Taking our Etheric Double to task

Our Central Regional Council Retreat ‘Speaking from Soul To Soul with the Solar Eclipse’ is SOLD OUT. But folks continue to ask how I came to write a pageant for this event, & how they can participate in a conscious way.

We are here to witness & to work. With conscious intention this ‘Great American eclipse’ becomes an initiation, opening us to the New Mysteries of the Will.

In the 3-Fold Social Organism, the Cultural Realm needs us to put Spiritual Science into an artistic expression. This pillar is also about education & spiritual freedom.

Rudolf Steiner gives us many insights into the ancient rites of initiation, not so we can repeat them, but so we can renew them –  taking the essence & bringing it into service, in freedom – A Reverse Ritual that works with the Christ Impulse. We cannot discard the past, we must learn from it. As a matter of fact this eclipse is part of a larger cycle that has been moving thru our human evolution for centuries. It is part of Saros series 145, which started on January 4, 1639, repeating every 18 years, 11 days. It will bring 77 eclipse events; this will be its 22nd pass over the sun. The series ends on April 17, 3009. (The longest eclipse will occur on June 25, 2522, with a maximum duration of totality for 7 minutes, 12 seconds!) Astrosopher Elizabeth Vreed called eclipses ‘Beings’ that come into & go out of incarnation.

And so we have an opportunity to look into the past, present & future of our own lives, as well as into the shifts in world-thought, every 18 years, to glimpse patterns, & look toward our future evolution.

‘As Above so Below’. For centuries the common folk have been staging pageants to explore these patterns.  The ancient mysteries enacted initiation rites that called in the gods. The occult brotherhoods use ceremonial magic in elaborate rites to out-picture these spiritual forces. Rudolf Steiner himself wrote 4 Mystery Dramas over 100 years ago. And as we know, there is a deep spiritual significance connected to Christian Rosenkreutz, where after 100 years his tomb may be opened – signaling a sea-change in human consciousness.

These Mystery Dramas put anthroposophy into an artistic expression that brought the laws of karma & reincarnation to light; & showed how spiritual beings both progressive & adversarial work in & thru us. They revealed the ‘karmic knots’ we all share; & the fact that we can help or hinder each other;  that we can’t truly evolve as individuals unless we extend a hand to our fellow seekers on the path.

Those we gather with at the time of the eclipse are part of our karmic group.  Will we take this opportunity to heal & support one another as we move ‘From Light into Darkness into New Light’ ?

For a solar eclipse to touch only America, especially at this time in history, is something we need to be awake to, giving us an opportunity to apply research from Spiritual Science to investigate this powerful sign from the heavens. As synchronicity would have it, while contemplating & preparing for the CRC retreat, a light-bulb went off for me to write this pageant, in a meeting with friends from the Center for American Studies in Concord.

Larry Young

Rudolf Steiner reveals that there will be an incarnation of Ahriman in the west (America?) in our time. Could this solar eclipse be a harbinger? Also, could the adversarial forces be using this opportunity to harness all our social unrest to bring about a 3rd crucifixion? The 1st Mystery of Golgotha was in the physical realm, the 2nd occurred on the etheric plane. Is this cosmic & earthly event poised to bring about a disruption in the astral realm, to prevent us from reaching our highest human potential?

The only way to stand up to these adversarial forces is to name them.

Interesting to note that 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of not only Steiner’s indications for the 3-Fold Social Order, but he also gave lectures for the 1st time on the Ahrimanic-Mephistophelian double, which lives in all of us. We must awaken & take responsibility for this shadow within, so that we don’t become pawns for these dark forces. It is also important to combat them thru group work, (‘When 2 or more are gathered”) which brings the Christ-light into full consciousness.

The pageant reminds us that we are not alone. We can support each other, from incarnation to incarnation. We have help if we “live with pure trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world” to meet & mediate these ‘undigested instincts’ in our American unconscious, that are want to wreak havoc during the solar eclipse. We must endeavor to hold the shield & sword of Michael; working also with the Archangel of Summer Uriel, whose earnest gaze points up the imperfections of humankind, so that we may strive to meet the Christ-Will in our higher “I”. We can also strive to redeem & bring healing to the Folk Spirit of True America: Columbia, whose name invokes the Dove of Peace & the Wisdom of Sophia.


This is a clarion call dear friends – May human beings hear it.

Hazel Archer Ginsberg

P.S. I will be off-line until after the solar eclipse

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