“Ideas shape the course of history.”

KINGDOM OF THE SUN - SATURN original painting (Hi- (With images) | Painting,  Art, Artwork
Palsy Veltler

In the New Mysteries, we strive at St. John’s Tide, toward an enhanced awareness of our will forces – An effort to ‘make straight the path’, To recognize our potential for discordant, As well as selfless acts; To practice Metanoia, which means ‘turn around thinking‘. A chance to transform our hearts & minds. An effort to enable the Higher “I” to come to expression – Ever more fully in the mysterious recesses of our personal priorities – With respect to our will.

Mysteries of theSun - The Four Seasons Painting by Daniel Gautier
Daniel Guitier

But to get to this place of ‘Spirit Beholding’, we must live into ‘Spirit Sensing’ & of course I always like to begin with ‘Spirit Re-calling’, which I will delve deeply into on the Eve of the Summer Solstice; as well as explore what it means to have a Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice. Please join me:

Friday 19 June 2020 – Front Range Anthroposophical Café presents:

Summer SolsticeRING of FIRE’ with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

  • What is the Spiritual Significance of a Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice?
  • How do we stand wakefully within the sublime mysteries of the Summer-Tide, to consciously embody ‘the spiritual wisdom of the gods’?

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 19 June 2020 shortly before 6 pm (Pacific), 7 PM (Mountain) 8 pm (Central), 9 pm (Eastern).

Here is the link to our Anthroposophical Café and all you need to do to join us is click on it: https://zoom.us/j/294724669.

Warmly, Karen vann Vuuren, Tom Altgelt, Jamie York, and our growing circle of Café Friends – It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


Waning Moon approaching Venus low in the dawn, June 17-19, 2020

16 June 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The waning Moon, after passing Mars on the mornings of June 12th & 13th, heads toward Venus shining very low in bright dawn. Bella Luna & the goddess of love hang close together on the morning of the 19th. The Moon occults Venus in some areas of the US.


Urban Adventure in Rotterdam: The flaming sun and De Chirico - 2
Jose de Chrio

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


René Magritte, The Masterpiece or the Mysteries of the Horizon, Lithograph  (S)
René Magritte

103 years ago, In June 1917 Rudolf Steiner spoke for the 1st time about 3-Folding…Are we ready to carry this seed to the next stage…?

Understanding of the world as it actually is, ability to bring spiritual knowledge right down into the practical life of humanity, into the stubborn spheres of technical industry & economics, as well as into the thinking, the moral life & the actions of the human being – this is one side of Rudolf Steiner’s challenge. The other is the development of the inner life of soul which generates love for human beings and the wisdom to promote their spiritual & social wellbeing…The inspirer of the 20th century has lived among us, & lives among us still. Is it not for us to work as laborers unto harvest?” ~D.N. Dunlop, “Rudolf Steiner and the fulfillment of the Quest.

11 Best Johannes Tauler images | Johannes, Alchemy art, Heart diagram

1361 – Deathday of Johannes Tauler, a disciple of Meister Eckhart, one of the most important Rhineland Mystics. He promoted a neo-platonist dimension in the Dominican spirituality of his time

OTD in History… June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln delivered his House Divided  Speech on slavery

1858 – Abraham Lincoln delivers his House Divided speech in Springfield, Illinois

Herman Grimm - Wikidata

1901 – Deathday of Herman Grimm, son of one of the “Brothers Grimm” compilers of indigenous folk tales.  His reputation is that of the arch-Romantic, Gründerzeit art historian, he was viewed as the intellectual successor of Goethe. His approach to art history was through the “Great Masters,” & a biographical account of art history. Rudolf Steiner spoke about his past lives as Pliny the Younger & Beatrice of Tuscany.

The Ford Motor Company Is Incorporated – 6/16/1903 | Historical Past

1903 – The Ford Motor Company is incorporated

Groupname for Grapejuice: A Blooming Buzzing Infusion

1904 – Irish author James Joyce begins a relationship with Nora Barnacle & subsequently uses the date to set the actions for his novel Ulysses; this date is now traditionally called “Bloomsday

IBM100 - IBM Is Founded

1911 – IBM founded in Endicott, New York

Q&A: Weleda | Ethical Consumer

1920 – Dr. Rudolf Steiner, & Dr. Ita Wegman, founded “Futurum AG“, in Arlesheim, Switzerland, & “Der Kommende Tag AG (an incorporated company to encourage economic & spiritual values) in Stuttgart Germany. Both companies merged for economic reasons, & today is known as Weleda.

Blog | Reverse Ritual | Understanding Anthroposophy Through the Rhythms of  the Year | Page 29

1932 – D.N. Dunlop plans “International Association for the Advancement of Spiritual Science

Emil Molt Archives - Stellenbosch Waldorf School

1936 – Deathday of Emil Molt, used concepts of the 3-fold social order in his business. Thru the guidance of Rudolf Steiner he became the founder of the first Waldorf School.Steiner spoke of him as the individuality called Charlemagne.

Rudolf Nureyev and the True Story Behind The White Crow | Time

1961 – Rudolf Nureyev defects from the Soviet Union

Valentina Tereshkova (Character) - Comic Vine

1963 –Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space

June 16, 1967: Monterey Pop Festival Begins | Best Classic Bands

1967 – The Monterey Pop Festival begins

June 16 in Peace & Justice History | peaceCENTER

1976 – Soweto uprising: A non-violent march by 15,000 students in Soweto, South Africa turns into days of rioting when police open fire on the crowd

Know Your Rights: Same-Sex Marriage | ACLU of Northern CA

2008 – California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples


 7 pm Summer Solstice 20 June 2020 Bio-Dynamic Prep-Stir

The Merry Prep-Stirs of Chicago invite you to work with us to honor the elemental beings & spiritualize the Earth, just a few hours before the Solar eclipse on the longest day.

We will dedicate this Summer Solstice stir to Hugh Courtney, who crossed the Threshold peacefully in his sleep on June 15, 2020. He was the solid rock for the bio-dynamic movement. He had so much knowledge & wisdom & he shared it freely. He worked tirelessly & helped start so many projects. And he did it all with his crunchy, matter-of-fact style. He never suffered fools gladly, but inside he had a warm & caring heart. He truly was the center of bio-dynamics in North-America. May the angels guide you on your new path, Hugh.

Bring whatever you want to eat & drink. Musical Instruments encouraged. The young folks will no doubt have a jam.

For more info. contact Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

2 thoughts on ““Ideas shape the course of history.”

  1. Hi Hazel.

    I think that this occultation of the thin waning crescent moon with occult Mercury on June 19th could be a harbinger of sorts. Don’t you think so?

    16 June 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The waning Moon, after passing Mars on the mornings of June 12th & 13th, heads toward Venus shining very low in bright dawn. Bella Luna & the goddess of love hang close together on the morning of the 19th. The Moon occults Venus in some areas of the US.

    1. Yes, it seems there is a lot to pay attention to. Friday is the eve of the solar eclipse & the Solstice, as well…

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