Step into Will

Shiloph Sophia

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~My song raps itself around
The belly of the New Sophia
Pulsing in union with The Logos
In rhythm with the Sun streaming
In the All-Space of the Fixed Stars
Forming fresh consonants in Time
Into the aura of imaginations
That inform my soul thru rolling vowels
Of planetary bodies
That sing their echo into my open ear…


One gets smart through experience, but wisdom is the force that streams into us from the spiritual world and then streams out again. Wisdom also comes from the mouth of babes. When what streams out comes more from the feeling, it is wisdom, but when it stimulates a person into action so that productivity predominates, it is love.

But one has to know what love really is. Someone may feel sympathy for a person’s misfortune, but that isn’t real love. Sympathy only becomes love if one steps in and helps them.

Wisdom and love make up the I. The I is love and wisdom that have become will. This is the higher triad.” ~Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Lessons, Hamburg. 31 May 1908

Dear friends – Our task is to make this spiritual wisdom which has imprinted into our feeling life from the spiritual world, conscious. We do this by noticing the after images & complementary colors that come with memory, taking the feelings out of the astral, using them to stimulate the etheric body instead. Then when we stream out with our feelings – we can consciously unite with the soul of all we see in the world.

We become truly wise when our feelings can add to the wisdom in the soul of the world.

When we do this we are using our imagination to become inspired. We look out at the beauty of nature, for instance, & we are filled with reverence & awe. When we bring our soul forces consciously in hand, we can enter the soul-life of another human being to unite with them – we feel ‘moved’ by their joys or misfortune & together we can share a common fellowship or love. This brings in intuition.


7 June 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: From an article by Dr Elizabeth Vreede: ” Comets represent an element that does not wholly enter the usual sphere of cosmic law, although they still contain a trace of the direct working of spiritual powers, indeed, of the very highest — the Seraphim and Cherubim. Before ordinary law may be broken through, the very highest power and insight is required. The various comets, indeed, are agents of a very special nature in our planetary system, their polar antithesis being in the moons. Just as the moons are a kind of corpse which the planetary system trails along with it, so, on the other side, the comets may be spoken of as constant purifiers of the spiritual atmosphere within the solar system. In earlier times men thought of them as the “scavengers of God,” and many superstitions have gathered around them. To the eye of Spirit, too, the mission of the comets is perpetually to expel impure astral forces from the Cosmos or to introduce new impulses.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day(RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s orginal Calendar of the Soul, Anthrowiki, Wikipedia Commons)

~Rudolf Steiner

7 June 1924 – Beginning of the “Agricultural Course” on the Koberwitz estate of Count & Countess Keyserlingk – The Founding of Biodynamic Agriculture by Rudolf Steiner.

Following the occult responsibility of a great initiate, Rudolf Steiner waited until the seeds of an idea came to him from striving individuals in order, when the time was ripe, to plant, & nurture a new impulse in the world.

Steiner’s Agriculture Course encompassed just 8 lectures presented over a 10 day period during the Whitsun-tide of 1924, from June 7th thru the 16th, at the small village of Koberwitz, Silesia (now Kobierzyce, Poland).

Count Carl Keyserlingk was an anthroposophist, & the estate manager of 18,500 acres at Koberwitz. He managed 18 farms, with more than 1000 workers. So Keyserlingk was keen for Steiner to present a course for farmers – Especially since there was concern among the farmers about of the rapid change in agricultural practices in the wake of the supply of cheap synthetic nitrogenous fertilizer flowing from the adoption of the Haber-Bosch process for the ‘fixing’ of gaseous nitrogen which was first demonstrated in 1909 & which was then rapidly industrialized on a grand scale for explosives, & after WWI, for fertilizer.

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s account relates that“Count Keyserlingk set to work in dead earnest to persuade Dr. Steiner to give an agricultural course. As Dr. Steiner was already overwhelmed with work, tours & lectures, he put off his decision from week to week. The undaunted Count then dispatched his nephew to Dornach, with orders to camp on Dr. Seiner’s doorstep & refuse to leave without a definite commitment for the course. This was finally given.”

Keyserlingk was the driving force behind the agriculture course. He was described by Elisabeth Vreede, who was at the course, as “one to whom farming itself was a priestly office” According to the Astrosopher: “Count Keyserlingk had realised the dire need for a complete revival of cultural methods”.

Steiner described his Agriculture Course as: “A course of lectures containing what there is to be said about agriculture from an anthroposophical point of view.” Steiner stated that “the contents of these lectures were to serve, in the first place, as working material for the Association of farmers which had just been founded in the Anthroposophical Society”. Steiner stressed the importance of practical demonstrations: “As to the farmers – well, if they hear of these things from a fellow-farmer, they will say, “What a pity he has suddenly gone crazy!” But eventually when he sees a really good result, he will not feel a very easy conscience in rejecting it outright”. 

He empowered the Agricultural Experimental Circle (AEC): “enhance it and develop it by actual experiments and tests. The farmers’ society – the “Experimental Circle” that has been formed – will fix the point of time when in its judgment the tests and experiments are far enough advanced to allow these things to be published”.

He stressed the importance of confidentiality: “No kind of communication was to be made about the contents of the Course until such time as the members of the Association felt impelled to speak out of the results of their own experimental work”. Steiner was cautious because the interests of what we now know as ‘big Ag’ was just starting to put pressure on farmers to use their products. There were spies from the growing industry that wanted to buy up the rights to this new impulse so that they could suppress it. And indeed the Count was very much harassed by those who worked to discredit the  Agricultural Experimental Circle (AEC).

It was critical that a project development plan was set in place at Koberwitz to keep the impulse going, because the Ag Course was never repeated as such, since Steiner was seriously ill. His public life – & life itself, were drawing to a close. The continuing vitality of this vital agricultural impulse was dependent on the successful passing of the baton unto others. The AEC began with 60 members of the Koberwitz Course (out of the course’s total enrollment of 111), with Ernst Stegemann & Carl Keyserlingk appointed by Steiner as chairmen.

By 1929, the Natural Science Section of the Goetheanum reported the positive news that the work of translating Steiner’s ‘hints’ was by then a global enterprise: “Dr. Steiner’s new methods for Agriculture have been investigated and applied on a practical and on an experimental basis.”

Steiner was prophetic in much of what he taught. He presented the farm as “a living organism”. He spoke against a purely chemical view & a chemical reductionist view. Long before the costs of nitrogen pollution were monetized, Steiner, with great vision, put it in a nutshell: “There is a big difference between nitrogen and nitrogen. He spoke of “the degradation of the products of agriculture” & observed that: “Nowadays people simply think that a certain amount of nitrogen is needed for plant growth, and they imagine it makes no difference how it’s prepared or where it comes from. Where it comes from, however, is not a matter of indifference.”

Steiner urged the adoption of a holistic view, & he stated that “we’ve lost the knowledge of what it takes to continue to care for the natural world.” He urged his listeners to take “the macrocosmic approach”& to “see individual plants as parts of a single whole.” He was critical of the approach where living things are “neatly pigeonholed into separate species & genera”, adding: “But that is not how things are in nature. In nature, and actually throughout the universe, everything is in mutual interaction with everything else.”

The most important thing is to make the benefits of our agricultural preparations available to the largest possible areas over the entire earth, so that the earth may be healed and the nutritive quality of its produce improved in every respect. That should be our first objective.~Rudolf Steiner

I am grateful every day for our connection to the Zinniker Farm – the oldest Biodynamic Farm in America, just 2 hours from the Windy City.

If you are in the area, come join us as we honor the farm in a community celebration of the St. John’s Festival. Can’t make it in person? You can still support the farm with your good will, & donations are always welcome.

Regenerative farming is Stewardship that provides true results for the healing of the Earth. It is time to make a lasting investment

Please contact Mark & Petra Zinniker to find out how to make a direct contribution to their regenerative work or sign up at

For more information also visit

~Kindling Radiance~

A Community Festival Gathering Celebrating St. John’s-Tide

Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Zinniker Farm

5:30 pm Potluck – Please bring food & drink to share

Artistic Offerings – Poem, Song… Express yourself!

7 – 9 pm – Bonfire Drum & Song Circle w/ Hazel & Ultra-Violet Archer –

Bring lawn chairs & drums if you have them!

Show support for Zinniker Farm – $15 more or less Love Donation

Co-hosted by The Christian Community of Southeast WI. & Chicago & &

>>> RSVP Subject: St. John’s

21 thoughts on “Step into Will

    1. Yes, the Elemental Beings are looking to be redeemed thru the cosmic intelligence of human thinking.
      The High Spiritual Beings behind the Movement of Anthroposophia await our conscious particapation

      1. The means for conscious participation requires that on a daily basis we do some kind of activity that has nothing to do with the physical world, but instead, focuses on the astral body, which is conjoined with the physical body, etheric body, and Ego. Then, at night, when the astral body and Ego leave the sleeping members, the work done during the day resonates and attunes with the astral body, and organs are formed for supersensible perception. The first effect is that the elemental world of nature and its beings are opened up again for viewing. “Lest ye become as little children ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. Matthew 18:3

          1. Anthroposophy becomes fit food for the gods when we take up any one of Steiner’s written works, and/or lectures, because they hold they key to real soul development by the power of meditation/concentration, which passes right into the astral body. Any one of the 50 Fundamental Lecture Courses of Rudolf Steiner is a good candidate for this method of daytime work. And they are easily available.


            1. This kind of daytime work also has an effect on the etheric body. By reaching the astral body in waking consciousness, the etheric body also begins to undergo regeneration. Then, during the night while we sleep, our dreams begin to become more lucid. This is the effect of etheric regeneration. We begin to live into our past lives, which are found in lower Devachan, which is the realm of the dream life in sleep.

              For example, reciting the first 18 verses of the Gospel of John brings a powerful astral force right down into the etheric body, which has the effect of illumination, which had previously been achieved through the death-like sleep for 3-1/2 days in the ancient Mysteries.

              Today, these methods are much more directly at hand through the advent of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science. Even five or ten minutes applied makes a difference.

              1. Interesting that you should mention sleep & lucid dreaming – I have had a turn in my dream life since around Lenten-tide, more lucid with lots of clues from my Guardian.
                Not so much of the past life stuff which used to come up a lot when I was working more directly with Steiner’s karmic exercises; now the images seem to be coming from the future, a call to step into a new way of working which I have been resisting, but which is becoming all to clear that I had better get over myself & get to it!

              2. I also perceive this about you. The future is ours to crystallize in this very life to a certain extent, and which has been established with our destiny since birth. It is, indeed, the overcoming of the resistances to making changes that is most needed, and requires a strong will force. In my experience, this comes when I have to push for everything these days. Ten years into the Higher Sun Triad gives a vision of the future that makes every moment count for something hopeful and good. I guess that is why I write so much. I hope some of it is useful, now and then.

              3. I have had to use my will to push & pull my way out & in from an early age.
                & now what I have realized, is that I must stop pushing – I must use my will in a new way –
                A letting go & letting come, which is very difficult for me.
                Since I haven’t been very graceful in my letting go, it often feels as if I am being stripped – which creates a disharmonious resonance blocking the divine flow.

                Our dialogue is important.

              4. I’m glad that our dialogue is important to you. It means a lot to me to hear it. I often feel left out for some reason, as if I haven’t been involved for these last 25 years on the internet, which has certainly suffered by the advent of the so-called “social media” misuse of it.

              5. Me thinks you have picked up on a feeling of exclusion because it is built into the very core of the internet matrix – Not many who use this tool actually ask questions or cultivate a dialogue.

              6. Me thinks you’re right, but it is also difficult subject matter, and becoming more obscure in these days of the “tick tock” mentality. I am looking forward to St. John’s by delving again into the Book of Revelation, which for me carries many signs of Archangel Uriel’s influence. The crystalline affinities abound in the Apocalypse, which is a book of Initiation for the future.

              7. hmmm, yes interesting to see the workings of Uriel in the formation of the New Jerusalem outpictured in St. John’s Apocalypse

            2. Hi Hazel,

              I have been encouraged tonight to consider the New Jerusalem, and how Archangel Uriel holds it in his breast. This is a very good observation. Someone that we know has written to say that 8 billion human beings on the planet earth is an abomination, and yet it can be shown that Christ invited it. You see, He accords with the Father Who said, “Be fruitful and multiply”.

  1. I always appreciate receiving your words Hazel, in particular today as the book ‘Agriculture’ was my introduction to “someone-out-there-thinks-like-this!! Thank God!” i was 20 years old, 50 years ago, and responsible for the production on a 40 acre farm. Now in my elder years I am drinking in his words about all facets of life and sharing your understanding helps. I still farm – an urban garden in a big American city – and continue to revel in the marriage of love and truth . . . this glorious world we call living.

    1. Amazing how this powerful world-view comes to us when we are ready. So heartening to hear that you have taken it up in your deeds!

      1. Hi Rod,

        I know that we have not talked yet, but Hazel is an awesome spokesperson, and this previous dialogue with your participation has meant a lot to me.

        “Who Is Like God” was an audacious entry coming on September 29, 2022. All I could do at the time was to be inspired by it, and your spirited exchanges with Maverick. Now, in early June 2023, this seems important to remind of the agriculture course in its simplicity, and yet, also clarity. Our roots are where they are. Kind regards,


        1. Thanks for reminding us that we can go back & review our conversations to gain further insights.
          A real treasure
          Thank you Steve, Rod, Maverick & Kyle!

  2. The reason that Steiner seemed reluctant to give the Koberwitz course on agriculture was that he was heavily involved in his Karmic Relationships studies, and really did not want to interrupt them. Then, when it seemed imperative to give the course on agriculture, he told Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, who really wanted to be there, that he needed to remain behind in Dornach in order to personally attend to a sick member. He promised that he would write to him every day about how the course was progressing, but never wrote him a word. The reason is that while the Koberwitz course was going on during the day, Steiner was also involved in the Breslau Course on Karmic Relationships during the evenings, from June 7 to 15 1924. So, in fact, this is why he had no time to write Pfeiffer, as promised. The evening course became the proper balance for the day course.

    Herein, he reveals what he had previously told in the first two volumes, and also how he and Goethe could not have lived side-by-side in the same space, but only one after the other in the line of succession. I found this very interesting, and especially in considering that Plato reincarnated as Karl Julius Schroer at the time of Steiner, and encouraged a very specific effort to write about Goethe’s scientific works. Steiner was able to do this with accomplishment, and it led to his book, “The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, c. 1886.

    As such, The Breslau Course in Karmic Relationships was the nightly additive to the daytime event, and meant as a potentiating agent. Both courses served the overall outcome.

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