Insights on the Eve of Rudolf Steiner’s Death

Dear friends, Today on the 29th of March 2017, the eve of the 93rd anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Death, I thought to share these insights given by some of his closest associates.

From “Rudolf Steiner, a Biography” by Christoph Lindenberg:

“March 1925 was cold & foggy. It became quite windy in the last week of the month, & then the storms began. From the South & the West, the rain whipped against the walls of the studio. On March 29th, Rudolf Steiner awoke in pain. “No work was done that morning. It was the 1st time. We spoke at length about the pain. There was no reason to be worried. The pains disappeared in the course of the day. He was extraordinarily still & patient that day & gave new suggestions for his care” (Wegman & Nachrichtenblatt 1925)Dr. Margarete Kirchner-Bockholt

Perhaps at this point it would be important to say a few words about Rudolf Steiner’s illness. It has been publicly stated that he died of stomach cancer. (Brugge) In light of the way his illness progressed, such an assumption is fully understandable. But one of Ita Wegman’s closet colleagues, Dr. Margarete Kirchner-Bockholt vehemently rejected this conjecture.

Dr. Ita Wegman

And Dr. Ita Wegman had reported that Rudolf Steiner’s etheric body was no longer able to work in the digestive organs in the appropriate manner. “The result was that these organs were subjected too strongly to the physical forces, which are forces of degeneration.” (Wegman & Nachrichtenblatt 1925)

In his recollections of Rudolf Steiner D.N.Dunlop recalled, “A few weeks before his final illness, during the summer conference in Torquay, I spoke to him about my concerns for his physical health. He drew me aside, vigorously but with infinite friendliness, & made me aware that his situation could not be explained in terms of our usual notions of disease”. (Meyer)

Albert Steffen

Albert Steffen, who visited Rudolf Steiner regularly throughout his illness, recalled this time: “I visited him March 28th at 5 pm  in the afternoon in his studio, where he lay in his sickbed. It was a tall room with skylights. Nothing of the earth looks in: no tree, no mountain, no house, only the light of the heavens. Sculptural & architectural models that he has made himself stand on the shelves along with some busts he has sculpted; at the foot of his bed, the noble statue of Christ, carved by his own hand, soars high above him. All around him are tables covered with books & manuscripts…Up to the last day of his life, his interest was for the entire world. In his studio, which he had not left for half the year, he had collected an entire library” (Goetheanum, 1925)

According to Ita Wegman’s report, Rudolf Steiner was very still sad & silent. She recalled, “It seemed to me as though he had a very difficult problem to solve. The forces of light in his eyes appeared weaker than usual”.

He wrote the last “Letter to the Members” that day! This last missive is like a preview of what was to come in the 21st Century. It is titled “From Nature to Sub-Nature.” In it, Rudolf Steiner characterizes the dangers of the technological age & the task that has arisen for humanity through the technological developments, which rob humans of a direct experience of nature & place themselves in its stead.

At 4 pm on MARCH 29th, the pain returned. Yet Rudolf Steiner asked again if the adjoining studio was ready for him to work on the model for the 2nd Goetheanum. Both doctors, Wegman & Noll, kept watch throughout the night”.

More tomorrow, 30 March – Rudolf Steiner’s DeathDay.

His last thoughts were of the work to which he had in love dedicated himself” ~Rudolf Steiner, from the last act of the 4th Mystery Drama.

Together we stand with his spirit

~Hazel Archer-Ginsberg


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  1. I owe so much to Dr Steiner , 2nd only from Christ in regards to who I owe my transformation to . For this I wish to tell my spiritual brother , I truly love you and I know I will recognize you when I get there .

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