Perseus Radiating

The Perseid meteor showers are back, heralding the season of Michael. The shooting stars awaken us. This dose of cosmic iron is the perfect medicine for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. We must take it in consciously to strengthen our Michaelic impulse for the spiritual battle ahead.


According to Johnathan Hilton of the Astrosophy Center, ‘Perseus is a cosmic starry imagination of Michael.  He stands with sword of iron raised in one hand and in the other the decapitated head of Medusa with her serpent hair and eyes that turn all who gaze upon her to stone.  He has rescued Andromeda, the chained princess, from the approaching sea monster Cetus. From the forehead of Andromeda springs the constellation Pegasus, the winged intelligence.


This entire narrative contains deep imaginations of the work of Michael in the human being, rescuing the threatened human soul from the destructive forces rising from the unconscious, and the past, in the sea monster, and the deadening forces of  Ahriman’s cold intellect in the gaze of Medusa.

A study of The Michael Mystery by Rudolf Steiner can be a helping guide during this season.  In it he states: “Hearts begin to have thoughts, that is the new way of thinking with the heart.”  It is Michael’s intention that in the future, intelligence will flow through human hearts and be connected to the same divine spiritual forces that created the human in the beginning of time. With this new force of the thinking heart, let us contemplate the fact that the Solar eclipse will occur in the cosmic region of the heart at the star Regulus in the Lion. The Michael forces of the thinking heart are the means to confront the cold intellect of Ahriman and the darkening of the Sun before the heart star Regulus on August 21st 2017.’

If we look for, or even use our imaginative cognition to picture inwardly this cosmic offering, we can carry the thought of Michael/Perseus in our heart-thinking, to consciously align with our Time-Spirit. Let us make the intention to be awake to the power of the Christ-Sun in the Earth, & the enlivening impulse of Anthroposophia within, which through our thinking hearts becomes enlightened by Wisdom, helping us overcome the darkness with love.

Hazel Archer Ginsberg


The Central Regional Council is hosting a Bridging to the ‘Great American Eclipse’ in St. Louis – August 19-22, 2017 

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