Fired up

Dear friends – In thinking back to the laying of the Foundation Stone for the 1st Goetheanum, called at that time the ‘Johannas Bau’, 110 years ago on 20 September 1913– (Read the transcript of that elementally charged ceremony in an essay I shared HERE) I can’t help but connect this to the arson that destroyed the ‘House of the Word’ 10 years later.

In the amazing ‘Play for Voices’ by Richard Ramsbotham, called “The Burning of the Goetheanum a powerful occult secret is revealed thru his research capturing biographical insights from those who were there.

I met Richard for the 1st time in person this Summer at the ‘AHA‘ conference ‘The Mysteries of Healing: Realizing AnthropoSophia“, where he gave me a signed copy of this amazing telling of the Anthroposophical Biography we all share.

As we know Dr. Steiner designed this incredible ‘House of the Word’. Along with all the craftsmen & volunteers, that he worked with to co-create a powerful synthesis of diverse artistic & sensory forms infused with spiritual significance, he also employed Architect Schmid-Curtius & Engineer Englert to pull off this never before organic building achievement of the connecting domes.

From Emil Molt we hear: “The building supervision lay in the hands of the engineer Englert, the former director of the Basel building association that had produced the special concrete base for the building. Dr Steiner gave Englert the task of anchoring the two cupolas at their section in such a way that they would mutually support each other. At first, Englert declared the problem insoluble according to his calculations. He was given some directions by Dr Steiner then, lo and behold, a few days later he had solved what he had at first thought impossible. ~Emil Molt and the beginnings of the Waldorf School movement: Sketches from an autobiography. Edinburgh: Floris Books, 1991. Page 114.

From Steiner we learn: “Technically, it was an extremely difficult task to accomplish — to bring the two cupolas together —there didn’t seem to be a way to fit two spherical surfaces one into the other. So I really must mention here that we did succeed through the insight and effort of our friend, the esteemed Basel engineer Joseph Englert, who solved this architectural  problem which had heretofore never been solved.” ~Rudolf Steiner, 10 April 1915, in Basel GA 289

From the biography of Joseph Englert, which Ramsbotham opens for us in his play – we learn that from an early age Englert had a powerful fascination with occult phenomena of all kinds. In particular he dabbled in mediumism, spiritualism, & was an accomplished astrologer. We was a member of the Theosophical society & heard Steiner speak for the 1st time in Basel in 1906.  

As mentioned in the essay on the laying of the Foundations Stone, he was at the original founding as board member & treasurer of the Johannesbauverein – the building committee. But:

“In the second half of 1918 there was a series crisis of trust between Englert & the other board members, & after a stormy meeting on 10 January 1919, Englert not only resigned from the board, but also from the construction management. As a result, he also turned away from Anthroposophy…Shortly afterwards his marriage ended in divorce & in 1922 he moved to Lugano. There he became friends, with Hermann Hesse.” ~

Englert also cast Horoscope charts for Hermann Hesse. In his novel “Klingsor’s Last Summer”, Hesse Depicts Englert as the Dark Magician.

Clara Selling Walther, who lived with Rudolf Steiner & Marie von Sivers at 30 Motzstrasse in Berlin, for 20 years, tells us that after Englert broke away from Anthroposophy he converted to Catholicism & became a Jesuit. After the fire at the Goetheanum she wrote down some recollections: “A body was found, of a crippled man, a watchmaker. Herr Doctor said he was NOT the arsonist. ‘Oh, No! Old Englert was the only one who knew everything about the cupolas’.”

Russian novelist Andrei Bely, another artistic associate who worked on the Goetheanum, wrote about Englert:

“I appreciated Englert…but I also suspected him ever more strongly of being marked out by a secret tragedy. I sensed his growing fascination with the abyss surrounding us. He suffered a fall. He separated from Steiner, in dissonance & discord, and converted to Catholicism.”

After the burning Steiner spoke to Ita Wegman & a small group of esoteric students, about how the 2 Dark Brotherhoods working behind the Jesuits & the Freemasons – usually enemies – joined together for the 1st time to destroy the House of the Word’.

Steiner quotes what the astrologers working for the Freemasons started as a rumor in the media, which was then picked up & flamed into a fever by the Catholic Church: “Spiritual sparks have flown into the Goetheanum; physical sparks of fire will leap into it too, bringing an end to the glory of Dornach”

We know the fire was discovered in the ‘White Room’ which is where the Christian Community Priests were ordained. There are stories from the eurythmists who also used that room, that a strange wind ‘like an elemental force’ blew the cover off a sky light.

Asja Turgeniev, mentioned something about a large mirror falling off the wall. That skylight blew off just before the first ever Weihehandlung (Act of Consecration) – the inaugural moment of the Christian Community. To reach that room the arsonist would have known to come thru the sky light that allowed access to the inside space between the 2 cupolas which led right down to the make-shift altar left there from the ceremonies of the new Priests.

This space between the 2 cupala’s, which the engineer Englert was so proud of, is beautifully described by Painter & Eurythmist Margarita Woloschina who speaks about how Englet took her on a tour under the scaffolding to show her the construction of the Cupola’s:Both Cupolas were double-shelled, according to the principle of the sounding board of a violin. It was an extraordinary experience to stand in the space between the 2 half-spheres of the inner & outer roofs of the small cupola, where all normal spatial relationships were as though annulled.” ~ The Green Snake: An Autobiography

We know from experience that the 2 once oppositional adversarial powers are now working together against humanity in many ways.

The question for us today 110 years after the original laying of the Foundation Stone is: When will the 2 Anthroposophical streams, often called the Platonists & the Aristotelians, consciously stive to work together for the good?

And Yes, we are meant to expand out the polarity – Hey, Let’s explore the transcendent 3rd  – We can square the Circle – Step into the pentagram, The 6-pointed heart-star – the 12 points of View…etc…In Christic Revelation…

Let us close this theme with a quote from ‘WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THE GOETHEANUM’, GA 84, 9 April 1923, Basel : “The Goetheanum could burn down. A catastrophe has swept it away. The pain of those who loved it is so great that it cannot be described…But Anthroposophy is built out of spirit, and only flames of spirit can touch this. Just as the human soul and spirit are victor over the physical when this is destroyed in death, so Anthroposophy must live, even though it has lost its Dornach home..

What Anthroposophy is to be for the further development of humanity, is built of spirit. This will not be destroyed by the flames of the spiritual life, for these flames are not destroying flames; they are strengthening flames, flames that give more life than ever. And all that life which is to be revealed through Anthroposophy as life of knowledge of the higher world, must be tempered by the flames of the highest inspiration of the human being, soul and spirit. Then Anthroposophy will continuously evolve.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Maybe you’re thinking: Ok so -Why are you even bringing up this arsonist business anyway?

I guess for me it’s always interesting to try & understand what moves thru individuals who affect world history. Always after 100 years – What could not be spoke of then – must now come to light. The forces that lived in those that have fallen to their lower selves, becoming pawns for the adversarial powers, where are these forces living today? Can we meet them before they create a destructive fire? Spiritual Science tells us that events are certainly written in the stars, & yet – if we stay awake & watch thru the dark night – we can work with the stars to steer humanity toward the light…

Bring on the fire of selfless enthusiasm



SUNDAY 24 September 2023

Community Prep-Stir / Potluck / Bon-fire 


*The Autumnal Equinox

*World Eurythmy Day

*Yom Kippur

*Michaelmas Festival

6 – 8 pm at the Lucchesi-Archer-Ginsberg domicile

Please Bring Food & Drink to share, & a jar for the prep


30 September 2023 – Our Annual Michaelmas Festival & Zinniker Farm Day – Biodynamic preparation making and Michaelmas 2023 – Food for Thought

The time for biodynamic preparation making is upon us. We will be making and burying the chamomile, yarrow and dandelion compost preparations. This offers hands on activity. We will be walking through grass and working in the soil. Please dress accordingly and be ready to get dirty.

After the potluck join Hazel Archer-Ginsberg in an experiential activity at the bon-fire called: Food for Thought –

Bounty: What spiritual gifts have you harvested in your life so far this year?
Farewells: What no longer serves? What is over? Say good-bye/ thank you.
Preserves: What will you keep as seed for the future?

Date: September 30th, 2023 at the Zinniker Farm
Time: 1:30pm, potluck dinner
Please bring a dish to share
Suggested donation: $15-25 for more info.

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  1. Hazel, I hope you don’t mind me cross-posting a comment I just submitted to Jeremy Smith’s Anthropopper blog. I do it because Jeremy does not allow me to post there any more and I must get Steve Hale a timely message about Teilhard de Chardin and this is the only way I know to contact him. Vielen dank! — Tom


    Steve, I encourage you to investigate the past lives of Teilhard. And to that end, I would like to provide you with 4 historical facts that I hope will stimulate and guide your search in its early stages.

    1. Teihard died from a heart attack on Easter Sunday 1955. 26 days before, he had told a gathering of friends that he wished to die on Easter Sunday.

    2. His residence at that time was in the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola located at 84th St. & Park Ave in NYC. The Church is part of a large Jesuit complex in that area which includes the elite Jesuit High School called Regis right across the street from the rear of the Church.

    3. Just as Rudolf Steiner came within a whisker of becoming a Cistercian priest by dint of school choice, so did I come close to attending Regis HS but didn’t. Had I chosen Regis, I would very likely have become a Jesuit priest.

    4. The most famous graduate of Regis HS is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

      1. Now a nice new beginning because I just checked and Jeremy Smith has indeed published my comment.

        This portends a new epoch of blog cross-fertilization between Reverse Ritual and Anthropopper. If you explore Jeremy’s blog, you will encounter hundreds of comments from both me and Steve as well as from other denizens I recognize here on RR.

        Jeremy’s blog embodies the up-to-date status of British Anthroposophy as yours embodies American Anthroposophy.

  2. I have had occasion from time to time since 1998’s first revealing of the experience of the Etheric Christ to say more about how it happened in relation to the eruption of Mount Saint Helen on May 18, 1980. Sunday. We were at the ocean in Westport, Washington, and had to drive home through dust, which had coated the highway. Worse than ice. It took days to vacuum out all the dust found in every nook and cranny of my new car. The next Sunday was Pentecost, May 25th.

    Now, the effects of the eruption of a previously dormant volcano could be seen to the east with wind drift, as you say. Yet, the most important part was the *process of eruption*, which began at the Vernal Equinox on March 20, 1980. This is when Mount Saint Helen came to life again as an elemental Act of God, and very similar to the experience of Moses at Mount Sinai, and hearing the Voice of the Burning Bramble Bush. Over the next 40 days, surface earthquakes occurred in increasing magnitude, and this had the effect of bringing the fire layer of the interior of the Earth to the surface, and bringing the fire element into the breathable atmosphere. This created Etherization of the Blood, which leads to Katharsis, which is an act of Initiation for those so prepared.

    So, thanks Tom, for remembering some of this, which I’m sure I explained back in 1998, without the further detail just given. All Hail Hail to Thee.

    1. “The blood flowed from the wounds of Jesus Christ. This blood must not be regarded simply as chemical substance, it must be recognized as something altogether unique. When it flowed from His wounds and into the earth, a substance was imparted to our earth which, in uniting with it, constituted an event of the greatest possible significance; this blood passed through a process of ‘etherization’…since the Mystery of Golgotha, the etherized blood of Christ Jesus has lived in the ether of the earth. The etheric body of the earth is permeated by what the blood that flowed on Golgotha became”

      1. Rudolf Steiner’s Answers to Questions at the End of the Lecture

        Question: How will one understand Christ’s words of consolation?

        Answer: Human beings will feel these words of consolation as though they arise in their own hearts. They can also be received through physical hearing.

        My experience involved looking up into the blue sky with a few billowing clouds and hearing a Voice coming from both above me and also within me. The Voice said: “You are so worthy, and you always have been”. That more than made my day. Ever since, I know what Transubstantiation really is, and means.

    1. Yes, I have read Glen’s play. He sent me a copy. We talked about some of the material. I have seen it twice as a staged reading. I had hoped I was going to be one of the players. I got to try out & everything, but it was not meant to be for me.
      I hope many people see this play. It really shows the karmic streams & the human responsibility that is incumbent upon those who take up the mantle of Anthroposophy.
      Like Ramsbotham, many times Glen uses biographical quotes – the actual words of the various personalities. Thru seeing their all too human struggles we have compassion for their failings.
      & I hope it gets us to look into ourselves to see where their transgressions live on in us, so we can heal the past & go toward the future calling of Anthroposophia.

  3. Hazel, you asked:

    “When will the 2 Anthroposophical streams, often called the Platonists & the Aristotelians, consciously strive to work together for the good?”

    How about here and now? As one of those reincarnated Aristotelians, I would like to begin a conversation with you and your wonderful stream of Platonists so well represented and gathered here.

    Just before René Querido sponsored me into First Class in 1984 in Sacramento, he quizzed me about my relationship to anthroposophy.

    I told him: “René, I must be candid and say that, at least since the death of Rudolf Steiner, the Anthroposophical Society has become so luciferic that it will take the incarnation of Ahriman himself to restore the balance.”

    He replied: “Quite a radical statement! But not at all surprising coming from an Aristotelian.”

    A year later, in July 1985, when I left the Rudolf Steiner College community for good, René gave me a parting gift. It was a small but very nicely bound booklet entitled: “Aristotle’s Ten Categories.”

    Notice the cosmic timing and its symmetry.

    One Metonic Cycle later, René dies in June 2004. The next Metonic cycle brings us to June 2023. That makes René’s death the fulcrum of my Aristotelian scale, where René intervened in my destiny in a most miraculous way — which I described in my comment here 3 weeks ago:


    So now today, 19 x 2 = 38 years after I saw René for the last time on the physical plane, I would like to proclaim my Aristotelian destiny and articulate the fulfillment of my radical statement to René in 1984:

    Just as Christ is the True Lucifer, so now:


    1. Yes, Brother Thomasius – Let’s Meet Here & Now…
      You give a beautiful example of how René Querido recognized & helped you to meet your destiny.
      We may not all be like this great Templar, but we can & do affect each other’s karma.
      How can we bring the best out in each other…Help each other…
      Join our gifts together with the gifts of the Holy Spirit…
      This is the only way to meet Ahriman…
      If we are looking at the streams around the compass we meet not just 2 but 4 Quarters –
      the Platonists in the East, the Aristotelians in the West…
      And I also like to think of the Northern Vidar Stream & the Southern Rosicrucian Stream.
      And in the Center is the New Sun of the New Mysteries –
      The Christic, Parzival Quest, living in the ideal of the Christmas Conference, it’s head, hands & heart –

      As Aristotle, Steiner was able to read the cosmic script to receive the Mysteries of Ephesus-the Mystery of the Word – that had become inscribed into the ethers after the Burning of the Temple of Artemis – The day Alaxander the great was born!…So many inter-weavings here, which we have discussed many times –

      But I ask you: Have we really connected all the dots of these cosmic realites in our overlapping biographies..!?…

      We must recognize where we are in the cycle. And it’s true at this time in human evolution, as Steiner clearly predicted & shared – we are now meeting Ahriman –
      And the biggest sin against the Holy Spirit we could make would be to mistake Ahriman for Christ.

      Yes, Lucifer – The LightBearer – can be redeemed thru the purification of our astral body & that is the inner work we must all do.

      With Ahriman, it’s a horse of a different color – Yes, we must each out of our own thinking come to recognize & name the evil – But then we must join our “I” forces together – To become the New Christic Group Soul which works with Christ in the etheric to counteract Ahriman’s enslavement of the physical.

      And so it is that sometimes we must swim upstream to meet in the center –
      The middle where all streams flow into the Heart of Christ in us…
      The WE striding in balance between light & dark as the Representitive of Humanity

      1. Hazel wrote:

        “We must recognize where we are in the cycle. And it’s true at this time in human evolution, as Steiner clearly predicted & shared – we are now meeting Ahriman –
        And the biggest sin against the Holy Spirit we could make would be to mistake Ahriman for Christ.”

        There is a certain similitude between the Third and the Fifth Cultural Epochs. In the third, Lucifer was perceived inwardly, and Ahriman outwardly. In our Fifth epoch, it is reversed. Ahriman is within, and Lucifer is outward. Thus, all character and personality is tinged with Lucifer. That is why when asked about being a member of the Anthroposophical Society, a typical answer was: “We are a luciferic volk”. Steiner knew this (Lucifer-Gnosis), and attempted to balance it with epistemological concepts that had to be thought about.

        “Because the Egyptian lived before the Mystery of Golgotha, he was permeated by luciferic powers. If luciferic powers are within man and stir his inner life, moving and weaving through it, then the result will be that the ahrimanic powers will appear to him as an active force outside. Thus the Egyptian who was himself permeated by Lucifer rightly sees a world-picture in which Ahriman-Typhon is active. Now, we must realise that modern man is permeated by Ahriman. Ahriman moves and surges within him, just as Lucifer moved and surged within the Egyptian world. And then, when Ahriman works through Lucifer, man sees his picture of the world in a luciferic form. How does it appear to him? This luciferic picture of the world has been made, it has become increasingly popular and has been adopted in all circles of thought that consider themselves progressive and enlightened.”
        GA 202, The Quest for Isis-Sophia, 24 December 1920

          1. Well, it should give you an Aha moment; for what is actually being said here in this most extraordinary integration of Lucifer and Ahriman at the present time? Here is the key part of the paragraph quoted:

            “And then, when Ahriman works through Lucifer, man sees his picture of the world in a luciferic form. How does it appear to him? This luciferic picture of the world has been made, it has become increasingly popular and has been adopted in all circles of thought that consider themselves progressive and enlightened.”

            So, what is this luciferic view of the world? Aha!! MAYA. We are kept under the veil of Reality as long as these two beings combine with each other to help achieve the next step forward. And what is that? A fully implemented Anthroposophy. They ( L & A) are actually encouraging it, but one has to be an anthroposophist in order to tell. We are the minority report.

            1. “A German romanticist once had the courage to think differently from all others about the famous saying of Isis: “I am that which was, that which is, and that which is to come, and my veil has no mortal yet lifted.” — To which the German romanticist replied: Then we must become immortal, that we may lift the veil! — While others all took the saying as it stood.

              When we discover the truly immortal within us, the divine and spiritual, then may we draw near to many a secret without profaning it, to many a secret to which, with a lesser faith in the divine in our own being, we might indeed not draw near.

              And this indicates the spirit which should go abroad ever more and more under the influence of such studies as our last and as this present one. For these spiritual studies are meant to work upon the life and action of those who bear their karma, in the way I have described, into the Anthroposophical Society.”
              GA 238, lecture 8, 19 September 1924

        1. Thank you, Steve, for providing the wider or more macrocosmic cultural epoch context for my more microcosmic and personal soul/spiritual focus on the interplay of Lucifer and Ahriman in our lives and how the Christ impulse works to provide the balance or homeostasis between the 2 extremes.

          I’ll never forget the experience I had in December 1979 when I first visited the 3-fold community in Spring Valley, NY.

          The “keeper” of the 3-fold-auditorium was Hans Fried who welcomed me into the marvelous wooden structure that was a kind of mini-Goetheanum in the USA.

          He brought me into the small archive room where he showed me a postcard that Rudolf Steiner had sent to the founders of this 1st American outpost of anthroposophy in 1920.

          After congratulating them on the founding of 3-fold, Steiner wrote a verse which has stuck with me ever since and which outlines our karma and destiny as American Anthroposophists.

          It goes like this (I’m translating from memory now but am hazy on the ending):

          “I look into the outside world
          and there I find myself.
          I look to the depths within myself
          and there I find the outside world.

          If you would follow this pendulum swing
          between self and world
          between world and self
          then you will become . . . ”

          [I’m sure you or Hazel can finish it. I recall something like 2 variants of “spirit human being”]

          This verse really set me on the path of pursuing the dynamics of soul-spiritual homeostasis that led to my later discoveries of the “Chiasma of Lucifer and Ahriman” in 1998 and then a decade later when I developed “Father Tom’s Thermostat Theory of Lucifer and Ahriman.”

          1. I remember encouraging the reading of Steiner’s lectures, The Balance in the World and Man – Lucifer and Ahriman, on your very own Steiner98!


            Thus, Lucifer and Ahriman are truly complementary powers in their opposition, as described in these lectures. They are harmonious in intent when Anthroposophical knowledge holds sway. This enables us to see their purpose for earth evolution, which is complete human freedom. They have been invoked for the necessary influences in the astral body (Lucifer), and the etheric body (Ahriman) in order to mold and sustain this freedom. So, not bad. The confusion comes in when the anti-Christ enters, and makes them work at cross-purposes. Thus, we need to know, and be on guard against this entity, as well. Anthroposophy serves again by envisioning Michael wielding the Sword of Meteoric Iron.

            1. Here is a Metonic moment for you, Tom. I introduced myself on your Steiner 98 forum in late November 1998, right around Thanksgiving. I told you about my experience of the Etheric Christ in May 1980. This revelation, which was my first public disclosure of the event, is exactly 18.6 years from the inception point.

              And so, your experience in 2004 can be likened to your last physical experience with Rene Querido in 1985. These periods of 18.6 years also mark our developments toward maturity. It is the Moon that governs this process as a kind of breathing process of the Earth in nearly nineteen years. In reality, though, it is the Nutation of the Earth’s Axis that creates the Moon’s response over time as an effect of the maturation of the human soul. It has all been worked out like a watch. The genesis goes back to Father Kronos, and the original darkness of Ancient Saturn.

              1. Thank you, Steve! Well, the time is now and the place is here on Witch Hazel’s Magical New Mysteries Blog!

                Where do I start? First, I finally acknowledge and salute our destiny meeting on the Steiner Internet in 1998. Yet only now do I understand why it took me 25 years to acknowledge our meeting in this life — but that will be covered another time.

                You will be pleased to know that in my now 47 years of anthroposophy, the year 1980 was the most profoundly fulfilling and transformational year of them all.

                Just my travels alone in 1980 prefigure my destiny meeting with Carl Stegmann and his America Work which began shortly after the end of 1980.

                The 1st 5 & a half months I lived in Spring Valley, NY and took the 2nd half of the Foundation Year in Anthroposophical Studies as directed by Siegfried Finser.

                During the summer, I attended the University of Texas at Austin in order to complete the last 2 courses I needed for a BA in Classics (my focus on Ancient Greek.)

                In the Fall, I enrolled in the Teacher Training Program at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. (Warm shout out here to my classmate Brian Gray!)

                But now let me talk about you, Steve, and your experience of the Etheric Christ in that same year. Why? Because I was part of your experience!!! Yet only now after 25 years, am I able to tell you about it. And I’m so grateful to Hazel because only here on Reverse Ritual can I tell you about it.

                On May 21, 1980, I was still in Spring Valley, NY, a good 3,000 miles away from your location in the Seattle area. During breakfast in the big dining room at the 3-fold Guesthouse, a woman came running in and shouted to us diners: “Everyone, please come outside and see what is in the sky!”

                Most of us did rush outside and what we saw in the clear blue sky was an amazing apparition. At first, I thought it was contrails. There were 3 parallel “ribbons” of grayish white “contrails” in the sky. Soon I realized that these could not be produced by any aircraft. They did not dissipate. They were quite thick and substantial, but, most of all, they stretched entirely from the West horizon to the East horizon. They spanned the entire sky!

                Then someone came running over to our group and told us what we were seeing. She had just heard it explained on the radio.

                “We are witnessing ashes from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens being carried by the jet stream!”

                So there it is Steve! The blue sky as the vision of the Etheric realm and 3 ribbons of ashes connecting us etherically across the whole United States in the North while I took the crescent-shaped Southern route across the whole United States in 1980.

                So Time became Space for me spanning the whole of the year 1980 as Space became Time for you in May in a single instant. And then, one moon node cycle later, we meet on Ahriman’s version of the Etheric realm, on the very young Internet, there on my Steiner98 blog created in that fateful year, 1998.

                Hail Fellow! Well met!

                [Hold on! I need to change the spelling of the 1st word]

                Hale Fellow! Well met!

              2. Hi Tom,

                You might be interested to know that I have followed your career over the years, since meeting you in 1998, which is thirteen years since 1985, which is a magic number in itself, and also for you and me. You see, 1985 is the midpoint between the Event of 1980, previously described, and 1990, when I turned 40 years of age, which begins the point where esoteric truths can be expressed from a kind of pulpit of authority, although there is a danger element to this. 2004, which is six years on from 1998, but also 19 years from 1985, holds a secret which you do not know about.

                You see, just as you think you know about me since 1998’s review of my Etheric Christ experience, and how you somehow perceived it in 1980, wherein you had a kind of threefold development toward entering the domain of Anthroposophy, it can be shown that in 2004, when Rene Querido died, I was looking for you.

                I bet you didn’t know that, but I was searching for you that year, and even proclaimed my “Search for Tom Mellet”, in August 2004 on the forum, Anthroposophy_Tomorrow. Now we know that you received an encouraging word of advice from RQ across the Threshold to continue one more year with Highland Hall Waldorf School. This was good to hear confirmed, and you did it. I think we started talking again around 2007, after your experience with family constellation therapy, which I never learned much about.

                So, over the years, I think we scratch each other’s back. A mutual admiration society; except for the years in which you were with the critics. Rudolf Steiner and His Opponents. This is your own episode to explain, and it is foremost in your repertoire that goes back to 1980, which can be looked upon as “better times”. You know me when it comes to defending Rudolf Steiner every step of the way. I took it though, and here we are today. Sunny Autumn 2023.

              3. Steve, you are conflating the Metonic cycle with the Moon Node cycle and their differentiation is important here.

                You are correct about the moon node cycle being 18.6 years and due to the nutation (from the Latin for “nodding”) of the precessional path of the earth’s axis.

                However, the Metonic cycle is *EXACTLY* [to within 2 hours] 19 years (19.0 to one decimal place). It was Meton of Athens who discovered this cycle in 432 BC.

                This cycle is for the calendar as it celebrates the synchronization of the moon phases (synodic lunations) with the solar years.

                That is the cycle which governs my connection with René and not the moon node cycle.

                To give you the data: René gifted me with the “Aristotle’s 10 Categories” book in summer 1985, close to the time of my birthday July 13.

                René dies on June 23, 2004 which is about 3 weeks before the exact 19 year Metonic cycle. So the next cycle would fall on June 23, 2023, and now I realize that in the month before, May 2023, my previous life was revealed to me through an amazing cascade of synchronicities that involved 2 recently deceased people in my life and Rudolf Steiner himself in a certain KR lecture.

                I don’t know what the Metonic cycle represents esoterically but there it is.

                Look at this symmetry with René’s death as the fulcrum:

                1985 – last time I see René in the physical body
                2004 – René dies
                2023 – René orchestrates the revelation of my past life

                As for the moon node cycle, it involves the moon -earth relationship independent of the sun, which is why it reveals the deeper and more personal/inner destiny connections. My sense is that the Metonic cycle reveals destiny connections in a more external or macrocosmic way — involving the synchronizing of Sun and Moon.

              4. This is excellent. Thank you. Yes, I knew of the variation, and why I found it so interesting that my meeting you on the internet was exactly 18 years and 7 months after the experience of the Voice of Consoling Words about 10 days before the eruption of Mount Saint Helen on on May 18, 1980. For me, it was important to keep it confidential for a time, in order to find the right audience, which happened to be the wider network of the internet in 1998. You see, I don’t live anywhere near a place that has any overt interest in Anthroposophy, and it certainly did not exist in my family. I was invested at the time, i.e., 1980, in working for Boeing, and starting to raise a family. So, going to Spring Valley, or Sacramento, was out of the question.

                What you haven’t said, Tom, until just now, it seems, is this last part about RQ revealing in May 2023, about your past life. Are you at liberty to go into it?

                Also, is it correct to say that in your case, a metonic cycle coincides with your birthday of July 13th. That is exactly 3 weeks after June 23.

              5. Hi Tom,

                I’d like to talk to you a little more about what happened to me beginning in 1981. You had written:

                “Just my travels alone in 1980 prefigure my destiny meeting with Carl Stegmann and his America Work which began shortly after the end of 1980”.

                Well, for me, in the direct aftermath of my supersensible experience in early May of 1980, which did have a lingering and lasting transcendental effect for a time, it came down to another experience about six months later in November. I was sitting in a college classroom, taking a night school course in Sociology, I believe it was, for my Associates Degree, and a voice in my head suddenly said: “Have you noticed that things are back to normal”?
                I immediately realized that all the lingering effects of the Event of 1980 in May, had by now been subdued. So, this voice, which I have come to recognize over time as being an important associate with Christ, gave me an incentive to try to find a means and way to replicate the environment that had existed just prior to the event in which the Voice of Consoling Words had spoken into me.

                So, for me, 1981 became the conscientious beginning of an intentional process in which internal combustion was attempted on my part in order to effectuate etherization of the blood. I wanted to bring myself back to the mysterious Voice, which I still had not identified, and would not identify with conviction until 1994, when I read those words in the lecture about what experiencing the Etheric Christ would feel like, ref. GA 130, 1 October 1911. And, only then, after fourteen years (1980-1994) did I receive the Photimos to go along with the Katharsis from 1980. This was the Holy Grail event in culmination. What did I do? I sat down and started to write what became a book. One of the early chapters was entitled: The Concept, Function, and Method of Etheric Regeneration.

                Rudolf Steiner had indicated in many lectures since January 1910 that revitalization of the contracted etheric body was the first step in making the body supersensible again. Establishing etheric clairvoyance similar to what occurred for the disciples at the Last Supper. How else were they going to experience the Docetic Christ after He was resurrected?

                At present, we do not live in bodies that are suitable for supersensible perception. A process similar to the forging of the Sampo by the village blacksmith has to occur first. This is an important image from the Finnish Kalevala, as well as H.W. Longfellow and his esteemed relationship to the American Transcendentalism of R. W. Emerson. I believe that Carl Stegmann came to America in order to continue this work. Is that right?

  4. I believe that the Johannesbau was marked for destruction because Rudolf Steiner returned to England in 1922 three times, i.e., April, August, and November. Marie Steiner focuses attention on it in this foreword to GA 260, published for the first time in 1944.

    Yet, the real source of the destruction goes back to the turn of the century in 1900, when Steiner proved his worth as an exact clairvoyant, which had never been seen before. So, the right wing, and left wing members of the so-called, “occult movement”, had necessarily to relent in favor of the research findings of what eventually became known as Anthroposophical Spiritual Science. This is covered very closely in GA 254, which is titled: The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century. Herein is where it is described that Steiner’s faculty was seen as useful by these occultists, and would be allowed to proliferate for a time without restriction. The agreement was sealed by all parties at the so-called, “Chrysanthemum Tea”, on November 17, 1901. Thus, Steiner agreed to what was no less than a compromise, which would allow his spiritual researches and findings to be brought forth for a period of time. Yet, there always stood a time-limit in which this would be allowed by the occultists. Steiner knew of this, and that his time was limited by this compromise. He chose to test it by going back to England three times in 1922, in order to ally with a country that had been a member of the allied powers against Germany in World War I. This is what caused the turmoil that eventually saw the burning of the Goetheanum on New Year’s Eve, 1922. Steiner was being given a message by the occult powers that the compromise was over, and he needed to cease and desist. Of course, as we know, he refused to relent when it was a matter of the spiritual guidance of humanity. He would go to England two more times, in 1923 and 1924, before his untimely death in 1925, which was eight years before 1933, and the predicted beginning of the Etheric Christ.

    So, it matters little who actually set the fire. Steiner knew that he had arrived at a crossroads, and the future meant closely watching and caring for his flock. He was anticipating what they would do. For example, “Awakening to Community”, GA 257, given just a few days after the fire. Wow, what a revelation of disappointment. We have to look at these as also involved in the fire. In other words, vigilance and perseverance were lacking for the guarding of the Temple that night, and Steiner knew it would happen. It was New Year’s Eve. A time to celebrate. Not so.

    1. Yes, this reporting from Marie really puts things into perspective. Thanks

      I do think it does matter who set the fire because it really does show that the Adversarial powers work thru these dark brotherhoods into human beings & that is important to consider for ourselves today & into the future

      1. I certainly agree with the adversarial forces which are said to be behind the burning of the Goetheanum. Sergei Prokofieff reviews all this in his chapter, The Tragedy of 1 January 1924, from “May Human Beings Hear It!”

        Yet, it is the involvement of Josef Englert that interests me as a suspect in the destruction of his own architectural masterpiece. I just found this, which indicates that Hesse and Englert remained friends for life. There are some interesting remarks about Englert’s warm and friendly personality. He lived to be 83 years old.

        “Josef Englert (1874-1957) was an engineer and architect, who came to know Hesse in his earliest days in Montagnola – the first letter of the correspondence refers to his assistance in a frantic expedition to Mendrisio to collect Hesse’s son Heiner from a sanatorium where he was marooned with his mother. A further service of this period was his preparation of horoscopes in 1922 for Hesse and his future second wife (preserved in the Hesse-Nachlass at Marbach), in which he foretold with uncanny accuracy the disaster of that marriage, which effectively lasted a mere eleven weeks. It was this sort of behaviour that led to his depiction as ‘Der Magier’ in Hesse’s Klingsors letzter Sommer; he also appears as ‘Jup der Magier’ in Die Morgenlandfahrt, (a postcard here is addressed to him as ‘Magus des Südens’ and signed by Hesse as ‘Emil Sinclair’, the pseudonym under which he had issued Demian) and it has been suggested that his character inspired certain aspects of Josef Knecht, the protagonist of Das Glasperlenspiel; certainly, he was the only one of Hesse’s friends to be sent the manuscript of the ‘Versuch einer Geschichte des Glasperlenspiels’ before its publication in 1933 (see lot 105). Englert was one of the few friends present at Hesse’s second marriage, to Ruth Wenger, where the writer describes him as especially entertaining, ‘and young like a real best man’. References to him in Hesse’s letters in later years dwell particularly on the warmth of personality and physical beauty of the architect and his family. By the late 1920s Englert had become wealthy (a letter to Felix Jung of December 1931 refers to him as ‘einen Freund, der einst in Montagnola mit mir gedarbt hat und heut reich geworden ist’), and became one of Hesse’s circle of patron-friends, buying his private printings, commissioning calligraphic manuscripts (see lot 103) and apparently sponsoring his skiing holidays in Chanterella in the late 1920s and early 1930s.”

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