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Ahriman (known as Angra Mainyu) often called ‘The liar’, or ‘king of deception’, is the spirit of evil & darkness, from Zoroastrianism, a religion in Persia around 600 BCE. Ahriman is Lord of a legion of demons, the force behind materialism & greed, darkness, chaos, & the source of all human confusion, disappointment, destruction, & strife. In Zoroastrianism, Ahriman is contrasted with Ahura Mazda, (also called Ormuzd) the supreme creator of order, goodness & light.

Ahriman - Waldorf Watch

Ahriman has the greatest interest in concealing from humankind what must be seen – that in modern intellectual, rationalistic science, in superstitious empiricism, one is dealing with a great illusion, a deception. If human beings should not recognize this, that is the greatest possible goal for Ahriman. It would be a triumphant experience for him if the scientific superstition which infiltrates all areas of life today, and which human beings even try to use as a template for the social sciences, should prevail into the third millennium (In contemporary history, the third millennium of the Anno Domini or Common Era in the Gregorian calendar is the current millennium spanning the years 2001 to 3000, ie. the 21st to 30th centuries) He would have the greatest success if he could then arrive in western civilization in human form and find the scientific superstition as prevailing dogma.

Lucifer Sculpture by Rudolf Steiner | Rudolf steiner, Steiner, Rudolf

Lucifer, the opposite polarity of evil, is the power that stirs up all fanatical, all falsely mystical forces in human beings, all that physiologically tends to bring the blood into disorder, and so lifts the human being outside themselves through the forces of fear, envy, & anger.

The Bondage of Spirits | Gornahoor

Ahriman is the power that makes people dry, letter-of-the-law, prosaic, philistine—that ossifies them and brings in the superstition of materialism, seen in false calculations, charts and misleading numerical figures ….” ~Rudolf Steiner, The Incarnation of Ahriman: The Embodiment of Evil on Earth.

PISTIS SOPHIA - Awareness of Nothing

Dear friends, Let us awaken to this, & let us seek, in equanimity, to hold these 2 adversarial forces in check, with the courage & Heart-Thinking of Michael, in the Light-filled Wisdom of The Sophia, & thru the healing power of Love – standing in peace, with balance – living into, ‘not me, but Christ in me’..?

eaglefineart on Twitter: "BARON ARILD ROSENKRANTZ. Christ Between ...

Whatever has to happen will happen. Whatever it is that is wrestling its way out, must needs go through all these experiences in order to reach a stage at which spirituality can be united with the soul, so that humanity can grow up spiritually.

Today’s tragic destiny of humankind is that in striving upwards today, human beings are endeavouring to do so not under the sign of spirituality but under the sign of materialism. This is what brought them under the sway of those elite brotherhoods who want to develop the impulses of the mercantile element, commerce and industry, in a materialistic way on a grand scale. This is today’s main conflict. All other things are side issues, often terrible side issues. This shows us how terrible the illusion of maya can be.” ~ Rudolf Steiner, the final lecture of ‘the Karma of Untruthfulness’, volume 2.

The aims of these elite groups are anything but what they say they are in their newspapers. They want to make profits, or achieve certain destructive things through doing business, and for this they possess the means by which they can disseminate views whose truthfulness is irrelevant, but which serve the purpose of entering into certain kinds of business. In the case of much of the printed matter distributed around the world today, the right question to ask is not: What does this person mean? But: In whose service does this person stand? Who is paying for this or that opinion? This is often the crucial question these days.

The secret brotherhoods about whom we have been speaking are not concerned with debating these things, but rather promoting them as an important occult means of which they can make use of, to discredit any questioner. An important aim is achieved by them when what is said no longer matters, as long as it exercises influence over people in the interests of these certain groups.” ~ Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 23, of the, Karma of Untruthfulness, volume 2.

Portrait of Rudolf Steiner – Amanda Sage Collection
Amanda Sage

Dear Friends, please take to heart these words of Benedictus, from scene 7 of the Mystery Drama: ‘The Portal of Initiation‘:

You have been joined by destiny
together to unfold the powers
which are to serve the good in active work.
And while you journey on the path of soul,
wisdom itself will teach you
that the highest goal can be achieved
when souls will give each other spirit certainty,
will join together in faithfulness
for the healing of the world.
The spirit’s guidance has united you in knowledge;
so now unite yourselves for spirit work.
The rulers of this realm bestow on you,
through me, these words of strength:

Light’s weaving essence radiates
from person to person
to fill the world with truth.
Love’s blessing gives its warmth
to souls through souls
to work and weave the bliss of all the worlds.
And messengers of spirit
join human works of blessing
with purposes of worlds.
And when those who find themselves in others
join with each other
the light of spirit radiates through warmth of soul’
~Rudolf Steiner

May our collective ‘Initiation’, our arduous task, toward building the spirit of light, & warmth, continue with grace
Xox ~hag


POD for Betty Mae, my Mother, who would have been 80 today:

my heart. my mother.
my heart. my Mother.
my heart is
the living heart of earth.
my heart is my becoming.
my heart dreams
in the house of hearts.
my heart is a jug of cool water…
the unblinking eye of night –
red & blue flames shooting
from the corners of my mouth…
beneath the lilies,
amid the stars
all flesh & teeth & hunger
i am rising up
like the stirring of bees…
beat beat beat
i rise up & dance upon the altar of Love


19 July 2020 – “Speaking with the Stars“: The Summer Triangle is not a constellation but a large asterism consisting of three bright stars in three separate constellations. These stars are Vega, Deneb & Altair. If you can find the Summer Triangle, you can use it to locate three of the sky’s smallest constellations: Vulpecula the Fox, Delphinus the Dolphin & Sagitta the Arrow

Newly discovered Comet Neowise visible in evening sky: 'A long ...

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Nikola Tesla died on this Day | The Srpska Times

Nikola Tesla Day

Hadrian: rescuer of the Roman Empire - HistoryExtra

138 – Deathday of Emperor Hadrian, Roman emperor from 117 to 138. Hadrian is known for building Hadrian’s Wall, which marked the northern limit of Britannia. He also rebuilt the Pantheon & constructed the Temple of Venus & Roma. An admirer of the Greeks, he is considered by some to have been a humanist, & he is regarded as one of the Five Good Emperors.

Felicitas of Rome - Wikipedia

165 – Deathday of Felicitas of Rome is a saint numbered among the Christian martyrs. A legend presents her as the mother of the seven martyrs: Alexander, Vitalis, Martialis, Januarius, Felix, Philip, Sylvanus. In Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul we see listed for today the Fairy Tale The Seven Ravens (Sieben Bruder) by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

508 The Great Fire Of London 1666 Photos and Premium High Res ...

1212 –London burns to the ground

TOP 25 QUOTES BY JOHN CALVIN (of 410) | A-Z Quotes

1509 – Birthday of John Calvin, an influential French theologian & pastor during the Protestant Reformation

1778 – American Revolution: Louis XVI of France declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain

1832 – U.S. President Andrew Jackson vetoes a bill that would re-charter the Second Bank of the United States

11 Quotes By Nikola Tesla That Will Fire Up The Genius In You

1856 – Birthday of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, & futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system

Marcel Proust (Author of Swann's Way)

1871 – Birthday of Marcel Proust, French novelist, critic, & essayist

1921 –‘Bloody Sunday’: 160 people are killed & 161 houses destroyed during rioting & gun battles in Belfast, Northern Ireland

1925 – Scopes Trial: the so-called “Monkey Trial” – a young high school science teacher accused of teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act.

Photos: On this day in 1938, Howard Hughes sets record for around ...

1938 – Howard Hughes sets a new record by completing a 91-hour airplane flight around the world

1962 – Telstar, the world’s first communications satellite, is launched into orbit.

When Martin Luther King Jr. Changed Chicago – Chicago Review of Books

1966 – The Chicago Freedom Movement, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., holds a rally at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. As many as 60,000 people come to hear Dr. King as well as Mahalia Jackson, Stevie Wonder, & Peter, Paul and Mary.

1985 – An Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-154 stalls & crashes near Uchkuduk, Uzbekistan (then part of the Soviet Union), killing all 200 people on board in the USSR’s worst-ever airline disaster

1991 – Boris Yeltsin takes office as the first elected President of Russia.

2005 – Hurricane Dennis slams into the Florida Panhandle, causing billions of dollars in damage


August 8-18 ‘Classroom Alive’ Youth Open-Source Learning in Chicago

We’re starting up with Culture in our community – join young people here in Chicago for a 10 day walking journey – Classroom Alive Chicago!

Exploration & experiencial learning all over Chicagoland, starting at at Elderberries 3-Fold Bio-dynamic Outpost & Cultrual Hub 4251 N. Lincolon Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

for more info. contact Ultra-Violet Archer, or Frank Agrama

Details TBA


Thank you for forwarding this flier for any interested young people –

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator

August 20-23, 2020 Questions of Courage Youth Conference at Elderberries

Questions of Courage 2020 in Chicago – August 20-23 Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3Fold Cultural Hub 4251 N. Lincolon Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

August 20: Check-in, share conversation, build the ground for the journey together.

August 21-22: Travel to Wisconsin Move together towards the land, link up with Farmer John and Haidy Angelic Organics Biodynamic Farm, and also with Dana and Phil Burns at Healing Traditions and Alizur farm. Connect with the land, plants, animals, and one another, through creative explorations and “roughin’ it” type amendments. Sleep under the stars or indoors.

August 23: Return to Chicago Enter back into the metropolitan context, into the social questions of urban life, and close the gathering together at Elderberries, setting the ground for future work out of questions of courage that are present.

Other locations and collaborators are currently in dialogue, and will be updated here.

The gathering is essentially about stepping into the living natural element, step by step, making an integral connection, with one another, ourselves, and the elements that support us here on the Earth…”

registration: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdY7KXHkjUPV2h9UD…/viewform

Thank you Elderberries for giving us an anchor to build our heartland gathering around!

Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost + Threefold Cultural Hub, 4251 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator

August 27-30, Dr. Michaela Glockler and Nicanor Perlas, + more -HOW WE WILL 2020

SAVE THE DATE – August 27 – 30 2020 Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3Fold Cultural Hub in person in Chicago and also Online

Friends, Dr. Michaela Glockler and Nicanor Perlas, storyteller Melody Brink, biographer Linda Bergh and Seneca Gonzalez! are added to our collaborators for this How We Will – Forming Curative Communities.

We have a few more responses that we are waiting for before we send out our invitations and our website. Turning Point in Time!

At Elderberries 3-fold Bio-Dynamic Outpost 4251 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL. 60618

for more info. contact Frank Agrama or Dottie Zold

Details TBA

Co-sponsored in part by The Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Festival & Program Coordinator

Michael: His Mission & Ours! Michaelmas Festival Sept. 27-29, 2020

Save the Date for Our Michaelmas Festival & Yourth Gathering Sunday 27 September 2 pm – 4 pm, Monday 28 Sept. & Tuesday 29 Sept.  

Sponsered by: The Rudolf Steiner Branch, Elderrberries Biodynamic Outpost & 3-Fold Cultural Hub, & Angelic Organics  Biodymanic Farm

In person & online presentations

Details TBA

contact Dottie Zold or Festivals coordinator Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

3 thoughts on “Look, See, Think, Do

  1. Hi Hazel,

    This is a comment from your recent post on turning 60. Since comments are closed on it in its original thread, I felt it imperative to write it here. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is important. You wrote:

    “(This magical time was in counterpoise to the turmoil that was happening at home because of the ongoing incest with my father – another story, which of course relates, since this may have contributed to my ability to leave my body so easily.)”

    Now, Hazel, I have told you how it takes three days before a kind of rounding off of original concepts are received into the etheric body for a kind of understanding to occur. So, please allow this because I know how much courage it takes to say what you just said. Did you ever see the movie, “A Thousand Acres”?

    Please never forget that the truth is the ultimate objective, and it will always come down to self-revelation. Here is where the Gospel of John speaks of it in relation to the woman condemned for adultery:

    31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John, chapter 8.

    So, I know that you have reached the point in life where you want to make everything clear as the daughter of Betty Mae, who is beautiful. You want to convey the truth which will make you free. And it does. Every human being on earth has a story to tell which will make them free. It only takes courage to tell it, and only spiritual science makes that possible.

    My own story concerns a father who abused all three of his daughters because he suffered from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder from WWII. He was thrust into the Battle of Okinawa, which began on Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945. As a result, he would return to civilian life deeply damaged.

    In the story depicted in the movie, “A Thousand Acres”, the eldest daughter played by Jessica Lange tells of how she would leave her body when her father was abusing her. You have confirmed this as a fact. My father also had two younger daughters.

    Then, his first-born son was born, and I think I gave you a kind of feeling for that. In short, we all have a story to tell. Thanks for allowing it on this blog where the truth is the element that sets us free.

    1. Bless you Brother, Yes our stories are a journey into understanding karma & living into the truth of many layers.

  2. Hazel, you wrote:

    “Ahriman (known as Angra Mainyu) often called ‘The liar’, or ‘king of deception’, is the spirit of evil & darkness, from Zoroastrianism, a religion in Persia around 600 BCE.”

    Ahriman is also indicated as “ruler of the world” in the Gospel of John, ch. 12, v. 31, and this causes a kind of confusion to the multitudes:

    “Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out. 32 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.” 33 But He was saying this to indicate the kind of death by which He was to die. 34 The crowd then answered Him, “We have heard out of the Law that the Christ is to remain forever; and how can You say, ‘The Son of Man must be lifted up’? Who is this Son of Man?” 35 So Jesus said to them, “For a little while longer the Light is among you. Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes. 36 While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of Light.”

    The secret to Zoroaster’s incarnation around 600 BC can be found in the Book of Daniel, wherein certain sons of Israel were sent to this mystery teacher of Chaldea during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar.


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