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Here are today’s Leading Thought’s spoken to In-Form on ‘I Think Speech’

Sea Cooke

What wants to be in-formed on the Earth now, & how can we give it expression? What is required to build a bridge to the spiritual stream that wants to manifest for us in the realm of formative forces. This etheric stream waiting with power at the edges of our consciousness must be able to pour into those that would make a chalice to embrace it, so that these Christic forces can incarnate thru us in the world.

This is the task of those working in the School of Michael now. We are called to recognize all that lives deep within the inner layers of the earth; as well as what is being offered from the periphery, to co-create formative forces that foster harmony & healing love; to build a communal etheric body, together; which will enable us to develop spiritual organs with higher faculties into the future.

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Rebecca Arlena

This requires a fundamental change in our perception, & reception, of what the Being of Wisdom is for us now – & how this reflection is directly connected to the goals of the spiritual worlds – which are asking us to DO Anthroposophy, to practice Spiritual Science – to transform  our soul forces, with a new kind of willing – to not only think about it, but deeply feel, & will it, not just for ourselves, but with a sort of collective modern Manicheanism, that acts as a curative catalyst for all. So that the Being of Anthroposophia is able to live, breathe & weave among us – not only in our concepts, but in the very ‘Etherization of our Blood’, working down into our limbs, in collaboration with the supersensible guidance of the School of Michael.

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Chelsea Stetez

We must will to learn, to feel, & embody, this Spiritual Being among us.  Then we will be able to build a collective etheric body as the vessel that will exemplify on the earth this Supersensible School. This new communal etheric body that must be consciously built by the whole community of the School of Spiritual Science – is linked to the power given to us thru Rudolf Steiner’s sacrifice, & thru the etheric body of Christian Rosenkreuz; so deeply connected to the mysteries of the etheric appearance of The Christ in our time. The eternal forces of these great initiates, full of the most creative expression of becoming & metamorphosis, must develop into a quickening for OUR life body – built up & personified, here & now, in our freed etheric hearts, as we work together to shape the new etheric body of the Cosmopolitan Michaelic Stream. Then the real life forces streaming out of the universal etheric will become a source of vibrant new creative life, for all humanity. We must strive to be able to sense & live into this source; to be inspired by its light & warmth, as we ‘Walk the Talk’ of true Spiritual Science.

Ram Dass on Twitter: "It's like you put on a space suit and it comes with a  control center – little computer inside that runs it. The question is, is  that who
Lenny Drilfort

Sergei O Prokofieff, who was a deeply striving human being gives us these words: “It is after all the most important task of the anthroposophists of the twentieth century, to give the etheric body of Rudolf Steiner—by means of their work dedicated loyally to the essential spiritual impulse of Anthroposophy—such a power, that this etheric body will enable his pupils, that will be enlightened by it, to experience the Christ in a direct way. Or in other words: that the Christ Himself will be able, from the end of the twentieth century on, to work through the etheric body of Rudolf Steiner among his pupils.”

Prokofieff awakens us to this gift from Rudolf Steiner, which must inform our work of embodying the esoteric – thru a communal practice -which must be actualized in concrete, practical life. Yes, friends, I woke up with this thought because the dead are working with us, Gene Gollogly & Sergei & others are conduits broadcasting to us the ‘Will of Worlds’. And we are the limbs of the gods that must make it happen. See you on the frontlines, that border between the seen & unseen.



Planetary trio consisting of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn on January 9, 2021.

10 January 2021- “Speaking with the Stars”: At twilight look for this planetary trio in the West – the famous planets Jupiter & Saturn, fresh from their Great Conjunction still close together, with Mercury, (occult Venus) just now coming into view. Jupiter will be the brightest of the three, followed by Mercury & then Saturn. Start watching them tonight and watch them move in relationship to each other!

Moon swings by the star Antares and the dazzling planet Venus in the January 2021 morning sky.

And in the morning twilight, you can watch as the waning crescent moon sweeps past bright Antares in the constellation Scorpius – & the even brighter planet, Venus (Mercury) before the sun comes up. You can’t miss them if your sky is clear.

Studio Olafur Eliasson
Olafer Ellashon

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1881- Rudolf Steiner’s experience of the ‘eternal ‘I’, in the night of the 10-11 of January in his study of Schelling (from a letter written to Joseph Kock )

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David Mendelsohn

THE CALENDAR OF THE SOUL by Rudolf Steiner, translated by Roy Sadler (with added titles)
Epiphany II & its mirror verse for the festival of St. John
The soul’s creative power
from depths of heart aspires
to fire the forces of the gods
to right activity in human life
and form itself in human love
and human deeds.
The world’s light-glancing beauty
from depths of soul compels me
to free in cosmic flight
my own life’s god-enwoven forces,
forsake myself
and trusting seek the self I am
in world-wide warmth and light.

6 thoughts on “In-Form

  1. beautiful, hazel thank you….i’m at a stage /state where i feel i can’t do anything w/o first repairing/restoring myself and am more interested in meditations and mantras and reverse thinking for developing will etc…yet there’s so much going on…we have a small study group here in richmond va. …. covid is limiting any ideas i had for the group or the waldorf school here. no activities, or workshops or visitors like they have at elderberries or d.c. new york.(where i used to live) anything you can say to give me a better attitude?
    also i read “raphael” by Sergio P. and tried to get through the Foundation Stone book by him. I know there was some controversy over his age vs. development…Can I trust his material? It’s great stuff. I read all your blogs and don’t give enough time to drawings/paintings…

    1. Greetings Michael –
      I know how it feels to be overwhelmed & lacking the fortitude to motivate change. I find creating a consistent time each day even if it’s only a minute to just stop & breath & tune into our angel, perhaps say a little prayer or verse, builds up the etheric forces needed to activate your will further. Then the spirirt wants more & more to serve the light.

      have you tuned into the 10:10 Thought-Seed, it can be a powerful way to get connected on the inner planes
      here’s the ground work
      and here’s the simple plan

      When I think light
      My soul shines
      when my soul shines
      the Earth is a Star
      When the Earth is a star
      then I am
      A true Human Being

      see you in the glow

  2. Thank you Hazel. It is nice to be able to hear your voice and read your words together. Consistent with what you wrote and said and quoted is what was said last night in the discussion between the Dalai Lama, Greta Thurnberg, and two scientists about the feedback loops that are leading to a nonsustainable future for humanity, and the urgent need to think not only of ourselves as individuals or as members of a family or nation, but to think of ourselves as a community of 7 billion human beings who have the responsibility to protect and the capacity to destroy ourselves and our planet.

  3. Hazel! You shine the brightest light, thank you 10,000X for sharing and updating us on the cosmic download! Meeting you and the Ritual last year at the Fellowship conference was one of the greatest highlights, Onwards and upwards!

    1. Hello Brother Lloyd – Bless you & little red & all the sacred land you make into a vortex of mother love with every stir…

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