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Today on April 18th:

1775 – American Revolution: The British advancement by sea begins; Paul Revere warns the countryside of the troop movements

1857 – “The Spirits Book” by Allan Kardec is published, marking the birth of Spiritualism in France.

1906 – The “great” San Francisco earthquake. (Rudolf Steiner felt compelled to speak for the 1st time about the interior of the earth at Easter in 1906, because Mt. Vesuvius had just erupted on April 6th. The San Francisco earthquake hit on April 18th. Valparaiso Chile had an 8.2 magnitude quake August 16th, & then the next day, the Aleutian Islands got struck by a devastating magnitude 8.35 quake.)

Death Day of Albert Einstein, 1955

Zimbabwe Independence Day, celebrates their liberation from the United Kingdom in 1980

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Ascension painting

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~From out the sounding color

When inspirations’ essence gives way

In the hallway of my intuition

There you are

Ticket-taker at the top of the stairs

Hinge of light

Scintillating Being

Blinding star-radiant Guardian

You are

The primal X

Standing at the nexus of my crossroads

Streaming terrible beauty

Into my future Self


~   ~   ~

veil 2 purple

Why Reverse Ritual? some thoughts by Hazel Archer Ginsberg (Part 4 of 7)

Spiritual Science must go beyond knowledge – Only in the human being striving also in their feeling & willing, perceiving & co-thinking the spiritual content of anthroposophy, transforming & offering themselves up, does Spiritual Science become a living ritual, a cosmic ritual, a reverse ritual in the world.

How does the Offering become the leading principle in anthroposophy? Thru an attitude of tolerance, of brother & sisterhood – thru the support & loving connection of community.

We can find Communion in our relationship to nature & to the karma we share with each other.

We can experience Transformation in the workings of our own body, doing our part in fulfilling the grace given to us by the Sprits of Form.

But the Offering, can only come to pass when there is a selfless relationship between human beings, “from soul to soul”. Steiner brings this theme up again & again in “Awakening to Community” (GA 257) In these lectures he stresses the importance of branch life, how it must become a vessel or chalice for the Reverse Ritual.

In the 10th letter of “The Michael Mystery” Steiner compares the Sacramental ritual with the Reverse Ritual in regards to the mystery of community building – how the Sacramental Ritual prepares the way from Heaven to Earth for the cosmic-spiritual beings. And that the community receives a kind of awakening to the teachings of Christ, as well as memories they had in common in the life before birth, in the presence of the community angel.

In contrast to this, the Cosmic Ritual leads to what Steiner called the “awakening onto the other human being as divine” & that the forces of this awakened meeting lifts the participants up to the spiritual world. It leads from Earth to Heaven, & in this way it allows spiritual beings to become part of the human community by participating in our thinking.

No religion exists yet. If you believe religion to be possible, it must be made, & brought forth out of the union of souls” ~Novalis

Until soon

Blessings & Peace –

~hag = Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

2 thoughts on “From Soul to Soul

  1. Thank you Hazel!

    Having a very trying and stressful week finishing my taxes and all, and then reading Steiner again saying …, the Cosmic Ritual leads to what Steiner called the “awakening onto the other human being as divine” & that the forces of this awakened meeting lifts the participants up to the spiritual world.

    The moon and sunrise everyday:)) Thank you for the lovely poem.

    1. Yes, those dreaded taxes…sigh…i hear you…but it’s true we have each other to really meet soul that can serve to gives us a more loving perspective…

      Bella Luna is waxing bigger every night. Did you see her next to Jupiter last evening?

      And today’s sunrise, amazing!!!

      i am with you dear Isis-Marina

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