Let us make visible what is hidden

Macin Nagraba

18 August 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars”: New Moon occurs tonight at 9:42 pm CDT.

Rosh Chodesh, as the new moon is called in Hebrew, was said to have been given to women as a reward for our role as creators of new life. This is Sabbath – a Lunar Holy day

Selene is a painting by Albert Aublet 

The New Moon always rises at sunrise -She can not be seen because the illuminated side faces away from the earth. This occurs when Bella Luna lines up between the Earth & the Sun. This takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before.

Splitting of the moon - Wikipedia

In ancient times, two witnesses had to confirm the appearance of the new moon. The exact day of this appearance was crucial because the new moon would determine when the month began and when that year’s festivals would fall.

Maki Horanai

It is the time of the new moon
When the sky is dark
When the stars shine more brightly
When the night air is colder, & the evening is still.
Dark…Endings…New Beginnings…Reflect…

Lunar Planting; Following the Dance of our Grandmother Moon — + + + +

Time is Change
Change is Time
Change is the Way of Life

The Wolf Moon – Christy Dawn
Christy Dawn

It shall come to be from one month to the next
that your hearts will rejoice
and your bones will flower like young grass.

After Isaiah 66:23, 14

How to garden successfully by planting in accordance with the moon ...

Let us bless the source of life
that ripens fruit on the vine
as we hallow the Rosh Chodesh festival,
weaving new threads
into the tapestry of tradition.
We come together at the New Moon
to honor our silent energy
to come out of the needed darkness
to program the silence of Soul
to grow like the Moon into fullness

New Moon Ritual with Mixed Media Mandala
Dana de Ponte

There is a current we share with our Selves and
with each other
and that current is a circle
And that circle has an inner spiral and an outer curve
And this is a meditation
to balance the inner voice
with the outer movement.

New Moon Shakti Circle | Lisa Kazmer
Josephine Wall

Praised are You, O Shechinah
who parts the days of the month
calls attention to our inner & outer cycles and helps us to be
a light upon the earth

Full Moon in Scorpio Goddess Divination for May – The Fates and ...
Bet Nepper

New Moon Mother
wise mistress of transformation
teach us to value our darkness
even as you move into the light
Let us give voice
to what is silent
Let us make visible
what is hidden
Let us make familiar
what has been disowned
Blessed be the darkness
for out of it
we shall make ourselves

New Year's New Moon Goddess Circle - 6 JAN 2019
Janny Felkel

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves,” said Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

His advice might be just what we need to hear right now. I ask you:  Have you struggled, mostly fruitlessly, to change a stagnant situation that has resisted your best efforts? Is there a locked door you’ve been banging on, to no avail? If so, I invite you to redirect your attention. Reclaim the energy you have been expending on closed-down people & moldering systems. Instead, work on the unfinished beauty of what lies closest at hand: YOURSELF.

What do you typically do just before you fall asleep & right after you wake up?

Those rituals are important for our mental/spiritual health. Without exaggeration, we could say they are sacred times when we’re poised in the threshold between the two great dimensions of life.

What would it be like to give special care & attention to those transitions in the coming week?

Perhaps, as much as possible, to avoid watching TV or surfing the Internet right up to the moment you turn off the light, & what about not leaping out of bed the instant an alarm clock detonates. How about not using the alarm clock?

Become primed to receive special revelations, even ringing epiphanies, while in those in-between states.

Can you manage to be both highly alert & deeply relaxed? Could you be wildly curious & yet also serenely reflective? Can you imagine yourself being extra hungry to crack life’s secrets but also at peace with your destiny exactly the way it is?

If you can honestly answer yes to those questions, you’ll get a lot of help as we head into the Michaelmas season. The universe may even seem to be conspiring to educate & heal you. You will receive a steady flow of clues about how to get closer to living your dreams.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen & thinking what nobody has thought.” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian biochemist

The best way to prepare for a Big Shift is to cultivate mental & emotional states that ripen us to be ready for anything:

* a commitment to not getting lost inside our own heads;

* a strategy to avoid being enthralled with the hypnotic lure of painful emotions, past events, & worries about the future;

* a trust in “the ever present help of the spiritual world” over our time-worn beliefs & old habits;

* a talent for turning up our curiosity full blast & tuning in to the raw truth of every moment with our beginner’s mind fully engaged;

* and an eagerness to dwell gracefully in the midst of all the interesting questions that tease & teach us.

Together, in our own individual way, we can become prime for an enduring, simmering & steady brand of mindfulness — a state of being more-or-less perpetually in the Tao, in the groove, in the zone.

See you there


Blessings & Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg 


The Classroom Alive sojourners are returning TOMORROW
Tuesday 18 August 2020 from their learning journey.
All are invited to their Homecoming Potluck Gathering 6 pm –

sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner Branch at 4248 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago

Please bring a dish & beverages to share.

Please consider donating
to help pay for food & supplies for this & future Classroom Alive Journeys https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/UrbanFirstAid

With love and light,
Ultra, Stefan, Robbie, Frank, Dottie, and the rest of the Classroom Alive sole-power team

August 20-23, 2020 Questions of Courage Youth Conference at Elderberries

Questions of Courage 2020 in Chicago – August 20-23 Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3Fold Cultural Hub 4251 N. Lincolon Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

August 20: COMMUNITY POTLUCK GATHERING to Welcome the Youth. Please bring a dish & beverages to share – Time TBA

Check-in, share conversation, build the ground for the journey together.

August 21-22: Travel to Wisconsin Move together towards the land, link up with Farmer John and Haidy Angelic Organics Biodynamic Farm, and also with Dana and Phil Burns at Healing Traditions and Alizur farm. Connect with the land, plants, animals, and one another, through creative explorations and “roughin’ it” type amendments. Sleep under the stars or indoors.

August 23: Return to Chicago WELCOME HOME POTLUCK COMMUNITY GATHERING – Please support the youth with dinner, beverages & desert!

Enter back into the metropolitan context, into the social questions of urban life, and close the gathering together at Elderberries, setting the ground for future work out of questions of courage that are present.

Other locations and collaborators are currently in dialogue, and will be updated here.

The gathering is essentially about stepping into the living natural element, step by step, making an integral connection, with one another, ourselves, and the elements that support us here on the Earth…”

registration: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdY7KXHkjUPV2h9UD…/viewform

Thank you Elderberries for giving us an anchor to build our heartland gathering around!

Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost + Threefold Cultural Hub, 4251 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator


August 27-30 How We Will 2020: 3-Folding our Cultural Revolution is continuing its journey of transforming our ideals into action. The theme this year is Forming Curative Communities: actively uniting with one another in the emerging economic, political/rights and social/cultural/spiritual forms seeking to reshape the ills plaguing humanity into a healthy social organism for our time. Please join us if you’d like to hear from, and collaborate with those on the front lines inspired out of the fruits of Rudolf Steiner’s work: can your own hopes for the world find a way to connect with others striving to do the good as our friend Bernard Lievegoed was wont to say? Our own hero Ella Baker shares: ‘we must not stop until we can get people to recognize that they themselves have to make the struggle for freedom and human dignity everyday, in the year, every year, until they win it.’

Invitation and Registration are now open:How We Will 2020

Michaela Gloeckler of the Medical Section in Dornach and cofounder of Allianz ELIANT brings the Archetypal Picture of Ita Wegman and the Young Doctors and their courageous movement for a Michaelic renewal of civilization as a World War II raged all around them. 

Bart Eddy of Brightmoor Makers and Sunbridge will speak to what it takes to initiate our ideals into action that are inspired by the our higher natures and our wish to serve others in our time. His ‘brought down to earth visioning’, is serving the youth in one of the poorest parts in Detroit where entrepreneurs for the good are in training, not only learning to support their own livelihoods but also empowering change in their communities where devastating health and environmental issues abound: his inspired ideas for our time keep unfolding new forms for these youth! 

Kait Ziegler of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, and Repairers of the Breach, working with Reverends William Barber and Liz Theoharis, and a small beyond dedicated team, will share on this ‘turning inside out’ and what it takes to organize for social change along side of four pillars: Racism, Poverty, Ecological Devastation and the War/Prison Economy which requires a new narrative above all and a capacity to work with those who have very divergent views in the activist community. John Bloom of Rudolf Steiner Finance and General Secretary of the Anthropsophical Society will offer a conversation Toward Justice and Freedom and Capital, Money, Spirit and Matter.

Nicanor Perlas, a long time advocate for social change in the Philippines and youth mentor, will shape a conversation around ‘The Future will be what we Fight For’. His country continues to be on lockdown where they are not allowed to go outside their houses even for food and whose president recently said that he ‘would work with the military to distribute the vaccine’.

Laura Summer of Free Columbia, an art and education initiative in Philmont New York, will present on New Forms Around Art – Art Dispersal and Local Grants to increase diversity in diverse communities. Art Accessible to 100% of the People! 

Naim EdwardsSeneca GonzalezMelody BrinkKristin BuckbeeAkil BellMonika PudelkoJoan JaeckelPatrice MaynardHazel Archer-Ginsberg

Dottie Zold and Frank Agrama of the Elderberries community and newly formed Circles for a Renewal of Culture non profit, will invite an open conversation as to how it is that the Steiner students here in our country and around the world can be good advocates for emergent healing forms, where the essence of what is human is at the center of our concerns. This threefold social form has yet to be realized and yet we see all around us new forms coming into being. What do the Steiner students have to contribute to the conversation of human rights in these three realms and do we have the will to unite together for the common good of humanity? Can we organize for the future needs out of the fruits of Rudolf Steiner’s work in the world? Do we have the will for this? If so can we make a beginning at organizing and shaping our actions now?


Invitation and Registration are now open:How We Will 2020


Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel

This years theme for Michaelmas with be an exploration of Joan d’Arc…

Stay tuned for destails!

3 thoughts on “Let us make visible what is hidden

  1. I think the original Paschal Moon was a New Moon, as indicated. How else could the captive Hebrews have crossed the Red Sea? As well, all three of the synoptic gospels are in accord here that the sun was obscured from the sixth to the ninth hour (noon to 3 pm):
    Matthew: ch. 27, v. 45-52
    Mark: ch. 15, v. 33-38
    Luke: ch 23, v. 44-45

    The effect of a three-hour solar eclipse, caused entirely by the Power of Christ, was to rend the Jerusalem Temple in two, which had been predicted as early as chapter two of the Gospel of John. Thus, a massive earthquake took place. There is a relation between solar eclipses and earthquakes, and yet, total eclipses of the sun have never lasted more than five minutes at most. But, this one was different. Why? Because Christ is the Being of Time and Space, i.e., Zeruane Akarene. That means that he has the Power to suspend Time for as long as He chooses, and this moment in Time had an important consequence for not only rending the temple in two, but also serving to open the ground in order to bring the Body of Christ, imbued with Its very own sun-forces, into the interior of the earth.

    Steiner was pretty clear about this fact in his “Fifth Gospel” lectures, and how the Body had to go into the interior of the earth in order to begin to make the necessary difference for renewal of the earth and mankind. Remember, a light aura first began to shine out of the darkness when the Mystery of Golgotha occurred. Earthshine is a proof of this on a continuing basis.

    So, I think the pressure began at this point in time for the Jews to begin to resolve their Feast of the Unleavened Bread into one that would eventually embrace the Full Moon, which is the symbol of Jehova. Steiner makes the case for this in the lecture from March 13, 1911:


    Thus, to be literal is indeed an acknowledgement that spiritual science is exact. There need be no room for being figurative here, although we can spin mythical and legendary yarns as far and wide as we like, and they will always give the kind of remembered echo of what now stands as the stuff of spirit recollection in depths of soul.

    The 8th sphere will always superimpose itself on a new moon, and making the truly luminescent Jehovian Moon appear obscured. Yet, Christ chose to make His Passover to occur at the conjunction of Sun and Moon. He knew that Jahve had gone with the Moon, as the 7th great Elohim of the Sun, and had accomplished the great deed of the separation of the earth-moon prototype in the last third of the Lemurian Epoch.

    As well, Christ knows that He is the result of Jahve going with the Moon. He knows that He is the Pleroma, or fullness. He is the amalgamation of the six remaining Elohim, or Solar Angels, which could have only happened if the seventh went somewhere else. So, Christ knew that His time would come in order to save humanity from its fate, which appeared to be a dismal death into the interior of the earth as a final darkness.

  2. Hi Hazel,

    You have given a wonderful opportunity to say something here that could prove to be revelatory. You perceive a stagnant condition that needs to be overcome with fresh forces, and yet, we the people need to provide it. In my experience over many years, so much gets said that is merely ignored by the masses, when we need to be looking in every crevice and corner for a new paradigm-shifting event. We have it today, and your own emphasis on this month’s New Moon, c. 18 August 2020, gives it in spades!

    You give two very important points of reference, and here they are:

    “Rosh Chodesh, as the new moon is called in Hebrew, was said to have been given to women as a reward for our role as creators of new life. This is Sabbath – a Lunar Holy day.”

    “The New Moon always rises at sunrise -She can not be seen because the illuminated side faces away from the earth. This occurs when Bella Luna lines up between the Earth & the Sun. This takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before.”

    Now, let us take Rosh Chodesh, the new moon. Indeed, it can be shown that the Jewish Sabbath was once held at the point of the new moon. This can be proven by two events known to Jewish/Christian history. The first is the Exodus of the Jews from 400 years of slavery at the hands of the Egyptians, and conducted by Moses by crossing the Red Sea, which had parted in the middle, according to ancient Hebrew lore. In reality, this crossing occurred at the event of the new moon, and wherein the tide of the waters was held back by the natural laws of repulsion. This gave the Hebrews the avenue of their escape.

    The second event that further proves the first is the one in which the Christ is crucified on Good Friday, 3 April 33 AD. A total solar eclipse occurred this day, and the synoptic gospels all record that it took place between the 6th and the 9th hours, i.e., noon to 3 pm. And we know that a total solar eclipse can only occur at a new moon. Steiner wrestled with this evidence in his Fifth Gospel lectures, and confirmed the fact.

    So, even at the time of Christ, the Jewish sabbath was still being observed in relation to a new moon. Only later, and in accordance with the progressive acceptance of Christianity in the world, did the new moon observance shift to the Full Moon, as the present Jewish Passover now observes. I think/feel that it is part of their slow progress to accepting the fact of Christ as Messiah, and one day this fact will become universal. Amen.

    Now, here is the other element to consider, and this gets really thorny in a kind of touchy-feely kind of way. The standard description from present-day astronomy about why a new moon is not visible as it realizes conjunction with the sun is pretty persuasive, and rather straightforward. Let’s look at the words again:

    “The New Moon always rises at sunrise -She can not be seen because the illuminated side faces away from the earth. This occurs when Bella Luna lines up between the Earth & the Sun. This takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before.”

    Now, this is the official explanation, and yet, what if something else is actually going on here? What if the Moon is actually fixed and luminescent, and bears its own reflective light source because of the sacrifice of the Jahve principle? Rudolf Steiner labored mightily to explain this some 105 years ago when he discussed the Eighth Sphere, ref. GA 254, lecture 5. He even invited further discussion, as this was a kind of introduction to the subject matter. Apparently, there were no takers, as it was only brought up again some five years later in Steiner’s course: “Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe”; and very veiled by that time.

    So, here is the picture. What if the Moon, which is actually out there, along with the Sun, is a completely reflective apparatus, just like the Sun? Its light form is luminescent, whilst the Sun is incandescent. Each holds its own light formation, while also bearing the principle of attraction and repulsion, and with Earth in the middle as bearing the quality of pressure, which gravity describes.

    What if it can be shown that the Eighth Sphere is actually centered in the Moon and circles it on a continuous basis? At New Moon, it stands in front of the Moon, and obscures its light, and at Full Moon, it stands behind the Moon, and allows the Moon’s own inherent brilliance to appear. This is stuff for consideration, Hazel.

    I have been on this project for over 20 years now, and it has few to no listeners. So, your words above resonate a great deal. What did you say to inspire this? You said:

    ” Have you struggled, mostly fruitlessly, to change a stagnant situation that has resisted your best efforts? Is there a locked door you’ve been banging on, to no avail? If so, I invite you to redirect your attention. Reclaim the energy you have been expending on closed-down people & moldering systems. Instead, work on the unfinished beauty of what lies closest at hand: YOURSELF.”

    Accolades to you, and Victor Frankl for this opportunity to say something on what it means to strive everyday. You are a blessing, Hazel, because you won’t find this anywhere else. I know, because I try all the time. You could be the last avenue, and I thank you for that. What a day for Leo.

    1. Dear friend – concerning the deed on Golgotha, perhaps you are being too literal in your thinking. Of course we know that an eclipse of the Sun only happens on New Moon, but you have to remember that it was the Paschal Moon, so it was actually a Full Mn. It may be that we are to think in terms of what you are saying about the 8th sphere making a supernatural event happen at this turning point?

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