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Simone DiMeglio

Dear Friends – Thank you for a deep rich Michaelmas experience! Here is the recording from Michaelmas 2020: Joan d’Arc – PURIFYING FIRE: The Power behind the Will (Please let me know if you can access it?)

Here is a link to the photos from the Zinniker farm expedition we went to after the fest.

Flaming Sword Photograph by Allen Penton
Dexter Crawley

So that the Michael impulses can become reality, let us become one with the flame that is enkindled today. These impulses cannot become reality without flames. But to live and work out of the flames of enthusiasm, we ourselves must become the flame. Flame is the only thing that is not consumed by flame. When we feel ourselves becoming flames that cannot be burned by flames, we can afford to leave our physical hearts behind like empty sacks, because we will possess etheric hearts, hearts that understand that humankind is entering a new age and a life of spirituality.” ~Rudolf Steiner, from “The Life of the World Must Be Constructed Anew from the Ground Up”, Arnheim, July 20, 1924. Found in “Youth and the Etheric Heart”, GA 217a

Vlad Apetrei & Irene Olid

A deep holiness broods over the dying light. Now, in ourselves we must find our own power of bestowing warmth; that we may shine from within. In the realm of the senses the plant world sinks down into death. Inwardly the fire-spirits, offspring of the lofty Beings of the Sun, bearing the Archetypal pictures of the plant kingdom, stream down into the womb of Mother Earth. All around us we see withering, the color leaving to reveal the essence. As human beings we must not allow the death of nature to draw us into sleep. In autumn we must discover the force of resurrection within, so that we can pass with full consciousness thru the gate of death with a wakened soul, in our time. This is possible by what Michael bestows as the Fire of Will. We can come into communion with the most hidden secrets of existence now, whispering: Feel yourself as bearer of the Motherhood of Nature, to conceive in love the fiery germ of Self.

May we hold the sword of light to fire up our will


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29 September 2020- “Speaking with the Stars”: Bella Luna passes south of Neptune at 9 pm CDT tonight. You can find the pair in Aquarius the Water-bearer in the southeast.

Look east to find Mars above the horizon. Between Mars & Neptune on the sky is main-belt asteroid Leto, which reaches opposition at 10 pm CDT. Discovered in 1861, Leto is 76 miles across. It’s currently traveling through the constellation Cetus the Whale.

You can find yet another planet, Uranus, northeast of Mars, closer to the horizon.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


The Feast Day of St. Michael All the Heavenly Hosts, also called MICHAELMAS

1227 – Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, is excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for his failure to participate in the Crusades. A man of extraordinary culture, energy, & ability Frederick II was called stupor mundi (the wonder of the world), by Nietzsche, also the first European, the first modern ruler – by many historians, Frederick established in Sicily & southern Italy a modern, centrally governed kingdom with an efficient bureaucracy.

He was a King of Germany, of Italy, & Burgundy. His other royal title was King of Jerusalem by virtue of marriage & his connection with the Sixth Crusade.

He was frequently at war with the Papacy, hemmed in between Frederick’s lands in northern Italy & his Kingdom of Sicily (the Regno) to the south. Pope Gregory IX went so far as to call him an Antichrist.

Speaking six languages (Latin, Sicilian, German, French, Greek & Arabic, Frederick was an avid patron of science & the arts. He played a major role in promoting literature through the Sicilian School of poetry. His Sicilian royal court in Palermo, saw the first use of a literary form of an Italo-Romance language, Sicilian. The poetry that emanated from the school had a significant influence on literature & on what was to become the modern Italian language.

He was also the first king who explicitly outlawed trials by ordeal as they were considered irrational.

Renaissance Master Caravaggio Didn't Die of Syphilis, but of Sepsis | Live  Science

1571 – Birthday of Caravaggio, Italian painter

1717 – An earthquake strikes Antigua Guatemala, destroying much of the city’s architecture & making authorities consider moving the capital to a different city

David Newbatt.

1812- Birthday of Caspar Hauser, grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell. Theories link  him with the grand ducal House of BadenThese claims, & his subsequent death by stabbing, sparked much debate & controversy.

“…It was the case of that human being, so enigmatic for many people, who was once placed into this city in a mysterious way, and who in just as mysterious a way met his death in Ansbach. An author, in order to indicate the mystery of his life, wrote that as he was carried out to burial the sun was setting on the one horizon and the moon was rising on the other. I speak, as you know, of Caspar Hauser. If you disregard all the pros and cons that have been asserted, if you look only at what has been fully verified, you will know that this foundling — who was one day simply there in the street, and who since he did not know whence he came, was called the Child of Europe — could neither read nor write when he was found. At an age of twenty years he possessed nothing of what is gained through the intellect but he had a remarkable memory. As they began to instruct him, as logic entered his soul, his memory disappeared. This transition in consciousness was accompanied by something else. He possessed at first an incredible, an entirely inborn truthfulness and it was precisely in this truthfulness that he went more and more astray. The more he nibbled, so to say, at intellectuality, the more it vanished. There would be many things to study were we to enter deeply into this human soul which had been artificially held back. It is not difficult for the student of Spiritual Science to credit the popular tradition, so unacceptable to the learned people of to-day, which relates that while Caspar Hauser still knew nothing, while he still had no idea that there were beings besides himself of different form, he exercised a remarkable effect upon quite savage creatures. Savage animals humbled themselves and became mild, something streamed from him that made such beasts gentle, although they savagely attacked anyone else. We could in fact penetrate deeply into the soul of this remarkable personality, so enigmatic to many, and you would see how things that cannot be explained from ordinary life are led back through Spiritual Science to spiritual facts. Such facts cannot be learnt by speculation but only by spiritual observation, though they are comprehensible to an unbiased and logical thinking.

All this has only been said in order to show you that the modern consciousness has evolved from another, an age-old-state when man was not in direct touch with outer objects in the modern sense, but on the other hand was in connection with facts and beings of the spiritual world.” ~Rudolf SteinerThe Apocalypse of St. John, Spiritual Science — The Gospel — The Future of Mankind

Image result for 1885 – The first public electric tramway

1885 – The first public electric tramway in the world is opened in Blackpool, England

1902 – Deathday of Émile Zola a French novelist, playwright, journalist, the best-known practitioner of the literary school of naturalism, & an important contributor to the development of theatrical naturalism. He was a major figure in the political liberalization of France & in the exoneration of the falsely accused & convicted army officer Alfred Dreyfus, which is encapsulated in the renowned newspaper headline J’accuse. Zola was nominated for the first & second Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901 & 1902. His death from carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected to have been murder

1924 – Ludwig Polzer holds his 1st First Class Lesson

Related image

1954 – The convention establishing CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) is signed

Image result for 1957 – Twenty MCi of radioactive material is released in an explosion at the Soviet Mayak nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk

1957 – Twenty MCi of radioactive material is released in an explosion at the Soviet Mayak nuclear plant at Chelyabinsk

Related image
Image result for Adolf Arenson

1981 – Deathday of Adolf Arenson, German composer & Anthroposopher. Arenson editied many of Rudolf Steiner’s works, & composed the music for many of the plays & productions. Steiner mentions him at the end of Wonders of the World lecture 1

Biggest 1-day drops for the Dow Jones industrial average | The Seattle Times

2008 – Following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers & Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points, the largest single-day point loss in its history

Related image

2009 – The 8.1 Mw Samoa earthquake strikes with a maximum Mercalli intensity.  A destructive tsunami follows, leaving 1189 dead & hundreds injured.


Hidden Music I Painting by Umran Yegin | Saatchi Art
Erman Yegin

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~a word, a vibration, a message
Is coursing thru my blood
The rust in my veins causes combustion
Making room
For the cosmic iron to etch itself into my palms
Activating my limbs – Forging my will to awaken



Tuesday, September 29 MICHAELMAS ‘Talisman for Courage’ Art Workshop with Victoria Martin 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

MICHAELMAS ‘Talisman for Courage’ Art Workshop in person at the Rudolf Steiner Chicago Branch 4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago. 6:30-8:30 PM Facilitated by Victoria Martin

RSVP – viccimartin@gmail.com  312-961-3380

6:30 (sunset) Doors open: orientation. Tea, nuts, and fruit are served

7 PM sharp Visual lecture and demonstration

7:15 PM –8:00 PM workshop  – Pastels on flat canvas good for 100+ years (archival materials)

8:00– 8:30 PM discussion – We will learn all about symbols of The Michaelmas: Wings, Iron Meteorites/Stars, Scales of Judgment, Sword of Justice, and the Serpent/Dragon. There will be a wide selection of easy to render visual images in any/all of these 5 categories at each workstation. We will use a black charcoal pencil and the colors red, gold, and turquoise archival pastels on raw canvas size 11” x 11” this Talisman will be suitable for mounting on stretchers or framing (no glass needed).

Limited to 10 participants $15 tuition + $5 materials = $20 or pay what you will. Observers and guests are welcome at no charge, but please bring tree nuts, greens, fruit, or other paleo snacks.

Everyone: wear something RED: Michael’s color!



Community Study – Wednesdays at  9:30 am – 11 am at the Branch – Working with Rudolf Steiner’s Karmic Relationships Vol 6.

Wednesday Morning Study Group Internet: https://meet.google.com/hdr-iaof-jkg

Phone: +1 402-828-0131 PIN: ‪867 997 908#

‘Anthroposophy’, which means Wisdom of the Human Being is a ‘Spiritual Science’ built on the research of Rudolf Steiner. Our current conversation explores: the riddles of existence, the truth of karma, the mystery of evil, historic connections, life after death and more.  We incorporate ‘The Calendar of the Soul’, eurythmy, focused discussion and seasonal artistic explorations in our study.  

For more info. contact Hazel Archer Ginsberg

6 thoughts on “Enflaming Enthusiasm

  1. Hi Hazel,

    I have been slowly going over your broadcast of the Joan of Arc memorial at Michaelmas this year. What an idea to combine these two movements. I like very much Angela Foster’s presentation about Mark Twain’s research into Joan. This is priceless stuff, Angela. I never heard about it. Twain going to France for twelve years to do research on Joan. This is awesome. He died in 1910, and isn’t it interesting that Steiner first spoke about Joan in late 1910 in his lectures on Occult History, ref. GA 126. Good stuff. You give a very nice presentation, Angela. Your humility makes me want to hug you 🙂

    Now, with Mary Spalding, who I find to be a very contemporary person living in the present time-frame, I like her forthright manner, which says that Joan lived in a typically male-dominated society, and thus had her challenges to bear. This is very true. Yet, no one exclaimed the most important thing. Joan was born bearing the Christ Impulse from birth. This fact was her domicile. Her ability to lead the French army as a teenager came from another source; the sybills, or ‘furies’, which are the elemental spirits of the four directional corners. Michaelangelo painted them on the Sistine chapel.

    I also have to take issue with Mary’s characterization of Joan as being the archetype of the “me-too-movement”, which I think is a stretch. Do we really have any concrete evidence that Joan was sexually abused after being kidnapped and confined before her inquisition? Even the English saw her as a dominant spirit, that they somehow had to depose. So, I think this notion needs to be reconsidered in the light of present sensitivities, which are duly noted.

    Now, going over to Los Angels, with Dottie and her two acolytes, I lost the thread. I’m sorry. What were they saying? I know Dottie from many prior conversations on the internet, and yet what came out was a small book by Prokofieff on group work and its importance. Well, of course, it is. Dottie has a low-key manner with a huge mind fund, and should consider raising her voice. Don’t leave it to others. You are the one.

    Anyway, I am working through this presentation, with about an hour still to go. I suspect at some point I will get to listen and watch Hazel. Yes, Hazel. I hope so, anyway.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to work with the ideas in this festival.
      I agree that the connection with the Sybil was not brought out, good point!
      I do not present at all in this one. I acted as the facilitator bringing the impulse from the spiritual world together with the talents of my friends.
      It took alot to bring all the technical aspects together, & the content was so rich. I did share my particular research focus here on the blog https://reverseritual.com/serving/

  2. Actually, this was Hans Arenson, third son of Dorothy and Adolf Arenson, who died this day in 1981. Carl Unger, whose photograph appears here, was the son-in-law of Adolf Arenson, and considered to be the main student and disciple of Rudolf Steiner.

    “1981 – Deathday of Adolf Arenson, German composer & Anthroposopher. Arenson editied many of Rudolf Steiner’s works, & composed the music for many of the plays & productions. Steiner mentions him at the end of Wonders of the World lecture 1”


  3. I am able to access the Zoom recording. Thanks for organizing the Michaelmas event, it was very helpful to me to participate.

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