronomy speaks of the existence of an incandescent globe of gas, there is merely the reflection of a spiritual reality in physical appearance.”



            You see, therefore, how great is the distance separating the Copernican view of the world, and even the old astrology, from what was the inmost secret of Initiation. The best illustration of these things is provided by the fact that in an epoch when great power was vested in the hands of groups of men, who, as they declared, considered that such truths were dangerous for the masses and did not wish them to be communicated, one who was an idealist — the Emperor Julian (called for this reason ‘the Apostate’) — wanted to impart these truths to the world and was then brought to his death by cunning means. There are reasons which induce certain occult societies to withhold vital secrets of world-existence, because by so doing they are able to wield a certain power.

              1. This is why sun spots exist as a reflection of weakness, ignorance, and immoral tendencies. It is we humans (all too human 🙂 who cast aspersions on the Sun in the form of sun spots, solar flares, and other perturbations. It is due to the constant pressure of Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences, which are now being controlled and governed by the anti-Christ, Sorath, which can be envisioned in the form of an Anti-Representative of Man. While Steiner envisioned and then sculpted the figure of Christ lovingly bringing down Lucifer and Ahriman for their respective positive contributions to earth evolution, Sorath would seek to resurrect and uplift them in order to force them to work against humanity.

                Yet, we humans are direct Sources of Light since Christ entered earth evolution and conducted the Mystery of Golgotha. Ever since the sacrifice on the Hill of the Skull, a light aura has been emitting from the previously darkened earth. It is the collective raying upward of 7.3 billion human sources of light that creates the Sun apparition, which then reflects itself back down to Us. This is what these diagrams depict.

              2. It’s interesting to ponder the fact the Spiritual Science gives us that in ancient times before these adversarial beings had such a hold on humanity, that there were no sun spots…

                We are each little Suns. That’s why concentrated actions like the 10:10 are so important

              3. Indeed, true. Steiner indicates the corrupting influences of sun spots seen to have accumulated to such an extent by the 9th century that a revolt of the several planetary intelligences led by Oriphiel was in the offing. This is the secret of the true nature of the Eighth Ecumenical Council of 869 AD. Michael is compelled to make his fundamental sacrifice as described here in the 11th lecture of KR, volume 3.


                This thesis would be continued when Steiner began his Michael Mystery essays beginning with “At the Dawn of the Michael Age” on August 17, 1924, when he was in England for the last time.

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