Insight – Conscience

Beloved Friends –

While Michael wants us to develop a consciousness of the human being in relation to the supersensible,

Uriel wants us to wake up towards an inner conscience.

From Rudolf Steiner we know that Uriel’s intelligence governs all planetary and zodiac activity in the cosmos, and that in Uriel’s thinking, world thinking is embedded. His gaze is stern, making us aware of our faults and misdeeds, of our karmic debt to humanity and the earth. Uriel asks us to develop a ‘historic conscience’…


 “Uriel, ruling guardian of summer heights,

You with the all-penetrating gaze.

From your eyes stream forth

The light of the resting stars,

Of the wandering moon,

Of fire flaming powers of lightning.

You watch and judge the reapers of the harvest,

Of us, man on earth, usurpers of the light.

You, Archangel Uriel, conscience of the world,

Wisest among all angels”.

~ From Uriel, a St. John’s Hymn By Wilfried Hammacher,

Translated by Truus Geraets


 ~   ~   ~


Eurythmy with Alison Biagi

Friday June 26th

(with the possibility of more sessions if there is interest?)


11am – 12:30pm


We will work with seasonal poetry, and some forms and indications from the ‘Calendar of the Soul’ as given by Steiner.


$12.00 for individual classes, but no one who has the will to do eurythmy will be turned away for lack of funds.


For more information contact Alison  (312) 543-6136


~   ~   ~


Friday June 26th 2015, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

A Special St. John’s Open House at the Branch


Featuring: A legacy bestowed by Magda Lissau and Don Smith: 

A treasure trove of Books from their personal library.


All donations to benefit Arcturus and The Rudolf Steiner Branch


*Improvisational Music with Debbie Barford and friends


*Group Eurythmy with Alison Biagi,


*Gods Eye Crafting


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