Now & Then

May 24, 2016

1543 – Death-day of Nicholas Copernicus

1612 – Death-day of Sir Robert Cecil, Secretary of State for King James.

1844- 1st telegraph message by Samuel Morse “What hath God wrought?”

1954 – Birthday of Barbo Karlen thought to have been Anne Frank (see Perseus Verlag)

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angel flying!David Howard Johnson

From a dream:

~My angel motioned toward a door

That opened from air into air.

With her eyes she asked

“Does your heart know the name of this gate?”

“Being” I said

“And the lands on either side?”

“Now & then”

“You may pass, she smiled,

See now the New Isis”

I stepped thru & nothing changed,

Yet I had entered heaven.

And in the distance a jackal howled at the stars.


4 thoughts on “Now & Then

  1. i have to say doing the play really opened my dream life…
    call me any time Diane & we can start a dialogue around Michaelmas

  2. ” I stepped through and nothing changed, Yet I have entered heaven” So nice to dream and go to “then” and wake up in “now”

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