Honeyed Soul

24 April 2017 – Astro-Weather: For those who like to observe during the quiet predawn hours, Saturn offers a treat this week. The ringed planet rises around midnight & climbs some high in the south by the time morning twilight begins. It shines against the backdrop of northwestern Sagittarius, where it appears nearly stationary relative to the background stars


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 

Greek philosophy beautifully compared the human soul with a bee. The world of colour and light offers the soul honey which it brings with it into the higher world. The soul must spiritualize sense experience and carry it up into higher worlds.” ~Rudolf Steiner 1906

Jackie Lanng


479 BC – Thutmose III ascends to the throne of Egypt

1184 BC – Traditional date of the fall of Troy

1915 – The arrest of 250 Armenian intellectuals & community leaders in Istanbul marks the beginning of the Armenian Genocide

1904 – Birthday of Willem de Kooning, Dutch-American painter & educator

1942 – Birthday of Barbra Streisand, American singer, actress, & producer


POD (Poem Of the Day)

~The Earth is an apple
Ripening in space…


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