Share the Air

Susan Seddon Boule

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I am blind until the moment I see thru another soul’s eyes
Listening with my hands
Lips pressed in prayer
My head rests in love
Limbs moving in sync with the will
Of spirit ensouled
The Logos in lemniscate
Strengthening the ether
In visible speech we stand
Together at the center of forever

Sealie De Morgan

Listen into & Breathe on the ‘I Think Speech‘ Podcast

Da Omkala

Greetings Dear Friends – Finding the connections between ourselves & the world situation, let us breathe into our lungs knowing that with each breath we take in spiritual life forces that stimulate the warmth & life in our blood, enabling us to be, to think, to feel.

Then when we breathe out – into the world – we can intentionally fill the atmosphere with spiritual concepts – the essence of our being, of our thoughts & feeling life.

Darby Grant

Are we sharing into the ethers enlivened life forces of light, love & warmth? – Or are we breathing out fearful death forces, cold hard unconscious darkness…?

It is in this etheric realm of the life-body which we all share, that The Christ forces can be received, either vivified by our conscious breathing of light; or crucified, again & again, thru our materialistic thoughts, cold feelings, & heartless actions or unconscious reactions. This has repercussions on our human etheric bodies, which can either bring health, or eventually cause a death in our physical body; & with it kill the possibility of receiving a consciousness of Christ. Can we see that what is happening in the world is meant to lead us to a resurrection of this living Christ consciousness?

Banavitx Tankel

I am ever searching for the spiritual significance behind world events. I have been thinking about how the corona control crisis has made us catch our breath – has literally stopped our breathing & is endangering our collective heart – seeking to modify our very humanness by altering the RNA in our blood.

Ben ‘The old beekeeper’

& I am coming to see that the impulse of Love, is a conscious breathing out -which brings us into unification with the etheric world. Breathing out with intention gives us a sense of freedom. Can we make it a selfless offering – connected to the future? Can it help us live into our Destiny? Will we come to the Wedding that unifies us with higher beings in the spiritual worlds – a re-union in life – like what we experience in sleep, & in death.

Leanora Munstone

Breathing in brings us to our Self.  Taking an in-breath connects us to ‘necessity’, which is a past impulse, that awakens us to a consciousness of our Karma. With our 1st breath, we enter life. In rhythmical breathing we are aligned with the cosmos, which connects us with the moral memory of our time before birth, & a feeling for what we need to do to be better human beings. We also have a chance to do this every morning when we wake up.

Brenda Falzell

When we think about breathing, it brings us from the point to the periphery, from the self to the universe – an active expansion into the all & a contraction back to the point of union . We can’t try & mask the fact that human beings must share the air. We breathe each other in, & are called to meet in the sphere of formative forces where we can discover the Christ living in the space between breaths, in the All-Space between heart beats. Here we are asked to transform our ‘necessity’- based on an unfree past – our personal & collective karma – into a right relationship, which can be expressed as the morality of the gods. This animates Love, which is essential for Freedom, creating a destiny, where the perception & reception of our oneness with the higher worlds is our future.

Delpha Umpakwa

Can we become ever more conscious of what fills our heart with warmth – with unselfish thinking – to move out thru our feeling, enthusing a life-affirming will for good? – Let us make the intention to let the Spirit sing & speak thru our Breath.

Chuy Gonzales

This spiritualizes our breathing which can become The Word invoking the Holy Spirit; to live as ‘Christ in me’, to live, from the place of the higher “I”.


Sealie De Morgan

18 January 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars:” Venus (occult Mercury) which dominated the evening sky in early January, has now just begun to peek out shortly before sunrise to take her place as the Morning Star once again. If you’re up early, see if you can find the bright planet of Love & healing amid the brightening sky – high in the East.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1873 – the Deathday of Edward Bulwer-Lytton who I discovered thru a book that was influential to me as a young woman: Zanoi, A Rosicrucian Tale. He was an English aristocrat, a member of Parliament, 1st Baron of Lytton & Earl of Knebsworth. He was an enormously popular novelist, & a member of the English Rosicrucian Society, founded in 1867 by Robert Wenworth Little. He wrote Paul Clifford, published in three volumes on April 30, 1830, a story of a man who leads a dual life as both a gentleman and a criminal. The first edition was the largest printing of any modern novel up to that time, & it sold out on the first day. It was Bulwer-Lytton’s fifth novel, written when he was twenty-eight. The Last Days of Pompeii, published in 1934, was a very popular work that inspired at least 10 films, plays, and operas. Zanoni was published in 1842. Among its themes are Rosicrucianism, divine madness, love, the elixir of life, & immortality. The Dweller on the Threshold figures prominently. The Coming Race, published in 1871, was a work of science fiction later republished as Vril, the Power of the Coming Race. Several of Bulwer-Lytton’s phrases have become common usage, such as “the great unwashed” from the novel Paul Clifford, “pursuit of the almighty dollar” from his novel The Coming Race, and “the pen is mightier than the sword” from the play Richelieu.

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16 thoughts on “Share the Air

  1. Hi Maverick,

    I ran out of reply buttons for your latest comment, but I like it very much. I also like your face, which has many of the contours of my own; bearded with farrowed brows.

    You are quite right in seeing the Feeling Soul as the mediator between Thinking and Willing. This is the active dynamic. Some only see the words of Rudolf Steiner in their active discourse, but it is much more dynamic for its full effect. Three steps in moral development before one step in higher knowledge. Thus the three to one (3-1) ratio.

    This is the big reminder of what it really takes. Page 69 in the Metaxa edition of KoHW. I do hope that you are getting it.



  2. A very timely message for me, as our KOHW study group (London, U.K.) began our look at the heart chakra yesterday. The heart being the “point of union” between our higher and lower chakras, it’s meaningful for me to combine it with your statement, “When we think about breathing, it brings us from the point to the periphery, from the self to the universe – an active expansion into the all & a contraction back to the point of union.”

    1. Can we find the stillness in the movement…?
      &…The eternal dance in the lemniscate…?
      As we move up the spiraling ladder into the heart of the matter…?
      Into the heart of equanimity where Love can flourish shine forth…

      1. Interesting that you mention Love as being the result of the movement, the dance of the forces in this “lemniscate”. I was just doing some reading, and Steiner definitely sees the 12-petalled lotus flower near the heart as being the center point of this lemniscate. Also interesting is that it’s the only lotus where he mentions warmth and cold. For me, this ties in with the result of Love being sought. The purpose of the movement of the lotus flowers should be this exuding, or radiating, of Love. If not, there’s something incorrect in one of the lotus flowers movements. Since this is where either warmth or cold is generated from us, it’s a most important matter that we get it correct. As Jesus Christ said in Revelation 3, “I would that you were cold or hot…because you are lukewarm…I will vomit you out of My mouth”, the expression “My mouth” symbolizing what?

        1. Hazel and Maverick,

          Likely the best place that Steiner ever gave about what results with the active working of the air-ensouling element is given here in this lecture, which depicts the lemniscate, and how it circulates with thinking, feeling, and willing.

          As such, it is an active dynamic much more than an abstract analogy. For example, the Mystery of Ephesus was the very last of the air-ensouling mysteries traceable back to Jehova. Its emphasis was on the Cosmic Word, and this flowed through the Mystery of Ephesus as an active engagement with the larynx. Then, this mystery ended with the burning of the Temple of Artemis on the day Alexander was born. Sounds very much like the discourse in 22 minute segments. I have reserved them, Hazel, and thank you very much.

          Yet, what succeeded Ephesus was the preparing for the entry of Christ with its Light, Life and Love elements some 300 years after Aristotle and Alexander. Yet, these two set the standard. A symbiotic relationship.


          With Venus now appearing in the early morning sky it is noteworthy that it is also reported that Mercury is destined to follow suit. It will also descend in a precipitous manner from its position near Saturn in Capricorn in order to conjunct wit the Sun, c. January 23rd. Yes, some days are very accurate. Venus and Mercury as dual morning stars. This fact can be looked upon as a hope. Yet, it is the human engagement that is the critical factor. The New Gnosis has existed for 122 years. Some work with it like the crops of the field.

            1. Yes, breathing light is a necessary process if we’re to “emerge”. Your blog both inspires and informs us in this vital process. Thank you.

          1. Thank you so much for your contribution Steve – the lecture you point out is powerful. He speaks to so many issues I’m dealing with at present. His division of our head from the rest of the body is a subject I’m puzzling over.

            There is his mention of the air having a different soul quality today than it had in those days when humanity understood the preexistence of the soul. Think of our air today – it’s being bombarded by influences invisible to our physical eye, from above and below. We’re continually piercing the boundary of the Earth, whether it be with nuclear bombs, as with Hiroshima and continuing to the present, or drilling holes for resource extraction – imagine the influences that are escaping into our atmosphere. And we’re filling space with satellites and space stations that are beaming all sorts of signals into our atmosphere. Humanity, unknowingly, is creating its own Hell on Earth, and our materialism and corrupted thought processes are continuing this process. As Steiner points out, we can’t just go back to when the air was purer.

            There’s something more than just the air involved here, and I need to let this lecture live in me to get a deeper understanding of all that’s being given us in it. The breathing of soul into humanity was the beginning of the movement of soul/life forces in the lemniscate of our being, and its that unique vibration in our being that makes us lord of all the rest of creation. Other Earth kingdoms breathe as we do, but ours has the qualities to elevate us to rulership. But it’s not something inherited; that is, every individual needs to develop this privilege. Each of us needs to return to the practice of proper breathing and getting those life forces moving around the lemniscate in such a manner that Love radiates from the center of our being, and is voiced from the mouth of our being. This is the soul development we need in order to rule properly.

            There’s also his mention of Goethe’s understanding of “pure phenomena”. This must correlate with a return to the pure thinking Steiner admonishes us to, in his Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path book. Pure thinking and pure phenomena are something humanity has lost hold on. Most of our observations today, which most scientists and inventors consider to be so wise, are based on phenomena that’s in the past – that is, they’re not in touch with pure phenomena as it happens in infinity, in the spiritual world. It’s similar to something Steiner points out, that our anatomical studies are based on dead subjects, so how can we expect to understand life processes, and that goes for physical life processes as well as the principles of the spiritual world.

            Sorry to be so long-winded, but this lecture got me going this morning – the life forces are vibrating, circulating through the lemniscate. Now I need to apply this understanding I’ve gained, in a loving manner, in service to others. Knowledge alone isn’t enough; the result must be more Love. That’ll be the necessary ingredient for our new heaven and earth. Cheers Steve.

            1. Thinking and Willing are polarities. Through the Feeling Soul, and its active dynamic of upward functioning to the Head, and then downward functioning to the Limbs, this polarity is resolved. Consciousness is increased in the least conscious part of our threefold structure, which is the Will. We gain new Powers for Doing because the Feeling Soul provides this yoke. Thus, the New Yoga of Will. The secret process at work is toward conscientious etherization of the blood. The Christ Impulse enters here as the proof of the Second Coming, which Rudolf Steiner first predicted in January 1910.

              1. Interesting how individuals receive differing perspectives on the same subject. I too was thinking about what I learned from this lecture. One of the things I received was this thought, a thought I’ve carried around for a long time, but haven’t fully understood. Now, with this new understanding of the need for “pure thinking” to be combined with “pure phenomena”, I see that God’s thoughts obviously apply to pure thinking, while God’s ways, or actions, apply to the idea of pure phenomena. Steiner, I’m sure, took Goethe’s attempts at arriving at pure phenomena, and combined it with the need for pure thinking. We can find both in our meditation practice – the power of stillness, and listening to the Voice within.

                ““As the heavens are higher than the earth,
                so are my ways higher than your ways
                and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

              2. Maverick,

                This is a very important distinction that you make between pure thinking and pure phenomenon. Yet, they come from two connected sources. We have actually had this discussion before. You give it further illumination when you point out the Goethe factor here from this lecture. I read it again and again and get a new angle on it. For example, when Steiner draws his depiction of perspective, which actually does not begin until the 2nd cultural epoch, with its oval shape, this leads to all the other increasing complexities seen further on into the 3rd, 4th, and our present 5th.

                Yet, in reality, it all goes back to Genesis, with God and the Lord God. God thought the creation up in his mind in the first chapter. Then, he turned it over to the Lord God in order to make the phenomenal world in the second chapter.

                Now, you will find that the effort to intentionally work to yoke thinking with willing is an act designed to bring God and the Lord God into communion. That is why the essence of this lecture concerns resolving the polarity between Thinking and Willing, and is mediated by Feeling, and all that this dynamic provides.

              3. That’s an interesting perspective using the lemniscate – it hadn’t occurred to me to relate it to Genesis. The way I was applying the lemniscate from Hazel’s post was to the movement of the life forces through the chakras, or “lotus flowers”, in our bodily makeup. It was the Creator’s breathing of soul into mankind that started this “soul quality” – a quality that we develop through advice given through teachers such as Steiner, in his Knowledge of Higher Worlds. But I’ll keep in mind your perspective in relating it to thinking, willing, and feeling.

  3. Your poem is quite literally inspired this morning! And it comes as no surprise with Susan Seddon Boulet as your muse. I have often wondered on the nature of the elixir of which she has drunk deep in order to produce such awesome works. Well done, both of you!

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