Holy Ground

Digesting the Journey part 2 (part 1)

some of the Nashville Group Whitsunday 9 June 2019

The last time I was in the Nashville/Knoxville area was on the ecclesiastical Whitsun weekend 2019. My dear friend Elisabeth Swisher went with me to bring her gifts of music, & to be the primary driver. We left Chicago on June 5th, made our way to Fox Hollow farm & the botanic gardens near Louisville Kentucky, & then brought my Rose Cross program to Nashville.

Elisabeth Swisher at the Botanic Gardens outside Louisville June 2019

While we were doing eurythmy during the festival, I felt the presence of Don Brakebill, who was born on a ranch in the Rockford/Maryville area, our next stop on the tour. I spoke it out to the group that Don was smiling, close to the Threshold, but with us. Later, we heard from Charlotte that Don her husband was not doing well. We arrived in Knoxville to do the Festival on ecclesiastical Whitsunday June 9th 2019. Early that morning Don Crossed the Threshold. We dedicated the program to him, & carried Charlotte & his spirit strongly as a group on that auspicious day.   

~hag,AGM 2019 Atlanta Facing Each Other

After the AGM in Atlanta in October this year, I brought my All Souls workshop to Asheville NC; which was a wild ride, opening my psyche to some intense encounters with the Spirit of that Place. I knew it was important to also take it to my friends in Nashville & Knoxville in the light of Don’s passing, especially as Charlotte & I were in conversation around research into the life between death & rebirth.

~hag,CG & UVA Knoxville 2018

I could not find a local friend to be my co-pilot on the journey. My husband & daughter had come with me on a previous occasion, but the timing was off – Was I to travel alone this time?

~hag, Angela Foster Host of the Groups & Branches pre-conference in Atlanta 2019

Then Angela Foster, our amazing host for the recent AGM in Atlanta, contacted me saying ‘I feel we were working together in the night’, she shared an image of a blue circle.

~hag, the red mountains of Asheville Oct. 2019

I shared a dream I had that same night inspired by my time in the mountains of Asheville: ‘A circle of women were on the mountain. So many shooting stars. We watched a meteor – a burning streak – hit the ground in the center where were standing, creating a steaming ditch in the red earth.

The sun rose, & I was alone. I walked over to the ditch & something pushed me in. I stepped on the still hot cosmic iron with my bare feet & my left foot starting bleeding; but then the red blood turned into clear fresh water & I knew it was feeding the earth. I awoke to wild winds, & went to the lake to watch the sun rise.

Marta Such

This mixing of the blue & the red was something that has lived in Angela & me since I talked about it in my ‘Cain & Abel’ presentation on the 2 streams for the AGM in New Orleans.

Angela said, why don’t you fly into Atlanta & I will be the driver for the tour!

Related image

She was pondering the question & idea that MLK was born & did so much of his work in Atlanta, but he chose to die in Memphis. This needed to be a stop on the road-trip.

We took the idea into our sleep for 3 nights, & it became clear –

Ivy Green birth place of Helen Keller photo by Deb Abrahams-Dematte

YES, we must take this journey, stopping also at the birthplace of Helen Keller, & offering the program in Auburn Alabama for Helena Burkart & her many friends, as well as exploring Muscle Shoals, located alongside the Tennessee River, the unlikely sacred ground for some of America’s most creative & defiant music, born under the spiritual influence of the ‘Singing River‘ as Native Americans called it.

sorry i can’t get it to turn, selfie by Deb

Feeling the call to out-picture the ‘3 sisters’ which resonates so strongly for us, Angela suggested we reach out to our dear friend Deb Abrahams-Dematte, Director of Development for the Anthroposophical Society in America, who was so present at the recent AGM. And so the ball was rolling for our All Souls Southern Tour…

stay tuned as the journey continues…


POD (Poem Of the Day)

Carrie Ann Baade

~ I meet the angel guarding the gate
The broken bulk of her wing I bear across my shoulders
Hot is the searing of her sigil in my brow
I roam in my vigil breathing darkly
Annealed in sacred light
Seeking the seal of her cloak



Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in twilight, Nov. 22, 2019

22 November 2019 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Venus & Jupiter meet low in the southwest during twilight. On Saturday & Sunday evenings they’ll appear even closer. Right after it’s fully dark, Vega is the brightest star, higher in the west. Its little constellation Lyra extends to its left or lower left. Farther in the same direction, about a fist and a half at arm’s length from Vega, is Albireo, the beak of Cygnus. Farther on in the same direction are Tarazed, & just past it, Altair.

Image result for on the cusp between scorpio & sagittarius

November 22 is the 326th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 39 days remain until the end of the year. In the ancient astrology, it is the cusp day between Scorpio & Sagittarius. In some years it is Sagittarius, but others Scorpio.

Image result for Rudolf Steiner
~Pt Kern

 Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


Related image

Feast Day of Saint Cecilia patroness of musicians.

Image result for abigail adams

1744 – Birthday of Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, 2nd First Lady of the United States

Image result for george eliot quotes

1819 – Birthday of Mary Ann Evans known by her pen name George Eliot, an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator & one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. Throughout her career, Eliot wrote with a politically astute pen, presenting the cases of social outsiders, small-town persecution & depictions of rural society. Much of the material for her prose was drawn from her own experience. She shared with Wordsworth the belief that there was much value & beauty to be found in the mundane details of ordinary country life.

Related image

1963 – Deathday of President John F. Kennedy, assassinated by the CIA.

Image result for c s lewis quotes

1963 – Birthday of C. S. Lewis, British writer, critic & Christian apologist – one of the ‘Inklings’, some of whom were academics at Oxford University: Owen Barfield, J. A. W. Bennett, J. R. R. Tolkien, Percy Bates…

Image result for the beatles white album

1968 – The Beatles release The White Album.

1999 – Birthday of Ultra-Violet Archer, born 11.22.99 butt 1st on the Full Moon 9:44 pm.

A Poem for your 20th natal return:

You, who is making the withered tracery sing
Ensouling tress with your haloed heart
Golden in the choral glow.
Linger dear one
Over the calyx of a rose
& listen.
Then ask.
Watch your fingers creasing the lucent strings of rain
The graceful vibrato condensing in a modern mist of sound
A lacework stroking & cloaking your senses
Do you see how the soaked lily inclines
So reverently in the grist of your holy ground?



12 thoughts on “Holy Ground

  1. That’s so cool that your daughter was born on 11-22-99. I guess I share more than a birthday with her as I was born on 11-22-55!
    Tell her I send wishes for a great year ahead.

    1. Wow, Camille…
      Happy Birthday!
      May this next spin around the Sun bring you ever closer to your highest destiny!

  2. 1999 – Birthday of Ultra-Violet Archer, born 11.22.99 on the Full Moon 9:44 pm.

    9:44pm – that’s 11:44 pm by the 24 hour clock. Cool.

  3. Hazel, my Grandmother was an Archer, one of my names is Violet. Could we be related?
    Amazing work! Thank you! Much ? love!

    1. Yes, we are ALL related, aren’t we 😉
      The name Violet & Archer came to me in 2 dreams while I was pregnant.
      I wanted my girl to have her own name.
      But then after I got married to Chuck Ginsberg, I took the name Archer so that my initials would be ~hag! :0

  4. I feel so blessed to be part of this journey with you. The reverberations of the AGM continue! May the healing work spread across the land and through our souls into the future.

    Birthday blessings to you and your dear daughter. Two Strong & Beautiful souls!

    1. 20 years! I am overcome with emotion, all the memories & all that is yet to come!
      So glad you are part of this life’s journey

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