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When we look out into the world today we see something that has already been there for many years: a tremendous amount of destructiveness. There are forces at work that give us an inkling of the abysses into which western civilization is still to plunge. Looking at those individuals who externally are the cultural leaders in the various fields of life, we notice how they are enmeshed in a terrible cosmic sleep. They think, and until recently most people thought, that until the nineteenth century humankind was childlike and primitive in its insights and views, and that now that modern science has entered into all the various fields, truth has at last arrived, truth that must be upheld forever. People who think like this are, without knowing it, are living in a state of tremendous arrogance. On the other hand, here and there amongst humankind today there are some inklings that things are perhaps not as the majority would like to imagine.”~ Rudolf Steiner – GA 260 – The Christmas Conference- Part Two: The Procedings of the Conference – Dornach, 1st January 1924

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The past is a foundational memory. The future calls. This moment is the birth place of time- the forever we are ever making – the wellspring that we draw from. This moment is expansive, elastic, a point & periphery breathing us. The span of now depends on our consciousness. For someone who is drowning or has some other out of body experience, a second can contain a person’s entire life tableau. What about the consciousness of spiritual beings like our guardian angel? Perhaps this moment may be the length of one earthly life, or it may be stretched out over many incarnations at once.

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The Christ impulse is the embodiment of the moment. Born in eternity – eternally born in all time, all the time. Everything about the rhythmic system where the Christ principle expands & contracts in us, is of today, not yesterday or tomorrow, but now. The Christ is the embodiment of the Cosmic Today, of the Cosmic Moment. And this eternity reaches down into the earthly now. Every moment we are asked to live wakefully in the Cosmic twinkling of today. I am not yesterday, I am not tomorrow, I am now. And to live into today, to be wide awake now, to act out of the I in the present moment, is to be aligned with the eternal, while living in the temporal, in full consciousness, aligned with love & light.


11 April 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: One very easy pattern to find at this time of year is the magnificent constellation Orion the Hunter, now descending in the west after sunset. Orion is easy to find because it contains a very noticeable pattern of three medium-bright stars in a short straight row. These stars represent Orion’s Belt. If you can find Orion, you can use it to star hop to Sirius, the sky’s brightest star, in the constellation Canis Major.

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Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

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POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I pulled down the stylus of fire & a tablet of crystal
‘Write it all down’ She said…
So I wrote; not what I saw, but what I knew…
Then She parted the bones of my chest
& buried the words in my drumming heart…
Now messages course thru my veins
Etching themselves in the lines of my palms…

Sunday: Right Judgement Exercises for the Days of the Week by Rudolf Steiner  | Rudolf steiner, Rudolf, Steiner waldorf education
Sunday: Colour of the Day and Other Energies by Rudolf Steiner | Rudolf  steiner, Color of the day, Waldorf teaching

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Anthroposophische Seelenkalender als Wanddruck |

Living into the spheres of cosmic Life and cosmic Light: Easter, Ascension, Whitsun in the Calendar of the Soul with Luigi Morelli, Hazel Archer & Geoff Norris

13 May 2021 Ascension Thursday 5- 6:30pm PT / 6-7:30 pm MT / 7 pm – 8:30 pm CT / 8-9:30 pm ET / 1 am – 2:30 am GMT / 2 am – 3:30 am CET

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Verses & Group Speech – Geoff Norris

Ascension: The ‘secret teachings’, the Elementals, & The Etheric Christ w/ Hazel Archer

Calendar of the Soul – Luigi Morelli : For those who are familiar with the Calendar of the Soul we could say that during spring and summer we follow the ascent of cosmic life, cosmic light, cosmic warmth and cosmic Word as gifts bestowed upon the human being by the cosmos. By being receptive to them we strengthen our connection to cosmos and Self.

We will briefly explore the dynamics of the year, then look at what qualities of soul we need to develop as we move into spring and summer, most particularly from Easter to Ascension and Whitsun. We will look at the verses of the calendar in conjunction with the artistic renditions of Anne Stockton and Karl König, drawn for each of the verses.

We will ask ourselves: How can we live into and grow from this time of the year? How can we deepen our inner relationship to the event of Ascension? What can we receive and what can we give?

Luigi Morelli – Cultures have been a great part of my upbringing, since I’m American born, part Italian, part Peruvian, mostly grew up in Belgium, and have lived the longest in the US. I have long had a passion for social change from a cultural perspective. Professionally this has brought me to working with the developmentally disabled in the intentional, holistic, communities of Camphill International and L’Arche International, and also in the mainstream. Being a founding member of the Wavecrest L’Arche Community in Los Angeles was a memorable experience. I have lived in intentional cohousing for the last ten years; first in Ecovillage Ithaca, now at Headwaters Cohousing in Cabot, in both places actively involved in community building and process facilitation.

Since 1999 I have found a vocation in researching/writing both about American history and/or about cultural/spiritual change, which you can find at Only of late have I started writing on meditative material I have used for years, publishing an essay on the Foundation Stone Meditation (also onsite) and one upcoming on the Calendar of the Soul. I love outdoors in many forms, gardening, hiking, skiing, love singing and playing flute, and enjoy most kinds of social events.

Geoffrey Norris was born in Durban, South Africa on 07/09/1951. After extensive performing with the Rock Musical “Hair “in Southern Africa, Portugal and Spain in the early 70’s he continued his theatrical training at the London School of Speech Formation and Dramatic Art, graduating in 1978. He is an actor, storyteller and teacher of voice, movement and drama and has given courses and workshops worldwide integrating the approaches of Rudolf Steiner, Michael Chekhov, Viola Spolin (and others, his own included).and has performed extensively throughout Britain, Eire, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Southern Africa, The United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand. He is a master teacher of Steiner Speech Drama and Movement, with over 46 years of experience in the field.

Norris’s “Noble Art of the Word” puts to shame our modern actors, who fear to bring colour to poetic, rhythmic language, making it monochromatic dull prose. May they learn from one of the best examples.
Theatre Critic – Olsztyn

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for chiming in on this conversation. Of course, the Nathan Soul has been involved in bringing forth the Christ into earth evolution. Yet, never has this being been part of either the original Mystery of Golgotha, or its re-enactment in the etheric world.
    It can be shown very concretely that Jesus is the fleeing youth reported in the Gospel of Mark. As such, he transfers the ‘Cup’ to the Christ, and runs off naked.

    This means that Christ, as the Son of God, goes through the crucifixion alone, and without the Son of Man, who has been released for his own attainment. This is how and why Jesus appeared to Mary at the empty tomb on the first day, ref. John:20.

    Hazel, you would have the Nathan Jesus be the sacrifice for both occurrences of the Mystery of Golgotha, and this would seem to accord with Emil Bock’s book. Yet, the book is in error. Why it is, I don’t know, yet it can be shown through spiritual-scientific research that the Nathan Jesus actually lived to accompany the disciple Thomas into India, and the second Mystery in the etheric world was conducted by Kaspar Hauser, who lived in his singular male incarnation from 1812 to 1833. Joan, in her singularly female incarnation had preceded this from 1412 to 1431. Thus, this would seem to be a female-male synchronicity. Obviously, as we know, it happened. The rest is ours to behold and take into consideration.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Sunday, April 11th, returns us to Right Judgment on the 8-fold path. I feel that this is the supremo virtue because it is so easily violated, with personal righteousness and all, which we see all the time. “Judge not lest ye be judged” is a cornerstone of gospel rendition.

    Here in these lectures on the Michael Impulse working in the world, Rudolf Steiner describes something that is largely missed today.

    In the two lectures from 18 & 20 May 1913, Steiner is compelled to ask a question which seems really important. He never asks it again. He asks: “What Angel will replace Michael as the Archangelic Regent of the Sun”? You see, Michael has risen from Archangel to Archai, and is now the leading Time Spirit of our age. So, Steiner prods us with this question. Who deserves to replace Michael as Sun-Spirit working on behalf of the Christ Impulse in the world.

    Then, as you well know, Rudolf Steiner reveals in the two lectures from GA 157, 17 & 19 January 1915, about the Michael-Christ connection for the first time as an historical fact. Joan of Arc becomes a centerpiece for these two lectures.

    So, I have recently come to the possible conclusion that there is a relationship between these two figures, i.e., the Angel that replaces Michael, and Joan, who we know was born bearing the Christ Impulse. We know of no prior incarnation of Joan, and that she bore the Christ Impulse in her etheric body. This fact caused her travail and suffering. This is why the Furies came to her aid when she needed to lead France in the very decisive moments during the battle with England. It is what caused her to break when she was captured and condemned by the church authorities of England. Steiner is very specific about this. Joan experienced the Christ Impulse in her etheric body, and not her astral body, which would have had an entirely different outcome.

    Now in 1812, some 400 years after the birth of Joan, there is another significant incarnation that occurs of of an angelic being who had no past, but was born in order to conduct a great mission on earth for a few years. Joan lived to express something of the original Christ Impulse, which worked in the world for three years as a direct influence, and then left. Joan was just nineteen years of age when she left after her mighty mission. The one born in 1812 lived until 21 years of age, and then died at the hands of a saboteur. He was known as “The Child of Europe”, which very much also encompassed the name of Joan, the Maid of Orleans. I hope this makes some kind of sense to you, Hazel, and your listening audience. I wasn’t planning to do this but one of your listeners prompted it.

    Maybe we can continue on if possible.

    1. Yes, it is, but we have a new consideration to make concerning Michael’s successor. Rudolf Steiner, beginning in January 1910, spoke of the imminent reappearance of Christ as an experience in the human etheric body. This was discerned to begin at the outset of the 2nd third of the twentieth century. As such, he made so many references to this upcoming event, that an entire volume was created to encompass it all, i.e, GA 118. He often characterized this experience as being similar to what occurred for the Apostle Paul on the Road to Damascus in order to put the infidel Christians of Syria into jail. But, Saul/Paul was saved from certain death by the act of Christ, who tapped him on the shoulder and asked: “Saul why do you persecute me? “Why do you kick against the goads”?

      Well, we all know that story by now, but what is also to be told concerning GA 118, as the lead-up to the Second Coming, is the much less well known fact of the necessity of re-enacting the Mystery of Golgotha in the Etheric World as the condition for experiencing the Christ. This is where the Angel is chosen to proxy for the Christ in the suffocation death over a period of time. Steiner spoke maybe only two times about this necessity of an angelic incarnation on earth in order to prepare the second sacrifice on Golgotha. GA 152.

      It was Kaspar Hauser, who lived a short life of just 21 years in order to replicate the birth of Christian Rosenkreutz, that crossed the threshold in 1833, and took on the task of the sacrificial death in the etheric world. Thus, this is the Angel that has now risen to Archangelic status as the successor to Michael, the former Sun Regent. My senses tell me that he combines with Joan in this achievement, but further considerations are warranted by all means.

      1. OK, I understand that Michael progressed one more time to being the Time Spirit for our time (and that that is an Archai status). I had not heard that meant he was no longer archangel of the Sun; but does make sense if his evolution as an archangel is forever past? However you’ve written of Gabriel as the archangel of the Sun, when I’ve always heard of him as archangel of the Moon and that that didn’t change with him being the previous time spirit. These seven archangels who succeed each other in being time spirits for a period of time and that this cycle repeats itself. I understand that this is part of their evolutionary reality; but when do they stop being archangels? and where do you find Gabriel as being the new archangel of the Sun?

        1. Larry, I understand your confusion on two levels. RS clearly points in the lectures on Michael and the Mystery of Golgotha here, 18 & 20 May 1913, that another Angel stands to replace Michael as Sun Regent. He poses the question: Who? I would love for you to read these two lectures and get back on what you perceive by it.

          I think the chart shows Gabriel by simple mistake; easily corrected, but not so easy to put in the new name. So, Michael would still rule the Sun until this can be worked out. This is Hazel’s blog, and she has the charts. Thanks Hazel for these charts on the Eightfold Path.

          The lectures I mention give a rare insight into a subject that is very important, but little understood until we give it the proper consideration. I hope for the reading.

        2. Sorry to butt in, but the way I see it, a Being that has reached a higher stage of development doesn’t necessarily discard their pervious duties, they add new ones to them. We can look at how Christ is a One of the Trinity; He is also referred to as a Sun God from when He resided on the Sun before his descent to Earth; & now Christ is the meaning of the Earth, as well as Lord of Karma…
          And we have to remember that Michael is special because not only does he act as one of the Archangels, & as a Time Spirit, but by reflecting the countenance of Christ he has a special destiny with humanity. Michael will always be associated with the Sun, just as Gabriel will always be associated with the Moon.
          And it’s interesting to remember that these Beings were once at the human stage of evolution, Just as we will someday go to the Angel stage…

          1. True enough. I was only inferring what Rudolf Steiner seems to make an intriguing question in those two lectures. Who replaces Michael is what he asks? Also, he goes over the suffocation of the Angel proxy in the second Mystery of Golgotha for the Etheric World, which was necessary before Christ could actually become an experience in the human etheric body. My interpretation is that Steiner is referring to this Angel in the sacrificial role of the Etheric Golgotha as rising to the next Archangel, and what would seem to be the appropriate position as the new Sun Regent.

            1. Yes the Nathan soul has been working with the Christ from the beginning thru the 3 pre-earthly deeds, the sacrifices that allowed us to stand, & speak & Think, & of course played a major role in the 4th deed on Golgotha to revive our physical body; & Steiner states in GA 152, 2 May 1913 this angel being went on to perform the sacrificial deed in the etheric realm to give us the ability to perceive this realm ourselves. And there will be 2 more sacrifices in the future to help us advance in our Astral & Ego.

              This angel being is also connected to the angel of the Buddha which he received into his astral body as the Luke Jesus.

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